Can You Wear Thermals Under Leggings?

It is not altogether possible to wear thermals under leggings. Thermals are compression wears that are to be worn under other clothing like jeans.

Thermals basically help to keep the body warm. Leggings are also close-skin clothing that are worn for compression. Most leggings are used for exercise and some are worn under other clothing like jeans.

So, since both leggings and thermals are compression wears, it is impossible to wear one under the other.

If there were loose-fit leggings, it would have been a possibility. But, leggings are tight fitting and there is no space to take in another material under.

Why Thermals will not fit under leggings

Let’s say you would want to try out wearing thermals under leggings, that would be basically to stay warm.

But, it will look like wearing two pairs of leggings at the same time. So, the fitting here will be odd. You can only wear thermals under jeans and regular pants.

If by chance, you purchased a legging that is big on you, then you may resort to wearing thermals under it, just to achieve a perfect fit. Also, you might want to wear thermals under leggings for added thickness and warmth.

That is if you do not want to wear jeans on it. But, I think you might be uncomfortable in it. You will keep warm and you might even be able to wear it that way for an outdoor occasion. It might look cool, it might not, depending on the fitting

But, I don’t think it’s something you want to try.

Can You Wear Thermals As Leggings?

This you can comfortably do. You can wear your thermals as leggings, especially the men.

Thermals are basically leggings that provide more heat than regular leggings. So, you can wear thermals for your yoga, jogging, and running exercises, especially in cold weather.

Thermals are more useful during the winter, and you will do yourself a lot of good to wear thermals as leggings during that season. So, it is actually cool to wear thermals as leggings, whatever you want to wear them for.

Are There Thermal Leggings? (7 examples)

Absolutely yes! There are several thermal leggings that you can try on rather than getting thermals as leggings. That is one of the main purpose of this article.

I am going to recommend some good thermal leggings you should get for yourself or for a friend.

So, instead of getting normal leggings and hoping to stay warm during winter, you should get thermal leggings that will keep you warm even while you go running or hiking in the cold or on ice.

The main benefit of using thermal leggings is warmth and the ones I’ll recommend here are good at providing that.

Devops Women’s Thermal Long Johns – 2 pack

This thermal legging is actually fleece-lined material and it is made of polyester and spandex. The thermal legging has a lot of stretch and it is really fitting.

This thermal legging retains body heat and keeps the body warm. It has a 4-way stretch. It is perfect for cold weather and for outdoor activities during the cold season.

Another thing I like about this legging is that, it is so soft and comfortable. The legging fits smoothly and you won’t have an issue when it comes to fitting.

I know that one very important thing people look out for in leggings is moisture wicking. This thermal legging has good moisture wicking and sweat or water gets dried quickly.

The thermal is lightweight and it is snug on the body. The Devops thermal is very durable. If you need something that will last long on you without any tear, then get this very thermal.

This thermal legging is very affordable as you can get it at just $19. It is actually a two-pack and that money is so cool for the quality.

Heathyoga Fleece Lined Thermal Legging

This is another thermal legging for you to try on. This thermal legging is made for women, but men can still try it on too.

It is made of polyester and spandex. It is a fleece-lined legging. That means that the fabric is hairy when touched.

This is in high waist style and it has a great fit. This thermal legging is really soft and comfortable to wear. I love the stitching construction of this thermal legging.

There are some leggings that begin to have a pinching sensation on the knee and waist, but this very thermal legging doesn’t have such pinching sensation on the knee and waist.

If you are in Chicago, this is so great for the Chicago weather. It is great for every other city with cold weather. You will most likely stay comfortable in it when the weather is cold.

You can use it for running, hiking, gym, swimming, or any activity in the cold. You might as well just wear it to sleep in a cold night.

I also like the fact that this thermal legging has pockets where you can keep your phones, key, money, and anything you will quickly need. It has a 4 way stretch and it is warm for winter. You can get it for $29.

Triunion 3 Pack Thermal Fleece Lined Legging

Here is another thermal legging that will keep you warm. Don’t forget that the main function of thermal leggings is to keep warm. So, this very legging is great at keeping you warm in cold weather.

It comes in 3-pack and that’s quite economical. You can change into the other when you do not want to wash one immediately.

This thermal legging is made of polyester and spandex. The legging basically protects your skin against cold. There is also tummy control in the thermal legging.

It is high waisted style and you might love this. The sizing is a little bit off, you just need to size up for a perfect size. It is actually very budget friendly for the 3 pairs you are going to receive.

The only issue with this thermal is the sizing, but I think by following the size chart, you can get it right. If you have a minimal budget, you can get this for just $24 online.

Zuty Fleece Lined Thermal Legging For Women

Here is something from Zuty brand. This thermal legging has a specialty feature added to it as it is water resistant. It is made of polyester and spandex.

This thermal is not just stretchy, it is water resistant. So, while you go hiking in this, you don’t have to worry about getting wet because this thermal legging will keep you dry and warm.

It is made with back zipper pockets for storing valuables. The thermal legging is in high rise style and it is very fitting. It is a good fit for plus-size women.

The fabric of this thermal legging is soft and comfy. You will feel very comfortable wearing this thermal legging during cold weather. It is made of fleece-lined material and that makes it smooth and thick. It is affordable but slightly expensive.

You can get it at $33 online. I think that it is worth the price. I strongly recommend this to plus-size women especially, you will love wearing this thermal legging.

Athvotar Fleece Lined Winter Warm Legging For Women

So, I got this from Athvotar for you and I’m sure you will love this. This is actually one of the thermal leggings that are budget-friendly and still very good quality. It is made of polyester and spandex. The fabric is fleece-lined fabric.

This legging is good at sweat-wicking and moisture gets dried quickly. This is a thick thermal velvet tight. The rise style is high waist and that is really beneficial for tall women. This thermal legging is a long one and is very fitting for tall women.

This thermal legging is soft and stretchy. Because it is soft and stretchy, it is very comfortable to wear. And then, it provides warmth when worn in cold weather.

You can use this for exercises in the field and in the gym. You can even style this with any dress and wear it to an outdoor occasion.

This thermal legging is made for women, but some men can try this on if they happen to find their size. Just like I said, it is very affordable.

You can get this for $15 online and you will be amazed at the quality you’d purchase.

Chrleisure Women’s Winter Warm Fleece Lined Legging

This is a thick thermal legging suitable for all kinds of sports activities during winter. This thermal legging is made of polyester and spandex materials.

The waistband is made of elastic closure. I love the style of this thermal legging because there is a pantyhose material attached to the leg of the legging where one can pull under heels.

That design alone is just one unique thing about thermal legging. This thermal legging keeps warm and you don’t have to complain of cold when you are wearing this.

The fitting is nice and this thermal legging fits so snug on the body. The material for this thermal is soft and comfortable to wear. This thermal legging is not see-through.

Also, the fabric of this legging feels silky when touched. It is actually very affordable as you can get this on Amazon store from $17 upward. You can wear this to the gym, for jogging, running, hiking, and even swimming.

Better still, you can wear this thermal legging with a dress or shirt to any outdoor activity and you will look good in this.

Baleaf Women Fleece Lined Winter Legging

Here is another brand of thermal leggings I admire and respect so much. This particular legging is made of polyester and spandex. The fabric is also fleece-lined material and it is very suitable for the winter.

This very thermal legging has a button closure and that helps the waist to be well fitting. It is in high rise style and it is very comfortable to wear.

The legging has a wide waistband and you might want to consider that if you have a wide waist. The inseam of this thermal legging is made to reduce chafing.

Another amazing thing about this thermal legging is that, unlike every other fleece-lined fabric legging that attracts hairy particles, this one does not attract pet hair or any hairy particles.

This thermal legging does a good job of keeping warm during the winter. You can do well to size up when ordering. It is a little expensive but still affordable.

You can get it for $30 on the Amazon store. This legging can be used for running, yoga, and gym exercises in cold weather. You can as well dress up with this for any occasion.


You cannot actually wear thermals under leggings, unless you just want to try that out. But, it is not actually cool to do so.

Wearing thermals under leggings might just be you doubling your leggings just for extra warmth.

But, I think that thermal can give enough warmth. Better still, you can fit thermals under jeans. You can as well wear thermals as leggings and there are also thermal leggings that you can try on.

That is why I have recommended some thermal leggings that you can go ahead to purchase now. You can get them at affordable prices online.

If you actually want to stay warm in the cold weather, thermal leggings can do that for you effectively. Men can get thermals for cold weather and stay warm.


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