12 Best Lululemon Leggings for Cellulite (in 2023)

Lululemon leggings are actually the best leggings for cellulite. I understand how embarrassing it can be for most women to have their cellulite exposed by the leggings they wear.

Trust me, you wouldn’t want to have the whole world staring at you awkwardly. But, not to worry. I have carefully selected some lululemon leggings that will best hide the molds on your body.

Lululemon is best because it is thick, soft, lightweight and it offers great wicking.

Top Picks

  1. Most Affordable: Lululemon Crop III Yoga Pants
  2. Best for Cellulite: Lululemon High Times Pant
  3. Perfect Wicking: Lululemon Align Crop Pants
  4. Most Flattering Fit: Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants
  5. Best Align Model: Lululemon 7/8 Yoga Pants
  6. Most Lightweight: Lululemon Hi-Rise Pant 25″
  7. Best for Running: Lululemon Fast and Free High Rise Pants
  8. Best Yoga Pant: Lululemon Hi-Rise Tight 28″
  9. Most Comfortable: Lululemon Align Yoga Pants
  10. Best Flat Seams: Lululemon Wunder Under Tight 25″
  11. No Thigh Chafing: Lululemon Swift Speed Pants
  12. Best for Hiking: Lululemon Fast and Free Pants

Top 12 Lululemon Leggings for Cellulite

Lululemon Crop III Yoga Pants

I have been wondering why the is so much fuss on Lululemon Leggings until I checked them out myself. Taking out more than $100 to buy a pair of leggings is not trivial at all. That legging must be worth it.

Lululemon leggings actually worth the dollars they are charged for. This Wunder Under model is a good example of a legging that is made to cover up the cellulite in women.

It is made of Luxtreme fabric and it is made with a waistband pocket for easy storage of important items while using it.

I love that this legging is good for wicking as it dries out sweat so quickly and it goes unnoticed. Lululemon leggings are also long-lasting and this very one is durable as well. This legging is soft and comfortable.

That is what you pay so much for, comfort. The Luxtreme material has a smooth feel. Another thing I like about these Wunder crop pants is that it is well-fitting on the body.

Lululemon High Times Pant

The truth is, every Lululemon leggings mentioned in this post are good for cellulite. But, I find this particular High Times legging the perfect legging that will hide cellulite perfectly.

This legging can be used for yoga, running, or jogging. The fitting is really flattering on the body and I’m certain that you’ll love this.

It is made of nylon and lycra elastane. Here is another thing I admire about this legging, it is in a high-rise style.

I am sure you do not want to start pulling your pant up while in the middle of an exercise. That’s why I love high-rise leggings.

This legging has good wicking also and sweat won’t stay on your body. I learned of someone who used this for 4-day camping in the forest and the legging didn’t start to smell until the 4th day. That goes to show how good it is at wicking.

The primary benefit here is that it hides cellulite and you won’t have to face any embarrassment when it comes to your body.

This legging is also very comfortable and the fitting is flattering. It is expensive, but it is worth the money.

Lululemon Align Crop Pants

Now, here is some Lululemon leggings I think have the perfect and best wicking. In addition to having your cellulite hidden and well covered, this legging dries off sweat very fast. It is expected for one to sweat during a gym session or any exercise.

But, it can also be embarrassing if your sweat is really visible under your pants when you’re done with the exercise.

This is why you do not only need to have your cellulite covered, you also need to stay dry while using this legging. This legging is high quality.

It is made of nylon and lycra elastane. This is also in high-rise style and I’m sure that you will love this just as I love it.

This legging is comfy and feels very comfortable on the body. This legging is soft and has a perfect fit. So, you are not only concerned about hiding your cellulite and wearing unfit leggings.

But, you will hide your cellulite adequately and then look good on your legging.

Lululemon Wunder Under Yoga Pants

Talking about fit. I mean, flattering fit. Here is a Wunder Under pant that will cover your cellulite and then still remain flattering on your body.

I know how women are so sensitive about their bodies and how they need to wear clothing that will make them stay confident.

In a bid to make up for one thing (cellulite), some might end up lacking in another (flattering fit). This legging is here to bridge that gap.

Making you stay confident while covering the cellulite and ensuring a flattering fit. Which would you rather go for?

This legging is made of quality fabric, which is why it is expensive. It is soft and it has good compression. One thing about this legging is that you can wear it out for work in public.

You do not only need it for exercise or yoga, you can comfortably wear it out for work. This is because the material is thick and soft at the same time.

Then, this legging is in high-rise style and it is fitting. It is available in nice good colors. This legging has great seams and it is stretchy.

Lululemon 7/8 Yoga Pants

There are many models of Lululemon leggings. But, the Align Model seems to be heading others. I found this legging to be the best for Align Model. It is an original yoga pants and it is quite expensive.

This legging is available in a high-rise style. I would really advise you to get leggings in a high-rise style.

All Lululemon leggings are soft and that is the reason many people like lululemon, among many other reasons. I like the fact that this legging is comfortable just as it is soft.

Thinking of getting something cute? I think the length of this legging is cute. It is kind of different from every other conventional length.

The material used for this legging is great and of good quality. It is made of lycra spandex and Nulu fabric. It is also good for cellulite.

Lululemon Align Hi-Rise Pant 25″

What happens with most leggings that are intended for cellulite is that, they might get heavy because of the thick material used for the legging.

But, this particular Align Lululemon legging is lightweight and it is thick enough to hide cellulite. I consider this the most lightweight legging in this collection.

This legging is made with a hidden pocket where you can store your important items. It also has good wicking as it dries sweat quickly. It is really smooth and it feels so on the body.

This legging is made of Nulu fabric which is lightweight. It is comfortable and it has a perfect fit. Please note that you have to be sure of your size before ordering.

Of most importance to me in this article is the fact that this legging covers cellulite on the body and it does it perfectly.

Lululemon Fast and Free High Rise Pants

I am not only here to show you the lululemon leggings that will cover your cellulite, I have shown you enough. I am also going to show you the ones to use for certain activities.

Like this one, I picked this legging to be best in use for running. You shouldn’t go running without this Fast and Free legging. It’s not just about the name, it is what it works for.

Be rest assured that this legging will cover your cellulite perfectly. This legging is made with a drawstring closure where you can easily adjust the size of the legging on your waist.

This legging also has a waistband pocket just like most Lululemon leggings. And then, it is lightweight and really comfortable.

It is made of Nulux fabric and it is really soft. So, this legging does not only have a waistband pocket, it has side pockets where you can store valuable items like your phone.

This legging was actually designed for running and I strongly recommend you get this if you want a legging for running. You can also use it for other activities.

Lululemon Hi-Rise Tight 28″ Pants

I know that most women need leggings for yoga and that is why most of these leggings are named after yoga activities.

I picked these as the best yoga pant because it is soft and flexible and it is actually made for yoga.

This legging has a waistband pocket and the length size is 28 inches. So, this is actually very long and it will get to your ankle. If you need long pants, I think you should get this.

Another reason this is great for yoga is that it is in a high-rise style. So, even while you bend, your body is still covered.

This legging is made of Luxtreme fabric which is soft. The fabric has a smooth feel and it has a perfect fit on the body.

I have realized that, when it comes to leggings, there is not so much fuss about the fitting because they are stretchy and they are made to fit.

Unless you ordered the wrong size. So, this legging is not only good for yoga, it can be used in the gym for other exercises and you will feel comfortable in it.

Lululemon Align Yoga Pants

People who know me know that I don’t trade comfort for anything. Especially if I have to pay so much for it.

As much as this legging is expensive, it is actually worth the money because it is comfortable.

And then, it is good for cellulite. Here, I am guaranteed two things: cellulite covered, and comfort enabled. In case you’re wondering, these is actually authentic Lululemon leggings.

I will advise that you hand wash it to avoid quick damage. This Align legging is in full length and if this is what you want, then go for it.

This legging is made of Nulu fabric, nylon, and elastane. Apart from how comfortable this legging is, I like the fact that it has a flattering fit.

So, you get to wear something comfortable and you look the way you want to in the legging. Terrific! The styling is great and the material is soft. It is the softness of the material that guarantees great comfort.

Don’t also forget that, this will hide cellulite. So, if you’re looking for a legging that you’ll be comfortable in and have your cellulite covered, then get this.

Lululemon Wunder Under Tight 25″

A flat seam is what many people complain about in leggings. When the seams are not flat enough, the legging may be peeling when it rubs on the thigh.

Here is another legging that is in high-rise style and I’m sure that you will love this as much as I do. It has a waistband pocket and I think that is cute. The material is smooth and soft. This feels so smooth on the skin and that makes you comfortable in it.

The legging is stretchy so you won’t have to bother about the fitting. It fits so well and it’s flattering.

This legging is made of Luxtreme and it is long-lasting. This is another reason people really like Lululemon leggings.

They last so long and that’s something you should spend your money on. I also like that this legging can be used for biking and running.

In fact, it can be used for any cardio work in the gym and outside the gym. Did I mention that it is good for cellulite? My bad. This legging actually covers cellulite perfectly and you need to get it.

Lululemon Swift Speed Pants

When I started my research on leggings, I discovered that thigh chafing is the common complaint of people who wear leggings. So, it interests me to find something that will not easily have that fault.

And here, this swift-speed Lululemon legging will not only cover your cellulite but will also stay without chafing for a long time.

It has a drawstring closure for an adjustable fit on the waist. It is actually designed for running. It has drop-in pockets for your phone and it’s smooth and flexible.

I just love this legging because it has no inner thigh chafing which is common in most leggings used for running. This legging is also in high-rise style and I don’t think you have any reason not to buy this.

And then, it conveniently covers cellulite and keeps you comfortable. I think this is worth spending so much money on.

The length size is 28 inches and that is long enough. So, get this legging and say “no” to the inner thigh chafe while comfortably hiding your cellulite.

Lululemon Fast and Free Pants

I picked this as the best for hiking in my top picks because it last long and it dries off sweat quickly. When you go hiking, you know that you are gonna sweat a lot.

Because you might probably be carrying a bag pack which is a load and that alone can cause you to sweat. So, this legging has a drawstring closure which is needed for an adjustable fitting on the waist.

The legging is good quality and that is why it is expensive. It has a waistband pocket and I’m sure you’ll love that.

This legging is made of Nulux fabric and lycra fiber is added for shape. It is also good for cellulite and that is why it is on this list.

I mentioned earlier that it has great wicking and trust me, you need that in leggings. You might also like that it is lightweight and you don’t have to feel heavy while hiking or doing any other activity.

Another thing about this legging is that it is in high-rise style and I really like that.


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