Can You Wear a Shirt Under a Thermal?

Yes, you can wear any shirt of your choice underneath a thermal and still look classy and trendy.

Thermals were made to offer warmth and comfort in terms of cold weather and while at that you are allowed to look good and stylish.

How you Wear your Thermal is a decision you make for yourself, whichever way you decide to style your Thermal you are definitely going to look classy and trendy regardless.

The most important objective is to fight the cold, the way you decide to do this is all on you!!

How can you wear a shirt under a thermal?

Ever since the emergence of Thermals, there have been lots of ways you can style them.

In this part of the article, I will list you a step-by-step process on how you can rock shirts beneath Thermals.

Let’s get to it!!

Step 1: Get yourself a very beautiful/well-designed packet shirt

Long sleeve or short sleeve. Preferably long sleeve, one with a defining color to bring out the beauty of this style.

Step 2: Put on the Shirt first, you can tuck them into your pants or not

Preferably you tuck them in to avoid having a show of squeezed clothes displayed at the bottom of your thermals. This will make you look rough and unprofessional.

Step 3: Put on your thermal

Make sure that the collar of the Shirt beneath is perfectly folded on the top of the Thermal.

The cuffs of the long sleeve Shirt (If you wear a long sleeve Shirt) should pop out just a bit.

For this to be a perfect style make sure that the sleeve length of your Thermals is not too much because you don’t want the Thermal sleeve to cover up the Shirt’s sleeve.

This will ruin everything.

If you do this correctly, you should have a satisfying result when you look into the mirror.

Why Wear Shirts Under Thermal?

  • Fashion
  • Comfort


Thermals came into play to help fight the cold and also keep you cool during summer due to their sweat-wicking feature.

It is fun regarding the fact that a lot of people have deviated from the main reason why Thermals were created and have now chosen to use them to customize an appearance.

Ever since it was discovered that Thermals make a perfect combination when it comes to styling them with other Wears, a lot of people have managed to not just use them when compulsory but also to look stylish and trendy for casual purposes.

Wearing Shirts Under Thermals was also discovered to be a perfect and classy touch.

Some people love the way the Shirt’s collar folds up around the neck on the Thermal making you look sleek and snug.

Others who love long sleeve Shirts more tend to leave just the tip of the Shirt’s Cuffs in order to give a customizing look.

Whichever way you decide to style them; Thermals will make a perfect touch in completing your look especially if you Wear your Shirt beneath them.


For some people, it is not just about fashion but comfort as well.

Thermals are good conductors of heat.

They are made with materials that will ensure your body has the right amount of heat to keep you warm on a cold day. Thermals will become extremely hot which will in turn make you sweaty.

For some people, putting on a Shirt before the Thermal does the trick as they have a layer of clothing in between which will enable breathability and reduce the risk of skin irritation that Thermals may cause.

And if the heat persists, it will be much easier to pull off the Thermal leaving the Shirt.

In the end, whichever way works for you; I suggest you stick to that as the aim is to fight off the cold!!

Types of Shirts you can Wear Under a Thermal

There are different types of Shirts you can Wear Underneath Thermals to look classy and up to the game without tampering with your comfort at all.

From long, short sleeve shirts to T-shirts, just make sure they are light layered.

Let’s have a look at them.

  • Long sleeve shirts
  • Short sleeve shirts
  • T-shirts

Long sleeve shirts

Long sleeve Shirts are the most common match with Thermals.

People tend to enjoy a simple display of swag when they wear long-sleeve Shirts Underneath Thermals.

The visibility of the Cuffs and collar from Underneath will leave you looking sleek with little effort.

Here is a list of some of the best long sleeve Shirts on Amazon.

  • Nautica Long Sleeve
  • Essentials Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Van Heusen Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Muse Fath Long Sleeve Shirt
  • Nautica Long Sleeve

Short sleeve Shirts

Unlike long sleeve Shirts, the short sleeve Shirts only make a pop-up around the collar where you will have the collar of the Shirt from Underneath lapping on the Thermals you are Wearing on it.

This happens to be a mature and trendy style. There are many short sleeve Shirts out there but here I have made a list of some of the best you can get with links to Amazon.

Rest assured they are the best with the friendly texture and perfect designs to suit a gentleman like you.

  • Poplin Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Coofandy Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Goodthreads Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Wulful Short Sleeve Shirt
  • Poplin Short Sleeve Shirt


Most of the people who Wear T-Shirts Under Thermals are those who wish to look simple and casual in the smallest way possible.

They do not want to temper with the “Only Thermals upper” appearance and they do not fancy the idea of Wearing Just Thermals.

The idea of T-Shirts makes this possible as T-Shirts do not have collars to pop up when you Wear Thermals.

They are there but cannot be seen which is what some people are after.

If you are one of those, here is a list of the best T-Shirts you can get on Amazon at considerable prices.

  • Casual T-Shirts
  • Nautica T-Shirt
  • Ultra-Soft Bamboo T-Shirt
  • Calvin Klein T-Shirts
  • Casual T-Shirts

Is it better to Wear a Shirt Under or over a Thermal?

No one will stop you from Wearing a Shirt Under a Thermal but the appropriate way to rock a Thermal is to put a Shirt on it and not Under it.

Aside from fashion, it is important to note that Thermals work better when having direct contact with your skin.

In order to prevent having any kind of skin irritation, it is advised to get a Thermal that does not tighten the body and one that is equally not too loose in order for you to have breathability and also allow the sweat-wicking feature to work perfectly.

What do you Wear Under a Thermal suit (Aside from Shirts)?

Thermal suits are designed to be thick and also be able to wick away sweat.

This way, they prevent cold from getting to you and also wick away sweat when you eventually get sweaty on a sunny day.

We often get confused about what to Wear Under Thermal suits apart from Shirts that will help us maintain a beneficial experience regardless.

In this part of the article, I will list out Wears you can put on aside Shirts before Wearing your Thermal suit and still Undergo a comfortable experience.

  • Singlets
  • Tank Tops


Speaking of Shirts alternatives, Singlets are the best.

They are sweat-wicking Wears which is something you definitely need Underneath a Thermal suit.

The material singlets are made with makes them a better option for when you decide to rock your Thermals with thin layered fabric.

Unlike Shirts, you will hardly feel the presence of singlets, and be rest assured that they will wick away sweat when you eventually sweat.

Tank Tops

Tank tops are recommended and can also serve as a good alternative to a Shirt Underneath a Thermal suit.

They will serve you just like a regular Shirt would and the best part is they offer a lot of space and breathability even more than regular Shirts.

They are also sweat-wicking and made with comfortable material.


As much as we need Thermals to survive the winter, styling them for casual purposes is not a bad idea.

Just like every other Wear, there is no law as to how you must style your Thermals, whether you Wear a Shirt over or Under them is a decision left for you to make.


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