Can You Wear Shorts at Amazon Warehouse?

Amazon is one of the biggest retail companies which cater to the needs of their customers and people from around the world.

The company has tons of workers with a workforce of over 1.2 million employees and is one of the biggest employers in the United States.

The company has so many facilities which perform various functions and logistics, the warehouses are one of such facilities.

The warehouses are super big establishments that run the sequential arrangement of products before they are dispensed or shipped across the world.

They provide the behind-the-scenes function because there are no third parties involved and most menial jobs are done here.

Now, Amazon has rules or should I say prohibitions which address the part of dressing up to work.

I am going to walk you through these prohibitions and other questions people ask about this multi-billion dollar company.

Can You Wear Shorts at Amazon Warehouse

So, can you wear shorts to work at the Amazon warehouse?

Yes, you can wear shorts to the Amazon warehouse. It is not a taboo or some kind of prohibitive act to wear shorts to Amazon.

Some of my friends would often tease my friend for wearing basketball shorts and even khaki shorts to the warehouse. And he doesn’t rebuke them because he knows that he is not breaking any rules or breaching any contract.

But there is a rule though, the workers in Amazon are often told to desist from wearing short shorts, for the men and with more emphasis on the women who would want to slay even at work.

But your knee-length shorts and moderate mid-thigh shorts are not frowned at. Take my word for it.

Every work has its own rules, guidelines, dos, and don’ts, which regulate the conduct of workers. These rules take many forms and the dress code is one of them.

What Can You Not Wear at Amazon?

While the workers at Amazon are given the liberty of choice of wear, there are rules and exceptions.

These prohibitions normally attract offenses of being sent home, but I don’t think you are at the risk of losing your job if you are offended once.

What these rules do is not to make your dressing corporate-based, but to ensure morality is observed within the work premises.

Some of the things that you cannot wear at Amazon include.

Super shredded jeans

Jeans that are shredded are abhorred because they can reduce your work pace during work hours. Since the company rates workers through time, any delay on your part is a red flag to the company standard.

Can You Wear Shorts at Amazon Warehouse

Open-toe shoes

Any type of shoe that does not cover your toes is also regarded as a wrong dress form by the company. Better options like boots are accepted.

Short shorts

As much as, you can wear shorts to the Amazon facility, it is somewhat improper to wear short shorts because they can also impede your movement and speed at work.

Half tops

This is for the ladies who would always want to slay during everything. Uhh uhh, I don’t think you are going to have such liberties. There is a strong rule abhorring such wear inside the facility.


The modern woke culture has introduced a whole lot of informality in work dresses and wearing pajamas to work is one of its inventions.

But the big bang is that you cannot wear these clothes on Amazon. You might get caught up with boxes during work, and things get messy.

Does Amazon Have Any Dress Code?

No, Amazon does not have a dress code. Rather they placed importance on some clothing, which should be observed by their workers.

These clothes which they pointed out as appropriate are mainly for their administrative workers, and the rule is to appear as responsible as possible.

They are indulged to represent the company in good faith and are advised to dress professionally yet casually. Their dress pattern could be a reflection of business wear or any office-related wear. But just look decent.

However, workers like the drivers who do not fall in this category have their uniforms. Delivery drivers have a uniform which helps differentiate them from those from other companies like Walmart and others.

Can You Wear What Is Exposing at Amazon?

No, it is prohibited. Besides, I don’t recall Amazon to be a clubhouse, so what in the world’s name are you thinking of wearing exposing clothes to the facility.

I learned that recruiters and interviewers take note of your clothes during the interview. So after presenting yourself as a gentleman or lady, you go ahead and wear revealing clothes?

There are kinds of revealing or exposing clothes that are strongly frowned at by Amazon, and they include:

Tank Tops/Spaghetti straps

If there is no party going on inside the facility, then why wear a tank top. And, you are expected to be safe and protected from industrial hazards, which wearing tank tops will expose you to.

No shredded jeans

Wearing jeans that can expose your thighs as a woman, or make you look seductive while in the line of work is prohibited.

So, if you are considering applying to take up a position in the Amazon warehouse, be it as a picker, carrier or attendant. Just make sure that you do not wear any of these exposing clothes to work.

What Can I Bring Into Amazon Warehouse?

The Amazon warehouse is a free place with flexible rules. So don’t get scared of feeling free to. You can take your personal belongings like inhalers (if you are asthmatic), your sanitary gear (for women), or something as common as your hat.

In addition, you can come with any safety equipment or gear, although there are already provisions for it by the company.

So, I don’t think that would be a problem, but just in case there is a shortage of one or two types of equipment like gloves or helmets, you can actually bring them to work.

What Can You Not Bring Into Amazon Warehouse?

Despite the freedom in the facilities owned by Amazon such as their warehouses, there are still rules which are observed by other firms that apply there.

Can You Wear Shorts at Amazon Warehouse

Although they are not as rigid as the other establishments, they have the same relevance and importance. Some of the things which you cannot bring into the Amazon warehouse include:

Long and swinging pieces of jewelry

This rule is specially formulated for women who like looking peng even at work. Long pieces of jewelry are not allowed because of cases of mishaps or accidents.

Open-toed shoes

To avoid cases of friction with metals or packaging boxes.

Can You Wear Shorts at Amazon Warehouse

Revealing clothes

Exposing garments are not allowed to be worn or brought into the facility.


This is where a lot of people go agog. But yeah, just like most companies, there is no room for using gadgets during work hours.

They are not meant to be seen inside the warehouse, if they are seen it is regarded as a conscientious act of smuggling.

And it has its penalty. On that note, you can not bring your phone, laptop, or any other gadgets into the warehouse. If you must use them, it should be during break times.

Do Amazon Warehouse Workers Have a Uniform?

As much as I want to say this, Amazon workers who are hired to do the work at the warehouse do not have a uniform. In fact, they are advised to dress decent, clean, and protective.

Due to unforeseen occurrences like industrial hazards, accidents, or machine malfunction, the workers are obligated to wear protective and safety wears that will protect them from sustaining deep injuries from such happenings.

Can You Wear Shorts at Amazon Warehouse

Similarly, workers are also advised to wear the newly introduced ‘Tech Vests’, which help them to stay spotted as humans by robots that also work in the facility.

Other kinds of stuff like the reflective vests also work in the same direction as the Tech vests. Regardless of the rules, there are limits as to what you can wear to work in the Amazon warehouse.

Clothes like tank tops are not allowed, shredded jeans could get caught up with boxes or in other moveable objects which rule them out.


The headliner in the Amazon worker’s mode of dressing is comfort and modesty. These two are virtues that a lot of companies view as imminent and the Amazon brand is not alien to the terms.

They are what keep the Employer-Employee relationship afloat, with implications of early morning sack letters or uninformed dismissal from work.

This is where I will be wrapping up this article on what you can wear to the Amazon warehouse.

The article kicked off with shorts, I touched down on the prohibitions, then debunked the myth of Amazon’s dress code for workers and all the way to answering questions about this huge retail company.

Before applying for that position at Amazon, make sure you read through the job description because I don’t think dressing is a problem.


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