Can You Wear Cycling Shorts With Jeans?

I am without a doubt a jeans lover, and I’ve been wearing jeans for quite a long time. However, one of my best moments of the year is during my yearly cycling sessions with some of the guys from my workplace.

I perceive those times as you exercise while still networking with a lot of people. But then after the long rides, we are all back into our regular clothes and not the customary cycling shorts worn during cycling.

Wearing jeans returns as the norm, and I’ve attempted to wear my cycling shorts as undies for my jeans.

I must tell you it was not a funny experience for me, but I am going to disclose why it wasn’t cool and also let you in other frequently asked questions by both cyclists and no cyclists about wearing cycling shorts.

Can You Wear Cycling Shorts With Jeans

So, can you wear cycling shorts with jeans?

Yes, you can wear cycling shorts underneath jeans. But don’t be too fast to persecute me, because I said I had a bad experience with them.

The jinx there is that I failed to do something which caused me an awful experience. Aside from that, you can wear your cycling shorts under jeans, especially tight jeans.

So, you are probably asking, what exactly did he forget to do? Well, I will let you in on it. I forgot to remove the chamois pad. For what it’s worth, wearing cycling shorts with pads on the saddle under your jeans would be the worst dress sense you would ever put on.

There are cycling shorts that do not come with these pads, and they are the perfect ones to wear under jeans because they are breathable and comfortable.

What Are Cycling Shorts Called?

The name given to cycling shorts is ‘Bike shorts’. While it is the standard name for them, there are other terms that have and are still used to refer to cycling shorts.

Some of such terms include knicks, chamois, spats, and even thigh cling shorts. These terms are mostly slangy words formulated by people, depending on how they perceived their cycling shorts.

They have their origin in streets, cycling clubs, and any other formation which is inhabited by cyclists.

Can You Wear Cycling Shorts Under Pants?

No, you cannot wear cycling shorts and underpants, especially under dress pants. This is because these pants are padded with foam under the crotch area.

Even if you take them out or get ones without the pad, it won’t still feel right to wear them under pants. Due to the stretch form of the pants, wearing them under a dress could inconvenience you which is quite bad.

So, to avoid such a situation I think it’s best to wear them under pieces of cloth like raw denim, which have a stronger texture instead of pants which are probably made from polyester.

How Are You Supposed to Wear Cycling Shorts?

Can You Wear Cycling Shorts With Jeans

Just like most sporting gear, there are rules or should I say tips on how to look good in them. Because these do not necessarily rule rather they are tips from experience which is thought to be able to help you out with wearing cycling shorts.

You don’t need a user manual to look okay in cycling shorts, you just need to get these tips a room in your memory.

  • Wear without underwear.
  • Wear with a sporting vest.
  • Wear only padded shorts.

Wear without Underwear

While a lot of people are tempted to wear cycling shorts with underwear like their beach-printed boxers or super-flex panties. It is very important to let you know that it is a wrong practice.

You are going to ruin your look in those cycling shorts. So to stay on the safer side, endeavor to wear the shorts only, and do not wear anything under.

Wear with Cycling Vest or Jersey

To look more appealing in your cycling shorts, you should make sure you wear flexible vests on top.

Can You Wear Cycling Shorts With Jeans

Preferably, it should be vested like a tutu or any other vests made with stretchable materials. Also, while you are wearing the shorts, you can choose to draw up the waist above the waist level or leave it on that level.

Wear Only Padded Shorts

There are cycling shorts that do not have the chamois pad, and you should avoid this type of shorts if you are considering going on a ride, especially long rides.

The padded shorts should be your best pick because they will protect you from a lot of congestion during the journey.

Also, it will make you look a lot more good instead of the ones without a pad that will be uncomfortable on you.

Can You Wear Cycling Shorts in the Water?

No, you cannot wear cycling shorts in the water. The reason for this is very plain and direct, and it has to do with the chamois pad.

The pad has foam which reduces friction between the crotch and the saddle, well it also can absorb water in large quantities.

If you wear the shorts for swimming or go into the water with them, they will hinder your swift movement in the water once the pad holds a lot of water.

Although they are skin-friendly which is good for water activities, it is not meant to be worn in the water.

Can You Wear Cycling Shorts for Running?

No, you cannot wear these types of shorts for running. Your running experience would suck if you wear these shorts and these are some of the reasons why.

First, they are not lightweight which will impede your movement while running. In the course of writing this article, I decided to try this out, and guess what? It didn’t go well at all.

First, I struggled with moving my upper legs swiftly, and then the chamois pad made my crotch ache so badly.

Plus, these shorts are not loose-fit, which is the ideal feature for any short that is going to be used for running. Since they are not loose-fitting, you are likely going to struggle with them while running.

Can You Wear Cycling Shorts to the Gym?

Well, yeah! You can wear cycling shorts to the gym. First off, you can substitute your workout gear with your cycling shorts provided that the padding is removed.

That way you won’t have to make yourself uncomfortable while trying to lift a heavy weight. One of the reasons, why you can wear cycling shorts to the gym is due to its breathable material, which would help keep off sweat and regulate your body temperature.

Similarly, the shorts are made with a good amount of spandex, which makes them elastic and stretchy. This feature is needed to keep you going during workouts like squatting or running on the treadmill.

How to Look Good in Cycling Shorts?

I have tried to highlight a lot of things regarding wearing cycling shorts, now it’s time to show you how to style cycling shorts and look good in them.

With these tips, you won’t have to look like an amateur cyclist, even if you are one. The tips include:

Endeavor to wear mid-thigh light-weighted loose-fit shorts

This tip seeks to address the uproar of a lot of men’s questions about how to conceal their genital bulges while wearing cycling shorts. Wearing a loose-fit mid-thigh short will do the work, while still affording the freedom of movement, owing to its length.

Do not wear underwear before wearing your cycling shorts

Doing that will nullify the close contact effect of wearing cycling shorts, like shock absorbance on the saddle spot.

Always get the right fitting and size of shorts

It will help curtail inconvenience while embarking on long rides.

Pick dark-colored cycling shorts

This is to avoid stains from brake grease or any form of decoloration. Possibly, get one with colored strips by the side, those are more attractive and good to go. Also, pair with a matching cycling jersey and helmet.

This last tip is for men and should be followed accordingly. The best shorts for men to wear for cycling are shorts with chamois pads. I do not endorse anything aside from that, because of the implication of not wearing one.

Shorts with padded saddle spots saves a lot of men from the inevitable crotch pain after a long ride on your bike. During riding, you juggle and there is frequent friction between your crotch and the seat.

The chamois pad reduces the friction, thereby reducing the pain to the barest minimum.


And here we are, having come a long way in running our minds through the intricacies of wearing cycling shorts. I know you are now informed about all that has to do with cycling shorts.

Ranging from what they are called, to how to wear them and finally tips to look good in them.

I have also pointed out reasons why this type of shorts cannot be used for activities like running and swimming. I hope this information is useful to you.


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