Can Guys Wear Leggings In Public?

Leggings, to some people, should only be seen on women while some are indifferent as to who wears them.

This versatile legwear is fast becoming a staple in men’s fashion and this is raising some questions as to whether men should wear them. But, who says men can’t dress up in leggings as women do?

Originally, men wore leggings for battles, acting, and some other roles, so, this trend did not start now.

Recently, men are now wearing leggings more and more, particularly for sporting activities because of their flexibility, but, can they also wear them in public?

Yes, guys can wear leggings in public if they wish to. Although this is not very common. Fashion trends change all the time, and as humans, we tend to go with trends.

Some men these days are wearing leggings for fashion and not only to the gym or some other sports activities. And though it may seem strange, people are free to dress in ways that keep them comfortable, including men. 

Why Can Guys Wear Leggings In Public?

There’s no rule written somewhere that states men wearing leggings in public is a crime. Guys can wear leggings in public if they’re okay with it. It’s their choice after all.

Leggings are versatile wears and can be styled in different ways and can fit into any casual setting.

They’re not only good for lounging in the house or working out in the gym. So, if men choose to also have fun while styling up with this functional legwear, it’s not a bad idea.

Below are some reasons why guys can wear leggings in public:

They are Versatile

Although leggings were popular as workout wears, many are now seeing the importance of this legwear as a fashion item also.

Leggings are stylish and can be worn with fancy tops and suitable footwear for a casual occasion.

They’re great and comfy for a day out. Men too can dress up in this versatile legwear in the public.

Moreover, there’re men’s leggings, called meggings, that give more support to men.

Leggings Are Comfortable

One of the features of leggings that attract people is the comfort they offer. Leggings are made with soft materials and designed with moisture-wicking properties that offer maximum comfort.

This fashion staple is the choice of many for lounging in the house, taking a walk around, cycling, or upping the game for a party.

Leggings also offer better warmth during the cold than shorts and so many people choose them over other styles of clothes.

Men are no exception to this, they can wear this comfortable legwear in the public or anywhere they wish.  

For Sports

Leggings pants are very suitable for sporting activities. Men and women use them in and out of the gym for different sporting exercises. They’re stretchy pants that offer a full range of motion and great comfort.

They’re opaque and good for the public. So, men can wear this workout apparel in the public for cycling, running, hiking, skating or what have you.

Some men also, wear shorts over leggings to work out. So, if you’re not comfortable wearing leggings alone, you can wear them underneath running shorts.

There Are Leggings for Men

Yes, there’re leggings designed specifically for men called meggings. Meggings are designed with a unique style and special technology to support men, especially in the groin region.

This male version of leggings has a bigger triangular-shaped slope at the crotch area. It’s placed close to the hips and outer thighs to give more space for the crotch.

Also, some designs have a molded crotch cup to offer more support and comfort. So, these innovations make meggings also suitable for the public.

Why Should Guys Not Wear Leggings In Public?

Social Embarrassment

Even with the whole trend and boost of men’s leggings, this fashion trend still has some controversy around it as to whether men should dress in leggings or not.

And whether you like it or not, dressing up in leggings in the public will get you some unwanted attention which may likely lead to embarrassment.

Many believe leggings should be only for women and this belief may remain until the next generation.

So, if you’re worried about facing embarrassment, then you should steer clear of leggings in the public.


Leggings like other tight-fitting garments usually outline men’s balls and this won’t look good in public; except if you are wearing them underneath shorts or with a long shirt or wearing meggings that don’t show the bulge.

For modesty sake and to keep them from being too self-conscious, most men usually wear leggings underneath shorts. So, you shouldn’t wear leggings in public except with shorts over them.

Leggings Fit Ladies More

Yes, what to wear is a thing of choice, but, to be honest, leggings are more flattering on ladies than they’re on men.

Leggings are skin-tight and they outline the curves and flatter the shape of a woman, making them more attractive.

However, with men, this skin-tight garment attracts attention, yes, but, most times, not the right type.

This legwear will hug the skin too tightly and make men look less masculine particularly the ladies’ leggings. In addition, they’re not well-fitting, particularly on the legs.

Meggings Should Be for The Gym

Men’s leggings are particularly created for sporting activities, and so should remain so. You should restrict leggings to the gym house and if you must appear in them publicly, then wear shorts over them.

6 Leggings Guys Can Rock in Public

Meggings Unique Features Review
Underarmour Heatgear Leggings They’ve mesh panels at strategic places for ventilation 4.7/5
32 DEGREES Performance Leggings They’re made with polyester, acrylic, rayon, and spandex 4.5/5
Kapow Meggings  Leggings They’re designed with colorful patterns 4.5/5
Icebreaker Merino Leggings They’re made of 85% Merino wool for protection in the cold 4.6/5
Neovic Athleisure Leggings They’ve sun protection property 4.3/5
ARSUXEO Compression  Leggings They’re made with flat seams to reduce skin chafing 4.6/5


1. Underarmour Heatgear Leggings 

The Underarmour Heatgear leggings for men are one of the best leggings for men on the market.

This skin-tight garment will provide all the fitting, comfort, and performance you need. In addition, they’re reinforced at strategic places to give men proper support. 

The Underarmour Heatgear leggings comprise 84% polyester and 16% spandex. They feature nice detailing that suits men’s physique properly.

In addition, they fit like a second skin and are lightweight, offering adequate coverage without discomfort. These leggings are reinforced with mesh panels in strategic areas to provide enough airflow.

The fabric wicks away sweat quickly, giving you maximum comfort. Furthermore, these leggings’ ergonomic designs are given careful detailing and stitched properly to increase durability.

The elastic waistband is wide and comfortable with light compression. The gusset design will support you fully, for extra comfort. Also, they’re designed with a durable pocket on the right side for storage.

The Underarmour Heatgear leggings are great for inside and outside the gym house.

2. 32 DEGREES Performance Leggings

The 32 DEGREES performance leggings are great garments for men that combine style, fit, comfort and functionality.

These leggings are designed to suit you perfectly, with additional features for better comfort.

The 32 DEGREES leggings comprise 40% polyester, 34% acrylic, 22% rayon, and 4% spandex.

This combination of materials reinforces these leggings, making them very durable with superior stretch and comfort.

The acrylic mix increases lightweight warmth that’s skin-friendly. These leggings are good to be worn in public, either underneath any shorts or alone.

They support the crotch perfectly, offering premium comfort all day.

3. Kapow Meggings Leggings 

The Kapow meggings are a great choice to grace the public with. They feature eye-catching designs that are meant to turn heads. In addition, they offer enough fitting and are reliable for several occasions and meant to last long.

The Kapow meggings comprise 89% polyester and 11% spandex blend. This combination offers a 4-way stretch with lightweight performance and enough durability. In addition, they offer a fit that feels like a second skin, natural and smooth.

They’re breathable with sweat-wicking and UV blocking properties that keeps you very comfortable all day. Also, they’re quick to dry and have flat strong stitching that prevents scratching on the skin.

These eye-catching leggings have a mid-rise that sits on the natural waist and can be worn low. The waistband is comfortable with light compression.

The Kapow meggings are multi-functional, they’re suitable for casual gatherings and lounging in the house to working out in the gym.

They suit many body types and the high-stretch material allows movement in all directions.

4. Icebreaker Merino Leggings 

The Icebreaker wool leggings for men are a great choice for the outdoors. They’re designed for all weather conditions, made with majorly natural fabric to offer superior comfort. In addition, they’re well-fitting and durable.

The Icebreaker wool leggings comprise 85% Merino wool with fewer synthetic fibers. This mix provides natural comfort while eliminating waste in the environment.

In addition, these leggings fit like a second skin.  They’re well insulated for the cold and are also breathable and odor-resistant for a long day of comfort. They’ve got a brushed elastic waist for a great fit.

The seams are well bonded to prevent chafing. These men’s wool leggings are great for skiing, hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities, and also great for daily wear. They will protect you well in the cold.

Neovic Athleisure Leggings 

The Neovic men’s athleisure leggings combine the soft feature suitable for lounging in the house and taking a public walk and a durable blend, suitable for the gym. In addition, this versatile style is well-fitting.

The Neovic athleisure leggings comprise 95% polyester and 5% spandex. The stretchy material offers a snug fit with enhanced performance and support.

In addition, it’s lightweight and great for any weather. They’ve sun protection for extra comfort, and they’re skin-friendly. These leggings have a comforting and supportive waistband.

They’re good to wear under any shorts and pants for extra support. Also, they are good for lounging around the house, doing outdoor activities, and working out in the gym.

ARSUXEO Compression  Leggings

The ARSUXEO leggings are another choice that is suitable for the public. They feature excellent designs that suit men perfectly, enhance their performance and offer premium support.  

The ARSUXEO leggings consist of 88% polyester and 12% spandex. This fabric combination provides smooth, supersoft legwear that is suitable for sports and other activities.

The 4-way stretch fabric offers enough grip for your muscles while allowing a full range of motion without restrictions. In addition, they’re quick to dry and breathable, pulling sweat quickly away from the body.

The flat seams keep your skin smooth without irritation and the waistband is relaxing. These leggings will provide comfort all day, either in the gym house or in the public.


People’s fashion style is left to them and not to the public. So, guys can wear leggings in public if they wish to. There’s no rule against that. However, meggings are preferable for men to women’s leggings.

They provide better support that suits men’s physique. Also, wearing leggings doesn’t mean they can be worn everywhere.

You should stay away from formal and business environments in this legwear. Again, dress in styles that offer modesty when in public, but your choice of dressing is still up to you.


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