12 Best Detergents for Washing Raw Denims (Reviewed in 2023)

Denim that has not been cleaned with water is called a ‘raw denim’. If your denim is not pre-washed before getting to you, then consider it raw.

Raw denim are tough and have the tendency to fade when washed this is why you need to clean them with detergents that will get rid of their factory smell and tints and won’t permit them to lose their color when you wash.

This article points out some of those detergents.

Top 12 detergents for Washing Raw Denims

Detergent Distinguishing Features     Rating
The Laundress Laundry Detergent It is designed based on educational backgrounds by fiber scientists. 4.5/5
Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder It is made with lily, floral scents, and enzymes to ensure proper stain and smell removal. 4.5/5
Terra Breeze Laundry Detergent Powder It is vegan-made 5.0/5
Seventh-generation Natural Laundry Detergent It is an almost completely Biobased product. It provides supplements to give light to white and other brighter colors. 4.5/5
D/Code Laundry Detergent It is. designed with a silver-scent invention to cancel out offensive factory smells. 4.5/5
Variance by Forever New Granular Laundry Detergent It is formulated essentially with baking soda and citrus 4.5/5
UNICORN Beyond Fiber Wash UNICORN Beyond Fiber detergent does not omit Lanolin, it softens up your raw denim 5.0/5
Tyler Glamorous Wash Detergent Tyler glamorous wash does not have elements of phosphate 5.0/5
Diva Glamorous Wash Detergent It is practical in revamping smells 4.5/5
Zero Odour Laundry Odour Eliminator This detergent does not camouflage odors or mask smell 4.5/5
Ohm Earth’s Wash Laundry Detergent Sheet These strips melt wholly and hastily in water that is septic protected, without leaving debris after washing 4.5/5
Binbata Laundry Detergent Sheet Expanded in this detergent are enzymes that are concentrated. 4.5/5


The Laundress Laundry Detergent

This home cleaner is mindful of the surroundings and is great for fabrics. Its dashing and luxury packaging holds the practical formula for substituting unpleasant odors for green scents.

Since common detergents have defects on clothes and on the skin, Laundress decided to come up with a remedy so, this detergent is favorable to the atmosphere.

It is designed based on scholarly settings by fiber scientists, this makes them care adequately for denim using detergent. Also, it is nice on clothes and rough on stains.

Laundress detergents are endurable since It is wholly created from reused substances. This label offers a diversity of laundering products from detergents for different washes to others that blot out stains and are recommended for subtle prescriptions. It is friendly for babes denim too.

Laundress Detergent is an ideal stain cleanser. Its brightening effect is advantageous to persons who wear white as office uniforms or casual wear.

It is absolutely concentrated and its Jasmine and gentle lily smell last long. Whether or not your raw denim is sensitive, Laundress detergent is extremely functional in regards to blotting out stains.

Surf Excel Matic Top Load Detergent Powder

When you use this detergent to clean your raw denim, get set to be blown away by its floral and lily scent.

Apart from its super cleaning ability, this detergent has a delightful essence that overwhelms that of your stinky denim, especially if they carry a factory smell. Another impressive feature of this detergent is that it does not stimulate excess suds.

It is super friendly on adult and children’s skin and its scent has no side effects on the health. You can use this detergent to soak your extremely dirty raw denim and be assured to retrieve it remarkably clean after the whole cleaning process.

It is great for woollies and almost every sort of raw denim you can find.

They have different varieties like the aquatic breeze and so many others organized to deliver to you fresh smells after cleaning.

Surf Tropical Laundry Detergent also delivers two exquisite nature scents which are Feminine and soothing to the human senses.

This detergent is available for cleaning in liquid, capsule, and powdered form and can be used on any tone of raw denim.

The scent from this detergent keeps you boosted all day long. Its liquid variety is most suitable for cleaning in cold water and requires a certain quantity of usage which is clearly spelled out on the container or bag of the detergent.

Recently, Surf Tropical Laundry Detergent came up with an improved formula that is much more concentrated and gives better cleaning results.

Terra Breeze Laundry Detergent Powder

This laundry detergent has a pleasant feeling on your hands during washing. It is formulated with a nice, fresh smell, this Breeze Laundry Detergent is precarious and nice on delicate skin.

A comprehensive compound of ingredients has been put together to compose this pleasant scenting detergent.

They are further unique because they are helpful to you and the surroundings since they are vegan-made. In addition to that, they do not cause irritation.

These detergents are not costly, they are great for delicate and tough fabrics and can perfectly wipe stains from white and colorful clothes.

No need to bother about measurement when using this product since they are measured before being packaged, they are completely natural, and free of artificial dyes too.

You can employ Terra Breeze Laundry Detergent Powder in cold and lukewarm water, as you desire.

This detergent rubs out rough uneven pigments from your clothes and battles against pollution. This Breeze Laundry Detergent ensures that the environment experiences zero waste.

From their making process down to operations, their impact on society is a great one. This detergent is accessible in fresh smell and fragrance-free varieties, anyone you purchase guarantees you maximum satisfaction.

When you put this detergent into the machine with water in it, they melt and get set for execution on your raw denim.

Seventh-generation Natural Laundry Detergent

These detergents are made without tints and perfumes. It is an almost completely Biobased product. It provides supplements to give light to white and other brighter colors.

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergents have been reviewed to know how best it can remove stains and it has proven that it is exceedingly effective. This detergent works satisfactorily in hot water.

It is rare to find a detergent that can thoroughly wipe out oil pigments from denim like Seventh Generation Laundry Detergents. It is powder form makes it a bit safer. You can count on its new smell in place of the pungent odor.

It is built with 80 percent of renewable plastics. For the detergent in the container, when you take a look at the top and sides, you can clearly see the content, this makes them more credible.

Its ingredients do not completely favor individuals with delicate skin because it has certain kinds of preservatives, but it cleans very well and does away with stains.

Seventh Generation Cleaning Detergents are gotten from plants, it is friendly to the surrounding, helpful to your health, and guarantee you utmost quality.

Even after tidying up your raw denim, It does not leave it with an awful smell.

D/Code Laundry Detergent

Just in case you want to get new jeans, don’t worry about awful factory stains since this detergent focuses primarily on giving your raw denim a neat look.

D/Code Laundry Detergent is an unscented detergent that ensures that your jeans are very tidy. They are designed with a silver-scent invention to cancel out offensive factory smells.

This detergent works so well for mothers who nurse babies that do not need harsh smell or persons who go to the woods where tough animals can trace their presence by their smell.

You can as well use this detergent to wipe the dirt, food stains, smoke, or sweat from your jeans after washing them for the first time.

For persons who do not like heavily smelling clothes, this detergent is also suitable for you, since they are not made with a strong fragrance. They prevent your jean’s color from washing away too.

To clean your raw denim, use a machine for more efficiency. If you must hand wash, then soak for a few minutes before washing with D/Code detergent, and then rinse.

Variance by Forever New Granular Laundry Detergent

This detergent is a potent odor remover. It takes away the chemical smell from your raw jeans, leaving them smelling clean. Also, it is composed of safe ingredients which are safe for babies as well.

You can bank on Variance Laundry Detergent for the smooth and sleek texture it introduces to your stiff raw denim after getting rid of its unpleasant odor.

It is produced in scented and scent-free varieties for persons who cannot stand tough smells. Variance Laundry Detergent further eliminates uneven dyes or chemical stains from your raw denim.

This detergent keeps your denim tidy and smelling neutral. After washing your denim with this material, it leaves no residue that causes allergy, it is biodegradable.

Also, this detergent protects your denim and extends its span, it has the capacity to renew abandoned denim that are unwashed since it contains baking soda and citrus.

It also protects the shape of your denim, especially its elasticity. It does not have chlorine, nor does it damage the yarns woven to form the fabrics, but brightens your raw denim, and leaves them with an original essence.

UNICORN Beyond Fiber Wash

This scent-free detergent is super for persons with fragile skin since they are made with safe ingredients.

UNICORN Beyond Fiber detergent does not omit Lanolin, it tidies up your raw denim appropriately and does not require a specific description of soft or hard water or even a mandatory temperature of water to clean properly.

This detergent is strong enough for stiff raw denim, it abolishes offensive smells on subtle denim as well.

It refreshes your denim and executes a satisfactory outcome after scrubbing. This detergent rubs out factory smells, chemicals, and horrible smells just like some artificial dyes from your denim, and keeps it sparkling clean.

Unlike a typical detergent, this Fiber Wash does not leave a yellow effect.

To wash your raw denim with this detergent, you need to soak it till it distributes properly in the water and then put it in your raw denim.

Without allowing the fibers to rise, put in some more detergent directly on the stained area and wash. If you want to get rid of undesirable smells, you don’t need to add some more detergent, simply wash and rinse thoroughly.

Another technique to clean your raw jeans with this detergent is to use wool to wash them. All you need to do is to add some detergent in a small quantity of warm water, then put some wool in the machine at intervals.

This will reduce the foam in your machine or container, afterwards, you can rinse and dry it.

Tyler Glamorous Wash Detergent

If you need a detergent not just to wipe out dirt from your raw denim, but to leave on it a sweet smell, then Tyler Glamorous wash is what you need.

This detergent makes your raw denim look better and smell nice. Aside from the neat looks that your denim gets from this detergent, they smell like flora and fruits or a whiff of chocolate.

This detergent has a good result on white-colored raw denim. You can also use them for your fine fabrics since they provide an enduring sweet smell and do not necessarily require you to make use of machines when cleaning your denim.

Also, you can purchase your Tyler Glamorous wash in a spectacular scent called Katina. This fragrance is gotten by blending in lily of the valley fragrance with rose and citrus.

When you wash your raw denim with this detergent, the sweet smell does not easily go away immediately after you rinse but remains even after drying them. It is efficient and not costly to purchase.

Tyler glamorous wash does not have elements of phosphate, these make them cautious for a wide variety of raw denim.

They are not made with toxic ingredients but in varieties of scented detergents, which include a single smell and blended forms. This detergent combines a sensation of freshness and fragrance.

Diva Glamorous Wash Detergent

This detergent can be phrased as Diva scent due to its practicality in revamping smells.

If you need a detergent to wipe off stains or clean sweats from your raw denim, then Diva Glamorous Wash is what you should make use of.

This detergent tidies up pants with chemical stains or denim that are extremely stiff. It protects your denim alongside so as you wash, your denim materials keep getting better and smoother.

Before you use this detergent to clean your raw denim, ensure that you shake the bottle properly so that the perfume formulation can be active. Since this detergent works so well on heavy types of denim used for utility jobs, it functions better in a machine.

Diva Glamorous Wash is not too expensive to purchase neither is it difficult to get when you consider shipping.

Diva’s unique scent makes them popular and in high demand.

Zero Odour Laundry Odour Eliminator

To wipe out specific elements and chemical compounds, this Zero Odour Detergent is suitable for you.

This detergent does not camouflage odors or mask smells, it eradicates bad odors thoroughly from fuel smells, chemicals, and preservatives in forms of dyes. These products are not unhealthy, they are non-allergenic but biodegradable.

In the components of this detergent, there is no bleach or elements of chlorine, this makes it possible to tidy up denim without staining them.

This Laundry Kit is a breakthrough component that abolishes undesirable smells from your denim and the surrounding where you clean them. It also tackles your household laundry odors.

Primarily, it transforms smell molecules from raw denim into non-odor molecules. When you make use of Zero Odour Laundry Odour Eliminator, the horrible factory smell on your jeans will be permanently wiped off.

In recent times, the latest invention included in the formulation of this detergent cleans up odors in a shorter period of time.

The detergents replaced bad denim smells with heavier scents. They are beneficial to the environment and puts on your raw denim a fresh nice scent.

Ohm Earth’s Wash Laundry Detergent sheet

This rich detergent works so well. They are biodegradable sheets put together as detergents free of bleach, dyes, and chemicals. This detergent is sensitive to your skin.

Ohm Earth’s Wash Laundry Detergent sheet are Zero waste and environmentally friendly. Ohm Wash is safe and simple to use. These strips melt completely and quickly in water which is septic safe, leaving no debris after washing.

This detergent is more effective when you use them in a machine to wash. They clean properly, protecting your colored clothes and brightening your whites. These Earth’s detergents are easy natural solutions for brightening your raw denim.

Also, Ohm Earth’s Wash Laundry Detergent is not harmful to your skin. When you use this detergent to wash your raw denim, you will get a satisfactory result.

Binbata Laundry Detergent Sheet

This detergent sheet is one of the fastest dissolving laundry papers, they do not leave residues on your denim after you wash them in hot or cold water.

Not only can you use this detergent in any temperature of water, they function well in hard and cold water, providing you an expected result.

This plant-based detergent solution is made from coconut oil and other mild, helpful elements which will not damage your skin.

The latest invention of this detergent is 8 times intense cleaning power which works swiftly on your raw denim.

This concentrated creation cleans swiftly, producing little or no foams with a sparkling look as end result. Binbata Laundry Detergent Sheet lessens carbon emissions because they are small in size and favorable to the climate.

Added to this detergent are enzymes that are concentrated. Also, the detergent loosens up your raw denim, you can use this detergent against other stains in your next cleaning.


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