6 Best Pants for Walking Through Briars (Reviewed in 2023)

There are many different kinds of pants that are perfect for walking through briars.

Have you ever walked through briars and later discovered that your pants got torn due to the thorns?

One of the most important things about pants for walking through briars is the material. If you want pants you can wear when walking through briars, it needs to be something that can withstand the thorns and branches that are found in the woods.

This is where a lot of people fall prey as they don’t know which pants are the best for walking through briars. Not to worry, I got you covered as I’ll be showing some of the best pants you can wear when walking through briars

Here are our top picks

  1. Best water repellent pants: ATG by Wrangler Upland Pant
  2. Best reinforced pants: ATG by Wrangler Reinforced Utility Pant
  3. Best quick-drying pants: ATG by Wrangler Synthetic Utility Pant
  4. Best pants with a relaxed fit: Columbia Ptarmigan Pant
  5. Best pants with reinforced back pockets: Carhartt Firm Duck pant
  6. Pants with Teflon-treated fabric: 5.11 Tactical Stryke Pants

Detailed review of the 6 best pants for walking through briars

ATG by Wrangler Upland Pant

When you think of the great outdoors, you probably picture a rugged, hardy man with a cowboy hat.

That’s why the Wrangler Men’s Upland Pant is great for any man who loves the outdoors. These pants is made from cotton fabric that has a water-repellent finish and is designed to keep you dry during those rainy days on the trail.

The elastic waistband makes it easy to pull these pants on and off, while the button closure makes sure your pants stay in place as you move.

These pants are also available in multiple sizes and colors so that you can find one that fits your style perfectly.

I bought these pants some time ago when I wanted to walk through briars during a hike. They held up well despite the thorns.

These pants are great for hiking and everyday use. They’re comfortable, lightweight, and stylish. The material is soft, but not too thin that you feel like you’re wearing pajamas.

It also has a lot of stretch to it so it feels great when you’re moving around in them. They feel durable, but I don’t think they would hold up well against heavy abuse (like climbing or bushwhacking).

Key features

  • Water repellent features
  • Has an elastic waistband
  • They are very  great for hiking


  • Brand: Wrangler
  • Model:  NS101DN
  • Weight: 2.15 pounds
  • Material: 88% Cotton, 11% Polyester, 1% Spandex; Overlay


  • The front pockets have velcro closures that can be adjusted to fit any size phone or wallet.
  • The back pockets are larger than the front ones and have flaps over them to keep things from falling out easily. These flaps also double as belt loops if you want to use them as such (though I never do).
  • There’s an extra button on the fly so you can adjust how snugly the waistband fits around your hips without having to unbutton all the way down to adjust it as most other pants do with only one button on the fly.

ATG by Wrangler Reinforced Utility Pant

Wrangler Men’s Reinforced Utility Pant is a great choice for work or play. They are made with a durable 12 oz. denim that will stand up to anything you can throw at them.

The reinforced knee gives you added strength when you need it most and the deep front pockets make sure that you have plenty of room for all your tools and gear.

These Wrangler jeans are available in a variety of sizes and colors so you can find the perfect pair to fit your needs.

The first thing I noticed about these pants is that they are comfortable and durable. They are made from heavy-duty cotton fabric, which is something you don’t see much of in today’s market.

The fabric feels thick and sturdy, but it isn’t stiff or uncomfortable at all. They are one of the best pants I have ever worn for a walk through briars

Key features

  • Elastic waistband
  • Zipper closure
  • Suitable for machine wash
  • Reinforced knees


  • Brand: Wrangler
  • Model: NS857CV
  • Weight:  1.46 pounds
  • Material : 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex


  • Two front pockets that are large enough for carrying personal items such as wallets, keys or smartphones without any trouble whatsoever.
  • The elastic waistband also helps keep the pants in place so they don’t slide down your hips when you bend over or squat down to pick something up off the floor.


  • Very tight-fitting

ATG by Wrangler Synthetic Utility Pant

I got introduced to these pants when I was searching for pants with quick-dry features. Asides from being quick-drying pants, the Men’s synthetic utility pants turned out to be suitable for walking through briars.

The Wrangler Men’s Synthetic Utility Pant has a regular fit that’s comfortable to wear all day long. The material is made from nylon and spandex blend, which makes it durable and easy to clean.

The interior of these pants is lined with soft tricot knit material that helps keep your legs warm on cold days.

The Wrangler Men’s Synthetic Utility Pant is a great choice for the man that wants to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. These pants have a zip fly with button closure, two front pockets, and two back pockets.

They also have an elastic waistband with belt loops. The Wrangler Men’s Synthetic Utility Pant also features double knee construction and a relaxed fit design making them perfect for work or play.

Key features

  • Quick-dry pants
  • Interior is lined with a soft knit material


  • Brand: Wrangler
  • Model: NS849BG
  • Weight: 15.84 ounces
  • Material: 96% nylon, 4% spandex


  • It comes with many different pockets that allow them to store items such as tools or other important items that they need while working so they don’t have to worry about losing anything during their shifts.
  • These pants are available in sizes S-3XL, so there are plenty of options to choose from when ordering these pants online.

Columbia Ptarmigan Pant

The Columbia Men’s Ptarmigan Pant is a midweight, softshell pant made with 100% cotton. The pants are designed to be lightweight and breathable, which will keep you warm on the trail without overheating.

I wore these pants to hike so this is a firsthand experience review

The Columbia Men’s Ptarmigan Pant has a few features that set it apart from other hiking pants.

The first feature that sets these pants apart from others is the relaxed fit and articulated knees, which allow for increased mobility while still preventing bunching in the knee area during movement.

This improves overall comfort and helps avoid any rubbing or chafing while hiking through rugged terrain or over large boulders and logs.

The second feature is their waterproofing properties. The fabric is treated with DWR (durable water repellent) to make them more water-repellent and durable than other hiking pants on the market.

DWR does not make the fabric completely waterproof; however, it does help keep water at bay for longer periods of time before needing to dry out again.

Finally, these pants have stretchy material in key areas around the thigh area to increase flexibility during long walks through rough terrain.

Key features

  • Waterproof and breathable
  • Relaxed fit and articulated knee
  • Treated with DWR


  • Brand: Columbia
  • Model: 1619001
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Material : 100% cotton


  • They are very comfortable and warm
  • Durable nylon weave resists abrasions and tears
  • Waterproof fabric treatment


  • They are not true to size as they run small

Carhartt  Firm Duck pants

I’m currently on my third pair of Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck pants. They are very comfortable, breathe well and last a long time (I’ve had them for over two years). They’re also easy to wash and dry quickly.

The Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck Pant is a rugged and durable pant that is designed to take on any job.

These pants feature a duck cloth shell that is treated with DuPont Teflon fabric protector to repel water while still being breathable.

This pant has two front slash pockets and two back patch pockets, which are reinforced with bar tacks for extra durability. 

The Carhartt Men’s Firm Duck pant has double-reinforced knees that are triple stitched for maximum durability. The double-front construction on these pants makes them extra tough and resistant to wear and tear.

The waistband is reinforced with a triple-stitched bottom that prevents it from stretching out over time.

The firm duck material is water repellent and has excellent wind resistance, making these pants ideal for working outside in any weather condition.

Key features

  • 100% cotton canvas fabric (canvas duck)
  • Double-reinforced knees triple-stitched for maximum durability


  • Brand: Carhartt
  • Model:  B01-BRN
  • Weight: 1.85 pounds
  • Material: 100% cotton


  • Fabric repels water
  • They have excellent wind resistance


  • Waist is extremely tight on sizing

5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke pants

I am a die-hard fan of 5.11 Tactical pants, and I have been using them for years. The reason why I love these pants is that they are made of strong material and can be used in any condition.

I have personally worn these pants in cold weather and hot weather, and the result is always the same: no matter how hard you work out or how much sweat you produce, the pants will stand by your side until the end.

The 5.11 Tactical Men’s Stryke Pants are a great pair of pants for the outdoorsman. They have a lot of pockets and are very comfortable.

The material is lightweight so they don’t weigh you down when hiking or climbing. The pants have some stretch in them so you can move around with ease.

The pants have a double-layer seat with an integrated padlock pocket and reinforced knee area to help protect you from falls while hiking or climbing.

Key features

  • Double layer seat
  • Reinforced knee area
  • Lightweight material


  • Brand: ‎ 5.11 Tactical Apparel
  • Model: ‎ 74369-120
  • Material: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton


  • Teflon-treated fabric
  • Fully gusseted construction
  • Specialized pockets


  • The crotch gives out quickly
  • Color fades quickly

Things to consider when choosing pants for walking through briars

If you are planning to hike through briars, there are a few things you need to consider when choosing your pants.


The main thing to look for is material that will not tear easily. This material can be found in the pant’s fabric and seams.

The best pants for hiking through brambles are made of a high-quality, thick fabric that resists snags and scratches.

The weight of the material

The heavier the material, the more protection it will provide against brambles and thorns. However, if you’re going on a long hike, you’ll want something that’s light enough so that you don’t get too hot while walking in warm weather or sweating while working hard uphill or downhill.


Make sure your pants fit well so they don’t get caught on anything while you walk through the briars. This will help keep you from getting scratched up!

These pants are also designed to fit snugly around the legs and waist so they don’t get caught on brush or other vegetation.


When choosing pants for walking through briars, make sure they are not too long or too short as this could cause problems with bending over or squatting down to look at something on the ground.

Ankle zippers

Zippers on the ankles allow for easy removal of your shoes or boots without having to take off your pants completely! This can help prevent any scratches from briars that may be hiding under your shoes or boots.

The best hiking pants for briars have an elastic waistband with a drawstring, or belt loops if you prefer to wear them over a belt.

They also have deep pockets that can hold your phone and other items without getting caught in the brush.

The flexibility of the material

If you’re going on an extended trip and need clothes that will stand up well over time under repeated use (such as camping), choose something with some stretch so that it doesn’t lose its shape during use or washing cycles.

Otherwise, choose something that has some give in it so that you can move easily around in it without feeling restricted by tight seams or constricted movement due to bulky fabric


Walking through briars requires wearing pants that are suitable environment. I’ve shown you some of the best pants you can get for walking through briars and I hope this article helps in your next shopping.


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