Betabrand vs Spanx: Comparison

Here we are again with another dazzling comparison of two great brands. This time, it’s not basically jeans as the products of these two companies might just be more of jeggings than actual jeans.

Betabrand seems to have succeeded with their men’s jeans, though they are reviewed to be super tight (Jeggings!). Spanx, on the other hand, happened to have failed awfully in making men’s jeans. However, Spanx didn’t exactly fail.

They literally stopped making men’s jeans and concentrated on their female wear but, lately, they have created a new kind of wear for the men (- or some men). While shapewear is constantly stereotyped to be for women, Spanx hits the fashion market with a banger- men’s shapewear!

While the jeans from both brands might just be considered some kind of skinny, we are tasked to spot a major difference.

Actually, there is really a huge difference between the two but the major difference almost anyone can note is Betabrand clothing shrinks and might alter in size after wash. Spanx, on the other hand, doesn’t.

History of Betabrand

Betabrand wasn’t Betabrand before 2010. The online clothing company was founded in 2005 as Cordarounds, when their products seemed a lot more normal and ordinary, by Chris Lindland.

While the young businessman claimed to have not the slightest background in fashion, his setup quickly became an internet sensation, as he marketed his ‘sideway corduroy’ pants with some pseudoscientific idea you probably don’t care about.

In 2010, Betabrand became the Betabrand you now know, turned around by the same Chris Lindland in San Francisco. I would call it a lot better but you’d believe it more if I called it weirder.

While Cordarounds had started from a weird idea itself, this new creation turns out a lot quirkier in a very cool way. Chris Lindland managed to create an online buzz with this, with about $200,000 from investors.

Reportedly, the women went crazy over Betabrand ideas, loving and hating, and consequently creating some heavy traffic.

Unlike other clothing stores that wait to launch new fashion lines for each season, Betabrand is said to release new products daily. According to Chris Lindland, they receive varieties of ideas from time to time.

These ideas are uploaded on the website as prototypes for people to vote on. Whichever ones emerge as the most popular is brought to reality.

History of Spanx

Betabrand might be quirky but Spanx makes you want to spank it! Spanx products are super cool and they really appear as they were intended to be. You definitely want to know what the founder thought.

Sara Blakely was a door-to-door seller of fax machines, with no background in fashion. (I have to admit. This is a bit weird too) According to what is written on the Spanx website, she was probably at a rush hour, getting ready for a party with no undergarments to suit her taste.

She needed something to provide a smooth look beneath her white pants. She heroically grabbed her pantyhose and ran her scissors down, cutting the feet off. That was the beginning of the revolution!

After wearing the altered pantyhose out, Sara Blakely fell in love with the idea of lightweight body-shaping undergarments and decided to make it real. Spanx was founded in the year 2000 in Atlanta, Georgia.

Why The Comparison

We always address this question; why should we compare the two while we can just enjoy them when we have them?

Well, not everyone thinks that way. Some of us just want the best products. We don’t want to be one of those people who leave reviews to warn others against a trap we fell in.

Rather, we want to be warned so we won’t have to fall in. What do you get from comparing Betabrand and Spanx? You get to know:

  • Which suits your taste
  • Which is more durable
  • Which is cheaper
  • Which attracts more complaints
  • Why you should avoid or choose either

When a negative review is left under a product or a post, you unconsciously search for a reason of your own to find the product bad. The same applies when you see a good review.

The product is probably best for lean people but I’m pretty fat… in other words, you want the facts!… Or you just need it.

Betabrand vs Spanx: Similarities


This part is probably emphasized already. Betabrand was created from Lindland’s crazy idea of turning corduroys horizontal. Similarly, the first inspiration of Spanx products was a pantyhose that battled with a scissoring surgery.


Both brands seem to keep their focus on slim-fit wear. Betabrand jeans are reviewed to be really tight. Spanx jeans/jeggings are undoubtedly and unsurprisingly tight. You will find out why.

Special Denim

Both brands claim to use a special Denim in their jeans and maybe they really do. The adulterated denim they use is said to provide more comfort and more stretch.

Customer service

You might have come across reviews on either or both of these brands and the ratings are really low.

On the same sites where you find the low ratings, you find good reviews about the nice products but they both receive the same complaints from the customers; customer service. The customer service of both brands is really poor, after all.

Betabrand vs Spanx

Betabrand shrinks, Spanx shrinks you

You probably understand this already, if you have tested out the two or just heard about them. Betabrand jeans shrink in size after you wash them.

This is recommended for anyone who wishes to alter its size. Betabrand recommends that the jeans are hung to air-dry, instead of getting them shoved in a dryer.

This might prevent the shrinking. Spanx, however, was made to make it’s wearer look lighter and slimmer. The Spanx wears are reviewed to help in weight loss.

Jeans or Jeggings

Betabrand actually makes jeans for men and they look like actual jeans, though most of their pants are considered Jeggings.

Spanx basically makes Jeggings. This is really cool. The Spanx pants appear like denim jeans with the outlook but are totally more like leggings with the feel. They are super stretchy and comfortable.

While Betabrand has jeans for men, Spanx has Jeggings for chubby men.

Spanx Shaping Pants

This idea started with Spanx so it probably shouldn’t be a criterion to judge with. With Spanx Shaping Pants, you can hide bumps and look a lot smoother and smaller.

This feature seems to have slipped into all of their pants, including the jeans. Betabrand doesn’t have this but it’s totally fine.


Betabrand pants are made of a blend of nylon, rayon, and elastane. Spanx parts are composed of nylon and elastane.


While both brands have products that truly provide comfort to your legs, they differ in their price range. Betabrand jeans are not very cheap but they cost less than Spanx and they are worth their price.

Spanx jeans cost more and they are also worth their price. The weight loss effect of the Spanx may be negligible but they provide the intended smooth looks they were made for.

How to know Betabrand Jeans

Betabrand is the creator- or just the known user- of the premium denim that stretches. Betabrand jeans come in varieties but, to address their slim fits, the knees tend to be loose, down to the legs.

How to know Spanx Jeans

Spanx jeans appear like your regular jeans when you put them on, rather than the leggings or shaping pants that they really are – but the added waistband is what makes them different from normal jeans.

The high-rise design omits buttons or zippers at the crotch area. This helps to eliminate the beer gut appearance when pulled on.

The Spanx jeans look less bulky than other jeans and they have an inbuilt shapewear panel at the front to help reduce the tummy size.

Betabrand or Spanx: Which is Better?

Whatever decision is made here, you still get to make your own choice. Both products have their perks and downsides and some people really have nothing to complain about. If I were to choose which one I’d go with….

Alright. If I had enough money to choose either of the two, I would probably be in a dilemma on which one to go for. Or I SHOULD be in a dilemma but, knowing this, I wouldn’t be.

Spanx makes Jeggings for men and I wouldn’t go for that, being an already slim person who is not interested in showing off his body. Betabrand should be able to provide men’s jeans, with the right slim size and a low but not cheap price.

Speaking of quality and which actually appears better, Spanx wins.


As I have always advised, it’s better to check it out and have your own review. Buying one pair of jeans shouldn’t cripple your account so you can have an opinion of a brand before you buy your next one.

As great as Spanx products look, they still have bad reviews. You just might get your reason to hold onto Spanx and never let go so Get Your Spanx Here.

Or you want to test Betabrand out, first. Betabrand might just steal your heart right away and you won’t be able to check out any other brand.

If you check the reviews, you’ll find people like that. In the same review section, there are people with negative things to say.


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