BMX vs Motocross Pants: Comparison

Dirt bike racing is common in most parts of the world. While this sport can be fun, it can also be dangerous especially if you are new to the sport. One way to reduce this risk is putting on the right sporting gear either for BMX racing or Motocross.

BMX pants are safety pants worn during BMX racing. These pants are an important part of the costume needed for this sport.

They are usually long with tapered ankles. Jeans can be worn too, but they must be slim at the legs and tucked in properly into the boots to avoid them coming in contact with your bicycle chain and causing an accident.

Shorts can also be worn, but they should be worn with a knee pad for protection.

Motocross pants are a compulsory piece of gear that must be worn for motocross and dirt bike riding. They are safety trousers designed for motocross and dirt bike racing.

They serve as a barrier between you and the motorcycle, protecting you from impacts and blows when falling off your bike. They are meant to absorb shock and the heat from your bikes.

They are made with suitable materials to be able to withstand the rugged motions of motocross racing. They should be flexible, lightweight, and durable. These materials include leather, Cordura, nylon, polyester, and kevlar.

One major difference between BMX and motocross pants is that motocross pants are more reinforced with extra features to be able to withstand the rough motions associated with motocross racing.

They come with panels at the crotch, thighs, knees, and rear for extra protection. Knee pads are also common to provide extra protection for the knees.

Some brands make BMX pants with panels at the knees, calves, and back, but they don’t usually come with knee pads.

Let’s find out more about these pants, their similarities, and their differences. First, let’s know a little about these sports.

What is BMX Racing?

BMX is short for bicycle motocross. It is off-road bicycle racing that mimics motocross racing. They are sprint races built on off-road single-race tracks.

BMX racing sport is coordinated by regional and international sanctioning bodies that provide rules for the sport. Riders are between the ages of 2-70.

What is Motocross Racing?

Motocross racing started in the 20th century in the United Kingdom and today has spread to other parts of the world. It is an internationally recognized sport where riders ride motorcycles on off-road tracks full of rough terrain.

They ride over hills and mountains. Riders need to be very talented for this sport as they would also need to ride on dirty and muddy tracks.

Similarities Between BMX Pants And Motocross Pants

At first glance at both BMX and motocross pants, you would find out that these pants share a similar look. Not only is the appearance similar, but they also share similar features. So what then are the similarities between these pants?


Most BMX and motocross pants are made with lightweight materials. These enhance comfort while on your BMX or motocross bikes.

Lightweight is one of the criteria you should look out for when purchasing your BMX or motocross pants, this improves performance while keeping you comfortable.


This is another feature common to both BMX and motocross pants. While some materials may be stiff and inflexible, flexibility is one feature you will find across most BMX and motocross pants.

It is more comfortable to put on flexible materials.

Waist Adjustment

This is another feature you will find in BMX and motocross pants. There is usually an elastic band at the waist with a ratchet for easy adjustment and a secure fit.

Some brands use Velcro belt that goes around the waistband for a better-secured fit. All these are to help you make adjustments and keep the pants securely at the waist.

Inner Pants Lining

BMX and motocross pants are usually lined from waist to ankles to improve support and for an extra layer of protection and comfort. Some are lined with mesh for better ventilation.


This is a reinforced fabric added for extra durability. Most BMX have these panels at the back, knee, and calves.

Motocross pants are designed with panels at the crotch, rear, and thigh. The knees usually come with leather panels for extra protection.

These extra layers of fabrics are important for more protection, support, and comfort.

Tapered ankles

Most BMX and motocross pants that are long enough to reach the ankle have tapered ankles to allow them to be tucked into the boots and to prevent the trousers from coming in contact with the chains on your bicycles or bikes.


Most BMX and motocross pants are made with breathable materials. Mesh is placed at strategic places to enhance breathability. Breathability is an important feature to keep you comfortable as you ride

Comparisons Between BMX And Motocross Pants

Features BMX Pants Motocross Pants
Construction They are made of polyester and nylon to make them light in weight. Stretch materials are usually added to increase flexibility They are made of leather, nylon, polyester, Cordura, or Kevlar. Stretch materials are also added to increase flexibility
Stitching Well-stiched with double or triple stitching at the seam Well-stiched with double or triple stitching at the seam to increase resistance to wear
Leather Only a few brands make use of leather Leather is common in the making of motocross pants. Leather panels are used at the knees for extra protection
Durability Nylon and polyester are durable materials Are usually more durable
Price Prices depend on the brand. They are usually between $49-$189 Prices depend on the brand. They are usually between $50-$600
Fitting They should be well-fitted with extra room at the knee They should be well-fitted with extra room at the knee


BMX Pants vs Motocross Pants: Construction

The BMX pants are usually constructed with polyester and nylon for lightweights. Spandex is usually added to increase stretch and flexibility.

There are inner linings for increased protection and support. Mesh linings help to improve breathability. Panels are placed at the rear, knee, and calves for extra protection.

Some come with a removable mesh hip protector. The waistband is designed for an adjustable and more secured fit. The pants’ ankles are usually tapered.

The BMX pants are well constructed to enable maximum protection and comfort during rough rides.

Motocross pants are made with either nylon, leather, Cordura, polyester, or kevlar. Kevlar is the strongest and most durable material but is very expensive.

Stretch materials are added in specific places to increase the stretch of the fabric. Inner linings are added for extra protection. Panels are added at the crotch, rear, knee, and some other strategic places for extra protection and comfort.

Some brands make pants with tapered ankles to assist with better movement. The waistbands are designed to enable an adjustable and more secure fit.

Knee padding is very important in motocross pants as the pants at the knees are exposed to wear putting your knees at the risk of injuries while gripping the bike. Inner knee reinforcement made with leather also helps provide better protection.

BMX Pants vs Motocross Pants: Stitching

BMX pants are usually double or triple stitched to reduce the risk of tearing and for better durability.

Motocross pants are also made with double or triple stitching at the seams to increase their durability.

BMX Pants vs Motocross Pants: Leather

Most BMX pants are made with polyester or nylon, although a few brands make use of leather for their pants.

Some brands also use leather to make motocross pants.

Leather-made pants have very good resistance to tearing and heat. They tend to get very hot and so are good for the winter season but will keep you uncomfortable during the heat.

Perforated leathers are also used to increase breathability but are less durable.

BMX Pants vs Motocross Pants: Durability

BMX pants made with polyester are durable and breathable. Pants made of nylon are softer and stronger. Both offer a good level of water resistance.

Motocross pants made with Cordura and polyester offer a good resistance to wear and tear and are very durable. Cordura is stronger but usually stiff. They are also waterproof materials.

Leather pants have better durability. Pants made with kevlar are the strongest and are very good for the aggressive motion of motocross racing.

BMX Pants vs Motocross Pants: Price

Brands offer different prices for BMX pants depending on the quality of materials used. Prices are usually between $49-$189.

You can purchase your BMX pants here:

  • Fly Racing Youth Radium Bicycle Pants
  • Troy Lee Designs Sprint Pant
  • O’Neal Element Youth Villian Pant

Motocross pants prices also depend on the brand and the type of materials used. Prices are between $50-$600.

You can purchase your motocross pants here:

  • Alpha Cycle Gear Dirt Bike Motocross pants
  • Alpinestars Track V2 Leather Motorcycle Pants
  • Fox Racing Kids’ Youth 180 Skew Motocross Pants

BMX Pants vs Motocross Pants: Fitting

Your BMX pants should fit properly, especially at the buttocks, waist, and legs, but they should be roomy at the knees so you can put on knee pads and braces.

Ensure you use the size charts of whatever brand you are purchasing to get your proper size.

Your motocross pants should also be well fitted at the waist, rear, and legs. The knee area should be roomy in case you wish to put on knee braces. Also, ensure to use the size charts.

Can Motocross Pants Be Worn For BMX Racing?

Yes, motocross pants can also be worn for BMX racing. They are well designed to suit both motocross and BMX racing. You just have to choose the brand and materials that are best for you.


Your BMX and motocross pants should be well fitted at the buttocks and the legs to reduce the risk of accidents.

When making your choice of pants, put in mind the lightweight, flexibility, durability, and breathability of the materials.

This is to ensure your protection and comfort all day. Also, look out for brands that have all the necessary features and reinforcement for better protection.

Your motocross pants can be worn for BMX racing. BMX pants should not be used for motocross. Use the appropriate motocross pants for motocross racing.


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