Can You Sit While Wearing a Petticoat?

The fluffiness and extra weight that comes with donning petticoats is so much fun while prancing around or dancing in them.

This timeless, old-fashioned style gives the definition of poise, glamour, and lady-like elegance, especially when swirling or sashaying down the aisle but poses a problem if one is not trained to move or sit while wearing them.

Of course, it is possible to sit while wearing a petticoat.

The article will be detailing the ways you can sit in a petticoat, just like other women in history have done.

Can You Sit While Wearing a Petticoat

The women in the Victorian era pulled this off so we can say without any doubt that it is possible to sit comfortably while wearing a petticoat. The sitting style might vary from one individual to the other due to personal preferences and where you are sitting.

If you are sitting on a chair with open sides or harmless seats, then it is preferable for you to sit closer to the front of the seat on your petticoat and fluff it out when you raise yourself up. In this position, the front part of your petticoat is likely to drape down the front of the seat.

Be careful not to slouch while sitting as this would raise the front part of your dress, and expose your undergarments to public view. 

However, if you are in a chair with arms or an enclosed seat, you can fluff out your petticoat around you instead of pressing down on it.

It is important not just to learn how to sit while wearing a petticoat, but how to do this gracefully without embarrassing yourself. The different ways to sit while wearing a petticoat will be explained below.

Different ways you can sit while wearing a petticoat?

Petticoats are old-fashioned apparel that has somehow been revived in the modern-day fashion industry and just like women of old were taught how to maneuver while wearing a petticoat as part of their etiquette, it is necessary to learn how to sit properly while wearing one.

There are a few ways to sit in a petticoat and they’ll be explained below.

Lifting from the back

To sit properly using this style, you would first have to back up slowly to the chair you are sitting on and stop only when your calf nudges the seat’s edge.

Stretch your hands backward to reach for the dress that is around the hip area or lower and raise them slightly.

You have to be careful while doing this to ensure that your undergarments are not exposed. Slide into place after and fluff the front part of your petticoat so it falls in place in front of you.

Sit on it

It is possible to hold the sides of your petticoat from behind, stretch it carefully and sit on the hems of your petticoat and let it poof out in front of you.

There is the possibility that your dress might get ruffled at the back, but all you have to do to get it in shape again is fluff it out, and that is a small price to pay for your modesty.

Can you sit with a hoop petticoat?

Can You Sit While Wearing a Petticoat

The caged crinoline is also referred to as the hoop skirt or hoop petticoat is a frame made from whalebone. It gives a

Sitting while wearing a hoop skirt can be quite difficult. It is important to note that while sitting with a hoop skirt, the front has to be raised upwards. They are less flexible and comfortable when compared to petticoats

How to sit with a hoop petticoat?

Sitting with a hoop petticoat seems difficult only because you are used to slumping down on chairs at your leisure.

With some practice, this can become the simplest and most enjoyable part of wearing a hoop petticoat, apart from the dancing, of course.

Here are a few ways to sit comfortably with a hoop petticoat.

Sitting on a chair

Approach the chair from behind slowly. Make sure not to flop down like people wearing modern clothes tend to do

To sit while wearing a hoop petticoat, you would have to hold and raise the second and third hoops to your back, slowly and carefully from behind and this would create a small space to perch your bottom on the chair.

It is not possible to balance properly on your seat while sitting in this manner, nor lean your back against the rest, or else the front parts of your petticoat will be lifted to show your ankles and draws.

While sitting with hoop skirts, the type of chair matters as much as the manner in which one sits. If the chair is lightweight, it is advisable to get the date or your partner to hold the seat firmly in place to keep you from topping over.

Sitting on folded chairs also poses a risk since it is possible for any of the hoops closest to the chair to get hooked on it and expose your draws to everyone.

Sitting on the ground

If worn to a picnic or any occasion that requires one to sit on the ground, you can hold one or more of the hoops through the dress, raise them up so it does not get tangled with your legs, and drop to the ground.

Sitting in the car

This outfit is not advisable to put on if you are going to be in the driver’s seat but if you are only a passenger, then getting the bulk of the skirt into the car before sliding into your seat is the best way to approach this dilemma.

You can also hold up one side of the hoop so it angles from the hip to the opposite foot before climbing into your seat. Push the other part in so it rests on your legs before the car door is shut carefully.

Does a petticoat go over a hoop skirt?

Yes, petticoats are worn over hoop skirts even though they can be worn alone too. It is important to know that hoop skirts, just like the crinoline, are a type of women’s undergarment that was worn in the 19th century.

It was made from a wide range of sturdy materials and had casings sewn onto it at different points, using different materials including metal, whalebone, and ropes.

As a result, it was necessary to cover the hoop skirt with one or more layers of petticoats since the hoop skirt was only a kind of underwear that is not meant to be seen.

It would also be near impossible to have the bell shape when wearing gowns without a number of petticoats to support your hoop skirt and give the attire structure.

3 great petticoats you should buy?

Before choosing your petticoats, there are a few factors to put into consideration. The type of fabric used to make the petticoat, its fullness, style, fit, and length.

All of these factors determine your comfort and style. Here are the types of petticoats you should buy to give you the perfect silhouette without compromising on your comfort.

The A-line Petticoat

This petticoat is quite comfortable due to the looser fit around the legs. The waist cinches in a single line and the width of this petticoat widen from the waist slowly to the ankles in a remarkable “A” shape.

Not only can you wear this for festivities and important occasions, but it is also suitable for everyday wear because it allows for convenient movement.

Your A-line petticoat can be slim, full, or very full. It depends on the dress you want to wear and how you choose to appear.

The Vemee four-layer hoopless petticoat is one of the A-line petticoats available on Amazon. It has an adjustable elastic waist and is made from tulle and polyester materials.

With the full length of this crinoline measuring 39″/100 from the waistline to the floor, it is preferable to be worn by shorter people or if you are wearing a short dress.

The storage of this crinoline tends to be a problem in the reviews as the majority of customers commented on the awful fish smell that would not go away even after washing.

The Diandiai Mermaid Petticoat

The mermaid Petticoat is recommended if you are wearing a similar gown. This petticoat comes with a single hoop and has a voluminous flare that begins either from mid-calf or below the knees.

This silhouette and the bottom flare accentuate your curves and enhance the flare in your dress when you move especially if the material isn’t stiff enough.

High waisted and goes right up to the belly button, fits snugly and is perfect to be worn under mermaid dresses and low form-fitting A-line styles.

This petticoat is made with net and crinoline fabrics which gives it a comfortable stretch together with steel hoops. The Diandiai mermaid Petticoat is available in A-white, B-white, C-white, D-black organza, and D-white organza.

It fits properly and gives your dress just the right amount of flair to make walking and lifting easier.

The con of this mermaid petticoat is itchy seams and hems. It also comes with a lot of volumes and is not recommended if you are not interested in wearing a poofy dress for prom or your wedding.

The Six Hoop Petticoat

This six hoop petticoat should be your go-to choice if you want the full, elegant ball gown look for your occasion.

This happens to be one of the fullest petticoats available and has six rings beginning from the waistline that makes it puff out and keeps your gown in shape.

The Mojonnie 6-hoops crinoline petticoat is a classic example of a six-hoop petticoat. It comes with adjustable hoops and an elastic waistline that makes wear comfortable. Available in black and white colors and made from a blend of taffeta, tulle, and elastic material.

This petticoat has a drawstring that can be adjusted to fit different waist sizes and is lightweight despite being very voluminous. Ironing before use is recommended. You can use the link below to shop for yours.


Sitting gracefully in a petticoat comes naturally to just anyone when they have put a bit of practice into it. The most important tip you should have in mind always is never to lean back. I hope this helps you.


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