Bonobos vs Uniqlo Pants: Which Is Better?

Bonobos and Uniqlo pants have often found themselves put on the fashion pedestal awaiting judgment on which of the two is the superior pant.

The jury is frequently undecided on which of them is better, and this article is going to pass a final verdict in this case.

Bonobos and Uniqlo pants have been constructed in detail with high-quality materials and fabric, forgoing the hard waistband common with other brands of pants.

The major difference between Bonobos and Uniqlo pants is the different combination of materials used in creating the pants.

Bonobos’ pants are made from a blend of 2% lycra, 98% cotton, and 8% spandex, while Uniqlo is made using a blend of spandex, and polyester, 83% elastomultiester, and cotton are used in various combinations for different collections.

This article would take you on a journey through each pant’s individual history, features, and compositions while we compare their various traits to know which brand is better suited to your taste and style.

A good pair of pants is sometimes the only difference between appearing dashing or having your attire look skewed.

Bonobos Pants: First impressions

Bonobos vs Uniqlo Pants

Bonobos were founded in 2007 by Brian splay and a partner, while still in Stanford business school. They sought to produce comfortable work pant, that is also fun to commute with.

It’s commonly classified as athletic/work wear perfect for commuters because it’s functional yet formal, it product hit the market ground running and dominating modern communities.

Its features present a design that is crisp, matured, and well suited for an office environment, with the bonus of a sporty feel.

This is a result of breathable tech fabric used in its construction composed of polyamide, cotton, and polythene featuring advanced moisture retaining technology.

All these work together to present a fabric that absorbs sweat excellently, wicking away excessive sweat while keeping you dry and cool.

In addition to keeping you cool and sweat-free, it’s excellent in keeping you clean and dry with its water, stain, and dirt-repellent features.

Thanks to its composition, spilled drinks, water, and dirty surfaces won’t be an issue as you commute to and fro performing your daily activities.

The brand is passionate about providing men with the ultimate fit, Offering top-notch fabrics and apparel that aligns with the bodies and not just hanging loose.

Recently they have branched out to making swim trunks, jeans, shirts, golf wear, etc.

Uniqlo Pants: First impressions

Bonobos vs Uniqlo Pants

In 1949, a clothing brand named Uniqlo was created in Yamaguchi Japan as a textile manufacturer, Uniqlo emphasized quality and textiles which has made them well known since the company’s onset, they own more than one thousand (1000) fashion outlets worldwide.

Uniqlo origin Japan had a bad recession in the 1990s, making Uniqlo give their items to stores that ran private store label apparel (SPA), which allows them to design, produce and distribute their products outright.

The outsourcing of their products abroad made Uniqlo able to keep their costs low, thereby making their quality apparel affordable, citizens welcomed this change as many were struggling to hang on due to the recession at the time.

Uniqlo fashion philosophy is to design and manufacture clothes that are sustainable for our everyday environment and activities and this makes it a brand for all.

Uniqlo creates simple breathable clothing that has a mix of cotton and polyester. Uniqlo customers are mostly male and female of age 18-40, they cater for the active class who are still going about their daily activities and still want to look trendy and casual.

Uniqlo brand is known for producing outfits that cater to both men and women, while the still offering same special effect in both sexes’ creations.

They are of great quality and affordable, which shows that they have great value for customers.

A new clothing line was launched in 2003 selling  1.5 million units, ten years later in 2012, 130,000 units were sold.

Uniqlo in 2009, was operating in over 16 countries worldwide, rising to be the largest PSA store in the world making profits of five trillion YEN or 61 billion USD per the year 2020.

Uniqlo has been a successful brand since its origin, they always tried to be good and better not regarding the recession pull on them, but with persistence and integrity, they have grown to gain the trust and patronage of consumers.

This fosters continuous patronage, raising the growth rate of the company’s economy to 20 percent for the next four years.

Comparison: Bonobos vs Uniqlo Pants

Features Bonobos’ pants Uniqlo pants
Comfort Comfortable soft waistband Extra stretchy fabric for comfort
Material and feel 2% lycra, cotton 98%, spandex 8% spandex, polyester, 83% elastomultiester, and cotton
Overall style Trendy, classic Casual
Design Curved waistband and tailored Slim waist with ankle tapered cut
Stitching and construction Four-way stitch Two-way stitched
Durability/longevity Made with quality fabric, it lasts longer than Uniqlo Quality fabric is not as durable as Bonobos
Feel Not as stretchy as Uniqlo. Very stretchy.


Bonobos’ pants are designed with a soft waistband, that easily transitions from waist to trousers smoothly without stiff corners when you bend.

This is a very comfortable feature, it ensures the pants remain affixed to your Bonobos without a belt or tight-fitting adjustments.

Also, they weigh just right without being too bulky, light enough but not too thin to blow away in the wind or cold. Uniqlo is more elastic than Bonobos’ pants, having more percentage of spandex.

This makes Uniqlo pants to be more comfortable and soft on the skin. Its ultra-stretchy lightweight pants are easy to move around in, offering little resistance, and are also embedded with quick-drying technology keeping you comfortable during active peak hours.


Both materials of Bonobos and Uniqlo pants are made using a blend of 2% lycra, cotton 98%, spandex 8%, polyester, and elastomultiester 83%.

This causes them to have a similar feel, but still different when you look closer. Also, Uniqlo is more springy of the two due to it having more percent of spandex.

Overall style

Bonobos’ pants offer up a style that is formal trendy and classic. It’s the perfect combination of smart and casual style that ensures you appear confident, cool, and stylish in any situation you appear, be it the workplace or dinner with friends.

Uniqlo pants are more versatile in styling, having a waistband that has the same fabric as that of the pants. This brings about a seamless look that increases adaptability, blending easily with any dress style you choose from.

Overall both brands are perfect, smart, and casual in style, but Bonobos have a more formal appearance to its styling compared to Uniqlo.


Bonobos’ pants are perfectly designed pants, they are innovative in design and have breathable well-knit fabrics. A 4-way stretch and fashionable pocketing system put their design ahead in comparison.

The soft banded waist and gusset allow for easy movement and comfort. Bonobo’s signature curved waistband set it apart, alongside the moisture, dirt-resistant design of its pants.

Their Pocket designs are seamless, with contrasting pocket lines and reinforced back pockets. Uniqlo pants are reputable for their updated designs and versatility to fit in any situation.

Its fabric is designed using a two-way stretch fabric, with seamed pockets for a neater fit, and can be stretched horizontally and vertically.

Bending from the knee is easier with this design of pants, and the waist is simply designed for maximum comfort. It features a quick-dry technology finished with a sleek and tapered cut.

Stitching and construction

Bonobos’ pants are stitched with fine threads from cotton and constructed to be snugger in appearance. The waist and thigh areas are closely stitched and straight cut down, boasting of peak comfort in its design, Bonobos’ pants flex evenly in all directions.

The curved waist design allows for your natural hip shape to show without any excess fabrics. This construction eliminates visible wrinkles while keeping sweats away from you, keeping you cool no matter what activity you get up to.

Uniqlo pants are stitched using polymer threads, with a slim waist and coin pockets in them giving a refined look to its attire. The thigh area is wider, going slimmer towards the ankle.

The waist design is simple and blends easily, owing to the same fabric used for both waist and the pants.

There is more knee allowance with Uniqlo pants than with Bonobos’ pants, this free-range makes them better suited for sport-related or high mobility activities compared to Bonobos’.

Overall the two brands have good construction and stitching the differences is more aesthetic and makes them visibly distinctive.

Durability and longevity

Overall both pants brand is made using the finest quality fabric for producing these pants. Though each pant may be a blend of materials in various percentages, they last long and resist wearing out easily.

The longevity of clothing is usually due to several factors, for rated brands such as these two, material authenticity isn’t a factor. Of the two, I can say Bonobos takes longer to experience signs of degradation when compared to Uniqlo pants.


These two pants brands have an awesome fit, with only slight differences in them. Bonobos’ pants have four different fits which include:

  • Slim taper; start trim, not tight, in the seat with adequate taper beginning from the middle thigh downward.
  • Tailored; this is the narrowest fit in the seating area extending to the upper thigh and a visible tapering mid-thigh down.
  • Slim; start trim, not tight, in the seat with little taper beginning from the middle thigh downward.
  • Athletic; more room space in the seat and a sharp taper below the for a snugger look.
  • Straight; start trim, not too tight, in the seat with the leg straight thigh downward

Uniqlo pants sizes range from XS, S, M, l, XXL, and XXL. They are more tapered lengthwise compared to Bonobos’ pants.

Overall both brands have a smooth feel and are soft to touch. Uniqlo has more elastic capability than Bonobos’ pants, this is due to more elastic materials woven into its fabric.


My final verdict on Bonobos’ and Uniqlo pants is that Bonobos’  pants have more different designs variations than Uniqlo’s, and this makes them a favorable choice compared to Uniqlo pants.

Additionally, bonobo pants are stretchy and fit better when paired with other clothes.

I hope you have been well informed about these awesome brands of high-quality pants. Bonobos’ pants are smart and casual while remaining stylish, while Uniqlo pants are exquisitely designed and classic looking.

With the history mentioned in this post, you should know which suits you.


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