Breaking in Dickies Fast: How to Achieve This?

Dickies Fabrics are made of very strong fabrics that can last for years or even more.

The good side of this is that you do not have to worry about them wearing out unless you own just one pair which is totally wrong because owning or wearing one pair of dickies almost as often as possible can cause it to wear out easily.

Like any clothing would do if it were in such a situation.

The sad news about dickies being made of durable fabric – Polyester and cotton which gives it the crispness and fillingness – is that they become paper-like stiff and that can be very uncomfortable for some to wear them or do any activities while putting them on.

If your dickies happen to be very stiff straight out from the store, here is the good news, you can break them, and do so fast; 30 minutes max.

These are the steps to break down those stiff dickies fast

  • Step 1 – Follow the pants’ washing instructions
  • Step 2 – Begin the washing process: as specific to your denim
  • Step 3 – Repeat step 2 again
  • Step 4 – Take your Dickies pants out to be dried

Step 1 – Follow the pants’ washing instructions

Most pants are accompanied by washing instructions. This is very important to follow diligently.

The reason these washing instructions are put there is that most pants are made of different fabrics, and they would require a special washing method to get them clean and still look good and maintain their quality as well.

Knowing how your dickies or your pants prefer to be cleaned – hot or cold wash, tumble dry, fast wash etcetera – is a major step to getting them soft and to having a better home feel.

Step 2 – Begin the washing process: as specific to your denim

The predominant method for most dickies is to first add one tablespoon of detergents to your washing machine with your dickies in it.

Also, add one tablespoon of any fabric softener of your choice, then finally, add water – not too much and not too little, just the right amount.

You can choose to set the machine to hot wash or cold wash, however, your pants manufacturer’s instructions deem fit. Then you let it spin for about 10 minutes or less but don’t let it stay in the spinner for too long.

Step 3 – Repeat step 2 again

Wash just like you did in step 2 but this time, add a little vinegar to it. Vinegar will help to remove any odor and reduce the crispness.

But remember not to add too much so it does not fade off the color (s) from your dickies.

After your jeans have been washed for 5 minutes with vinegar, then go ahead to rinse to your style.

Use warm water to rinse off this time or if you prefer, you could use cold or hot. Again, you can choose however method you prefer, it’s all up to you.

Step 4 – Take your Dickies pants out to be dried

This final step is the simplest; All that is required here is to dry them out. If the manufacturer’s instructions state to tumble dry with low heat, so be it.

If you choose to air dry out under the sun, ensure you turn them inside out to avoid the sun rays fading off the color of your dickies as well.

After some minutes, your denim is ready to be worn. Once you’ve removed them from the line, check if it is still stiff. If not then your dickies are good to go.

If after following these processes, your dickies still remain cardboard stiff, here are other instructions you can follow.

  1. Get the pair of pants you want to soften and add a pair of your clean gym shoes or trainers or even athletic shoes if you have one (But make sure they are very clean!). To ‘beat’ softness into the dickies, set the washer to regular wash. Remember to close all zippers, hooks, or snaps. You do not want to have your dickies work pants with broken snaps or zippers.
  2. Another suggestion is to set the dickies on an ironing board. Set the iron to low heat(unless told otherwise by the manufacturer’s washing instructions label), but before then, place a damp cloth (make sure they are not wet!). After doing this, iron the cloth. This will help to loosen the stiff fabric to a degree. It will also help to break the bond of fabric that is stiff.
  3. Or you could try using a handheld steamer. The steamer comes in handy when you’re trying to kill germs from your clothes without hurting it, and also removes wrinkles. Set the heat to low and fill the reservoir with water. Hang the pants on a line or hanger, if you prefer, and steam the dickies right away. You’ll notice as soon as you are done that the bond of the fabric causing stiffness has loosened up to an extent.
  4. Another very easy method you can adopt is to wear the dickies pants. That’s it, just wear them. Really, most people have testified that regular wearing of stiff pants without necessarily going through the above processes has made the pants less stiff and feel much more like soft Carhartt pants – Very comfortable and durable.

Why do people break in dickies?

To break in dickies has always been a Hack done by so many people. The major reasons why people break in their denim are outlined below:

  • To get rid of stiffness
  • To get a worn feel
  • To feel more comfortable

To get rid of stiffness

The stiffness that comes with new denim is likened to that of dickies. That is to say most dickies are made of tough fibers just like denim are. This is to make it durable, and last longer.

Have you noticed, you don’t often replace your dickies as often as you would with your ordinary plain trousers.

The obvious reason is that dickies are made for people who engage in hard work (hence why it is called work pants) like people who farm or those who work at the automobile, or even in the garden.

Not everyone is comfortable with the stiffness hence they require means to get rid of it.

To get a worn feel

When people purchase clothes, the obvious reason is to protect themselves from the cold and to cover themselves, but another reason is to feel comfortable in it.

They want to get that worn feel just like a cashmere sweater would give you, anyone can go to the extreme to get it, however the cost.

To feel more comfortable

When you’re a gardener or farmer who is always about working, you would like to be in much more comfortable clothes to do any work.

Although dickies are a right fit for any job, the stiffness that comes with them can be unbearable to endure. And for that reason, most people will sort it out immediately to eliminate the stiffness.

How to take care of dickies when breaking in

Just like you pay proper close attention to your hair when washing it (You use warm water, appropriate shampoo, the right conditioner for your hair type, or texturizer if needed), your dickies deserve that care and attention especially if you’ve chosen to break in.

This is to avoid quick wear and tear, your dickies should be handled with care by doing the following:

  • Turn the dickies inside out if you wish to air dry
  • Wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions
  • Use the right laundry softener

Turn the dickies inside out if you wish to air dry

This is most important because you wouldn’t want your dickies to look faded or washed out after taking your time to break-in.

The sun’s radiation will quicken the drying process but it will also make your dickies more prone to fading out.

Wash according to the manufacturer’s instructions

This is very essential. If the instruction says to wash with low heat, and you forget to read it and go ahead to wash with higher heat, this may affect the whole process of breaking in.

And what is more, is that your pants may start to wear out and even tear. So, follow the instructions given: if it is gentle cycling, cold wash or hot, high speed or low-speed etcetera.

Use the right laundry softener

When trying to soften your dickies, it is best to outsource the right one to your fabric.

This is reasonable because some fabric softeners are made of harsh chemicals that can wear out the dickies or any clothing.

Examples of dickies that can be broken in easily are

  • Dickies loose double knee
  • Dickies Men Original 874 work pants
  • Dickies 873 Men’s Workout Pants

Dickies loose double knee

Dickies Men’s Loose Fit Double Knee Work Pant is an example of dickies that can be broken down easily. It can even break in by just wearing.

Dickies loose double knees are like Reinforced knees because of the double padding. They are stain-resistant and have about 65% of polyester.

Dickies Men Original 874 work pants

Whether you’re a tradesman, an office worker, or just a normal dude who loves quality clothes, then this loose, straight-legged original 847 is your best bet.

They are made of sturdy fabric which makes them durable and can be comfortable. They also are easy to break in, requiring only washing.

Most workers report that 2-3 wears can also break in the work pants. You can also try the link below to see the one that fits your purchasing preferences.

Dickies 873 Men’s Workout Pants

This is a slight modification to 874 work pants. They’ve been known to check all the boxes for a skater. But most importantly, they are also easy to break-in.

Also, a high percentage of polyester, they are known to be durable and inexpensive but also easier to wear or break-in.

Also, the nonsense that causes stiffness is easier to break in when washing.

Parting words

Over the years, the brand has been able to capture several waves: appreciated by both coal miners and skaters for their toughness.

The pants have made their way into the worlds of rock, rap, and even disco heads in the 1980s, who wore the loose-fitting bottom in bright colors.

All of the worlds in which Dickies has a hand suddenly appear to be clashing at the same time, at least in terms of style.

Subcultures are less rigid in 2018, and you can listen to dance, skate, and wear Dickies all at the same time, and it is for a good reason.

They are of high quality, classic, and all different styles fit differently. They last longer and have a timeless aesthetic.

Some people are comfortable with the crispness and some are not. Whatever category you fall in and for whatever reason, be rest assured that breaking in dickies is quite simple and an easy procedure to follow through.

For the dickies types mentioned above, breaking in will be no hassle. All you have to do is select the one you want and follow the due processes.

The links above will lead you directly to Amazon’s website where you can check out the styles of dickies available and purchase any one of your tastes.

The guarantee that your dickies will be without harm is high. Just follow the process given and you’re good to go.

Celebrities like Justin Beiber, Jaden Smith, ASAP Rocky, Kourtney Kardashian, or fashion-conscious Kaia Gerber and Kanye West, can not get enough of Dickies, you should give it a try.


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