Bonobos vs Dockers: Which Is A Better Chinos Brand?

The major difference between the Bonobos and Dockers chinos is that the Dockers Chinos are more like the leading brand when it comes to the making of formal cum casual-looking chinos.

While Bonobos chinos are made with the intention of eradicating the formality in casual dressing both at work and on occasions.

Although the Dockers khaki chinos are mostly loved by men, that doesn’t mean that Bonobos chinos are not worth the buy.

This guide is a detailed review of the difference between both chinos brands so that you can decide on which chinos brand is best to splurge on.

Why this comparison?

While Dockers is obviously a legendary maker of chinos long before Bonobos came into the business, they offer that great transition between suits and jeans and have become the new prevailing office attire amongst men.

However, the Bonobos chinos came as a way to supplement the use of mostly denim as casual pants. And as a result, they tend to go a step further in the making of modern and classic-looking chinos for men of all age groups.

Although both brands have their target customer in the millennial, urban, and higher-income demographics, they resonate differently when it comes to styling and sizing.

Bonobos Chinos Review

Bonobos vs Dockers

Bonobos Chinos came about when two visionary Stanford Business School graduate students, Andy Dunn and co-founder Brian Spaly, launched their first pair of bootcut jeans in 2007.

At first, Bonobos was exclusively an online retailer selling men’s apparel but was later acquired by Walmart in June of 2017.

The brand is globally trusted for making properly fitted outfits in Philadelphia before shipping internationally and their Chinos are an incredible example of such.

From being brightly colored to feeling comfortable, and having an attractive fit that is neither too loose nor too tight, these pants instantly align with their consumers.

Bonobos Chinos come in more than one modern cut, which includes the Athletic, Tailored, Slim, Stretch (featured above), and Slim taper fit.

All of which come in several bold colors and are tailored to represent the culture and style of the brand.

Dockers Chinos Review

Bonobos vs Dockers

Dockers Chinos is an American classic inspired by British longshoremen and miners. Made in 1986 by Levi Strauss and Co, the pants embellish enough stretch which offers you that versatility and comfort all through the day.

They were mostly worn by the English dock men while at the shore.

These chinos feature a flexible waistband and deep side pockets which are equipped with a sturdy zip that is hidden for added security and storage.

The double-needle stitching runs across the length and width of the pants holding firmly the belt loops and the single welt button which sits nicely on the back pockets.

Made from 98% cotton and 2% elastane fabric, the original Dockers chinos are known to be an instant and lasting American classic that comes in seven different fits which include:

  • Slim
  • Straight (featured above)
  • Classic
  • Relaxed
  • Skinny
  • Tapered
  • Athletic

Available in over 60 countries located on six continents, it remains one of America’s favorites, especially the khaki-colored chinos.

However, the brand presently offers a wide range of apparel and accessories that still uphold quality, versatility, and essential style.

Bonobos vs Dockers: Head-to-Head Comparison

 Features Bonobos Chinos Dockers Chinos
Size The chinos run big in their stretch sizes and athletic fit They run true to size consistently
Comfort and fit The flex technology allows for that comfortable 4-way stretch They don’t lose shape even after a long trip and still feel super comfortable
Style No limitation in the number of fits as the brand offers seven different types of fit that you can try out Comes in three stylish fits with  a nicely hidden zippered pocket
Material They don’t feel overly stretchy The fabric feels incredibly crisp, offering more freedom to your movements
Fashion Quality You customize the strip of design fabric embedded in the back pockets The chinos reflect the symbolic style of the educated middle class
Build Quality Offers a signature curved waistband that comfortably sit on the body The minimalistic approach makes them suitable in the business setting
Durability The strong weave of cotton fabric The chinos are tough with a wrinkle-resistant finish



While Bonobos chinos run big in their stretch sizes and athletic fit, you may need to go down a size to find the correct fit.

Although you may find them inconsistent if you shop online, it’s quite the opposite if you visit their in-store guide shop to test before buying online.

But generally, their sizes for both casual and dress pants, including chinos are available in waist sizes 28-54.

However, for the Dockers they run true to size consistently, except in some instances when you need the same fit in a different style.

They could run small or even big, so you may need to recalculate your sizes for every new style you want to buy.

When it comes to sizing, the Dockers have it.

Comfort and fit

It is known that overly sized pants are often favored by men who won’t mind refusing the most stylish pair for the sizable type which does not flatter the physique of a man.

However, all these are geared at comfort, which both chinos offer and this is credited to the flex technology that allows for that comfortable 4-way stretch you need during the day.

And the good thing about this innovation is that the chinos won’t lose their tailored shape even after a long trip.

When it comes to comfort and fit, both brands have it. It’s a DRAW.


Although the Chinos from both brands are very stylish in a much different way, the style is still geared at eradicating the formality of dressing for business occasions.

While Dockers was credited for fascinating the casual business way of dressing then, they remain a brand whose different apparel continues to instill modern style. Dockers Chinos offers seven different types of fit that you can style without being limited.

Similarly, Bonobos Chinos is a clear departure from the normal denim/ chinos norm, they offer several cool fits and interestingly, the zippered pocket is hidden away which is an insanely useful addition to men’s clothing.

So, when it comes to style, Bonobos chinos have it.


Upon the first touch, neither the Dockers nor Bonobos chinos feel overly stretchy and I bet this is a good indicator of well-crafted pants.

The least percentage of spandex or lycra used in both is a whopping 8%.

And what this implies is that you don’t have to wear chinos that feel almost sticky, and rubbery in the hand any longer.

The fabric of both brands feels incredibly crisp, which offers more freedom to your movements.

So, we have a tie, both chinos have it.

Fashion quality

Neither of the chinos is made from some fussy wool combination or the popular denim fabrication that echoes the rebellious youthful culture.

They seem to associate and reflect the symbolic style of the educated middle class.

Inadvertently, they are easier to clean, less class-specific, more formal, and considered even more durable than the lord of denim.

Bonobos and Dockers have classic chinos for even the minimally minded guy, yet a cool design element that Bonobos chinos air is the little strip of contrast fabric embedded in the back pockets.

Both brands, do have a unique mix of design elements playing around in their Chinos, maybe they are meant to take over denim as the go-to for the casual cum formal outfit.

It’s a DRAW! Both Chinos have it.

Build quality

Wearing pants with excellent build quality makes one prioritize being authentic at work. And this remains one of the most intriguing factors when buying Chinos that are not just good-looking but also valuable.

That’s why brands like Bonobos still make their signature curved waistband for years now which surprisingly does sit more comfortably on the body than one can imagine.

Also, because of the minimalistic approach that the Dockers employ while tailoring their pants makes them stand out in their build quality. As a result, they remain the unofficial Chinos in several cutting-edge industries.

It’s a DRAW! Both brands have it in terms of build quality.


Nothing beats the craftsmanship of carefully designed chinos. The weave of the cotton fabric is encumbered neatly by the help of strong machines.

All these descriptions are centered on both brands, as one can’t get disappointed in wearing either of them.

A satisfying quality that both brands exhibit is that natural feel, especially the non-iron, and the tough wrinkle-resistant finish that does nothing more than make both chinos age with you.

When it comes to longevity, then both Bonobos and Dockers Chinos have it. It’s a DRAW here.

Final verdict

I would describe both Chinos as the thin line between the formality and casual scale of dressing. And despite all odds of style, quality, and material both brands are really good at tailoring Chinos for men of all age groups.

However, many young and professional millennials like myself wouldn’t think twice about splurging on either a pair or two of Bonobos Chinos.

And of course, in different bold colors, as they are targeted at converting every single dollar in our bank account for their Chinos, though for the genuine reason of offering only the perfect and modern fit.

But if you are a Gen X dad, who doesn’t want to compromise on comfort but also wants to eradicate all the ill-fitting, and overtly pleated trousers lying in your wardrobe, then the Dockers Chinos offer the best remedy for those saggy dad pants.

So, there we have it, Bonobos or Dockers Chinos? The final decision is yours to make.


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