Can You Wear Joggers to a Club?

Nightclubs are the current era’s social cave, where charm, beauty, glamour, and above all, the clothes we wear have replaced clubbing your damsel in distress and dragging her off to live happily ever after.

Is it okay to wear joggers to a nightclub? Well, the answer depends on a few variables.

If the plan is to groove at the club and have a fun time dancing and drinking booze, then your joggers will fit right into the mood. However if you just intend to hang out with a date, have a couple of drinks, and head back to your crib, then, it is very unlikely that your joggers will fit that purpose.

You should know though, that joggers were designed to be worn for exercise, but like so many other pieces from the athleisure movement, they’ve grabbed on with the general public and can now be worn for a variety of events-Clubbing included.

Basically, they’ve become a versatile staple. They can be worn with anything for basically different occasions.

What should you consider before wearing joggers to a nightclub?

Can You Wear Joggers to a Club

Like I said, wearing joggers to a nightclub depends.

Consider the dress code for the club you’re going to

Dress rules have long been utilized by wealthy nightclub owners to signal status. They establish a dress code – usually more formal attire – and inform potential customers who are welcome and who are not.

It’s very important to check these out, as it will be a guiding step, before deciding on what to wear.

The main purpose of a dress code is to attract or, more crucially, to exclude certain types of customers. Note that the dress code varies with different clubs in different locations.

Are joggers permitted

While checking for the dress code of the club you’d be visiting, it’s best to look out for if joggers are allowed.

Some nightclubs are totally okay with joggers and some are not. With rising competition, most nightclubs are constantly on the lookout for the coolest, and most fashionable patrons so may want to dress to impress.

What is your purpose in going to the club?

This may sound crazy but people have different agendas for going to a club. Some go just to listen to cool music, unwind from the week’s stress or meet new people and nightclubs are visited by anyone from anywhere in any spheres of life and profession.

It could be just a casual hangout with friends or coworkers, or to relax and have fun with your buddy from school. However the case may be, your reason demands that you dress accordingly.

Maybe you want to meet that special someone and swoop her off her feet- would a jogger do for that kind of purpose? You decide.

How comfortable you are with joggers?

Nightclubs aren’t just about sitting around sipping alcohol. There are plenty of activities that can be carried out; dancing included.

If you can move around fine with joggers then you can consider wearing them. Just pair them with something comfortable and you are good to go.

What other kinds of Pants can you wear to a club?

Dark stylish jeans are very suitable for nightclubs

They are sleek and stylish. Dark jeans give off a cool look and can be combined with almost anything you own.

What’s more is that you don’t have to worry so much about stained outfits just in case you or someone spills drinks on your jeans.

For inspiration, you can combine dark jeans with a cool shirt with a jeans jacket or even a leather jacket, then a plaid shirt and some really nice shoes.

It’s all about looking good. Some clubs are fine with ripped jeans while some are not. Find what club you are going to prefer and stick to that.

For women, jeans are not so appropriate for clubs. There are plenty of other options to choose from, ranging from leather skirts, black dresses, form-fitting gowns, sexy jumpsuits with gorgeous stilettos to go with them.

Khakis trousers are your safe option if you want to go for a smart-casual look

This Chinos resembling piece of clothing can be worn as an alternative to denim. They are loosely fit.

This casual trouser can be combined with a simple black T-shirt- Tucked in or laid out or a long-sleeved shirt tucked in with folded up arms. It depends on what looks better on you.

A good pair of Nike trainers or even some Nike Blazer alternatives can go well on your feet as well.

Chinos are also a safe bet to wear to the club

They are stylish and casual plus they give you a smart look. This can be paired with a button-down shirt or a shirt dress. If you like, combine it with a polo of lighter color, with sneakers or boots.

Formal trousers can also do if you are going to a formal birthday party at the club

You may want to dress to impress or maybe you just want to look really good because you could meet a potential prospect.

You can wear them with a different blazer to lighten up the look or a button-down shirt with leather shoes.

Denim jeans are another option to consider

This wouldn’t just give you attractive appeal, they are also very comfortable to move around.

Denim jeans and be combined with almost anything, for example, a plain shirt plus a blazer with formal shoes, or denim shirt with denim trousers or plaid shirt and boots.

You can even try a plain Henley T-shirt plus leather plus loafers.

Cotton Pants are considered to be totally fashionable

Just choose the right color you desire; Either earthy brown or dusty blue. Combine this beauty with a button-down shirt tucked in plus Adidas sneakers.

Do not forget to consider the weather at your location, although most clubs have different temperatures from outside because of the crowds gracing the place.

What shouldn’t you wear to a club?

Just like there are so many options of clothing you can wear to a club, there are clothing you shouldn’t wear to a club. Some of them include;

Flip flops and/or a singlet

Whatever you do, ensure you aren’t that guy caught wearing these combinations. It’s very unattractive and unimpressive.

Most nightclubs will have you head home immediately after you are seen. They can also easily expose your feet by trampling.

You can settle for stylish flats if stilettos aren’t your thing –  for the ladies. While the men could stay with sneakers, Oxford shoes, or some Duke Chelsea boots – whichever one fits your outfit

Capris pants

This is totally unacceptable to be worn for nightclubs. No lady should be seen in this at the club. They are unattractive for such occasions.

They may be comfortable to wear but you don’t want to risk giving glances of disapproval by guests there as well.

Ripped jeans-Bermuda shorts included- or even a beanie

This is a big no-no. Not only will you come off as trouble, but it’s likely you won’t attract anyone to you for a conversation.

Distressed jeans are not bad in themselves, they just don’t fit for clubbing. Plain trousers are a more suitable outfit combined with any shirt of your choice.

Beanies shouldn’t be worn to a club. If you love your beanie or want to wear something on your head, then Fedora will be just right

Avoid athletic outfits or athletic shoes

Except you just want to take a look at the club’s door or security guard and head back home, then this outfit should be avoided completely or that’ll be your lot-no kidding. Most clubs don’t accept this.

You do not want to stand out as the odd one or become the object of ridicule in a public place. It’s best to leave the gym outfit for the gym or your morning jog.

Also, don’t wear Jersey, some clubs won’t let you cross the door when you are seen.

Not even if you paired them with some fancy denim or chinos plus fancy shoes, like oxfords. It’s mostly unacceptable with some clubs, so just avoid it all the same.


These are definitely out of the list unless you are going for a date at the lake. Shorts are too casual for clubbing and are especially inappropriate for cold weather.

They give off the look that you don’t want to be at the club at all or didn’t put in effort into your dressing at all.

Baggy jeans

These are struck off the list as well. Baggy jeans are informal and unattractive no matter what you pair them with to wear to the club.

It’s worse when the baggy jeans are hanging low on your waist and exposing your briefs for public view.

Baggy jeans also look sloppy and reserved for casual daytime outfits. Also, do not wear flannel when it’s hot.

You don’t want to be covered in your own sweat while dancing; that will be very uncomfortable. Most upscale nightclubs require certain dress types which may include baggy jeans.

Inappropriate accessories

This includes Sunshades, chains, spike-laden accessories, etc. You may be asked to take them off or return home. To avoid such harassment, it’s best to leave them behind.

Besides, you don’t need any of those to look attractive and have a good time at the club.

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