Can Guys Wear Women’s Running Shorts?

Yes, Guys can wear women’s running shorts as long as they feel comfortable in them.

The women’s running shorts are built to have a short crotch depth which for some guys is all they are looking for to keep their balls in one place.

There are Guys, athletes to be precise, who prefer wearing women’s running shorts a lot more than that of guys.

This is because some of them do not want the situation whereby their balls go dangling about when they run which can be very embarrassing if you ask me.

How can a guy wear a woman’s running shorts?

Can Guys Wear Women's Running Shorts

The answer to the question of “How to Wear the Women’s Running Shorts” depends on your preferences.

Nevertheless, here are two ways that you will definitely wear the Women’s running shorts.

  • With Underwears
  • Without Underwears

With Underwear

When you wear underwear you will probably be having two layers of fabric underneath which may cause a lot of discomfort due to the chaffing/stuffing of material underneath.

This is because Women’s Running Shorts will be super grippy when you as a guy wear one.

You can decide to wear these shorts with underwear as it all depends on your choice but the appropriate way to wear the Women’s Running Shorts is to do so without underwear.

Without Underwear

When you chose to wear the Women’s Running Shorts, it is important to note that the crotch depth of the Women’s Running shorts is shorter than that of the men.

This means that when you wear the Women’s Running Shorts, you must do so without Wearing Underwear.

The Women’s Running Short is having a liner that will serve as underwear and also as a barrier between your skin and the main texture of the material that is used in making the Shorts in order to not cause any uneasy feeling to the Wearer.

What to consider before Wearing a Woman’s Running Shorts?

Can Guys Wear Women's Running Shorts
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Here are a few things you should consider before getting and Wearing the Women’s Running Shorts.

  • The Type of Material
  • Do they have Lining or not?
  • How Tight It Fits?
  • The length?

The Type of Material

The first thing you need to consider before Wearing the Women’s Running Short is the kind of material the Short is made of.

Believe it or not, no matter how much you will want to rock the Women’s Running Shorts there are Shorts that will make your life hell because of the kind of material they are made with.

Therefore, it is very important to enquire if the Shorts are made with skin-friendly material like Cotton for starters and others like it or not since you are not going to be wearing underwear with it.

Do they have Lining or not?

We have many Running Shorts manufacturers out there who are all keen on making their products unique.

With Running Shorts having linings as a tradition, it is only unique to see some Running Shorts without lining.

In essence, this is a case of preferences but however, but since Women’s Shorts are having Shorter crotch depth, it is important that you get one that comes with lining which will serve as underwear for you to prevent skin irritations and further medical complications.

How Tight It Fits

You should consider how tight the Running Shorts are before Wearing them.

Yes, they come with lining and the reason you Wear them in the first place is to get a tight fit but, too much of everything is bad and if you wear super tight Women’s Running Shorts then you will have no other result but to have a very unpleasant experience.

In the sense that your balls will not only be kept in place, but they will also be crushed which will lead to a lot of other medical complications so do consider how they fit before wearing.

Very important.

The length

The length of the shorts you want to Wear is an important feature to consider.

You do not want to end up looking like a male prostitute when you go Running considering a situation whereby you get yourself a Short Length Running Shorts.

Women’s Running Shorts regularly come in short lengths, this is because Women need the freedom and also need to look classy when they run so exposing their thighs will do justice to the fashion department.

For you as a guy, on the other hand, it will be embarrassing to think the least.

Can people tell if a guy is Wearing a Woman’s Running Shorts?

Can Guys Wear Women's Running Shorts

Yes, it is possible to tell when a guy wears women’s running shorts.

There are certain things that bring a guy out who is Wearing the Women’s Running Shorts and these are;

  • The length
  • The fit

The length

The length of Women’s Running Shorts is way Shorter compared to that of Men.

When you a guy turns up in Women’s Running Shorts and they happen to be the very Short ones, it will be obvious that you are crossing a boundary that is set aside by just some few people’s preferences

The fit

How they fit is another way that can bring you out.

Women’s Running Shorts are made to offer them a tight-fitting in most cases which will bring out their curves and shape to make them look sexy and classy when they run.

It is definitely going to be awkward seeing a guy in such tight Shorts Running the track and even worst Running the streets.

Some people will just want to wave all these and carry on with whatever makes them happy and comfortable regardless of other people’s opinions.

However, it is important to prepare your mind in receiving some awkward stares when you rock the Women’s Running Shorts.

Why Do Guys Wear Women’s Running Shorts?

Can Guys Wear Women's Running Shorts
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From the beginning of this article, I have been littering the whole thing with reasons why guys will wear women’s running shorts over the specified guys’ shorts.

In this part of the article, I will be more specific in listing these reasons so let’s dive in.

  • The Fitting
  • The Benefits
  • The Freedom
  • To Look Attractive

The Fitting

Guys tend to Wear Women’s Running Shorts because of how it fits.

To this kind of people, tight-fitting is a turn-on for them and the Men’s Running Shorts do not come with this kind of fitting.

As much as it is clear that both the Men and Women’s Running Shorts are mostly made from the same material.

The Women’s Shorts seem to be more friendly to the skin compared to that of the Men which makes Men who fancy tight Shorts venture into that of the Women.

The Benefits

Unlike those who Wear Women’s Running Shorts because they love how it fits, there are people who Wear Women’s Running Shorts just for the benefit which is the ball movement restriction.

Like I said earlier, Women’s Running Shorts are having Shorter crotch depth compared to that of men.

For some Men that is what they are after, something that will keep their balls in one place without having them swing from left to right when they run.

People like this do not fancy Women’s Running Shorts to the extent of Wearing them regularly.

They do so only for the benefits which are usually in official cases.

The Freedom

All my life I’ve known people with the urge to want to display their fundamental human rights, a right where you are allowed to wear what you want because you feel comfortable in it.

Unlike those who Wear Women’s Running Shorts for the benefits, there are Guys Who Wear them because of how they feel in them.

The Women’s Running Shorts Are Short and breathable and most importantly they let you expose a lot of skin which is freedom.

To top it all, you can wear them without Underwear which is super cool if you ask me.

With this in play, some Guys are not ready to let gender barriers and preferences stop them from rocking what they like and won’t hesitate to make use of their fundamental human rights to Wear whatever they like.

To Look Attractive

Considering the kind of community we live in, with the recent development and all.

Today we have Guys who find interest in their gender likes and Guys who cross-dress etc.

This kind of people wear women’s clothing in general including Women’s Running Shorts to look cool and attractive in them.

The case of Homosexuals is very clear and understanding in the modern world.

This set of people Wear Women’s clothing to look attractive to their likes and this is another reason why Guys Wear Women’s Running Shorts.

Frequently Asked Questions on Guys Wearing Women’s Running Shorts

In this part of the article, I will answer some of the questions you might have with regard to Guys Wearing Women’s Running Shorts.

Let’s get down to business!!

Can Men Wear Women’s Compression Shorts?

Can Guys Wear Women's Running Shorts
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Yes, Men can Wear Women’s compression Shorts if they can Wear Women’s Running Shorts.

It is however important for you who want to Wear this to note that you stand a chance of preceding medical complications when you Wear the Women’s compression pants.

This is because they are tight and stand every possibility of restricting blood flow to your balls which will cause pains later on and will likely grow into something worst with continuous practice.

However, there is no one and nothing stopping you from Wearing Women’s compression Shorts as it all depends on everyone’s preferences and choices.

I’ve just listed out a possible occurrence that you should take note of.

How to wear women’s compression shorts as a man?

Compression Shorts are normally tight. Speaking of Women who are known to Wear tighter clothing than Men.

Their compression Shorts are way tighter than that of the Men therefore there is no difference in the way you should Wear the Women’s compression Shorts.

It is a normal process with the way you would wear the Men’s Compression shorts.

Can Guys Wear  Women’s Leggings?

Yes, Guys can wear Women’s leggings.

It should interest you to know that Men are the original founders of leggings.

In the early days, men wore leggings under their armor before they rode into battle as it helps to keep their groins in one place and also keep them warm on a cold day.

Today we have a lot of athletes who wear leggings for workouts with the same aim as the early Men which is to keep everything right where it should be.

Nevertheless, today we have meggings which is a Men version of leggings. Rest assured there is no difference between the two apart from their names.

How to wear a women’s leggings?

Can Guys Wear Women's Running Shorts
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Leggings are designed with underwear in mind therefore this should be the first thing you consider when wearing Women’s leggings.

You should make sure the leggings you are getting are not too tight and too loose in order to have a comfortable feel with breathability.

There are many ways you can style the Women’s leggings to increase their versatility.

Whether you wear them for athletic purposes or just casual purposes. The fact remains the same which is noting that Guys Can Wear Women’s leggings.

Can Guys Wear Women’s Tight?

Yes, Guys can wear Women’s tights regardless of what society has to say about it.

This is a case of preferences and no one should tell you what you can Wear.

Some of the Women’s tights are hardly differentiated from that of the Men’s.

They offer a tight fit and are grippy which perfectly defines their name.

How to wear women’s tights?

The tights are super comfortable and offer a snug fit.

I have decided to explain a few ways that you can style Women’s rights to have a comforting feeling as a guy.

  • You do not need to Wear Underwear with the tights which makes them a perfect combo for Shorts.
  • You can style Women’s tights and Shorts that fit loose, this will offer a well-deserved comfort that you’ve never experienced.


Looking good and comfortable is a decision only you have a right to make, I can only enlighten you to make the right and beneficial one but can’t force you to.

If you ever wonder where you can get classic tights, leggings, and even Running Shorts, consider checking them online where you will get them for considerable prices.


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