12 Best Pants for Surfing for Ladies (Reviewed in 2023)

Surfing is one of the coolest sports in the world, but it transcends being just a sport into being a hobby for some people and a form of relaxation for others.

A beach is a good place to not only spot people indulging in surfing, but you can partake too. But it will be uncultured to dive right into the blue ocean, without considering a gear.

Women are always placed side by side with beauty and sexiness, you as a woman would also want to fall in that category, wouldn’t you? Perhaps, you don’t want your surfing experience to be awful, so you need nice pants to wear.

This article provides you with a detailed analysis of the 12 Best Pants for surfing for women.

Our Top Picks

  1. Lemorecn Wet Suit – Features Elastic Foot Strap
  2. Scodi Surfing Leggings – Best Colorful Design and Inprint
  3. Dive and Sail Wetsuit Long Pants – Best In Elasticity
  4. FLEXEL Wetsuit Neoprene Pants – Best Skin-fitted Pants
  5. GoldFin Wetsuit Neoprene Pants – Best with Flat-lock stitching style
  6. Seaskin Wetsuit Pants – Features Heat Insulation
  7. GoldFin Shorts Wetsuit Pants – Best Shorts Pants For Women
  8. SkyOne Pants For Women – Features Full Elastic Waistband
  9. ZEMFAY Wetsuit Pants – Best High Waist Pants
  10. FLEXEL Wetsuit Pants – Features Ankle-Tight Hems
  11. PZZMY Wetsuit Shorts Pants – Best Premium SCR Neoprene Material
  12. ATTRACO Swim Pants With Pockets – Features Sleek Side Pockets

Top 12 Pants for Surfing for Ladies

Lemorecn Wetsuit

This pant from the desk of Lemorecn is a nice pick for you if you are looking for good pants to grace your surfing experience.

This pant fits perfectly well on your body, due to its skinny fit design and the elastic stirrup at the hem of the pant which helps to hold it unto the body.

With an affordable price tag of $29, these pants come in different sizes and are made in the color black. It has a design that supports maximum comfort in the water while protecting your skin from harsh water conditions.

In addition, the drawstring at the waistband is very important in ensuring easy wearing and removal.

Key Features:

  • Material: 2mm thick Neoprene.
  • Closure Type: Drawstring.
  • Stretch stirrup.
  • Skinny fit design.
  • Full elastic material.
  • Elastic foot strap.


  • Brand: LEMORECN
  • Model: LMP-1013black10
  • Weight: 0.43kg


  • Adjustable waistband aids close-fitting.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Provides warmth and comfort in water conditions.
  • Very affordable.


  • Drying is time-consuming.

Scodi Surfing Leggings

The key feature that stands this pant out from most of the others is its technological design, which combats ultraviolent sunrays from hitting on your body.

This pant is also a good definition of comfit and fashion, it is not your usual surfing pants, hence its position on this list as one of the best. It has the appearance which can guarantee a good surfing experience.

It is comfortable, sexy, affordable, and has a quick-drying rate. Also, it has a breathable fabric feature that enables you to go smooth on your surfing board without irritation.

These pants are available in different sizes and have a variety of colors/designs like blue, wave, tropical plants, etc.

Key Features:

  • Material: 20% Spandex, 80% Nylon.
  • 4-way stretch and moisture-wicking.
  • Breathable material.
  • UPF 50+ protection.
  • High waist design and elasticity fabric.


  • Brand: SCODI
  • Model: YXSC20160021001-1
  • Weight: 0.06kg


  • Protection from sun rays.
  • Quick-drying.
  • Good skin moisture.


  • No gusset in the crotch area.

Dive and Sail Wetsuit Long Pants

This is another super cool pair of pants for surfing, that is also comfortable. With a temperature rate of about 18 Degrees Celsius, it ensures a balanced body temperature even in cold waters.

The 1.5mm Neoprene thickness is also beneficial for its protection against sea rash while making you comfortable both in and out of water.

It has a good size scale and is available in black color. The flat-lock stitching design helps to ease skin irritation during stretch exercises.

Key Features:

  • Material: 90% Premium SCR Neoprene, 10% Nylon.
  • High elasticity.
  • High waist design.
  • Flat-lock stitching.
  • UV protection.
  • Neoprene thickness: 1.5mm/3mm.


  • Brand: DIVE AND SAIL.
  • Model: LP101F-L
  • Weight: 0.34kg


  • Multifunctional: surfing, diving, kayaking, etc.
  • Quick-drying and warmth.
  • Flexible movement.
  • UV protection.


  • Only washed by hand, no washing machine.

FLEXEL Wetsuit Neoprene Pants

The FLEXEL women’s wetsuit is a flexible and comfit-inspired pants, that will add up as good surfing gear.

The pant has an appealing design, plus a double-stitched seamless knit, which runs from the crotch area down to the ankle length.

The super elastic three-layered fabric offers a symmetrical performance and warmth after activities in the water.

The double stitching around the crotch area supplies a resistance against tear while performing stunts like spreading on a surfboard.

The wearing variations cuts across many sizes and has a stripe design by the side.

Key Features:

  • Material: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon.
  • Colour: Rose stripe, Lacking blue stripe.
  • Breathable material.
  • 2mm Neoprene.
  • Closure Type: Pull rope closure.


  • Brand: FLEXEL
  • Model: Wetsuit Pants Women 2021
  • Weight: 0.34kg


  • High shape recovery fabric.
  • Flexible and quick drying.
  • Multifunctional.


  • No UV protection.

GoldFin Wetsuit Neoprene Pants

This pair of wetsuits from the Goldfin brand is specially made for water bodies activities like snorkeling, canoeing, diving including surfing.

It is made with flat-lock stitching which resists skin irritation, with its three-layered elastic fabric that gives your legs enough possession in the water. The pants are stretchy, providing warmth and protection against abrasions in the water body.

Key Features:

  • Material: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon.
  • Breathable and skin-friendly material.
  • High waist design with pocket.
  • Colored stripes by the side and around the waistband.
  • Flat-lock stitching.


  • Brand: GOLDFIN
  • Model: SS004
  • Weight: 0.38kg


  • The high waist design covers excess fat and puts the body in a good figure.
  • It is very skin-friendly and provides adequate warmth.


  • Not true to size.
  • A bit more expensive at $34, than other wetsuit pants.

Seaskin Wetsuit Pants

Specially designed for aquatic activities, these Seaskin women’s pants have a simple and less complex styling. The skin-tight fitting pants are produced with quality and long-lasting neoprene material.

It provides UV protection and warmth, plus a scalable fitting for movements both on and outside the water body.

The brand is responsible for making the pants also have male versions, making them non-gender based.

The flat-lock stitching ensures enough durability and comfort. The color design in the frontal thigh region is attractive and stylish,

Key Features:

  • Material: Neoprene, Nylon.
  • UV Protection.
  • Heat Insulation.
  • Three-layered fabric.
  • Closure Type: Front Zipper.
  • Flat-lock stitching technology.


  • Brand: SEASKIN
  • Model: Women’s Flame 11
  • Weight: 0.34kg


  • Heat insulation regulates body temperature in a cold water body.
  • Anti-abrasion and UC protection, especially in cases of rubbing body on surf board’s rough edges.


  • It does not assure instant fitting after purchase.

GoldFin Wetsuit Pants

These GoldFin Women shorts have just the same likelihood as the Goldfin ankle-length pants but differ in their way. It is made with a breathable neoprene material just like the ankle-length pants, including the flat-lock stitch feature.

Additionally, the women’s shorts are also high-waisted, as it provides a closure to the stomach and other adjoining fats. It is slim-fitted, plus this shorts version offers more flexibility and comfort.

It is made in black, but also has another form which has a blue stripe run beside the thighs and around the waist specially made for stylish people.

Key Features:

  • Closure Type: Pull-on.
  • Material: 10% Nylon, 90% Neoprene.
  • Breathable neoprene material.
  • Flat-lock stitch.
  • 4-way stretch.
  • High-waist shorts, back key pocket.


  • Brand: GOLDFIN
  • Model: GoldFin Women’s Shorts.
  • Weight: 0.34kg


  • Back key pocket for putting keys or cards.
  • Easy to take care of, just rinse with fresh water and air dry.
  • Very affordable.
  • Neoprene material supports perfect shape recovery.


  • Zero UV protection.
  • Shorts length could allow for skin abrasions.

SkyOne Wetsuit Pants For Women

This pair of pants comes out as one of the best on this list, because of its 2mm premium neoprene thickness. The pair also features a full-length size, a natural fit, and a waistband which improves a natural fitting on the waist region.

It also features protection against the impact of harsh sun rays hitting on the body. This protects you from getting burnt skin during any of your surfing activities.

Surfing should be fun and this pair of pants is the right choice for you because it solves your problem of discomfort. This wetsuit is available in 3mm black and comes in different sizes, so you get to choose from any size range.

Key Features:

  • Material: Nylon and Neoprene.
  • Closure Type: Drawstring elastic closure type.
  • Ultra-violent [UV] protection.
  • Thermal insulation function.
  • Elastic Waistband.
  • Full leg length.


  • Brand: SKY ONE
  • Model: Sports All Season Athletics.
  • Weight: 0.52kg


  • Easy to wear and remove, courtesy of the drawstring elastic closure type.
  • Thermal insulation provides adequate warmth.
  • The pants are also easy to dry and wash. Hand washing is the preferred method of taking care of the pants.
  • UV protection ensures fortification against the impact of harsh sun rays hitting on your body, especially when surfing in the open sea.
  • The waistband type provides a firm fit on the waist region.
  • Very affordable.


  • Zero 4-Way stretches.
  • There is no presence of a durable stitching pattern, which means that the durability of the pants is not assured.
  • There are usual complaints from customers, against the size indifference in the pants.

ZEMFAY Wetsuit Pants

Most of the pants on this list are of high standard and quality, and this pair of pants from the desk of the ZEMFAY brand is just an addition to the long list. You have enough options to choose from, and I guess these pants add more to your list of choices.

It is comfortable and durable, not to mention the UPF 50+ protection which is just as needed to ensure the needed security against the wrong outcome of sun rays.

It also has a nice fit on your body because of its slim fit feature, and a skin-friendly feel. The flat-lock stitching technology is insurance for durability. The sizes available accommodate a lot of size variations.

Key Features:

  • Material: 90% 2mm Neoprene and 10% Nylon.
  • Thermal and skin-friendly fabric.
  • UPF 50+ protection.
  • 100% Soft Elastic material.
  • Flat-lock stitch technology.
  • 2/3mm Neoprene thickness.


  • Brand: ZEMFAY
  • Model: Pants-women-3mm-m
  • Weight: 0.39kg


  • The high waist style tucks in all visible body fat and belly into the pants, giving you a nice fitting and appearance.
  • Adjustable drawstring closure allows you to keep the pants intact, without them having to slide down.
  • Flat-lock stitching style averts skin irritation and ensures durability.
  • The pant keeps warm in cold weather.
  • UPF 50+ technology provides armor for the body against the effects of sun rays.


  • The smell of Neoprene could be irritating to some people.
  • The pants do not come in attractive colors or designs.

FLEXEL Wetsuit Pants

The premium Neoprene material used in the production of these pants suggests its quality and goodness.

This pair of pants for surfing and other water sports is what you would pick if you want to look classy on your surfboard, at least not everyone gets to get that accolade of “Your pants look nice, where did you get them?”.

At this moment, you might be wondering why this one pant makes this list. So, here you go, it is made with an ankle-tight style that makes sure that there is no passage of water into the pants.

Another quite interesting feature of FLEXEL water gears is their ability to stretch and retract almost immediately, without having to slack. And these pants here are not found wanting on that note.

They are available in black and navy blue with a colored stripe by the side. There are diverse sizes, a size chart to guide you is also available.

Key Features:

  • Material: 90% Neoprene, 10% Nylon.
  • Closure Type: Pull Rope.
  • Three-layered stretch fabric.
  • Full leg length.
  • Ankle-tight style.


  • Brand: FLEXEL
  • Model: 2mm dark blue Women’s Wetsuit.
  • Weight: 0.43kg


  • Breathable Neoprene material provides a regulated temperature and fosters quick drying.
  • Ideal for surfing on low tides due to its cozy fitting.


  • Pull rope closure type is insecure, as the rope can get drawn out leaving the waistband loose.
  • Zero UV protection.

PZZMY Wetsuit Shorts Pants

The PZZMY brand is renowned for making befitting wetsuits for both men and women while being poised in crafting all the needed features in a short.

Be as it may, this pant is one of their innovative products, which seeks to refine in crafting all the needed features in a short.

Be as it may, this pant is one of their innovative products, which seeks to refine our surfing experience by providing you comfort which most people sort after in full-length pants.

The texture of these pants gives it away as a strong one, being made from premium neoprene SCR.

The brand that is behind this product has a thing for a unique pattern and they did justice on these pants. The pants fit well and make movement super easy.

Key Features:

  • Material: 90% Premium SCR Neoprene, 10% Nylon.
  • Flat-lock stitching.
  • Thermal insulation.
  • Closure Type: Drawstring.
  • Skin tight construction.
  • Suture folding technique.


  • Brand: PZZMY
  • Model: PCD03-S
  • Weight: 0.38kg


  • Zero skin irritation, courtesy of the flat lock stitching style.
  • The super stretch feature improves locomotion while surfing.
  • Reduction in heat loss due to thermal insulation.
  • Very durable, with a strong textural feel.


  • Zero UV protection.
  • Shorts length does not protect all the legs.

ATTRACO Swim Pants With Pockets

To call it a wrap, this is a trend-inspired pant for surfing and other sports or activities in the water. This pair of pants is a long swimming pant, with a firm structure and appearance.

The pant has double side pockets which can hold some of your kinds of stuff like cards, or phones. In addition, it ensures anti-sunray protection, plus a quick-drying and lightweight material.

It has an affordability range of $20 – $23 while providing such values. It is available in nice colors which you should check out.

Key Features:

  • Material: 82% Nylon, 18% Spandex.
  • Pull-on closure.
  • Double side pockets.
  • High waist, long length pants.
  • Ultra light-weight.
  • Front lining.


  • Brand: ATTRACT
  • Model: Swim Pants with Pockets.
  • Weight: 0.18kg


  • The side pocket provides enough space for putting your properties like keys, cards, and especially your phone while stepping out.
  • Multifunctional.
  • Built-front lining performs a non-see-through function.
  • High waist tummy control.


  • It can be too snug to wear for a couple of weeks, after the first purchase.

Qualities To Consider in Choosing Surfing Pants

Durability and Comfort

Whether the pants are durable or not should be put into thought. Also, the pant should be able to ensure comfort and irritation-free, to foster painless surfing.

UV Protection

Good surfing pants should have a protective feature against sun rays while surfing on the open sea. This helps to prevent skin burns.


You should endeavor to choose only pants made with quality materials like Neoprene, elastane, and nylon. They protect against skin abrasion.


You have to consider the method of maintenance and decide the one that suits you the most. You can either take a hand-washed pant or a pant that is only air-dried.


It has been a really interesting journey, getting you to have a peek into the 12 best pants for surfing, which are specifically made for the ladies.

Most of these pants protect from some sensitive hazards, others don’t but they are all of immense quality.

Their different styles of production, plus design pattern gives you a wide range of options to decide on.


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