Can You Wear Jeans to MEPs?

The military is an institution that has a lot of rules of engagement and codes of conduct, be it for new intakes or old personnel.

The process of passing into the military could be rigorous and tiring for most people, especially young adults, who are in confusion about what to wear to this crucial function.

And I know most of us who are what I call ‘Jeaners’ that are lovers of jeans, are probably wondering if they can wear their favorite piece of clothing.

I will be discussing the subjects surrounding dressing for MEPs in this article and would also answer your question on whether you can wear jeans to MEPs.

Yes, you can wear jeans to the MEPs (Military Entrance Processing Station) function. Jeans especially raw denim, are made with the intent of withstanding unexpected tears while squatting or bending.

And since the activities in MEPs can get rigorous, such as the duck walk which entails squatting, I think jeans would be the perfect fit for you to pass through the process without much strain.

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However, there are rules to wearing jeans if you are going to be wearing them to MEPs. These rules direct to the angle of decency, since the code for dressing as MEPs is casual, simple, and decent.

Therefore, you should endeavor to make sure that your choice of jeans is not distressed with no rips, tears, stains, or patches.

Plus, you should make sure you are not sagging the jeans, donning them, or wearing skin-tight jeans.

How to Style Your Jeans to MEPs?

Just deciding that you would wear denim jeans to MEPs is not enough; you will need to dress up and style the jeans in an appealing way to pass through.

Jeans cut like a boot cut or flare could impede your movement, so I advise you to steer clear of them.

Similarly, skin-tight and distressed jeans would not look good for the MEPs standard, and for that, I recommend straight-leg and skater jeans.

Both Jeans cuts are your best bet to move effortlessly. Okay, let’s dive right into what this text is all about, which is 5 simple and cool ways to style your jeans to MEPs.

Straight-leg Jeans + V-neck T-shirt + Fashion Sneakers

This styling pattern is for those who would want to look the job before they are already enlisted.

The combination of the jeans with the v-neck shirt gives off that military and coordinated appeal, which sets you apart from the rest of the participants on-ground.

I think the prevalent black color is a good combo that sets off that sense of seriousness for a military exercise.

The complementing footwear is top-notch because it just did the finishing touches to the whole outfit.

What you will need:

Levi’s Men’s 514 Straight Fit Jeans

These pair of straight-leg jeans from Levi are very much comfit-inspired and fitting. I would normally go for the Levi 505s on a regular day, but I think switching things up a bit won’t be a problem.

So, going with this Levi Men’s 514, is you being at your A-game.

Nautica Men’s Short Sleeve V-neck T-shirt

I think being comfortable in your skin is the real deal with shirts, and this v-neck short sleeve shirt from Nautica does the job.

Puma Men’s Roma Sneaker

Puma makes nice fitting shoes and these ones do not disappoint. Since lots of running and squatting will be involved in the MEPs physical exercise, I think styling this pair of sneakers with the outfit on top is a no-brainer.

Straight-leg Jeans + White Tees + Boots

There is something very cool about styling your jeans to MEPs this way. First, the white tee would be very crucial to send the message of your cleanliness to the official.

You know people that wear and maintain white cloth are seen as neat; that same psychological appeal is what you will give the instructors at the boot camp.

The jeans are more of comfort on your knees and they don’t hug onto it that much. You can tuck in your white tees into your jeans and buckle up, so as to give that simple look that will grant you easy passage.

What you will need:

Levi’s Men’s 501 Original Fit Jeans

Well, this is where my dear Levi’s 501 sits perfectly well, with its fitting rise and accommodating belt loops.

The jeans can be rolled up by an inch to show a nice cuff. It is not a slim silhouette so it should be fitting just right.

Dr. Martens Unisex 1460 Boots

My instincts tell me you will be picked once you tag your Levi’s jeans with these boots. They are slip-resistant, just in case your MEPs fall within the winter season of winter, which provides you the advantage of standing tall.

Nike Men’s Legend Short Sleeve Tee

What these Tees can add to your outfit is the simplicity and neatness that it comes with. If you already have one which is either stained or no longer in good shape, I recommend you get new ones.

Slim-fit Jeans + Polo shirts + Boots

You see, I know you want to look impressive and also up to task, the deal is this jeans styling tip.

I know I didn’t approve of jeans that hug your body, but we can make an exception, and these slim-fit jeans from the stables of Amazon Essentials would do the job.

I want you to appear as confident as you can, which you achieve by combining nice-looking polo shirts with slim-fit jeans and cool boots.

What you will need:

Amazon Essentials Men’s Stretch Jean

Amazon Essentials did magic with these slim-fit jeans, which earned them a place on this list.

The good thing about these jeans is that they do not get snagged on your knees or calf like most slim-fit jeans, and this is because they stretch.

You read that right, they are stretchy which fits well with the function of exercise.

Lee Uniform’s Men’s Modern-Fit Polo Shirt

Since you are heading to a military function, why not turn up with a military-themed shirt. It’s not going to hurt to do so, because I don’t think the rules of MEPs go against it.

This hunter-colored polo shirt is the get-go for your MEPs.

Rockport Men’s Waterproof Boot

Perfect for the winter season or during rainy days. Also, if your exercise involves stepping on muck grounds, then this pair of waterproof boots get you covered. You need not worry about getting your feet sticky with mud.

Classic Women’s Straight-leg Jeans + Women’s V-neck Shirt + Boots

Here we are with a combination for the ladies, that wearing jeans is on their minds for the MEPs. Well, this one is not as different from those for the guys.

The idea is to appear simple as a woman. No much designing to do, just a pair of nice-looking jeans, your v-neck shirts which are nothing far from perfect, and finally a washable pair of shoes.

You just turn up in these, but do not forget to wear a nice bra that will contain you in case you have a lot of bursts.

What you will need:

Lee Women’s Instantly Classic Straight Leg Jeans

Just as their name implies, this Lee classic is stretchy and has a good fitting on the thigh region, a prerequisite for being comfortable in jeans.

The inseam length is good too, due to its ankle length.

Amazon Essentials Women’s V-neck T-shirt

The two colors in the graphic representation are ideal, so consider getting them in those colors. You don’t need much color or design, plus they are plain for the rules of MEPs.

Skechers Women’s Synergy-cold Daze Boots

Washable, soft sole boots from Skechers are a good completion of the outfit.

Women’s T-shirt + Running shoe + High rise Straight Jeans

This is the final jeans styling and it is for our ladies! I know most of our women like to be dressy and sexy, but MEPs is not a place for that, so I guess we will be toning it down a bit.

The shoes are pretty great, then the military-themed shirt which is superb, all making a great combo with the jeans from Levi. You are so passing MEPs if you rock this, very simple outfit.

What you will need:

Sheln Women’s Solid Round-neck T-shirt

Stretchy shirt, great fabric, plain as instructed. This goes well.

Adidas Women’s Puremotion Running Shoe

These shoes are great for outdoor events, which MEPs majorly are. Durable sole, great design, and flexible.

Levi’s Women’s 24 High-rise Straight Jeans

Everybody knows how stunning Levi’s jeans are, and this here proves it more. The high-rise design delivers a great fit and the leg opening allows you to pull off during medical tests.

What Do You Wear to MEPs?

What you wear to MEPs is nothing out of this world; it is just your regular clothing, but with special attention to the details and rules given by MEPs.

Also, what you wear might differ from station to station, so I advise you get the right information from the station for your choice. These are the general recommendations on things to wear to MEPs.

For Males

  1. Nice shirts with no logo or markings would be good, on either jeans, pants or shorts. The shorts should not be short shorts; it might get you kicked out because you are showing too much skin.
  2. You should also wear clean and durable boxers; it is very important that they are durable. You don’t want to show off your genitals during any exercise.
  3. Shoes or boots are cool and accepted. No ties, no tank tops, no hats. Just look as simple as possible.

For Females

  1. A casual dress (not too short) with shoes goes well. Smart blouses or Tees and trousers will also do the job.
  2. No jewelry, no hats, or accessories.
  3. Wear a regular or sporty bra. Strapless bra are not allowed. Wear only brief underpants because thongs, G-strings, or bikinis are not allowed.

Does It Matter What You Wear to MEPs?

Yes, it does matter. What you wear to MEPs can either make or mar you during the exercise.

A lot of people have been disqualified due to it, and tons are still making the mistake of dressing like party stalkers at military functions.

There are other reasons what you wear to MEPs matters and they include.

  1. What you wear reflects your confidence.
  2. It also saves you from suffering strains during exercises like squatting or duck walking.

iii. What you wear also determines the level of cooperation and acceptance you get from other participants.

What Can Disqualify You From MEPs?

The irony of the MEPs exercise is that it embraces all, but only a few persons get selected by the end of the exercise. What becomes of the fate of the unselected applicants is none of the organizer’s concern.

If you do not want your fate to be like those that get rejected, then you have to consider the things which led to their failure. There are many things that could get you disqualified, but I will touch on those that are very crucial.

  • Lack of good conduct.
  • Incomplete certificates.
  • Health-related problems.
  • Use of Drug.

Lack of Good Conduct

This is one of the reasons you will probably get rejected as MEPs. It encompasses so many things, ranging from improper sexual relationships to racism, or discrimination.

Conduct also stretches to your dressing and mannerism, so if you’re lacking in this rejection might be the outcome.

Incomplete Certificates

Before coming to MEPs, you are told by your recruit officer to come along with your personal data like social security card, driver’s license, and then birth certificates.

If you do not have any of these things or they are missing, you might be disqualified.

Health-Related Problems

You can also get disqualified from MEPs if you have any underlining illness, especially terminal diseases like cancer or asthma.

Issues like pregnancy, disabilities/deformities, and mental instability can also get you kicked out.

Use of Drugs

This doubles as both a factor for disqualification and also an offense punishable by law. If you are caught using drugs or hard drugs like marijuana, cocaine or heroin are detected in your system, you are getting off the grid for MEPs.

And you are equally getting arrested for using drugs, which might lead to a jail term.


The MEPs uphold discipline, good conduct, and sound health as the tenets of admitting new intakes. Falling short of these means disqualification.

These factors encompass a lot of things like dressing, grooming, and health status. There are kinds of dresses accepted and wearing jeans is one of them.

But there are rules guiding the wearing of jeans. This article outlined all these and also tried to show you how to style jeans for MEPs, so as to give the right and needed impression.


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