Can You Wear Birddogs In The Pool?

Yes, of course. Birddogs pants are originally made for swimming. So, there is nothing wrong with using Birddogs in the pools. You can use them to swim.

But, if you need an exclusive swimming suit, you should get the Birddogs bathing suit.

That way, you can have a better experience swimming. If you just want to have fun around the pool or you wanna swim in the pool, you can use the Birddogs shorts.

This is safe since you are not going to stay in the pool for a long time. And then, the pool water is treated so, your exposed skin will not be affected.

Birddogs Pants (Trunks) Suitable For Swimming

So, you might be wondering which of the Birddogs Pants are suitable for swimming.

The fact is that all Birddogs Pants were made to suit swimming. I am going to recommend the good ones you can pick from when you want to go swimming.

1. Coach Cockburns 

Can You Wear Birddogs In The Pools?
Photo Source: Birddogs

With this Birddogs short trunk, you can comfortably swim in the pools. Most times, you do not need to have a shirt or singlet on.

The good thing about all Birddogs shorts is that they have an inner liner that can keep you comfortable without the need to wear extra underwear.

This short comes with a different color of liner that serves as underwear. The liner is roomy enough for your crotch as a man.

This is built to also suit gym activities, in case you want to move from the gym straight to the pools.

2. Lunchman Larrys

Can You Wear Birddogs In The Pools?
Photo Source: Birddogs

This Lunchman Larrys style of Birddogs shorts is just like the Coach Cockburns style. But, the pattern of styling and design are different.

This Birddogs shorts is available in small size to 3 extra large sizes.

So, you can make the selection of the best for you. It also has the inner underwear attached to the shorts and you do not actually need extra underwear.

The short comes with zipper pockets where you can keep your valuables, like a phone. In this case, you can only keep things that cannot be damaged by water.

3. Tightwads

Can You Wear Birddogs In The Pools
Photo Source: Birddogs

You can see how the design of this Tightwads style is. The waistband has a fashionable design on it and you might want to get if you actually admire this.

You can get this style in different color combinations and the inner liner color is always different from the short.

This short is comfortable to wear and it is very fitting. If you are wondering about the price, most Birddogs shorts are sold for $64 on the official Birddogs website. The quality is definitely worth the price.

4. Flying Wasps

Can You Wear Birddogs In The Pools
Photo Source: Birddogs

This style is unique and it is what you should get if the striped design appeals to you. It also has the inbuilt underwear in a different color.

Birddogs pants are the kind of pants that you can wear outside for shopping and then move straight to the pool for a cool swim.

This design is especially suited for many outdoor occasions. Just as with every other style, there is a story behind the Flying Wasps style.

You can find this for $64 on the Birddogs website. You can check for other colors as this is not the only color available.

5. Billy Budds

Can You Wear Birddogs In The Pools?
Photo Source: Birddogs

Lovers of blue and white colors will like this very style. The construction is just like other Birddogs shorts but, in a different pattern.

There are many other color mixtures but, the waistband color at the back is unique. This short is comfortable to wear while swimming and the material itself is soft.

You will most likely love the fitting of this short on you. Here is a bonus for you: if you are buying from the Birddogs website, they offer free shipping and free returns.

Can You Wear Birddogs More Than Once?

You have to understand that Birddogs shorts can also pass for some regular shorts. So, you can wear Birddogs shorts more than once before washing.

If you end up washing Birddogs shorts every time you wear them, they may not last long for you. You can wear them 2 to 3 times before washing them.

If you use them all day, you might want to wash them sooner. Another reason you might want to wear them just once is when you use them in the gym and the shorts get really soaked in sweat.

And then, from there, you moved to the pools to have a bath. You might want to wash it after such an experience.

I believe that you wear other shorts you own more than once. So, that should not be different with your Birddogs shorts.

You might want to wear them just once if that is your regular pattern of wearing shorts or pants. But, just know that that pattern is not healthy for the shorts.

After swimming, you should hang your Birddogs shorts to dry before wearing them the next time. If your shorts didn’t get dried very well, they will smell and you won’t want to wear them again.

So, to ensure you can wear your shorts another time after swimming without washing them, keep them to dry out very well.

Can You Wear Birddogs In The Ocean?

You can actually wear Birddogs shorts in the ocean if you are going for a picnic. I will advise that you should not swim in the ocean wearing just your shorts.

The water salt might affect your skin. That doesn’t mean, you cannot step into the water and play with it.

It is actually fun to wear just your shorts to the ocean for a family picnic or maybe, a time alone with yourself.

But, the primary aim is not to swim, but to play around. And that’s okay if you do that in your Birddogs shorts.

So, when next you are planning a picnic, you can wear a pair of Birddogs shorts if you really want to be comfortable throughout your stay there.

But, if you are actually thinking of swimming, you can get a bathing suit for that. You should also know that women can also wear Birddogs shorts to the ocean if they feel comfortable in them.

I think that men feel more comfortable and flexible when in shorts than in long pants, especially when in the ocean. So, you can go ahead and get any of the shorts above for your next ocean visit.

Why Birddogs Shorts Are Worth It

You must be wondering why the whole fuss about Birddogs shorts. There is certainly a reason they cost as high as $64 and even more. Let’s check why they are actually worth it.

1. The materials they are made of

The materials of what a product is made of speak a lot of the quality of that product. Birddogs shorts are made of a combination of many materials.

The materials of the shorts are different from that of the inner liner. The liner in Birddogs shorts is made of polyester, nylon, and spandex.

They stretch a lot and that is why they easily pass for normal underwear.

The shorts are made of a combination of cotton, spandex, and salamander urine.

With these materials, Birddogs shorts are unique and different from other shorts and they are sure worth it.

2. The attachment of underwear

Not many shorts come with a liner that can easily be regular underwear.

Most shorts are made with lining as the underwear. And, in most cases, those linings easily burst because of what they are made of.

The underwear attached to Birddogs shorts is made of polyester, nylon, and spandex as in regular underwear making.

And the good thing is that the underwear is attached to the shorts and that enhances the ease to slide on and off.

The short is easy to use and easy to maintain. There is also enough room in the crotch of the underwear for the comfort of a man’s manhood.

3. Other environmental factors

What makes a brand different from the other is not really about the materials used in making the products, the making process and factors are also vital.

Other environmental factors responsible for the making process of Birddogs shorts contribute to the quality of their shorts and that is why they are worth it.

Whatever extra effort they might have added to the making of Birddogs shorts are worth purchasing for that amount.

4. They are Versatile

Birddogs shorts are versatile in use. You can use them to work, at the gym, at the beach, at the pool, and even at the ocean.

You can also use them for shopping and for dinner.

Depending on the style you buy, you can use Birddogs shorts for any occasion that suits you. So, for a short to be that versatile, I think they are worth it. Besides, they are not expensive.

The price they are sold for is still very much affordable for many people.

Should You Size Up Or Down In Your Birddogs Shorts?

Birddogs shorts are mostly true to size. But, you can size up or down depending on how you want the fitting of the short to be on you.

Now, here’s the trick to knowing whether to size up or down. If you like your shorts to be skinny on you, you might want to size down when purchasing your Birddogs shorts.

On the other hand, if you want some room for your thigh and butt, then you can as well size up to achieve such an effect.

You might not really need to either size up or down because Birddogs shorts are amazingly fitting.

I reckon there are some people who might want a particular style for an occasion. If the occasion you want to use the shorts for demands skinny shorts, then you can go down on the sizing.

In that same way, if the occasion demands that the shorts be very free on you for easy movement, then you might want to size up. So, sizing up or down depends either on your preference or the occasion you need them for.

How To Take Care Of Your Birddogs Shorts

The simplest recommendation for this is to just wash your shorts when they smell.

But, if you want to wait until they smell before you take proper care of them, you are likely to lose them easily. So, these methods will help in taking care of your Birddogs shorts.

1. Always air dry them after every use

I mentioned this earlier and it is very necessary that you observe this if you do not want them to smell quickly.

The faster they begin smelling, the more you get to wash them. The more you wash them, the faster they are liable to tear.

So, the best practice is to air dry them after every use. This is important especially if you gym in them or swim in them.

So, keeping them out to dry for a few hours will do your shorts much good.

2. Don’t wash them often

It is necessary that you wash them, but, it is not good that you wash them often.

This is especially bad if you are always using the machine to wash them. With a constant wash, the stretch might relax and the shorts might get bigger on you.

3. Wash them when they smell

Because you don’t want to wash them often doesn’t mean you should not wash them when they smell.

Endeavor to look out for any bad smell and wash your shorts immediately you detect any smell oozing from them.

You can use the washing machine to wash them and the dryer to dry them. But, for a longer effect, you might want to try handwashing with cold water and sun drying. It’s totally okay to use your washing machine.

4. Lastly, you should wash them inside out.

You will agree with me that most of our clothings are washed inside out. So, it is not different in Birddogs shorts.

It is necessary to wash inside out so that the underwear can be properly washed and dried.


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