10 Brands Like AllSaints

When you think of Allsaints as a brand, it is difficult to find just one or two things that make it very, what’s the word, unique.

Allsaints is known for its edge in fashion, stylish silhouettes, preference for neutral and dark colors, quality, and so on.

But sometimes we need diversities, something similar but different, edgier, or something not so edgy.

Today I will be showing all you Allsaints fans, brands that are similar to Allsaints.

10 brands similar to AllSaints


Brands Like AllSaints

Established in 1971 by David Reiss, the Reiss brand started at Bishopsgate in Britain selling only menswear. Eventually, they spread to women’s wear in the year 2000, and now they cater to children too.

They pride themselves on being a high-end luxurious version of Allsaints. They are known for their unique wardrobe classics, winter coats, and knitwear.

Aside from the casual and laid-back style of clothing, they also provide you with professional looks that are great for the office or formal events.

Although they are expensive, they are also made of quality premium materials and they are very heavy on unique and beautiful detailed patterns on all their pieces that give them a versatile, timeless, and amazing look.

Like Allsaints they have signature coats and sell all types of accessories in gold and silver. Reiss sells to many countries across the world and, just like Allsaints, they have an app that makes it easy to order and purchase whatever you want. It may interest you to know that Reiss acknowledges Allsaints as a rival.

Brands Like AllSaints


Brands Like AllSaints

If you have never heard of this brand, you will think I spelled it wrong. Well, the extraordinary name is not all that got them on this list. Ssense is not exactly a brand.

Since it was launched in 2003, the Canadian fashion company has become a platform to sell beautiful luxurious designs and high-end streetwear of other brands and fashion labels.

Over 500 brands and labels are featured there including some brands on this list and other small and upcoming brands. It is great for just about anyone and it is hard to find anything that you will not like.

Since it is more of a jumble of all the great brands you have more luxurious high-end designs there including some from Allsaints. They deal with men’s and womenswear and a lot of accessories.

Now while the goods there are priced very high, you are sure that they are worth it. It’s a place to go for the best collection of the best quality.

Fun fact, you can find just anything at Ssense, including sold-out pieces of those that seem impossible to find.

Brands Like AllSaints


Brands Like AllSaints

We can all agree that while all that neutral is nice, Allsaints uses a very drab color palette. With Mango, you will have all that Allsaints has to offer with brighter colors.

We can’t always look so serious or sorrowful so a bit of color will lighten the mood and complement the entire look.

That doesn’t mean that you won’t find neutral colors in a collection, just not as often as in an Allsaints catalog. Aside from the color, Mango has a more feminine touch for its women’s wear.

While the silhouettes are as stunning as Allsaints, it doesn’t have that daring fashionable edge that Allsaints has. It is simpler yet as stylish with a classy appearance.

Maybe it’s the Spanish origin, or maybe it’s because it is targeted toward millennials and a younger audience. Mango also caters to men and children.

Since it started in 1984, the Spanish company has produced not just clothing for men and women, but accessories too. They have hats, scarves, necklaces, and all types of jewelry.

Waiting for a fun fact? Against popular belief, Zara and Mango are not owned by the same person. They are arch rivals, dun dun dun). Anyway, with the affordable prices and reasonable quality, it is worth checking out.

Brands Like AllSaints

Rag & Bone

Brands Like AllSaints

Is it me or do the names keep getting stranger? Anyway Rag & Bone started in 2002, and although it is an American-based fashion label, it is originally from Britain and to this day it stays true to its British heritage.

What makes it similar to Allsaints? Two things. First, just like Allsaints, they produce well-tailored designs with a modern look and aesthetic that is very appealing. The blend of the two makes them worth their high prices.

Aside from the aesthetics, they are very fashion-forward (something about New York that does that to a brand). They are very popular for their sleek well-cut trousers and crisp blazers.

Also, they sell accessories but not just accessories. They have booties that are versatile and great for just about any weather and any occasion. And for the second reason? As you know (or not), Allsaints is heavy on cruelty-free materials and products.

Well, Rag & Bone may not compete with Allsaints there but they do try to prevent textile waste by recycling used materials. Rag & Bone clothes are also very durable and great for minimalists.

Brands Like AllSaints


Brands Like AllSaints

Just like Allsaints, Topshop is a British fashion brand. It started in 1964 as a youth fashion brand for women between the ages of 16 and 30.

Now they produce men’s, women’s, and children’s pieces that are unique, well-priced, and very fashion forward.

If you compare it with Allsaints you will notice that Topshop started many years before Allsaints.

Although they are not among the first on your list of brands because of the lack of edge and modernity, their clothes are still up to par, fashionable and they cater to everyone.

They have clothes, accessories, jewelry, and even footwear. If you are looking for something good and slightly antique, think Topshop.

They are also cheap and expensive depending on your budget. Clothes run as low as $20 and as high as $450.

Fun fact they also sell makeup so you can shop for clothes, accessories, and make-up all in one place.

Combining quality, style (never mind how old) and beauty, Topshop is your go-to brand for your cruelty-free pieces.

Brands Like AllSaints

Acne Studios

Brands Like AllSaints

And now something from another part of Europe. I give you Acne Studios. Established in 1996 by Johnny Johansson, Acne Studios is a luxurious fashion brand division of ACNE that focuses on producing timeless designs for men and women.

Like Allsaints, their designs are simple but have elements that make them unisex and keep them interesting.

One thing about Acne Studios is that they like to stick to the basics while blending in endless varieties of colors, patterns, and styles so that you won’t fit them as masculine or feminine.

They also like to leave things in a twist, with a list of contradictions to every design. If you ever check out an acne Studios collection, you will find that they have an element of surprise, pieces that are classic and contemporary.

How do they do it? Precision to detail, style, and making use of custom fabrics like denim. Surprisingly enough, they target 20 to 45-year-old.

Seems like Acne Studios is not for Sweden youths.

Another thing about Acne Studios is they are very environmentally conscious and keep their products environment friendly too.

That means all their ready-to-wear products, accessories and shoes are cruelty-free. Does it get better? Yes, they are generally more expensive than Allsaints unless you are buying from inside Sweden.

Brands Like AllSaints


Brands Like AllSaints

Not to be confused with True religion, another fashion brand that focuses entirely on jeans. Religion or stylized RELIGION is similar to Allsaints in a way that it uses not just neutral colors but dull and darker colors and aesthetics, even in its patterns.

Since it was established, it has been a brand very similar to Allsaints except they push even more on being hardcore.

Religion has all the edgy styles that Allsaints has and it gets its inspiration from its British cultural heritage of classics, the streets and hardcore niche groups, and the 90’s rock and roll.

All of these make it able to provide for almost everyone; from the teens and young people streetwear, personalized gritty and rock look to the professional and more official look of fur jackets, quality coats, and other unique aesthetics of the older adults.

The styles are very aesthetic and maybe seem out of place but you will definitely stand out as fashionable and chic.

If you want to make an even bolder fashion statement, you should check out Religion. It will help you personalize all your outfits.

Brands Like AllSaints

Ted Baker

Brands Like AllSaints

A very popular rival of the Allsaints brand, Ted Baker has been around since 1988 and it has grown to be a lifestyle brand.

It is so big that it is even listed on the London stock exchange list.

Ted Baker, unlike Allsaints, uses a lighter and more colorful palette of colors but it also has very similar styles and patterns to Allsaints.

At first glance, they may seem like they are completely different but when you take away the color and all the slightly different changes, you will see that they offer pretty much the same thing.

What makes it seem so different though is that while Allsaints is taking it all from Britain’s designs and culture, we only see that Ted Baker’s designs have some British heritage in the background with the rest of its touch dominating the space.

Another thing that makes Ted Baker similar to Allsaints is its focus on details and quality. Other brands may drop their quality but Ted will give you their word and will leave you to it.

Ted Baker caters to children, men, and women and also deals with cosmetics and foot accessories.

Brands Like AllSaints


Brands Like AllSaints

Belstaff is a very interesting brand and I am about to tell you why. Like Allsaints, it has roots in England and it was established in 1924 by Eli Belovitch. The brand, unlike others on our list, focuses on outwear.

That means they offer the best jackets made with the best materials. Like Allsaints, they look fabulous and are great for anyone with their designs, patterns, and lovely details.

There are styles and all British heritage making them loved by everyone. This is when old is really gold because, with a blend of all the right things, they produce the finest-looking jackets that you will ever see.

For a brand like Belstaff that has such great styles, it is said that they only produce jackets, and for only men too. They are also not as durable as Allsaints and they have a warranty lasting up to 24 months.

If it makes you feel any better, their prices are decent and as it tapers between a luxurious brand and an ordinary one, you should be looking for more high-end quality stuff.

Brands Like AllSaints

The Kooples

Brands Like AllSaints

I saved the best for last, and before you thank me, let me introduce you to Kooples, the closest alternative to Allsaints.

It started in France in 2008, hit the UK in 2010, and ever since then they have been producing amazing clothing for people. It uses the same dark color palettes and has this rock and roll touch to all its aesthetic pieces.

That aside, the luxurious and premium The Kooples brand also has a streetwear line that gives you something like Allsaints in terms of quality and design.

When it comes to price, you would find The Kooples clothing for just the same price you will find the pieces in an Allsaints. The Kooples use cruelty-free materials and processes to create their products.

Get your menswear, womenswear, and accessories at The Kooples.

Brands Like AllSaints


And that’s the list. Did you discover new brands or did you know all the brands above? Share your thoughts on them and let’s all know.

For any question you might have, drop them in the comments section below and I will be happy to answer them. Thank you for reading.


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