Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually?

Volleyball shorts originated due to a necessity of comfort and ease during the game. Soon, these shorts evolved with designs and patterns and turned into normal shorts worn by people.

But they never lost their relevance as volleyball shorts, yet they moved on to be worn for various other activities.

These shorts are usually as long as the mid-thigh, with colorful imprints and designs which give them off as versatile shorts.

The material used in the production of these shorts makes for easy locomotion and ventilation while playing sports.

However, a lot of people have been recently spotted wearing these shorts casually, and questions have been raised on why this is so and if others can join in the thread also.

This article will look into the subjects surrounding these shorts.

Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually

So, can you wear volley shorts casually?

Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually

Yes, you can wear volley shorts casually, especially for outdoor activities like aquatic tourism and sunbathing.

Wearing volley shorts under a nice colored T-shirt to probably a grocery store on a hot summer afternoon, does not seem like a bad idea. Do you agree less?

I guess you don’t because the kind of freedom which these shorts afford you c incomparable to wearing denim shorts in place of it.

So, you can wear them casually, there is no known rule against that.

What Are Volleyball Shorts Called?

Volleyball shorts are called ‘Spandex shorts’. This is the official and recognized term used to refer to these shorts, by the national volleyball association.

Some schools particularly high schools also use this as the right educational term to be used for the shorts. The name of the shorts is coined from one of its component materials.

Most volleyball shorts are made from a blend of spandex and lycra or polyester. This is why some of them are stretchable.

Do Volleyball Shorts Have a Liner?

I must say, this question can be answered in two ways. The first is that most volleyball shorts have liners, while some do not have the line.

Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually

A liner is a thin breathable material sewn into the interior of shorts. It has the major function of drying up the sweat from the thighs and hip.

On the other hand, regardless that some of these shorts do not have liners does not mean they are inferior. In fact, wearing volleyball shorts with mesh lining is a matter of choice and preference, rather than relevance.

Why Are Volley Shorts So Small?

The length of shorts is one of the determining factors which gave rise to the production of volley shorts.

The reason why volley shorts are so small is tied to their function of comfort and ease of movement.

Since the sport requires constant movement like running and jumping, it is only wise to make shorts that will stay firm on the thighs and avoid snagging on your knees.

So, that is why volley shorts are so small, contrary to what happens with swim trunks which could get snagged at the knee.

Can You Wear Volleyball Shorts for Swimming?

Of course, you can wear them for volleyball shorts for swimming. They are just the right substitute for your swim shorts.

They can perform the same work as your swim shorts, therefore it is not necessary to change into your swim shorts after your beach games before diving into the blue ocean.

Since their inseam length is good and comfortable, there is nothing to debate about it. Similarly, the material is super lightweight which improves movement in the water.

Can You Wear Volley Shorts for Running?

Yes, volleyball shorts are flexible and made from a lightweight material, which makes them a good pick for running after all.

Plus, the volley shorts are very very likely with the shorts used in running, both in terms of material and even in categories of inseam length and quality.

So, it is not a bad idea to wear volley shorts for running, because they can give you almost the same satisfaction just like running shorts.

Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually

Like I mentioned earlier about inseam length, shorts that can be used for running a mainly mid-thigh length shorts.

Or shorts that are 2 inches above the knee length, and it’s quite obvious that most volley shorts fall into that group.

Can You Wear Volleyball Shorts to the Gym?

Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually

Yes, you can wear them to the gym. Volleyball shorts are usually worn to the beach or even poolside parties. But there have been occasions where people wear them to the gym.

Volleyball shorts are made from 82% nylon and 18% spandex, which means it has a high stretch rate.

These shorts also come in 2 – 3 inches above the knee length, which also means they can be flexible and comfortable. These are the reasons why you can wear them to the gym.

  • Due to its stretch.
  • The mesh lining.
  • The designs.

Due to its stretch

Most Volleyball shorts are made from a blend of a large amount of spandex and nylon, which means that they can stretch.

The spandex in the mixture makes these shorts to be highly flexible and stretchy, which validates them as viable wear to the gym.

It can come in handy during run on the treadmill, leg workouts, or even squatting, which requires flexible wear to carry out.

Due to the Mesh Lining

The lining which is found inside most shorts is also an added advantage which shows that you can wear them to the gym.

Aside from its function of added comfort, mesh lining in shorts also have the role of drying up the heat.

Due to its breathable material, the shorts can serve you by drying up a sweat on your thigh regions, giving you a more cool working-out session.

Due to the designs

With the right designs, you can wear volleyball shorts to the gym. Most of these shorts come with cool designs that look good if worn during workouts. Like, the plain black volleyball shorts worn by a lot of guys, can be substituted for workout wear.

Due to its Stitching

The majority of the Volleyball shorts are sewn together with a double stitching pattern, mostly around the crotch area and by side.

This feature makes it eligible to be worn to the gym, because of its resistance to tears. This also means that most of these shorts are durable, which is another factor that is needed for a gym activity.

How to Look Good in Volleyball Shorts?

A long dive on the beach can be a very relaxing thing to do, after a stressful week. It does a lot of rejuvenating to your body, soul, and mind.

But before taking that loop into the wide ocean, have you considered that you might be looking awkward in your Volleyball shorts?

If you have had this perspective and wish to change it, then you are just in the right place to get tips that help and work.

To look good in your Volleyball shorts is not a boxing round, so you need not panic about it being stressful.

These tips would help you appear stunning and ready to take the leap of life into the cool waters of the beach.

  • Chose the right fit
  • Wear a matching top
  • Shave your body hairs (if you must)
  • Sunglasses are the best final touches

Chose the Right Fit

I have never failed to reiterate to people the need to pick their fit no matter the type of clothes. It is like the first step of looking good, and it is applicable here too.

To look good in your volleyball shorts, make sure you chose the right fit for you, with no clogging around your thighs or hip.

Wear a Matching Top

What more do you put on fitting volleyball shorts than a matching top. Whether it is beach shirts for men or bikini tops for women, what matters is the color correlation between the two of them.

Shave Your Body Hairs

There is a rule or admonishment attached to this tip, and it is ‘if you must’. This is because not everybody buys the idea of shaving off their body hairs, either on their legs like women or their chest like men.

But if are a fan of such practice, then do not sway because it will make you look a lot more glowy.

Wear Sunglasses

Can You Wear Volley Shorts Casually

I know a couple of people who prefer taking a quick tour around the beach, chatting with friends and family before getting right into swimming.

If you are a member of this group, then wearing sunglasses would complement your outfit. The end product will be a stunning gentleman or lady looking nice in volleyball shorts, trust me.


Volley shorts are quite short, which is why the question of why they can be worn casually is raised. Good thing, this question has been addressed in the course of this article.

Similarly, you have also gotten in the know of several subjects surrounding the wearing of volley shorts. Do not sway from implementing some of the tips emphasized in this article.

While these two shorts serve their purpose, they can also be substituted for activities like working out and running, due to their versatility.


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