9 Brands Similar to Diesel

The Diesel S.P.A is an Italian clothing brand that specializes in manufacturing a variety of clothes that serve our everyday needs.

This is a brand that was founded in the year 1978 and has its headquarters in Italy, Breganze to be precise.

Getting a brand that is similar to this is not an easy task as there are lots of things to be considered. Things like the popularity of the brand and above all the quality of the products made by this brand.

With regards to this, I have managed to make a list of 9 brands that are similar to Diesel S.P.A.

Top 9 Diesel Alternative Brands

9 Brands Similar to Diesel Brand Uniqueness Global Rating
Levi’s Brand Trusted by Customers 4.5/5
Miss Me Brand Specially for Ladies 4.5/5
Desigual Brand Winter collection 4.5/5
Gloria Vanderbilt Brand Makes celebrity wears 4.5/5
American Eagle Brand Strong and durable wears 4.5/5
UCB Brand Proud and simple 4.5/5
Miss Sixty Brand Luxury Brand 4.5/5
Lucky Brand Makes shoes and outfits 4.5/5
Wrangler Fr Brand The Oldest Brand 4.5/5


Levi’s Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • This is an iconic brand
  • They are Loved by all
  • They make Soft and comfortable wears
  • They make versatile wears
  • They are considered a luxury brand

The Levi’s brand is one of the iconic brands we have in the world and that is why it is coming first on the list of brands that are similar to the Diesel brand.

For all its worth, I would choose Levi’s brand over the Diesel brand and this is because I grew up knowing Levi’s brand to be the best there is.

The love goes way back and for a consistent brand that has been producing nothing but lovely wears that match most of our demands, I believe we can all agree that there is no better brand than Levi’s when we talk of iconic.

Speaking of what makes them unique, we will end up having a very long list if we decide to go about this one by one. They are unique in the sense they are faultless, they have a true-to-size fitting, and they make stretchy and non-stretchy jeans among others.

Their collection goes a long way and they have managed to maintain quality and a peaceful relationship with their customers.

Here is a list of the few things they manufacture;

  • Jeans jackets
  • Levi’s Denim jeans
  • Other clothing for men and women

The Levi’s brand earned the first spot on this list and I believe we all can attest to this.

Miss Me Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • Founded 2001
  • Made specially for women
  • They make high and low-rise jeans
  • They are very versatile
  • They are made for girls, women, and elderly women inclusive

The miss me brand is an upcoming brand that has wowed many with the attention it is getting for itself in the world of fashion.

With the privilege to write about this brand in some of my past articles, I am in a better position to tell you more about this brand than some of its workers to be frank.

I can tell you that the Miss me jeans strands as a center of attraction to most ladies between the age of 18 to 25 and this is because the jeans made by this brand are not just awesome, they come with unique designs and patterns that make them outstanding.

Here is a list of the few things they manufacture;

  • Boot cut jeans
  • Shorts
  • Skinny Jeans
  • Multi-dimensional jeans

The versatility of the jeans made by this brand is extreme in the sense that you can easily convert boot-cut jeans into something you can wear with your heels and still maintain the sleek look.

It is not a bad thing to rock the same pair of jeans with different shoes. The Miss me Brand allows you to go this extreme.

Desigual Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • This is a brand born in Barcelona. 1984
  • They are present in 107 countries
  • They have a stunning 10 distribution channel
  • They make unisex clothing, including children
  • This is considered a luxury brand

When we talk about legendary brands that have probably been in the game of fashion for long enough to have learned how to capture and keep the hearts of their customers, then we are talking about the Desigual brand.

This is a Spanish brand that is specialized in the manufacture of men’s and women’s clothing.

Kids are not an exception in their collection of top-notch products as they are after the well-being of all classes of people.

This brand has been in existence for close to 50years now and over the years since its existence, they have only been dropping more and more unique designs that increased the percentage of their popularity by much.

Here is a list of the few things they manufacture;

  • Jewelleries
  • Winter clothing
  • Desigual women’s collection
  • Desigual men’s collection

The similarity this brand has with the Diesel brand is that even though Diesel is a bit older than them with just a few years, I am sure they share the same amount of popularity.

Even with clear facts, the ability of a brand to top the game does not rely all on how long they have been in business.

Gloria Vanderbilt Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • This brand was founded in the year 1964
  • Their parent organization is Nine West Holdings
  • They are known for the production of many other accessories
  • This is also considered an iconic brand
  • They make comfortable wears

The Gloria Vanderbilt brand is one of the few lovely brands I have written about and I personally feel the need to include them in this list even with the fact that they are most specialized in women’s clothing and accessories.

This brand’s uniqueness is on another level entirely. They make much other clothing apart from just trousers.

They kind of spread their wings and are constantly flying and picking up more customers as they fly just like an eagle picking its prey.

You can’t blame them, they are good at what they do which in their case, they are not necessarily picking up prey but they have preys presenting themselves to them as customers.

The Gloria Vanderbilt brand has a special collection of jeans for women that celebrities like Priyanka Chopra and other Bollywood stars rock.

Here is a list of the few things they manufacture;

  • Stretch Jeans
  • Designer Jeans
  • Stretch Denim
  • The Gloria Vanderbilt perfume
  • Among others

There are no regrets with the Gloria Vanderbilt and with this, it is safe to say they are even better than the Diesel brand.

American Eagle Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • This brand was founded in the year 1977
  • They have a total of 37, 000 employees
  • The parent brand is known as American Eagle outfitters
  • They cover vast areas of production
  • This is also considered a luxury brand

The American Eagle brand is one of a kind that I have never seen before. Vast is an understatement when the American Eagle is being discussed as they have managed to attain a certain level of professionalism and popularity that they are referred to as an iconic brand.

With over 50years of experience, they have managed to keep people between the age of 15 to 25 years as their target audience.

This is because when people within that age buy their product, whatever that product may be.

Whether a jean pants, or jacket, they get the chance to grow in or with them as the products made by the American Eagle are known for longevity and quality, and they maintain their original and initial look even after years of use.

Here is a list of the few things they manufacture;

  • American Eagle shirts. Unisex
  • American Eagle jeans. Unisex
  • American Eagle Hats. Unisex
  • Other accessories

This is one of the oldest and most recommended brands today in the world known for quality and longevity as an Eagle, with comfort being its primary aim.

UCB Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • This brand was founded in the year 1965
  • This is an Italian Brand
  • They make quality and Durable wears
  • They are specialized in crafting knitted wears
  • This is also considered a luxury brand

The UCB brand known as the United Colours of Benetton happens to be a global brand that is top-notch when it comes to fashion and they are based in Veneto, Italy.

This brand is specialized in the production of;

  • Knitted Wears
  • And other clothing business

This brand has a primary focus on controversial advertising also which is one of the activities that lands them on this list.

We can say their uniqueness can be compared to the Diesel brand and this would not be an unconfirmed fact.

Miss Sixty Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • This brand was founded in the year 1991
  • This is one of the first brands to merge with a focus on women’s denim
  • They have their headquarters in Guangzhou, China
  • Miss Sixty is an Italian brand
  • This is also considered a Luxury brand

One of the simple and easy to go with brands in the world today is the Miss Sixty brand which emerged to focus only on women’s Denim jeans and wears in general.

So far according to research, they are officially sold in continents like Europe and Asia in the retail and wholesale distribution scheme.

Their primary target is teen girls and adults between the age of 18 to 30.

This doesn’t mean that elderly women can’t wear this brand, you will be left looking trendy if as an oldie you decide to turn up in one of these.

This is similar to the Diesel with the kind of denim they both use in manufacturing their wear.

Which is stretchy yet original and quality.

Lucky Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel

  • This brand was founded in the year 1990
  • Their parent company is known as Kate Spade & Company
  • They have a collection of handmade jeans
  • Most of their Jeans are made outside the USA
  • This is also considered a luxury brand

This is one of the brands that are born and worn in the US and Just like the Diesel brand, they make their products using Denim material in order to ensure longevity and trendiness.

Here is a list of the few things they manufacture;

  • Shoes
  • Jeans
  • Outlets
  • Sandals
  • Men’s and women’s jeans

These and many more are what the lucky brand is known for. This brand is considered a luxury brand because of its uniqueness in manufacturing their own shoes to match their outfits.

There are just a few brands that can actualize this, some are not just interested in making things this way while others cannot engage in this method of production.

This alone earned the Lucky brand a spot on this list.

Wrangler Brand

Brands Similar to Diesel


  • This brand was founded in the year 1947
  • They are specialised with western wears
  • They make comfortable jeans wear
  • They make clothes for men and women
  • They are considered a luxury brand

This brand is proudly made in the United States of America. Their collection is mostly limited which is unlike the Diesel brand.

They have a premium line of jeans that is all American right from the harvest of the material that is been used in manufacturing the products to the coupling and finishing.

Most of their clients are in the USA but have managed to distribute their wear globally to other continents.

Here is a list of the few things they manufacture;

  • Slim-fit Jeans for men and women
  • Denim jeans clothing
  • Workwear

This is one of the best-known and trusted brands there is in the whole world and also the most iconic as it is the oldest on this list.


The brands reviewed here are in one way or the other similar to Diesel Brand.

From the materials, the popularity and the rating all brands have received from customers.

From the beginning of the article, you will see that all brands have a 4.4/5 rating. I want you to know that this is all gathered based on critical research to ensure this is the right information displayed here.

If you ever want to shop from a brand that is similar to Diesel, you are safe to pick anyone from this list and explore.


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