Can You Wear Thermals on Their Own?

Thermals are controversial, and many people still argue about their proper usage. Many users have been used to wearing them as base layers, or undergarments.

Recently there has been a rising trend of thermals being worn as solo pieces, this is a concern for both all gender as the most design is unisex.

In this post, we shall walk the path and see if thermals are okay to be worn by themselves. Most of us wear thermals with the rise in colder conditions, to keep warm.

Yes, thermals can be worn on their own. This is mainly because thermals help to retain the generated by our body, and keeps our body insulated.

During the winter months, thermals are important because they keep you warm, stylish, and comfortable. Many thermals design are made to be fit and flattering to your physique, this makes them perfect for wearing around the house.

Though thermals are basically underwear garments, they are soft and made from fabrics that are stretchable.

Thermals usually feel like a second skin, tight enough without feeling restrictive. A good thermal should allow free movement of your limbs, and allow for good circulation of blood.

Outdoor enthusiast faces the effects of cold often, and have discovered the joy of wearing thermals alone. When worn alone, thermals provide complete coverage from the exposed neck to the ankles.

If the temperature is comfortable, thermals can be worn alone all day. In extreme weather conditions, you can add more clothing to your thermals.

Finding a balance, between layering up and your base layer is the difference between a sweat-drenched day and a warm one.

How do you wear thermals on their own?

A lot of folks may think thermals are just undergarments. But they are very much more than that, thermals can be worn without any additional layer of clothing. Once this concept resonates with you, you can choose to style it how you please.

You can simply have it on as a shirt, no other clothes on it. the design of thermals is made to keep you insulated. They ensure cold doesn’t have access to your skin, and many thermals are designed to allow free movement.

Good thermals have a sealed seam construction; this ensures you do not face any chaffing issues during use. With this, we can move on to explore a few ways we can style our thermals on their own.

Thermals can be a shirt replacement

If you work in the winter season or are a frequent outdoor person, thermals are perfect for you. You can enjoy thermals as a shirt alone, be it at a workplace, or having fun at the park.

As a shirt double, thermals can be your regular wear following the example of your regular shirt and trousers.

Other situations would warrant that your thermals are designed to look similar to a regular shirt. If you visit the gym, you can wear thermals as a shirt paring it nicely with gym shorts or pants.

What this means is that you can have your thermal top on if you feel comfortable enough.

Wearing thermals as a set

Most thermals are sold as a set. This includes a pair of top and bottom materials, wearing the two as a combination set is one way to style your thermals.

You don’t need to have them covered up as some people do, especially if they are tight-fitting. If you have no such qualms about showing your figure in clothing, then wearing thermals as a set is the best option.

This style can be worn to concerts, the gym, the office, and any location you wish to. You can wear thermals as casual wear for the weekend and upgrade your dressing style. All you need is a thermal top and bottom to enjoy the warmth as you spend the day in the cold.

Wearing thermals as bottoms

Thermals are perfect when worn as a bottom pair alone. You can wear a thermal bottom alone, pairing it with any top of your choice.

Explores of outdoor environment can wear thermals pants anywhere they like. These bottoms can be worn with footwear or to any event of your choice.

Styling thermal pants are easy, you have a wide range of tops to pair them with. A big sweater or jacket can be worn with thermal pants, and the gym is also a great place to wear them.

The main factor you should look out for is comfort, let the thermals be stretchy and smooth so you don’t feel restricted in them. Also, ensure that you purchase one that doesn’t bunch up as you walk.

This would spoil the streamlined nature of your thermal bottom and ruin your style.

I know it’s cold out, but you still want to appear stylish and comfortable in the best fit. You can achieve this by carefully selecting thermals that have a variety of colors in their design. pick designs that complement your personal sense of style.

In addition, choose your style according to the activities or places you are going to. Buy brands that are renowned for breathable and well-insulated fabrics.

Don’t feel intimidated when wearing thermals alone, you may find this clothing is appealing to most people.

Six Thermals you can wear on their own?

Smartwool 250 thermal bottoms Merino wool, polymide, elastane
Smartwool Merino 250 wool base layer
Merino Smartwool
Duofold thermal one-piece Cotton, merino wool, nylon
Lapasa Heavyweight Thermal Thermoflux, polyester, and spandex
Rocky thermal underwear set Fleece


Smartwool intraknit merino 250 thermal bottoms

The popularity of merino wool isn’t what makes this thermal bottoms one of the best brands out there. Intraknit designed a smart and tech-focused fabric with impressive insulation adding style to every pair. These thermal bottoms are perfect for wearing alone.

It is woven using a terry loop technique, combined with mesh, which makes it both breathable and well insulated. If you seek a thermal bottom that has style, and functionality, invest in a pair of Intraknit SmartWool.

It features ribbed legging, which allow for significant elasticity and durability.


  • Modern construction
  • Ribbed knee
  • Anti-odor


  • High price tag

Smartwool merino 250 wool base layer

This Smartwool merino is thicker and more suitable for cooler conditions. This stylish thermal wear has a top and bottom; each is perfect for wearing alone or as a set.

With the fabric made from 100 percent merino wool, each wool is very breathable and has odor-resistant features.

Advanced technology is employed in its design, giving it thermoregulation capabilities. All these features help to keep you most comfortable in snowy or cold conditions.

Outdoor lovers, skiers, and mountain climbers recommend this thermal for its insulating properties.


  • Advanced tech design
  • Quality wool
  • Very breathable
  • Good for extreme cold


  • Expensive

Duofold thermal one-piece

This thermal piece is uniquely designed. modern thermal designs are sold as a set of tops and bottoms or one-pieces, but this duo fold is styled classically.

This duo thermal piece is a great way to wear thermals alone. They offer much better insulation from cold, this results from having no space or gap for cold air to get in.

This brand of thermals is loved by many, the buttons make them easy to put on and remove, with a rear fly opening for increased comfort. I love these thermal duos because I can wear them to lounge and also sleep in them.


  • Duo design
  • Increased insulation


  • A bit restrictive

Lapasa Heavyweight Thermal

This Lapasa thermal features a heavy combination of layers to ensure you remain warm always, especially for those in colder regions.

Lapasa incorporated a thick fleece lining in the thermals, which is extremely soft while also perfect for trapping body heat. You can wear them alone, as they come in very good colors and sweet styles.

It has a fly design for convenience and is suitable for prolonged outdoor use in cold conditions. Lapasa thermals fit snuggly, and the thick layer favors being a piece you can wear alone.


  • Thick layer material
  • Good for cold regions
  • Fleece lining.


  • Not lightweight

Rocky thermal underwear set

This thermal set is ideal because its price is affordable, and it is also made of high-quality material. One advantage of this thermal feature is moisture-wicking properties.

The fabric doesn’t cause itching or chaffing, it’s also very comfortable. Many users commend them for being comfortable to be worn for long periods, such qualities make them very favorable.


  • Affordable
  • Machine washable


Thermals can be worn by themselves, no rule says otherwise. They are a good way to keep yourself warm whether you are indoors or out.

At home, they are the perfect loungewear, and you worry less about having to layer up. Thermals are also great as one-pieces, with the top or bottom worn while paired with other clothing or layers.

There is also no limit to where you can wear them, as long as you are comfortable. Keeping your body temperature stable is important, and thermal can achieve that in style too.


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