Bonobos vs Brooks Brothers: Which Is Better?

There is a high chance that you might have come across the comparison between pants and other wearables of these two brands. Mostly at times when you’re surfing the net channeling your searches to the line of fashion and trends.

Other times, it could be when you’re stuck trying to find the right suit with good fittings for yourself. That shouldn’t have been a problem if you had been prior informed about Bonobos and Brook Brothers.

This article gives you the information that covers every necessary thing you need to know about both brands before purchasing.

What is the major difference between the Bonobos and Brooks brothers?

The major difference between Brook Brothers and Bonobos is that the fabric used for Brook Brothers has a remarkable feel and looks. There is also a large variety of fits and sizes to choose from.

The material used for the design here ranges from polyester to lambswool, Italian wool to cashmere, and a blend of silk materials.

And all of these are inclusive for all options of clothes. Clothes of this brand are a tad roomy on the torso area and have good shoulder fittings.

Meanwhile, Bonobos on the other hand has a lot of pants and general clothes styles that are usually made of thin fabric, albeit, pretty stretchy and breathable. The material used here is usually cotton, acetate, and a blend of Lycra fabric.

Why is this comparison?

The primary reason for the comparison between Brook Brothers and Bonobos is because thousands of office dresses, especially pants and other casual clothes, have been sieved according to quality, fitting, price, and relevance, and both seem to be among the “last few men” standing.

Hence, the comparison for office pants is almost always narrowed down to just them, and sometimes, a few others.

It is also noteworthy that the need to get the best outfits for important occasions is on the rise. So it is common to find the names of these brands on many lips.

On another hand, comparison and contrast between clothing brands that have made names for themselves is always a thing.

Features Brook Brothers Bonobos
Construction Brook Brothers have a minimalist construction. The design is not big on pronounced fashion. But then, clothes from this brand; pants, shirts, and suits inclusive, are majorly decent wears. They’re constructed to conform to different body types. The construction of Bonobos wears is a tad more fashionable and elastic. Especially the bands on the waist area of the pants. They have a more aesthetically pleasing outer appearance.
Quality Although Brook Brothers make quality clothing, all thanks to the advancement of textile sciences. But then, this has watered down over time undeniably. It picked up again. Still, it is not a match for Bonobos. Comparatively, Bonobos are more quality than Brook Brothers. Here, the materials used are Lyca, cotton, and a blend of acetate. The elastic materials are used to increase the tear resistance.
Comfort Level This brand has mentioned that while they strive to make nice and quality clothes, they wouldn’t sacrifice comfort in the process. However, they have kept comfortability on a moderate level. Aside from the temperature regulating properties of the materials used for Bonobos clothing, the elasticity of most of the pants makes walking in them less robotic as one can walk in them without the fear of easy tear.
Price Generally, there is a wide price variation between clothes of this brand. Albeit, they mostly fall between $20 to $55. Bonobos are a tad pricer than Brook Brothers. The average price range of a Bonobos pants or shirts sells between $35 to $60.
Size/Fitting Brook Brothers are true to size with variances of fittings like Soho fit, Madison fit, etc. Bonobos are also true to size. The fitting variances here include athletic fit, straight fit, tailored fit, etc.


Let’s get to the comparison

First Glance

The first glance at every product has always been a driving force that increases the probability of purchase. This is why some brands, in a bid to improve sales, have tried to maintain not just quality, but also aesthetically appealing products.

Brook Brothers

The satisfaction you get from seeing Brook Brothers’ clothes depends on the exact type and model. The suits have a more mature and sophisticated look.

Know that Brook Brothers have more of the traditional looks and are not very trendy. Here, it is imperative that you have a specific cloth aesthetic to match your style.

While it is true that they have a very wide variety of clothes to choose from, a large collection of their suits and blazers has the appearance that falls in the category of smart/business casual dress format.


Bonobos clothes have a very catchy appearance. Especially their chino pants. They’re not very wide, nor are they overly slim. Although not all, at least they are majorly so.

Bonobos pants and shirts, and other clothes are more fashionable; they have brighter colors and designs than Brook Brothers. They have more of the “modern man” design.

This brand specifically deals with the sales of fashionable men’s suits, pants, shirts, shorts, and other accessories. You’d also notice the recently released plus-size clothing for men.

The good thing about Bonobos is that at first glance it gives you the impression that you’re face to face with quality.


Brooks Brothers have a type of suit construction termed canvas in suit; it is designed to have an extra structure to the drape of the jacket.

This helps in maintaining a good balance and overall structure of the suit. This construction conforms to your body shape upon subsequent use.

Other constructions range from Madison fit, Regent fit, Fitzgerald fit, Milano fit, Golden fleece, and Red fleece.

Aside from suits, the construction of Brook Brothers, in general, is not very stretchy. Generally, Brook Brothers are more of minimalist construction.

The construction of Bonobos pants is usually done with 98% of cotton and 2% elastane (spandex). This is for the ease of movement and the overall betterment of users’ experiences.

The pants usually have gussets at the crotch area to also ease movement. The construction has at the back of the pockets, pocket closure. The waist of most pants here is usually made to be elastic through the use of elastic draw cords.

They are constructed to have a soft feel and are relaxed with tapered legs. They are designed with a wide variety of fittings so that a good number of preferences are met.


While it is true that the material used for every cloth’s design is what majorly determines its quality, it is also true that the quality processing of the said material also contributes to the quality of clothes made.

Here is how it applies to Brook Brothers and Bonobos:

Brook Brothers’ pants are usually made with polyester and other iterations are made with wool. These are the determinants of quality.

Understand that polyester is made of derivatives of petroleum; these are usually flexible plastics and other polymeric materials.

But the advancement of textile sciences has made it so cool that their quality, feel and look are as great as a natural fabric.

Polyester-derived clothes look great to the extent to which ingredients are used in the manufacturing process

Because Bonobos pants are designed with cotton, elastane (spandex), and Lycra, they are very durable.

Spandex especially is pretty elastic. So this helps to just stretch the cloth made from it in any event that should have had it torn.

Comfort Level

The comfort level of cloth depends on the weather in which it is worn. For example, one might not be comfortable with a thick cloth during summer, but the same cloth becomes the next best thing to comfort during winter.

So, the best metric to judge any cloth is the ease with which you move in them.

Brook Brothers make nice clothes, but then, they try to make a conscious effort in driving home comfort. This is a fact. At least, the clothes are verifiable proof. Nonetheless, the level of comfort here is moderate.

Brook Brothers believe that a nice look should not be gotten at the expense of comfort. While the brand strives to push continuous advancement in style, they do not make clothes that hinder natural movement.

On their official website, they mentioned “we do not sacrifice comfort on the altar of style”.


Bonobos pants are very comfortable because of the spandex hybridized in the cotton for its pants’ design.

This way, you get a good dose of flexibility as you can stretch in different directions without the fear of a possible tear or fall. It is also cool that the spandex used is usually 2%, so it is at a very much controlled level.

Besides, it has a tad roomy design, plus it is breathable too. Comparatively, Bonobos is more comfortable than Brook Brothers.

The light material used for the manufacturing of this brand’s suits makes wearing them fun and less difficult to walk in.


The primary determining factors of clothes prices are the used materials and method of processing. This is not to rule out the fact that prices also depend on demand.

The price of an average Brook Brothers shirt and chino pants sells for between $20 to $55. The price tag attached to each depends on the specific model and iteration.

The reason for this is the different materials with different prices that are adopted. Hence the price of each cloth is traceable to the material cost and the rigors involved in the processing method.

An average Bonobos is pricier compared to Brooks; an average one sells between $35 to $60.

Although other price variants are far lower and higher than the aforementioned. However, the said prices capture largely the most common Bonobos clothing price range.


The fitting and sizing of Brook Brothers vary. Although the shirts and pants are true to size. But then, they have different fittings like Soho fit that give a clean appearance because of the slim cut on the sleeves and body.

There’s the Madison fit that is the direct opposite of Soho and has a classic feel. Other fits include Big and Tall, traditional, and regent.

Even as the brand maintains that its shirts and pants are true to size, they also advise that purchases should be made based on the size chart as it relates to one’s own country.

Bonobos pants precisely have different fittings like Straight, as it is trimmed but not very tight, and the leg stays straight from the middle of the thighs downward.

The athletic fit is a bit roomy at the thigh area and comes with a distinct taper right underneath the knee area just so that it has a fitted look.

The tailored fit has the narrowest fit at the upper thigh and seat. The taper runs from the mid-thigh downward. Bonobos pants and shirts are true to size too, although the suits mostly have a relaxed fitting.


The materials used for Brook Brothers are usually wool, polyester, and silk materials.

The brand has mentioned that its goal is to make high-performing clothes through the use of some of the best materials, especially the ones that have natural temperature regulating properties for the enhancement of user experience.

The materials used for Bonobos are mostly cotton, then a blend of spandex and acetate.

The spandex especially has been the major powerhouse of Bonobos’ comfortability.  Normally, Bonobos uses thin materials. This is the reason they’re more breathable and lightweight.

Final Verdict

Brook Brothers have maintained a good standard, it went down in the long run until the brand was sold and restructured. This brought improvement of designs that went on to elevate its comfortability.

While the brand was sold because it was almost going into bankruptcy, the new change of hand brought about improved production.

Bonobos on the other hand haven’t lost touch with quality production. Both brands are good. As such, one could buy from either of them depending on the need at hand.


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