Can leggings be business casual: your style guide

In recent years, more and more models of leggings have been released. All of them are comfortable and soft structures, so they fit perfectly the figure. However, many are interested in the question, may leggings be business casual?

can leggings be business casual

Features of business clothes

Before answering the question, you should familiarize yourself with the features of a business dress code. The concept of business dress codes refers to the wearing of formal suits and ties. Business dress codes make people wear formal clothes.

However, there is also a business casual dress code that combines strict elements and casual clothes. A casual business look is appropriate if the policy of the company you work for does not prohibit it.

You need to understand that business casual can change.

It all depends on the company you work for, as well as the location. It is noted that business casual attire is conservative. However, it does not restrict a person to certain clothes.

Today, it is customary to gradually fit casual clothes into a business dress code, thanks to which a business casual style has formed. Many people have questions about how to style leggings in business casual style.

How wearing leggings business casual attire?

As already mentioned, wearing leggings business casual style is very relevant. The most important thing is to style them correctly.

If you are not sure if leggings are allowed in a business casual style, then it is better to study the rules of the company in which you work in advance.

However, you need to understand that not all companies include this wardrobe item in their dress code. If leggings are not on the list of allowed and prohibited things, you have to find out everything personally from the management. Some companies allow leggings to be worn as long as they are business casual.

Can you wear leggings to the office?

As already mentioned, you can wear leggings to work if you combine them correctly with other wardrobe items.

If you like leggings, then you should choose the right clothes with which they are combined. If you decide to wear leggings to work, then it is better to choose an option that meets the following requirements:

  • discreet;
  • density.

If you like leggings, then you should not take them as trousers or pants. Try to find a chic pair of black leggings. If you plan to wear leggings to work, then you should refuse sheer models.

If they are sheer, then all your colleagues see your underwear. You cannot wear leggings as pants.

It is recommended to cover them a little with long shirts or an oversized sweater. Leather leggings are in high demand. It is noted that faux leather leggings complement perfectly the smart casual style.

List of prohibited and permitted activities with leggings

If you decide to wear leggings to work, then you need to follow certain rules for the wardrobe item to fit into a business casual style.

To harmoniously look at leggings in business casual style, follow the tips, which will be discussed later.

What is allowed with business casual leggings?

If you have stylish leggings and want to fit them into a business casual look, then follow these tips:

  • for a business look, leggings made of dense material are appropriate;
  • business leggings style must be full-length. Length slightly above the ankle is allowed. This is how the professionals wear leggings;
  • leggings business casual style should be combined with elongated sweaters, cardigans, and shirts;
  • office attire is best combined with closed shoes. Office clothes look more restrained if you wear closed-toe shoes;
  • office attire, in particular leggings, should be in a dark shade.

Leggings are often the subject of a sporty or casual style. They are typically used as yoga pants. Casual wear can be supplemented with T-shirts. However, you can style leggings in business casual environments.

List of prohibited activities with business casual wear

If you like business casual, try to avoid revealing wardrobe items. If thin and see-through leggings can be everyday wear, then for work it is better to look for dense options.

Leggings with holes or rips can be used as casual wear. If you are looking for business casual wear, then it is better to choose discreet options.

Business casual style prohibits the wearing of denim leggings, which only be appropriate for a casual look.

Leggings that have prints or patterns should not be used for business casual wear. This option is only allowed as casual wear.

Business casual attire should be plain and in dark colors.

Don’t forget to select the right underwear to keep your business casual attire understated.

How to style leggings business casual style: outfit ideas

If you have stylish leggings, then they need to be properly styled into business casual attire. Many people think that business casual attire typically means skirts and shirts. However, it is not. Read more about the most stylish outfit ideas below.

Matching with a jacket

In the category of business casual wear, a jacket or blazer is ideal. You can pair them with the regular tailored leggings you have in your wardrobe.

Opt for an elongated jacket to cover your butt. Complete the look with closed-toe shoes.

It is important to choose shoes that do not have a heel. These can be regular loafers or flat shoes.

Paired with a blouse

A flowy blouse goes well with leggings. It should be noted that the combination with a flowy blouse helps to create both office wear and an evening look. If you are planning a meeting with friends after work, it is enough to wear high-heeled shoes instead of regular shoes.

Pair with a cardigan

As already mentioned, leggings should not be combined with a T-shirt in the office. After all, a T-shirt is an element of everyday wear.

It is better to combine leggings with an elongated cardigan.

As an alternative, a combination with a blouse, over which a sweater vest is worn, is suitable.

In combination with a sweater vest, you get a discreet look that fits into the office dress code. Complete the look with ankle boots and a natural wool coat.

Long button-down shirts

Elongated button-down shirts, which cover the butt a little, fit beautifully into the office look. In this case, leggings do not attract attention.

Combination with a sweater vest

As already mentioned, leggings look beautiful if you combine them with a sweater.

It is better to choose an oversized sweater so that it creates a contrasting look. As for shoes, you can choose shoes or ankle boots with flat soles. The main thing is convenience and restraint.


When it comes to stylish leggings business casual outfit, there are a lot of questions that can be asked.

What should you not wear for business casual?

For a business setting, old sneakers or flip-flops are out of place. You should also refrain from wearing soiled or wrinkled clothes.

Is it OK to wear leggings to the office?

Yes, wearing leggings to work in the office is perfectly acceptable. The main thing is to combine them correctly with other clothes.

What to wear with business casual leggings?

You can pair sweaters, shirts, and blouses with leggings. The main thing is that outerwear should not be tight. Ankle boots, boots, shoes, and ballet flats are appropriate as shoes. It is better to refuse sneakers.

Can you look professional with leggings?

Yes, you can look professional if you wear leggings. To do this, follow the rules discussed earlier.


As you can see, it is quite possible to fit leggings into a business casual outfit. The main thing is that you do not look like an athlete who has just left the gym.

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