Can You Wear Muay Thai Shorts In MMA?

Is it allowed for a boxer to wear Muay Thai Shorts in an MMA fight? Yes. An MMA boxer can wear shorts but there are rules around this.

Whichever shorts you use, whether Muay Thai or not, must be incapable of obstructing your movements or impacting an injury on your opponent.

Why Muay Thai shorts are suitable for MMA

The Muay Thai shorts are originally made for Muay Thai kickboxing but, understandably, fighters in other boxing tournaments also choose the Muay Thai Shorts. This is because the Muay Thai shorts were made for that purpose.

This is similar to the Jordan shoes that are said to help basketball players in their movement.

Despite the reviews about the small sizing of the shorts, the Muay Thai shorts are still demanded and worn by boxers.

While this might sound like a downside, it’s not. Rather, it’s one of its bright sides.

The obvious reasons why people wear Muay Thai shorts in MMA include:


The Muay Thai Shorts are extremely short, compared to many other shorts allowed in boxing. This is a good thing since it helps the boxers in the movement of their legs, thighs, and knees.

Lightweight feel

This is required for virtually every athlete. An MMA fighter will definitely mention this as a reason.

Heavyweight shorts are not very helpful to kickboxers, especially when they have to do the kicking. Lightweight shorts help them move around more easily.


The Muay Thai shorts are said to be tear-resistant. You won’t find this in every review but the polyester fabric is said to make that possible. The shorts are tough to tear so that is definitely a worthy bonus.


This is one of the best reasons for athletes to choose virtually any pair of pants. The Muay Thai shorts are quick to absorb and dry sweat.

For a boxer, it is uncomfortable to feel wet in the pants so a moisture-wicking feature in a pair of shorts is like insurance.

What Makes Muay Thai Shorts Suitable For Boxing?

Can You Wear Muay Thai Shorts In MMA

It is safe to say Muay Thai shorts are the best for every boxer while fighting and while training. What makes the Muay Thai shorts so perfect for Boxing?

Tight fit helps in cases of grappling

The Muay Thai shorts are said to run small so they fit tightly. Many boxing pants tend to look fashionable with designs and loose fits.

However, a tight pair of shorts will work better for a boxer in a fight. This is even much better in MMA. Unlike the regular Boxing game, MMA allows kicks and other moves that involve a lot of grappling.

No boxer would want his pants sliding off during a fight. This is where Muay Thai shorts come in to save the day.

Short pants help hip movement

As mentioned earlier, the Muay Thai shorts run small and are tight. They are not just small and tight but they are short too. They may not be the best for a casual outing but these pairs of shorts are the best in every boxing game.

Even in the regular Boxing game, boxers are required to move their legs. Shorter pants help the movement of the hips so a boxer can easily jump around, avoid hits, and throw punches.

It is even much better in MMA where the legs are allowed. The MMA fighters can throw their kicks easily with no restriction on the legs or thighs.

Breathability allows maximum airflow and comfort

The Muay Thai shorts are breathable. Any boxing shorts without breathability will be torture to any boxer, the longer the fight lasts.

Without breathability, airflow will be restricted and there will be heat in the pants, allowing sweat to accumulate and cause discomfort.

The Muay Thai Shorts are extremely breathable so there is no heat and no chance to sweat in your pants. Boxers could never ask for more.

The quick-drying feature prevents unease in the pants.

The Muay Thai shorts have a moisture-wicking feature that let’s sweat dry up immediately after they pop out of your skin. This feature, added to breathability, makes the Muay Thai shorts the most comfortable for every boxer.

Lightweight shorts don’t burden the lower body

The Muay Thai shorts are also lightweight. As a boxer, you don’t want a burden on your legs restricting your movement.

The kickboxers and MMA fighters will be a lot more grateful for this feature, having more need for it than regular boxers.

Can You Wear Muay Thai Shorts For Swimming?

Yes! You can swim in your Muay Thai shorts because it has equal quick-drying features to swim trunks.

Isn’t it funny how a piece of fabric seems to combine all of the perfect features?

You have probably come across a few or more people wearing swim trunks that look exactly like Muay Thai shorts. They could be Muay Thai shorts and it’s not absurd at all.

The Muay Thai shorts have satin and polyester features which give all the perfect properties that make them similar to regular swim trunks.

These properties include quick-dry and breathability so, if you are asking whether it’s okay, it’s totally fine to jump in a pool right after working out without pulling off your Muay Thai shorts.

What Are Muay Thai Shorts Called?

 Muay Thai shorts are just called “Muay Thai shorts”.

While the Muay Thai game is also referred to as “Eight-limbs”, we can call the shorts the “Eight-limb” shorts. However, they are often referred to as “Muay Thai” shorts, even by the various brands.

Muay Thai shorts are just shorts that are often used in the Muay Thai boxing game. The rules of Muay Thai make the features of the worn shorts a necessity, allowing the shorts to be generally assumed to be the same.

The shorts used in the Muay Thai game are very similar since they were made to align with the rules of the game.

The Muay Thai shorts don’t have special names but they are often referred to as the “Eight-limbs” shorts and more often as “Muay Thai shorts”.

Why Are Muay Thai Shorts So Short?

There are two basic answers to this:

  • Short Shorts are the best
  • According to the Muay Thai rules

As mentioned earlier, short shorts help the boxers in various ways. Equally, the shorts help kickboxers.

Muay Thai is a boxing game that goes beyond the hands and the legs, which is probably the reason they call it “Eight-limbs”. Since the game requires the use of the legs a lot, the game has to provide the best outfit for the fighters.

As explained in the earlier paragraph, the game requires the use of the legs. For this reason, the Muay Thai rules ensure no fighter’s fate is “decided by his pants”.

This is not only comfortable but fair. The Muay Thai fighter could probably choose other options if they had the chance but the game has rules and the rules are reflected in the Muay Thai shorts made by the game itself.

Can You Run In Muay Thai Shorts?

 Yes, Muay Thai shorts are great running shorts.

Since the Muay Thai shorts are short enough to help the movement of the hips and legs, they are definitely going to be great for running. Also, there are no dress codes at gyms, though you know what is right.

The answer to the question might be different depending on what you prefer. The Muay Thai shorts are short and lightweight.

It is totally fine to run in Muay Thai shorts but most runners prefer pants with compression and will not go for shorts at all. Some runners don’t like the lightweight feel and the shortness that exposes your legs and makes you feel naked.

However, Muay Thai shorts are short enough to allow the free movement of your legs. The breathability also prevents strange feelings in your pants.

Great Muay Thai Brands You Should Check Out

Fairtex Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

The Fairtex brand is one of the most recognized brands that make Muay Thai shorts.

You might want to check out the brand and their other products after checking out this pair of Muay Thai shorts.

When you click on the link below, expect perfection. This goes beyond the beautiful fashionable look.

The feeling is amazing and you can hardly get anything as good.

  • Fabric: Polyester Satin
  • Price: $70

Top King Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

This is from another recognized Muay Thai brand known as Top King. You will love the manly design of this pair of Muay Thai shorts.

They fit well but are as small as Muay Thai shorts are generally reviewed to be.

This shouldn’t be surprising, even from the start. The Muay Thai game is Asian. Definitely, the boxing shorts were designed with the Asian sizing system.

You can choose to size up for a better fit but don’t get in a fight without this pair of “bad boys” on you.

  • Fabric: Polyester Satin
  • Price: $63

Yokkai Muay Thai Boxing Shorts

You can tell from the name of the brand, Yokkai, that making Muay Thai shorts is their specialty. We can call this pair of shorts the best on the list but can we have a better option on a list of perfection?

Take a glance at this pair of shorts and I bet it won’t stop at a glance. You will seek and find this brand after buying this pair of shorts.

This may explain its high price, compared to the other shorts on the list, but you won’t be disappointed after placing an order. No boxing shorts can be better.

  • Fabric: Polyester Satin
  • Price: $80


As entertaining as it is to watch boxers and wrestlers fight, we have to admit it’s scary.

The Asian style is even scarier so it’s necessary to let them have comfortable pants, at least, while they take a few punches.

Remember, the Muay Thai shorts aren’t for Muay Thai alone. If you want perfection, there’s no other place to go.

Muay Thai already has perfection embedded in a pair of shorts and it’s waiting for you to place an order.


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