Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public?

A visit to the beach would not require you to fall in with your suit, trousers, and corporate shoes, but with loose-fit garments that would help you get every feeling, there is to get about having a good swim.

That is where swim shorts come into the picture, and add succor to your troubling mind which has been worried about what to wear.

These shorts are primarily designed to be used during swimming and any other aquatic activity, which does not require staying in the water too long.

On that note, people have started wearing these shorts to places like recreational parks and walks down the road. I once spotted a work colleague wearing these shorts to a karaoke night party, so it is getting into mainstream clothing gradually.

This text is meant to answer questions thrown in by people concerning the wearing of these shorts in public and other adjoining subjects.

Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public

So, Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public?

No, you cannot wear swim shorts in public. These shorts are mostly designed for swimming, and as such, are not made as public outfits.

They would have been also good if worn as casual wear, but they lack a necessity like side pockets. Side pockets in shorts or pants are a big necessity for people, and an absence of that discards the credibility of such shorts.

That is the fate of swim shorts as they fall under this category. Also, a lot of people are already used to wearing shorts that can be supported on the waist with a belt, and swim shorts are going to impede such comfort.

What Are Swim Shorts Called?

The term used to refer to swim shorts is ‘Swimming trunks’ or simply ‘Swim trunks’. This name is crafted from their primary purpose, which is swimming.

It also reflects their nature of production and design which suggests that they are worn for aquatic encounters or activities.

The trunk added to the name denotes the same term used to refer to most shorts worn by men for sporting activities, and swimming is also a sporting activity.

What Is the Major Difference Between Swim Shorts and Swim Trunks?

Sometimes people ask, what differentiates swim trunks from swim shorts? And you often get caught up, wondering if there is any known difference between these two pieces of clothing used for the same purpose of swimming.

Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public

Of course, there is a difference between swim shorts and swim trunks, and it has to do with the inseam length of these shorts. While most swim shorts run small, probably staying on the mid-thigh length, swim trunks don’t.

Rather they go down a little, sometimes reaching down to the knee level. Therefore, the difference existing between these sets of swimming shorts is the inseam length.

Why Are Swim Shorts So Small?

They are short due to their purpose of making sure movement is not restricted during swimming. The majority of swim shorts have an inseam length that is almost general to all of them.

And this is the mid-thigh inseam length. Swim shorts are made in such a way that they won’t hinder swimmers while they are in the water.

Swim shorts are built to be convenient, fitting, and free-wear garments that aid you to swim, and I don’t think they have disappointed thus far.

Can You Wear Swim Shorts in the Water?

Of course, you can wear swim shorts in the water. What then are they made for, if not for swimming? And swimming is an activity which is done in the water, be it the beach, pool or even a local stream.

Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public

Plus, if it is about putting on your swim shorts while inside the water, it can also be done. The cautionary measure that applies here is for you to avoid high tides while doing this, to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

Can You Wear Swim Shorts for Running?

Yes, you can wear them for running. Although there is no indication that swim shorts are versatile, they can be versatile.

Given the fact that they are loose-fitting garments and do not snag on your body when you wear them, it passes the test for a short used for running.

Most of these shorts are made with breathable materials which can absorb sweat during running, thereby maintaining your body temperature and putting you in good shape.

Furthermore, swim shorts have a good leg opening which does not impede locomotion while running, so they are definitely good.

Can You Wear Swim Suits to the Gym?

Still on the versatility of swim shorts, yes you can try out your regular morning or afternoon workout sessions in swim shorts.

Because there are points that pass them right as shorts that also be worn to the gym, either to lift a weight, run the treadmill, do your 10 minutes squatting or ride a bicycle. And some of these points include:

  • Due to the stitching technique used.
  • They are stretchable.
  • Made with breathable material.
  • Due to their fitting.

Due to the Stitching Technique Used

Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public

The double stitching technique is used in the sewing of swim shorts, which makes them durable and long-lasting.

This feature which is used around the crotch and by the side improves movement while preventing wear and tears.

They Are Stretchable

Swim shorts are mostly made from a combination of spandex, nylon, and even cotton sometimes. Well, the spandex composite of the shorts makes them stretchable and elastic.

The elasticity feature helps workout activities to thrive, as there is no room for friction of any sort.

Made With Breathable Material

Swim shorts are made with breathable materials which dry up a sweat fast and fosters the circulation of air around the hips and thighs.

They also have mesh linings sewn into them, which add comfort while wearing them.

The linings have tiny holes within the layers of the fabric, that allow air to permeate through it and into the body, thus keeping the body temperature in check.

Due to Their Fitting

You can wear swim shorts to gym centers or houses, due to the fitting it gives to the body. While swim shorts do not snag, they are not bogus either.

They fit in just fine, provided you are wearing the right size for yourself. The length which is on the mid-thigh and the elastic or pull-on waist closure, all support workout sessions to a great length.

How to Look Good in Swim Shorts?

You don’t need a prescribed handbook to know how to look good in swim shorts. All you need is some time for shopping, probably with a friend, some determination to look and you are all set to make necks turn around on you.

The following tips will help you look good in swim shorts, and absolutely stunning.

  • Get the right size.
  • Consider leg shaving.
  • Consider leg workouts.
  • Wear on waist level.

Get the Right Size

Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public

This is the initial step in looking good in swim shorts and it entails purchasing the right sizing. Having the appropriate size of swim shorts n your closet means that you have solved one of the things that might pose a problem.

To do this, know your sizing for shorts and order accordingly.

Consider Leg Shaving

The leg shaving tip is specially directed to women, who think stepping out in shorts with hairs on their legs is inappropriate.

Therefore, to make sure you look stunning and yummy while wearing swim shorts, shave off your leg hairs.

Consider Leg Workout

This is the one tip that addresses men about wearing swim shorts. Since shorts look good on muscled thighs, it is ideal for you to hit the gym and get them in nice shape.

This will help upscale your appearance whenever you wear swim shorts.

Wear on Waist Level

A lot of people make the mistake of wearing swim shorts below or above the waist length. And this practice impedes them from looking good in swim shorts.

Can You Wear Swim Shorts In Public

Regarding wearing them below waist level, this will possibly lead to them snagging on your knees, which would not pan out for the person if he or she is swimming.

Similarly, wearing swim shorts above the waist-length makes the shorts to be shorter than it is already are, which is inappropriate.


This is where we draw the curtain on the subject of wearing swim shorts in public. Since the shorts have a specified purpose which is swimming, wearing them casually in public can be regarded as misuse.

But this factor does not rule them out as appropriate shorts for other activities like running, sunbathing, and even for workout sessions.

Therefore, it is now left for you to decide how to wear your swim shorts aside from swimming, and I think this article has provided you with some pointers.


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