Can You Wear Hijab on Jeans?

Despite strict Islamic laws limiting women from dressing in western forms, a lot of Muslim women find it fashionable to try out new ways of being beautiful and modest at the same time.

And this includes the adoption of jeans by most women who have been influenced greatly by the western way of life. While this is done, the Hijab is always worn over it to make sure that there’s modesty and simplicity in their dressing.

If you are considering taking on this new path of beauty, then this article is for you. I will be exploring the different ways of styling your jeans with the Hijab.

Can You Wear Hijab on Jeans

Can you wear your Hijab on Jeans?

Yes, you can wear your Hijab on jeans. Jeans are comfortable pieces of clothing that have universal relevance and are usually worn because of their versatile nature.

It is nothing new as a lot of Muslim women living in the western world have been dressing in that form.

But to make sure your dressing is still in order with the tenets of Islam, it is advised you steer from shredded or torn jeans that will bring out your body to view.

Also, wearing tight jeans is abhorred, but if you must do it, try to wear an Abaya over your outfit to improve its decency.

Furthermore, if you are worried about the passage of the Holy Book, which shuns women from wearing clothes made for men, just bear in mind that there are jeans that are specifically made for women and cannot be worn by men.

So, you are within the provisions of the law to wear them.

How to Style Your Jeans with Hijab?

The act of wearing Hijab on jeans is one that says so much about modesty and the laws of Islam.

As the law forbids that a woman’s head and face be open, wearing a Hijab becomes a necessity to remain steadfast in the practice of Islam.

There are so many ways you can style your jeans with a Hijab and still look stunning, without violating any of the laws guiding the mode of dressing for women in Islam.

I would recommend you stick with jeans like mom jeans, flared jeans, and boyfriend jeans, to get that sleek and modest look you desire.

PS: You can get your Hijabs from any store, the product links are for the other things you need.

Travel Look

Can You Wear Hijab on Jeans

The comfortable nature of most jeans makes them suitable for traveling. Be it through the air, road, or rail, jeans prove to be reliable to withstand the rigors of travel and also keep you in the right shape.

To achieve this look while wearing a Hijab and jeans, you will need a pair of comfortable and spacious jeans like the boyfriend which will give you a comfit-feel and also conceal the shape of your body.

To do this, you have to wear your regular blue jeans on a plain or fairly designed hoodie sweater (can be any color of your choice) that goes down to your thighs, and sneakers.

After dressing up, wear your Hijab and make sure your choice of Hijab color goes well with the outfit. Then you can take a final glance in the mirror and head over to the airport because you wouldn’t want to miss our flight, would you?

What you need:

  • Eddie Baur Women’s Boyfriend Jeans
  • Hanes Sport Women’s Pullover Hoodie
  • Skechers Women’s Go Walk Joy Sneakers

Vacation Look

Can You Wear Hijab on Jeans

You’ve probably thought of how to style your Hijab with jeans for a vacation, and you don’t know where or how to go about it.

I think the stars are in luck for you because you can now finally learn how well to style your jeans with Hijab and still enjoy your vacation.

The solution and prescription which I will give are based on the personal ground because I have been in your shoes and know what it feels like.

Therefore, I salvaged the moment by getting hold of my boot-cut jeans, a dress shirt, and some blazer to cover up.

Don’t worry about the flare jeans; they will primarily be loose and conducive enough, with a big flare that starts from the knee down to your feet.

I prefer faded blue jeans in this setting, a white dress shirt, and a black blazer to cover up. You can choose a black Hijab to make it things uniform.

What you need:

  • Asvivid Women’s Casual Flare Jeans
  • Lee Uniforms Juniors Oxford Blouse
  • Luvemia Women’s Casual Long Sleeve Blazer Jacket
  • Trish Lucia Women’s Chunky Block Heel

Office Look

Can You Wear Hijab on Jeans

This is one of my favorite looks on how to style your jeans with Hijab, and the fun part is that you get to wear this outfit to work.

You don’t have to worry about getting your employer upset with your dressing because I’ve got you covered. The jeans we are going to make use of for this style are slim-fit jeans, not skin-tight jeans.

Slim-fit jeans hug your body in a convenient manner, while skin-tight jeans tend to fit snug, so I’m going for slim-fit jeans. Then a dress shirt or T-shirt and an Abaya.

For this styling, I would advise you to choose an open abaya, there are so many of them sold out there, so get one and prepare to look stunning and decent to work with.

All you have to do is to wear your jeans (preferably blue jeans), your dress shirt, wear the open Abaya over it, and complete the outfit with a heeled shoe plus your matching Hijab.

What you need:

  • Bandolino Women’s Armory Heeled Sandal
  • Lee Women’s Sculpting Slim-fit Jeans
  • Saloogoe Summer Tops for Women
  • Women’s Long Sleeve Maxi Dress Abaya

Casual Look

Can You Wear Hijab on Jeans

I’m about to show you a simple way to style your jeans with Hijab and it’s for your casual look. You can wear this outfit to go get some stuff from the grocery shop or take a walk in the park.

What you will need is your regular jeans, with an emphasis on mom jeans which are very easy on the body. Other things include your long dress and a pair of sneakers.

The sneakers complete the casual look and the dress is for you to conceal sensitive parts of the body. Once you are done dressing up, wear your Hijab which covers down to your shoulders and you are good to go.

What you need:

  • Gloria Vanderbilt Women’s Amanda Classic Jeans
  • Ouges Women’s V-neck Button-down Dress
  • Puma Women’s Carina Sneaker

Party Look

Can You Wear Hijab on Jeans

This is necessarily a party look or styling, but it encompasses both attending official functions and also a casual outfit for a social meeting or gathering.

The idea behind this styling is to look as elegant as possible, and also maintain decency in dressing as stipulated by Islamic law.

The style entails wearing your Hijab on high-waisted jeans and then covering yourself with an Abaya with matching sandals. You can wear a colorful Hijab to have a more appealing look with the Abaya.

What you need:

  • Levi’s Women’s 724 High Rise Jeans
  • Marwa Fashion Abayas For Women
  • Lifestride Women’s Charlotte Heeled Sandal

Important Rules for Wearing Hijab

There are rules which should be recognized when wearing Hijab because it is not enough that you just wear one.

Most Hijabis are meant to wear Hijab with the intent of modesty and high morality, in solidarity with the laws enacted by the Shari’ah.

All these boil down to adhering to the instruction of the prophet of Allah Muhammed (PBUH). In which he says that women should cover their head and body, leaving only the face and hands open.

The important rules for wearing Hijab include:

  1. The Hijab should be worn with a cloth that covers the whole body. Wearing Hijab on revealing clothes is seen as a violation.
  2. The material of the Hijab should not be transparent. Because it could show off your head and shoulders, which you should cover.
  3. The Hijab should not be too fine to be able to incite the opposite sex. If you wear such Hijab, you risk committing the Haram of sexual immorality.
  4. The Hijab should not look like those materials or clothes worn by unbelievers.
  5. The last rule of wearing Hijab is that it should be worn as a form of maintaining modesty and also conforming to Islamic law.


Most Hijabis who wear jeans, do so to look attractive and also because of their comfort.

Although the law of Islam forbids women to wear clothes that resonate with the western world, it is not a crime if you wish to look good.

A lot of women who wear jeans appear smart, convenient, and elegant, and these benefits are not secluded from Muslim women.

They can choose to look just as good as others, but there is a strict rule about wearing Hijabs on them.

In doing so, I think the watchword of Islamic rule on women’s dressing, which is modesty, is upheld.


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