Can You Wear Two Petticoats?

This piece of dressing which saw its vocal point during the 50sand 60s is back on the board of dressing.

Therefore, this article will dwell on talking about them at large and also give you a bit of the nostalgic feeling from back in the days of Gothic dressing.

These underskirts were prevalent during the era of Gothic English, and as such had their adoption by first the ladies from the noble family and then gradually spread to the commoners.

Petticoats have the singular function of improving the volume of a dress, especially if you are a slim person.

But then if you are already wearing petticoats and wondering if wearing two at a time is ideal, you are in for a ride because you have the opportunity to get answers to your question and more.

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

Can you wear two petticoats?

Yes, you can wear two petticoats at a time. That is if wearing one is not going to be enough for you to achieve the puffiness you desire. Then wearing two will do the work.

And since wearing a petticoat makes your costume look much better, I guess wearing two of them would be the perfect icing on the cake.

But it is rather surprising to know that a lot of people are still ignorant of what petticoats are. Notwithstanding, wearing two or more petticoats is effective due to some reasons like having one petticoat that has lost its bulginess, among other things.

Why wear double petticoats?

Double petticoats are worn to ensure that the puffy effect is more pronounced than in wearing just one.

Different stylists have different reasons for wearing petticoats, but all of them are inter-related.

This piece of clothing was initially worn by men in the gothic era to make their skirts comfortable, it transferred to women and continued.

Now, during the event of an old-school-themed party or ball, you find most of the women wearing double petticoats. Maybe, it is because of its relevance back in those days but either way, a petticoat gives you that desired shape.

Furthermore, a good number of women took to wearing petticoats as a way of relinquishing the influence of the Victorian era in their minds.

The era saw the prevalence of petticoats, it was so in vogue that finding a lady wearing a dress without a petticoat, became a hard task.

5 Ways to Style Double Petticoats

Although the wearing of petticoats is an old dressing etiquette, it is still very much in vogue. In later years, the wearing of petticoats has seen a lot of changes and evolution, with stylists coming up with brilliant ways to dress up in a petticoat.

Plus, the motive is gradually leaving the scene as some women have started wearing well-designed petticoats as just skirts. While other women are still hell-bent on having their full puffy wedding dress or ball dress.

These are 5 different and very simple ways to style your double petticoats, to either achieve the puffy effect or just walk down the road on a bright summer morning.

  • Contemporary Look
  • The Pin-Up Culture
  • Square Dance Gear
  • Halloween Costume
  • Wedding dress

Contemporary Look

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

You might not want to look all archaic or old-fashioned, but you just got a petticoat as a gift from a friend, and you want it to go to waste.

You are wondering how to style this one petticoat you have and not look like your Granny’s pictures from the 60s, hanging on the wall.

Well, these steps will guide you to get a modern look out of your petticoats.

  • Get one more petticoat to add to the existing one. Preferably get one which is either longer or shorter than the one you already have, depending on its length.
  • Get a lightweight cotton top, accessories, and slightly high-heeled shoes.
  • You can now put on the petticoats as a skirt, with one supporting the other, and wear the cotton top to complement the modern look.
  • You can then wear your shoes and accessories; heavy makeup will ruin your outfit, stay simple.

The Pin-Up Culture

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

It has been all about feminity and always will be. The vintage look suggests the utter desire to bring your full feminine glare to the view. And, petticoats can be helpful if you style them well.

To achieve this, you have to take note of the type of dress and shoes which will be worn alongside the petticoat. The wrong choice of dresses or shoes can make you look less sexy.

Thus, the need to pick the ones that will bring out the erotism in you. To wear two petticoats on this, you should get two slightly short petticoats (around 2cm above your knee).

This is to put in the effect of a fuller backside while maintaining a wholesome view of your legs. You can wear thigh-length socks to get a more appealing appearance.

Square Dance Gear

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

Do you still vibe to the old barn song and long for a dance. Wearing petticoats sets you in the right shape to dance to the tune, while showing your steps accordingly.

Square dancing is incomplete without a petticoat, and wearing two petticoats increases the volume of your dance dress.

But be cautious of the dress and petticoat color, because a conflict of colors can make the outfit less alluring. You should wear bright-colored petticoats under your dress which have elements of white.

Halloween Costume

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

Halloween doesn’t get any better. Mimicking your favorite animation characters on Halloween would get a lot cooler if you dress better.

To get characters like Snow White and Cinderella, it requires wearing petticoats to get their bodies fit and resemblance.

And, wearing double petticoats is the real deal, don’t forget to jump on that. You will be giving off the impression of originality when you style your double petticoats with your Halloween costume.

You can wear a dressing gown with a small bow tie on your hair preferably the front of your hair, with earrings and a necklace to get the full picture.

Wedding Dress

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

You should not be looking all skinny while walking down the aisle. Why not add one more petticoat to the one you are already wearing to get that full-body vibe.

You can wear the double petticoat on a wedding dress made with either lace, chiffon, organza, or tulle. The primary assignment is to make the gown more full and convenient to wear while taking the golden walk.

The petticoats wear drapes down to the floor and increase the size of the dress.

Similarly, the petticoat is a common styling pattern in the Indian wedding scene. The Indians are known for wearing a petticoat, especially during their wedding parties. Indians style a petticoat with the saree satire, which is customary wear for women in India.

You can also wear it regardless, the Indian fashion style is fast spreading across the globe and will not look awkward if you decide to turn up at your wedding looking like an Indian bride.

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

Difference between a Slip and a Petticoat

Can You Wear Two Petticoats

There is a quite usual scenario, where people mistake a petticoat for a slip and vice versa. They are both pieces of clothing worn under a dress but have different purposes and modes of use.

These are the difference between a slip and a petticoat:

While the slip is a slim-fitting, clothing garment worn before the main dress, which stretches as straps at the shoulder level down to the hems of different lengths. The petticoat is an underskirt, that goes downward from the waist region.

A slip is used to keep the main garment hanging on the body and to avoid direct contact with bodily fluids like sweat on the dress, while a petticoat is used to increase the volume or comfort of a dress or skirt.

Slips are no longer in vogue, as against previous years when they triumphed, while petticoats have evolved with modernity, You still see them worn almost on every wedding occasion or square dancing session, but the same can’t be said about slips.


The history of wearing petticoats dates back to the old times of soft jazz and blues song. But its gothic past did not stop it from having a place in present times, instead, it evolved with the day’s trend and became sorted after.

Recently, petticoats have been worn as just skirts, however, they did not stop their reign in bridal shops.

The double petticoat which we have discussed in length is adopted by most women, to get a fuller, better, and more comfortable look on the person wearing it.

You should try out the different ways of styling double petticoats mentioned here, the result will wow you.


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