Can I Wear Jeans After BBL?

The best post-operative BBL care you can give to your body is not to wear any type of jeans immediately after a butt lift, as they don’t offer the ideal protection needed by the body at that time to heal and take the new shape of your butt after surgery.

No, do not wear Jeans immediately after BBL. If you wear jeans immediately after BBL surgery, you will experience massive swelling and pain around that area and eventually make the procedure futile.

That’s why plastic surgeons will always recommend that you are solely opt-in for compression garments and ditch your skinnies for a short period of two to three months, to avoid any complications that could arise during that recovery phase of doing a BBL.

How soon can you wear Jeans after BBL?

You can comfortably wear jeans immediately after two to three months post-BBL. At this period your buttocks stabilize before you can clearly see the final result of a butt lift.

And considering the fact that different individuals have different body makeup, it may take less time for the butt to heal and more in others.

So, it is good to note that the body generally responds to the prescribed medication in a way that is unique and different for each patient who has undergone a BBL surgery.

That’s why this time frame is the best estimated time of healing for butt plastic surgery in most patients.

Wearing tight jeans and other fitted pants around those few weeks post-BBL doesn’t help at all in supplying enough blood and redirecting the growth of the new butt fat cells around the buttocks.

But after two to three months you can go back to your normal lifestyle wearing jeans outdoors and even indoors.

At that time you can flaunt your new body shape without being conscious of wearing constricting clothes or even undergoing rough exercises that could potentially stress the buttocks and make the fat cells unresponsive.

So, at two or month three, the body recuperates and adjusts to the changes introduced by the surgery completely.

What happens if you wear Jeans immediately after BBL 

If you wear jeans almost immediately after a Brazilian Butt Surgery, you will hinder blood flow to the new fat cells embedded in your buttocks.

And the implication is that the cells will not grow as expected. Jeans are not supportive, that’s it is always advised not to wear them after BBL because it can lead to swelling in the butts which causes very excruciating pain for the patient if they are pressurized.

You will not be able to endure the pains and this may cost you additional complications not to mention the expenses that follow suit.

Failure to adhere to the post-operative protocols given will increase the chance of losing the newly implanted fat cells and your butt will not form as desired.

What jeans do at this moment is to pressurize these fat cells which causes them to be reabsorbed back into the body.

So, direct pressure whether from the jeans, workout, or sitting for too long is completely detrimental to their survival and will eventually compromise the results and longevity of the BBL surgery.

But if the jeans are loose they can’t pressurize the butts and can be comfortably worn after four to six weeks as opposed to tight jeans which will take longer to wear which is after eight weeks of surgery.

What other kind of pants can you wear after BBL


Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

A pair of loose-fitting pants like this one are suitable for BBL’s everyday use. They are made with super soft fabric, elastic cuffs at the hem, the drawstring easily fastens and you will never want to take them off.

Wearing pants with high elasticity and loose will help improve recovery as they don’t pressurize the buttocks.

BROVAVE Casual Boho Wide Leg Pants

Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

For a more casual dressing, these high-waisted tropical-designed palazzo pants feature a wide leg that complements any shoe you wear with it that is why they are great outdoor pants.

It also has a practical belt loop and two deep side pockets to add to the aesthetics.

They are made from polyester and cotton, making them breathable, soft to touch, and so comfortable to wear post-BBL.

Hanes French Terry Pant

Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

This is another pant suitable for BBL, it is a straight-leg sweatpant weaved in smooth french terry fabric.

It has a wide ribbed waistband with an adjustable outer draw cord. Hanes women’s pants offer the comfort and fit you’re looking for, that’s why it is perfect for BBL and as a women’s activewear that doesn’t compromise on comfort, fit, and style.

Soft cotton pajama pants

Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

They are styled to be relaxed & generously oversized on you, so you may find they run large.

And this is recommended if you love wearing pajamas to switch to a cotton type like this one which is free and not too fitting on you, especially around the butt.

They are easily machine washed, and the cotton jersey makes the softest pajamas in the world, that allow you to sleep without snuggling on the bed.

Even after multiple washes, these pajamas still retain their smooth texture and won’t wear down.

DIBAOLONG Capri Loose Pants

Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

Capri pants are so cute and will help you stay cool in the summer heat. These pants are nice and comfy, with enough roominess to support your butt size during recovery.

The material is made from sturdy cotton that allows the pants to become your go-to everyday capri pants. It has a drawstring system to fasten to your waist size and they also make the perfect loose yoga pants.

The pants feature pockets that are nice and big enough to carry your phone, wallet, and key around. The wide-leg pattern flatters your new shape and drapes nicely from the hips to the leg.

Ru Sweet Baggy Lounge Pants

Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

Who doesn’t like breathable sporty joggers? They give that fashion feel and stylish look anywhere and anytime.

So, you don’t have to get worried that someone may notice you just had a BBL. style this with your favorite tops, shirt, and sweatshirt.

They can be machine washed since the fabrics are tough but to prevent wrinkles, you need to promptly remove them from the dryer.

Sarin Mathews Yoga Sweatpants

Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

These wide-leg sweatpants are made from 83% polyester, and 17% spandex, making them soft, lightweight, and breathable.

Sarin Mathews yoga pants are designed from the highest quality fabric to keep you cool, dry & comfortable on them.

It has an elastic waist, and loose-fitting, deep pockets, making them nice as casual lounge pants, yoga pants, or workout pants for women.

The straight leg makes you look slim and flatters your new curvy body. Also, the full-length track pants will make you feel comfortable when you are at home.

U.S. Polo Assn. Essentials Pants

Can I Wear Jeans After BBL

Great styled pants with gathered cuffs at the knee to help keep the pant hem off your feet and compliments your footwear when you’re out and about.

Made from naturally moisture-wicking material, these french terry knit fabric feels so lightweight and comfortable on the body.

They are breathable, an important component for any BBL pants, and they are also made from a blend of cotton and polyester.

FAQs on wearing Jeans after BBL

Can I wear Jeans 3 weeks after BBL?

The normal average time for wearing any type of jeans is four weeks owing to the fact that the BBL procedure is a crucial one.

The fat cells extracted from the patient are injected into the buttocks area of the same individual using liposuction.

And what the body needs at two to three weeks (or even four weeks depending on how your body responds to healing) is not stress but rest.

But if you insist, ensure you consult your surgeon before adhering to any tight-fitted jeans and pants. And do your best to complete the prescribed medication to hasten your recovery process.

Can I wear Jeans 6 weeks after BBL?

Yes, you can wear jeans 6 weeks after a Brazilian Butt Lift, especially the loose-fitting types.

Here’s why; the time it takes for the abdominal fat cells to absorb fatty acid in the tummy is long and since it’s the same fat cells being injected in the butt, it works the same only if the conditions at the buttocks are normal.

Plastic surgeons believe that blood flow needs to be reestablished in the butt where these fat cells are to hasten the build-up process.

And by week six, the recovery level is high and blood supply is maintained so that the cells can survive the procedure and become viable.

So, for your comfort and safety wear loose-fitting jeans and for a shorter period of time to play safe.

Can I wear Jeans 4 weeks after BBL?

You cannot comfortably wear jeans four weeks after a BBL surgery.

This also depends on some factors though.

Although, four weeks is the recommended average time to start rocking your jeans as this time the body is responding fast to medications.

But you need to know that not everyone has the same recovery time, as wearing even loose-fitting jeans can be painful for the butts and may not be for someone else.

Do note that jeans (whether cotton or) may feel thick and heavy to the buttocks and can lower blood supply making the transferred cells die off.

So, avoid jeans at this time if you can, and wait until week six to try out the loose-fitting types.


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