Can a Man Wear Women’s Bike Short?

There are a lot of similarities and relativity in dressing between males and females, with everything bordering on specifications. I know a good number of people who think it’s cool to wear heels as a man, while still being very much straight.

This indifference in dressing has increased the number of allegedly gay men, just because they wore clothes designed for women.

But I’m not going to dwell on the gender implications in this subject, which addresses men who wear bike shorts meant for women.

Rather, I will be discussing other vocal points which you should get in the know such as how bike shorts should fit a man and things to put into consideration before ordering a pair of men’s bike short.

Make sure you read to the last sentence, you won’t want to miss this elaborate article.

Can a Man Wear Women’s Bike Short

So, can a man wear a bike short meant for a woman?

No, he can’t wear a bike short meant for women. I mean, why would you even think of that as an option for your biking gear? It is like asking if a woman can wear a man’s bike shorts?

Hell no! If you do that or know someone that does, my verdict on this is that you both are throwing comfort off of your windows, without even giving it a second thought.

Now, it doesn’t sound dumb actually.  Because that could be character defamation on somebody who thinks they are cool, but personally think it does not sit well for a man.

This is because you stand a risk of so many things your own thoughtfully designed shorts protect you from. Let’s see what these costs a man in the next subheading.

Why can’t a man wear a woman’s bike shorts?

As I opined in the previous subheading, for a man to wear a women’s bike for rides especially long rides across towns translates into a lot of pain. It suggests the level of no regard for self-love.

Who would want to put themselves through the pain of abdominal and crotch pain after a ride? Certainly nobody. Now, this is the deal. There is a clear gender specification existing between bike shorts for a man and that of a woman.

It is so crystal clear that the manufacturers had to indicate this on their labels. So you can’t wear them. Again, bike shorts for men have a special design that cannot be found on those made for women.

I’m talking about the shock support system known as the ‘Chamois Pad’.

Can a Man Wear Women’s Bike Short

The chamois pad has a crucial function, which is to act as a shock-absorbent in cases of juggles. It is the point between the crotch and the bike’s saddle, that performs the function of reducing friction to the barest minimum.

Therefore, since most women’s shorts have slim chamois, it is not ideal for a man who needs more padding. Because you are definitely subjecting your body, to days of pain and ache.

How Should a Bike Short Fit a Man?

Men are known for having a rigid and strong framed body structure, and it runs from the shoulder to the waist, hip, thighs down to the ankles and feet.

So, getting bike shorts to fit a man involves bearing in mind the intricacies of a man’s structure and then tackling it from that angle

First, good bike shorts for a man should fit snugly on his body, but not necessarily be skin-tight. To ascertain this, do a pinch test on the shorts and see if it is not fitting too tight on your body.

Next, there are other ways how bike shorts should fit a man and they include.

  • The shorts must have a comfy fit
  • Good length.
  • Conducive waistband
  • Good chamois fitting

Comfortable fit

Achieving a comfortable feel and appeal is the first thing on how a bike short should fit a man. I’ve mentioned it fitting snug on the body, now it is about having a space between the shorts and the shorts.

You should be able to move about freely without constraints, and then have a nice relief during and after the cycling exercise.

Good Length

Can a Man Wear Women’s Bike Short

Bike shorts should fit in quite well on the thighs and the legs overall. There is a supposedly ideal inseam length of the shorts, which ensures that the knees should not snag with the shorts.

They should be able to stay on an appropriate level on your thighs. I think that bike shorts which are 1 – 3inches above your knee or an inch below it is an ideal form of fitting for a man.

Conducive Waistband

The bike shorts for men should fit in good and be less tight on the waist of the cyclist. Some of these shorts have pull-on ropes, while others had an elastic waistband.

But irrespective of the type of closure used in the production, waistbands should be fitting and conducive. The ease of movement is a priority to reckon with if you are to know how bike shorts fit in for a man.

Good Chamois Fitting

The chamois pad which is found under the crotch or on the saddle spot should also be able to stay firm on your body. This feature should not feel bulky, or irritating on the body.

The chamois should also have the ability to absorb pressure without causing intense pain after riding.

I had an experience with not-too-good chamois pads, and I will suggest you stick to the right fitting on the shorts because it will also determine the stay of the chamois on your body.

Things to Consider Before Picking a Bike Shorts

If you are to pick bike shorts, then you should not go to a store and watch how people buy theirs. It will not help you, because you might only be able to pick the type that suits others and not you in person.

You should settle for factors that would ensure that you are not picking bike shorts that would cost you pain. Or will lead you into spending more to get a new one, probably after making a wrong choice.

The following factors are what I deem right to be considered when you are picking bike shorts for you as a man.

  • The inseam length.
  • Leg opening.
  • Waistband fitting.
  • Skin convenience.
  • Chamois pad.
  • Fabric quality.

The Inseam Length

The inseam length of the bike shorts is one of the things you should put into consideration when you are picking bike shorts.

Good bike shorts should have a long inseam length which protects against elements like sunburn or chafing.

Leg Opening

Bike shorts with a sizeable leg opening should be considered good shorts you should pick. The leg opening must be wide enough to aid easy wearing and removal of the shorts, before and after taking a ride.

Similarly, the shorts shouldn’t be too loose if they go down to the ankle level to avoid snagging on pedals.

Skin Convenience

Can a Man Wear Women’s Bike Short

You should consider how comfortable these shorts are on your body, to avoid adding loose-fitting shorts to your collection of bike shorts.

For starters whenever you visit the shop to get your bike gear, you should not forget to choose from many options. After picking your options, take time to test all of them to ascertain which suits you the most.

Chamois Pad

The next thing you should consider is the fitting of the chamois pad, and how you embrace its effect. The chamois should not be too bulky on your crotch, and should not irritate you in any way.

Fabric Quality

The quality of the fabric used in the production of bike shorts is what you should also consider. Given the fact that men have a rigid physique, a strong material should be sought after when choosing a bike short for your ride.

Is It Okay for a Man to Ride a Woman’s Bike?

Yes, there is absolutely nothing wrong with riding on a women’s bike. After all, a bike is a bike and there are no two words about it.

Quite interesting, despite the gender specification on the bikes by the manufacturers it does not mean that they cannot be ridden by men. There are a couple of reasons, why riding women’s shorts by a man is not taboo.

In the actual sense, most bikes for women are designed to fit in the tender body of a woman.

So, it means that men who do not have the hulking body like most men, can actually jump on and ride this type of shorts.

Similarly, if you are somebody who likes easygoing things like me then riding women’s bikes like the step-through frame bikes is definitely going to pan out well for you.

Can a Man Wear Women’s Bike Short


This is where I draw the curtain on the subject of gender specification, with emphasis on women’s bike shorts.

I would also love to indulge to go for bike shorts that will guarantee you maximum support and comfort during rides.

Embarking on long cycling rides is prominent among professional bike riders, and you should be braced up for the experience as a man.

Failure to consider the underlying factors which will make your riding experience an adventurous one, will result in immense pain and aching all over your body. So stick to the tips, and enjoy your ride.


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