Can Muslim Girls Wear Bikini? Here’s What We Think

What you wear as a Muslim shows and tells a lot about your faith, devotion, and diligence in the practice of Islam.

However, the awareness on dressing is very strict for women in Islam especially when they are out in public.

The strict rules extend to recreational activities like beach visits or picnics and even sporting activities like swimming.

I am going to discuss in length what Muslim women wear to the beach and also answer the question of can a Muslim girl wear a bikini?

Can Muslim Girls Wear Bikinis

So, can Muslim girls wear Bikini?

Can Muslim Girls Wear Bikinis

No, they cannot wear a bikini, as the outfit reveals the woman’s body a lot and this is forbidden according to Islamic laws.

Bikinis are short panties worn by women mostly on the beach, which affords them the comfort of flexible movement.

Bikinis also show off the attractiveness of a woman, and by so doing entice men who are watching her.

Although the former reason of comfortable and flexible movement in the water might be permissible for Muslim women, the latter factor of bodily exposure overrides it and makes it wrong for women of Muslim devout to wear bikinis.

On the other hand, some people might argue that a Muslim girl can wear bikinis in the presence of her husband. While this is right, it is also pertinent to recognize the original purpose of bikinis which is to serve as beach wear.

My Major Reasons Why You Shouldn’t (Explained)

If you are a true Muslimah, you would know the answer to this question. But for the benefit of the doubt, I will enlighten you on why it is not permissible for a Muslim girl to wear bikinis.

The reasons which make the practice of Muslim girls wearing Bikini wrong can be categorized into these terms:

  • Exposure of the body
  • Potential to promote immorality
  • Violation of dress code

Exposure of the Body

For a Muslim woman to wear a bikini means she is taking the dreaded of exposing the delicate and sensual parts of her body to the view of the public.

The act goes against the laid down virtue of decency which is expected of every woman that practices the religion of Islam.

Bikinis show off the parts of a woman’s body like her thighs, curves, and even her genital shape which is her private part that should be covered.

Can Muslim Girls Wear Bikinis

These factors discredit the bikini as a form of dressing for women. Also, it is a direct violation of the dress code prescribed by the prophet (PBUH).

In which he instructed that women should draw their cloak over their body, leaving only their face and hands.

Potential to promote immorality

Just as exposure to the body is one of the reasons why wearing bikinis by Muslim women is wrong, sexual immorality is also inclusive.

The laws of Islam stipulate that if a woman fails to cover her body, she stands the chance of getting attracted to a man. And if she is not married to the man who is mustering a sexual appeal for her, it is seen as a Haram of sexual immorality.

Hence, the bikini is wrong due to the ability of the bikini to show a woman’s sensual body, as she is liable for the sin of sexual immoral.

Are Muslim Girls Allowed to Wear Swimsuits

There are certain swimsuits produced specially for Muslim women, and as such, these women can wear swimsuits for the purpose of swimming.

These new swimsuits were manufactured for those of them who participate in sporting activities involving water just like swimming.

This new swimsuit is called the ‘Burqinis’, and it performs the function of covering the sensitive parts of a woman’s body while she swims.

Therefore, if it is any of those swimsuits worn by most western people, then it is not permissible.

This is due to the swimsuit’s ability to expose the sensitive parts of the Muslimah’s body, or worst still shows all her curves and body lines when she gets wet from swimming.

What Can a Muslim Woman Wear to The Beach?

Some people opine that Muslim women cannot swim because of Islamic law which forbids them from showing off their bodies in public, but that view is blurred because there are a lot of women of Islam devout that can swim.

Oftentimes, they go to the beach than go to private bathing pools which are rather costly. The argument of what a decent Muslim woman should wear to the beach has been a debate for a long time between scholars.

And I think the modern innovation of fashion has solved the puzzle box for most Muslims on what to wear to the beach.

The following are what a Muslim woman should and can wear to the beach.

  • Burqinis/Burkinis
  • Hijab
  • Niqab


Can Muslim Girls Wear Bikinis

The burqini/burkini is the innovation that Muslim women can wear to the beach. This piece of clothing is a substitute for the bikini worn by many western women.

And the good part is that it is made in such a way that your whole body gets covered and you also have breathing space within the fabric which allows you to swim freely.

Most burqinis come with a hijab sewn into them, so you don’t need to wear an abstract hijab on them. It stretches from the shoulders, covers your hands, and goes down to your legs.

The burqini is made from synthetic elastic fiber and bold colors which prevents the material from being visible. It is affordable and comes in different sizes for different women.


Can Muslim Girls Wear Bikinis

The hijab is another piece of clothing that a Muslim woman should wear. The hijab is a symbol of modesty for dressing women of Islamic devout.

It is a rectangular piece of clothing, worn over the head like a scarf, and flows down to the shoulder of the woman. Wearing the hijab means you are going to be leaving only your face open, which is the right thing to do as a Muslim.

However, as a decent Muslim woman, you should wear your hijab even on the beach. You can wear the hijab on the burqini which is earlier stated if the said burqini doesn’t have an attached hijab to it.

I will advise you to wear bright-colored hijabs, as you might look out of the grid if you wear a black hijab.


Can Muslim Girls Wear Bikinis

You can also wear the abaya on the beach, as a Muslim woman. An abaya is a form of gown or cloak worn by Muslim women, which covers their body from the shoulders down to their feet.

The large fabric used in making the abaya conceals the shape of the woman’s body and as such, I recommend you wear it to the beach.

Plus, you should wear your abaya with the hijab to complete the outfit and make you look modest in the Islamic standard. I recommend you go for bright-colored abayas that are not transparent.

Why What You Wear to the Beach Is Important?

Should you ask this question, if you are a true Muslim devout? I guess not, because I know that you are aware of the rules of the Islamic laws when it comes to dressing especially for women.

They are to remain diligent and act within the tenets of the religion as instructed by the prophet (PBUH). However, most women still ask why what they wear to the beach is important?

To answer this, let me show you a passage of the Holy Book which refers to exposing your body in public;

In the first verse in chapter 24, known as a-Nur (the Light) in verse 31; women should not show off their beauty except for what is expected to be shown, and they should always have their khumur over their bosoms.

This verse adds clarity to our query, now let me explain further. The goal of modesty in a Muslim woman’s dressing is that she does not expose her body, just as written in the Quran.

If what you wear to the beach is showing off any of your body parts or shape, then there is a need for you to have a rethink on what you wear to the beach.

Furthermore, what you wear to the beach as a Muslim woman is important because it accords you the respect and regard which is due to you from men.

On the contrary, if you do not dress accordingly, you risk getting a man aroused which is Haram in the Muslim circle. And if such a thing happens, a bigger sin of sexual immorality is also committed by you, knowingly or unknowingly.

So, it is in respect to the instructions of the prophet (PBUH) and also in accordance with the upholding decency of womanhood that you must scrutinize what you wear to the beach as a Muslimah.


Modesty is a virtue that is held in high esteem around the Muslim circle. This virtue draws to itself subjects like composure, thoughts, and equally dressing.

And for the women in Islam, it is seen from the view of wearing hijab or any other dress prescribed to them.

To this end, if you wear anything abstract from the ones prescribed even to the beach, you are violating the law.

Both bikinis and any other self-exposing western dress are forbidden and you should avoid them to avoid the punishment of sin.


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