John Galt Sweatpants vs Brandy Melville: Comparison

A few years ago, I felt it was crazy to wear sweatpants as an outfit to go out. They were my go-to when I needed to sleep.

The loose silhouette made it super comfortable to wear in bed or around the house, but today, the narrative has changed.

The runways have their models all styled up in sweatpants in a way that makes fashion statements. I have begun to try out sweatpants from different brands and I style them in ways I never thought would be fashionable before now. 

The two brands we will be comparing in this article are John Galt and Brandy Melville sweatpants. 

Difference between John Galt and Brandy Melville Sweatpants

It is easy to get confused with sweatpants from Brandy Melville and John Galt because they are the same. yeah! check out the sizing, they are one-size, same quality and design.

The variation between both is not the product but the brand. Brandy Melville is the producer of the sweatpants while John Galt is a subsidiary of Brandy Melville.

Therefore we can say John Galt is a private label brand manufactured by Brandy Melville making it a sub-brand.

History of Brandy Melville Sweatpants 

Brandy Melville Vs Galt

In the 80’s, the first ever Brandy Melville store was opened by Stephen Marsan at the age of 15. He is the son of the founder, Silvio Marson, who started his career thirty years ago. He began by producing inventories for numerous Italian brands.

He founded his brand in Italy and later moved to open the first store in the US. Just after this, the brand became a hit across the country, especially among teenagers. 

It was nearly impossible to find a girl aged 12 or older who did not own a pair of Brandy Melville sweatpants.

The logo of the brand was motivated by the fictitious story of two people—Brandy, an American girl, and Melville, an English man, whose love journey began when they met in Rome.

The advent of their sweatpants didn’t only bring class and style to their customers, but also satisfaction. This was evident in their market expansion, as they were soon spread across 97 countries.

History of John Galt Sweatpants 

Brandy Melville Vs Galt

John Galt sweatpants are a subsidiary brand owned by Brandy Melville. The visible difference between both brands is their labels, aside from that they sell the same product (sweatpants).

Numerous brands sell their products to big retailers in order to increase their market share.

No other brand was willing to put their brand aside and sell their products in their stores, and this was because they wanted to repackage the Brandy Melville sweatpants into their brand and sell them.

Brandy Melville refused because they had a great product and would want anyone purchasing it to know where it came from.

This promoted the creation of the John Galt sweatpants as a brand.The John Galt brand is renowned by its abbreviation, J. Galt was created to sell more of their products, and over time, they have achieved this.

Head-To-Head Comparison between Brandy Melville and John Galt SweatPants

Although Brandy Melville and John Galt sell the same product, I observed some differences and similarities between both brands after making a purchase from them, which I will share with you.

These comparisons are captured under the following features: 

  • Price.
  • Customer service.
  • Build quality.
  • Fit and size.


John Galt sells for less than its manufacturer brand, Brandy Melville. Its sole purpose as a private label brand was to increase the market growth of the brand.

Hence, the price of the sweatpants sold at John Galt is less than those you will find at Brandy Melville. This factor did not only shift customers to the private-label brand but also increased their purchasing power.

John Galt Light Gray Rosa Sweatpants cost $32.00 while a pair of Brandy Melville goes for $59.00

Customer Service

Brandy Melville Vs Galt

Any brand that wants to have enormous growth in sales must understand its customers.

John Galt as a brand engages in more marketing than Brandy Melville because its sole objective is to make sales and increase the profit margin of the manufacturing company.

Not to say that Brandy Melville has bad customer service, but John Galt pays more attention to their customers because they are the ones who make their sales goals achievable.

Build Quality

There is no difference whatsoever when it comes to quality between both brands. The reason is simple: the same product from Brandy Melville is shipped to John Galt with no alteration in its quality.

Their sweatpants are built with a polycotton material, which consists of 82% cotton and 18% polyester. The higher percentage of cotton is for ultimate comfort, breathability, and durability.

Running through the inner side of the waistband is a drawstring that can be easily pulled to enable the sweatpants to have a secure fit around your waist.

Sizing and Fit

Brandy Melville Vs Galt

Brandy Melville and John Galt run one-size-fits-all sizing. Its generously loose silhouette is intended to fit all sizes, but we know how impossible it is to achieve this. This is because everyone can’t have a body type.

Their sizing can only be worn by a particular size. This sizing pattern has caused a lot of apathy among plus-size ladies because to them it implies they need to be a certain body type to be fashionable.

Style and Design

Brandy Melville Vs Galt

Brandy Melville and John Galt are pull-on style sweatpants with a very flexible elastic band to enable a nice balance on your waist.

They are designed to be very spacious from the point beneath the waistband down to the hem, where they’re cuffed with elastic. This style makes it very comfortable for outdoor activities.

Final Verdict

Purchasing sweatpants from both John Galt and Brandy Melville, I realized they were both the same.

There was no variation in their size, quality, and style. At first, I wondered why I would choose the more expensive brand when I would end up with the same product.

John Galt’s is not only cheaper but has amazing customer service. Because they reach out to customers more, they understand what their customers want and how to treat them.

The excellence their customer service team exhibits will definitely make you a returning customer.Therefore, John Galt is definitely my best pick.


People’s choices differ. Just as one will prefer to get a less expensive product, another will stop at nothing just to purchase the same product which will cost them more provided they get it from a specific brand.

Having reviewed both brands, you have the information at your disposal from which you can make a choice according to your preferred fashion taste.


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