12 Best Levi Jeans to Wear With Jordans (Reviewed in 2023)

Pairing your Jordans with the right jeans might seem like a difficult task, but when this task is done right, you would be glad you didn’t just put on any jeans with your Jordans.

The Jordans are classic sneakers, loved by almost all sneaker lovers. They would need smart jeans to match it.

Levi has a ton of collections of beautiful, smart jeans and they keep filling the market with more. But are they all meant to be matched with Jordans? No, of course not.

Skinny jeans are likely the best choice for Jordans for their chunky look, but there are other styles of Levi jeans that will fit all right.

Did you just get yourself a pair of Jordans and you are confused about what pair of Levi jeans would suit it?

Or, probably you have a wardrobe filled with Levi jeans and you have been taking turns pairing them with your Jordans sneakers and you want to change from that lazy attitude and dress smarter?

Then this article is for you. We have put together Levi jeans that are best to match with your Jordans sneakers.

Top 12 Levi Jeans To Wear With Sneakers

Levi jeans Unique features Rating
Levi 512 Slim Taper Slim fit cut with tapering from knees to ankle 4.5/5
Levi 511 Slim fit Slim-fit cut jeans 4/5
Levi 510 Skinny Fit Skinny-fit jeans 4.5/5
Levi 501 Straight-fit cut jeans 4.4/5
Levi 541 Athletic Slim Fit Slim-fit good for muscular build 5.0/5
Levi 531 Athletic Slim Taper Slim-fit with tapering from mid-thigh to ankles, good for an athletic build 4.6/5
Levi 513 Slim Straight Jeans They are low-rise jeans that sit beneath the waist 4.6/5
Levi 720 High Rise Skinny Jeans Skinny jeans with high rise 4.4/5
Levi 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans They have a tummy-slimming panel 4.5/5
Levi Women’s Ribcage Bootcut Jeans They have the highest rise and bootcut legs 4.3/5
Levi 505 Regular Fit Jeans Relaxed cut with extra room at the thigh and a 16 inches leg opening 4.4/5
Levi 724 High Rise Jeans A high rise that brings out the shape 4.3/5

Levi 512 Slim Taper

The Levi 512 slim-taper was introduced after 511, and just like the Levi 511, the 512 has the same slim silhouette and also sits low at the waist.

The slight difference is that the 512 has a relaxed feel at the waist and hip, and slightly narrows from thigh to the ankle.

The tapered legs give it a more customized and tailored fit. It will fit well with Jordans, especially the high-top style. The 512 feels like skinny jeans compared to the 511 because of its narrower fit.

These jeans will hug your body nicely with a comfortable fit that’s not too tight.

The Levi 512 denim jeans are made of 99% cotton and 1% elastane. There are also those made with cotton, lyocell, and elastane.

The cotton material makes them soft to the skin while the elastane makes them more flexible and they will stretch with your skin as you move.

They are made with +Levi’s Flex stretch technology to enhance optimum flex and comfort. These slim-fit cut jeans come true to size. They have a 5-pocket construction and zip fly for closure.

They come in different colors like black, blue, grey e.t.c and will match any style of Jordans perfectly.

Levi Men’s 511 Slim Fit

The Levi 511 slim jeans are one of the most popular products from Levi on the market. It was first introduced in 2016 with a similar look to the 501 but with a slimmer fit.

These jeans feature a slim silhouette from the hip through the ankle. They sit below the waist and will not hug you tightly like skinny jeans and are not loose jeans either.

The majority of Levi 511 are stretch jeans, made with a blend of cotton and elastane to give them enough flexibility to move with your body. They will allow you to move freely and more comfortably.

These jeans are very comfortable for all-day wear and will match your Jordans perfectly.

They have a 5-pocket styling and zip fly as closure. These jeans will shrink with time but proper care will minimize the shrinkage. Do not wash frequently, once every ten wears are advisable.

The Levi 511 comes true to size and gives you the best fitting whatever your body size. They are a good alternative to skinny jeans. With the Levi 511 and Tee shirt to match, you will appear smart in your Jordans.

Levi 510 Skinny Fit

The Levi  510 jeans fall under the skinny category. They feature a very narrow silhouette and are made out of stretch fabric that will hug your skin tightly and allow easy movement.

Though skinny, the stretch fabric gives them a little room and helps you wiggle in them. This will help you to be more comfortable and confident while moving in them than having jeans with no room at all.

These jeans have a medium-rise waist that sits on your waistline and not below. They are tight in the seat through the ankles with a small leg opening.

The 510 is made from a combination of cotton, Tencel lyocell, and elastane

This combination makes them super flexible jeans with a soft feel on your skin. There will not be restrictions as you go about your duties all day. These sharp-looking jeans are good for many body types; from slim, athletic, and tall to short.

These jeans will fit nicely with Jordans sneakers, giving you a smart and stunning appearance. They have a 5-pocket construction and zip fly for closure.

Levi 501

The Levi 501 is an iconic wear from Levi. This is one of the first jeans made by Levi. The 501 has different versions available, but generally, they are straight-fit jeans that will match with Jordans. They are not body hugging and not baggy either.

They come in different washes and finishings. The 501 original fit is a straight cut from waist to ankles. It is a medium rise that sits above the waist.

There is no tapering in the leg, so the leg opening is a little wide. These jeans are made from 100% cotton and are not stretch fabric, but they are very comfortable, allowing you to move easily in them. The button fly is more reliable than the zip fly for closure.

However, if you prefer the slightly sleek and tapered version, Levi offers the 501 slim tapers. They have a slim fit from waist through ankles. There is a slight tapering from the knees to the ankles.

This gives it a more customized fit that will cling to your skin nicely in a loose fashion. They are crafted with a bit of organic cotton added to the original natural cotton.

They have stretch technology that gives you better comfort and helps you move more freely. These jeans sit at the waist and have a narrow leg opening.

The stretch allows better body movement, making you highly comfortable. The 501s have a 5-pocket style, they come true to size and are a very good match with your Jordans.

Levi 541 Athletic Fit Jeans

The Levi 541 was introduced for those who don’t like skinny jeans. The athletic fit can be described as a relaxed fit. It sits at the waist. It has a straight cut with enough room at the seat and thigh without being loose. This enhances comfort and easy mobility.

They slightly taper from mid-thigh to ankle for a sharp and more tailored look. These jeans are made with 100% cotton and offer enough room for easy movement. They also have some variants with 2% elastane.

The 541 also has stretch denim made with the Levi’s® Flex technology for extra flex. They are made with a combination of cotton, Tencel lyocell, and elastane.  The 541 are perfect for those with a muscular build, having larger thighs.

They come true to size and will match your Jordans perfectly. They have the 5-pocket construction.

Levi 531 Athletic Slim Fit Jeans

The Levi 531 is a slim fit designed for an athletic build. It features a straight silhouette with enough room at the seat and thigh area and a slim ankle. These jeans are just like the 541s but taper more from the mid-thigh to the ankle. The jeans sit below the waist.

They are made with the +Levi’s® Flex for good flex and comfort. They have a blend of cotton, elastane, and lyocell for a soft, flexible feel.

The 531 jeans are a perfect fit for those with larger thighs, who don’t want baggy jeans and prefer the narrow leg over the straight leg. Also, if you want a little room at the hip, then this is just right for you.

They come true to size and will match easily with your Jordans, complementing your look. These jeans have the 5-pocket construction and button fly as closure.  They are durable and give you lasting comfort all day.

Levi 513 Slim Straight Jeans

The Levi 513 Jeans are great for those with a slim but muscular build. This style gives a slim straight fit without any tapering. They are not the regular slim like the 511, but they fit closely to the body with enough room for movement.

These jeans have a low rise and sit beneath the waist, giving you the appearance of a long torso. They are made with cotton and elastane. These jeans have straight wide legs and will suit those with a slender frame and extra muscle mass at the legs.

If you also prefer the straight legs without the tapering, then this is a perfect choice to match with your Jordans.

The Levi 513 comes in the stretch version that has the Levi advanced stretch technology that allows more movement with the body. If you prefer the jeans with a little bit of stretch, then you go for the Levi 513-flex.

These jeans come true to size, they have the 5-pocket styling and will look great with Jordans.

Levi 720 High Rise Skinny Jeans

The Levi 720 is a modern fit for girls who love their jeans hugging their skin very closely. These jeans are built for those with a slim and chubby appearance.

They feature a high rise that sits above the waist and is skinny from the waist and hip through the thighs with extra skinny legs. The leg opening is very narrow. They are fit jeans designed to flatter, hold and lift.

They have a super-slender silhouette that hugs and celebrates your curves. These jeans have super stretchability to allow for easy movement. They are made with Levi’s Sculpt with Hyperstretch, an advanced blend of Lycra and cotton fibers to enhance the stretch.

They are made with a blend of cotton, lyocell, polyester, and elastane.

These jeans are perfect for your Jordans, they will spotlight your sneakers properly, attracting the right attention.

These classic jeans are perfect to hit the street for parties, dates or any casual occasions and with your Jordans, you would be the center of attraction.

Levi 311 Shaping Skinny Jeans

The Levi 311 shaping skinny jeans are great jeans for women. They are super comfortable with enough appeal that draws attention to you. These jeans have a mid-rise that is just perfect.

It shapes through the hips and thighs and becomes skinny at the legs. They outline the curves from hips down, stretching the legs.

They have a tummy-slimming panel that is extra comfortable and non-constricting, giving you enough room to breathe. You will go about your day without hardly noticing it and yet it does its work to smoothen all areas.

These jeans are made with the Levi’s® Sculpt fabrication plus Hypersoft to enhance comfort and great stretch.

They are super soft and great on the skin. They are made with the right blend of cotton, polyester, viscose, and elastane to bring maximum comfort all day.

They have the 5-pocket styling and zip fly for closure. These jeans are a perfect match for your Jordans.

Levi Ribcage Bootcut Jeans

These Women’s ribcage jeans are inspired by the 90s 501 originals. These jeans have a super high rise that accentuates your waist and hips.

They are slim through the waist, hips, and thighs and have bootcut legs. These flattering jeans will showcase your shape and lengthen your legs and give you a boost of confidence.

The ribcage jeans are super comfortable. They have a light stretch to enhance comfort and mobility. They are made with cotton and elastane.

They have sizes for all body shapes, whether you are slim or chubby, these jeans will fit perfectly. They are a great match for your Jordans, a perfect combination to complement your appearance.

They have the button fly for closure and perfect fit. They come with 5-pocket construction.

Levi 505 Regular Fit Jeans

The Levi 505 regular is another pair of jeans that are very good to go with Jordans. These jeans are a relaxed cut without being baggy. They feature a straight cut from waist to ankles that shows the shape a little.

They are a bit roomy at the thigh for extra comfort and breathability. The jeans sit at the waist and have a standard leg opening of 16 inches that will fit most types of shoes.

These jeans are made with 100% cotton. Some variants have a mix of cotton and elastane. These jeans fit true to size.

There will be little shrinkage after washing. The 505 regulars are good for casual hangouts and with your sneakers, your look will be completed. They have the 5-pocket style.

Levi  724 High Rise Jeans

The Levi 724 high rise is a great choice for women. The jeans mold to the skin and bring out the shape. This is high rise jeans that sit above the waist. It runs straight from the hip to the ankles.

This is a perfect choice for ladies who do not want a skinny fit. They are constructed with a mix of cotton, polyester, and elastane.

They offer maximum comfort and breathability with reinforced fabrics that are long-lasting. The jeans fabric allows enough stretch and movement.

These jeans are the perfect choice for your Jordans, giving you a smart appearance. They have the 5-pocket style and zip fly for closure.


Your style of dressing tells who you are, and dressing smart is the smartest approach to fashion. The right pair of jeans with Jordans improves your appearance, giving you a smart, appreciated look.

Match your Jordans with any pair of these Levi jeans and be ready for a day of fun and comfort. You can never get it wrong with these jeans.


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