10 Best Blue Jeans That Does Not Fade (in 2023)

Aside from putting on black jeans for outdoor events or meetings, blue-colored jeans are also versatile.

Just like black jeans, blue jeans fade too and when they do, they tend to lose their aesthetically pleasing looks which attracted you to them at first glance.

Even though some blue jeans fade, there are specific designs that do not lose their color when you wash or dry them, they are just perfect for your occasions and day-to-day activities because of their undying rich blue tone.

In this article, you will get to know some of those blue jeans and their outstanding features.

Top 10 Blue Jeans that do not fade

Blue Jeans Unique Features  Rating
Wrangler Authentics Cotton Jeans Striking pockets in watch-size and bigger sizes with flat vintage rivets on them 4.5/5
Pajama Denim Jeans Denim is stretchy and soft 4/5
Signature by Levi Denim Jeans Designed with 99% of cotton and a sprinkle of elastane. 4.5/5
Riders by Lee Straight Leg Jeans Seams on the leg are made in R-Flex progression. 4.0/5
Levi’s 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans Look free from the waist downwards. 4.5/5
Democracy Skinny Jeans They run big 4.5/5
Gloria Vanderbilt Crop Jeans Fine embellishments and clean stitchings 4.5/5
Levi 501 Original fit Jeans Made with elastic silhouette and premium denim. 4.5/5
Democracy Straight legs Jeans Fit like jeggings but are thinner and slightly thicker 4.5/5
Kunmi Curvy Jeans They have Butt-Liftion innovation for amplified jeans style. 3.5/5


Wrangler Authentics Cotton Jeans  

These jeans are constructed with top quality. The denim used for their designs are nice and you can get them in many styles and size for different occasions.

They have attractive pockets in watch-size and bigger sizes with flat vintage rivets to hold the sides of the pockets more closely. Although their quality is impressive, they are not costly, but durable.

Their double-seam layout makes the design brilliant wear for work. The tint applied to these jeans by foam does not wash away over time, instead, they look better as you wear them.

They have sliding waistbands for enhanced stretch and a more satisfactory fit. Their denim is thick and soft at the same time, they are also friendly ecologically and receptive in terms of fitting.

Notwithstanding, that they are made with 100 percent endurable cotton, these jeans have a little bit of elastane for flexibility.

Their knee, waist, and ankle areas are adequately cut, these make their regular and classic styles fit appropriately.

This variety of Wrangler jeans can last you for a long time, not minding if you use them for outdoor work, they slightly shrink as a result of the dominant cotton element in the jeans.

Pajama Denim Jeans

The blue variety of these jeans feels super comfortable on you as you go about your daily activities.

They have elegant details that make you stand out. You can get them clean in a machine without altering their dark color.

Also, the waist of these jeans is elastic, made from Dormisoft materials which can conform to different sizes and shapes.

The jean has five pockets with attractive modern styling. On the jeans are different stitchings with sturdy rivets for comfort and flexibility. Because of their stretchy and soft design, they are not difficult to put on.

The legs, from the hips to the thighs feel relaxed and they are hemmed in a symmetrical way. They fit smaller than normal, this is the reason why you should go for a slightly larger size and are not very heavy so you can move freely in them.

These jeans do not lose their shape, they accommodate overweight persons in a nice posture.

Although these jeans expand a little after wearing them, the stretchy fabric around the waist area is standby to give you a better fit. They are sold for a small amount and feel so relaxed.

Signature by Levi Stretch & Co Denim Jeans

These classic blue jeans are a great choice for outings. They are washed in vintage style with premium creative denim that spread and enables your lateral movements, this makes them great and swift for movement.

They are constructed with straight legs from the knee downwards and their back pockets are quite deep downwards.

Designed with 99% of cotton and a sprinkle of elastane, they are comfy and elegant. The fabric used to construct these jeans are not too thin and extremely thick, but soft and durable.

They also stretch out at the knee and butt area, although not in a very noticeable way because they return to their normal shape in no time. They are not only flexible and relaxed but also very affordable.

When it comes to their fashion looks, they have two regular pockets which are also made of cotton and look simple.

The woolen denim is easy to take care of, even in a situation where you put them on almost daily. They have a regular fit which makes them satisfactory.

Riders by Lee Straight Leg Jeans 

Their combination of cotton blended with polyester and deliberate structure guarantees utmost comfort.

They are made in relaxed fits for women and this mid-rise variety rests just below your waist with a slimmer fit from the thigh.

The denim used is premium stretchy ones, this means even after you wear or wash them, they hold their authentic form.

To their elegant look is a curved seam almost like a handmade effect that looks appealing. These straight-leg jeans have a fascinating shape that makes room for your curves and waistband technology to lift up and accentuate your contours for a better fit.

Recently, new innovations have been introduced with modern textures, unique fits, new heights, and a more relaxed waist.

Because of their curvy structure, they encircle your body as an hourglass silhouette would. They are available in different shapes, fits, and washes. Their gap-proof band covers around your waist.

The neat seams around the straight legs are part of the R-Flex progression. They provide you with enough space and maximum comfort.

They are made of 80% cotton, 19% of Polyester, and 1% of Zipper closure. Also, they suit virtually everyone that put them on.

Levi’s 550 Relaxed Fit Jeans

These model of jeans feels relaxed because their legs are loose. They perfectly suit persons who do not like jeans that rub or hug their feet tightly, that is the major unique feature, they are spacious at the thigh area.

Most Levi’s 550s are built as preshrunk pants so, they almost never shrink or slightly shrink after washing.

These relaxed jeans do not have cuts around the thigh and hip region, they simply feel free from the waist downwards.

They are mid-rise jeans that balance properly on your waist. Their friendly pocket styles add to their fashion.

They are completely made from cotton fabrics and have different washing styles which do not reduce their blue color.

They are designed with outstanding quality and skills. You can wear these jeans for your everyday events and emerge luxurious.

Democracy Skinny Jeans

If you need versatile jeans that will keep you relaxed during your activities at the office and flexible during outdoor events, then these are the ideal jeans for you.

They look fashionable and feel satisfactory as you move about the house doing the chores. Because of their flexibility, they are a nice replacement for your joggers when you go for road walks or hiking. They feel as comfy as pajamas.

They tend to conform to almost all body shapes and scopes. They have pear-shaped jeans which are one of the best curvy jeans you can find around for women. Their lift and enhanced technology make them look unique.

These mid-rise jeans are designed with 65% cotton, 33% of polyester, and 3% of spandex. For further aesthetics, the jean has six pockets made with based and stretch denim.

Because Democracy jeans run big, it is suggested that you go for a smaller size else then you won’t escape its pinches, making you ineffective at work.

These jeans have inner seems from the bottom running upwards, their legs are usually longer than normal so, just in case you feel uneasy, you can hem them.

The stretchy element at the waist area feels flexed, and the legs have loosed openings which gives you the comfort you require.

Gloria Vanderbilt Crop Jeans

These high-rise jeans are organized with a pleasant mid-division which makes you move confidently.

They are suitable for work, attending lectures, or casual outings. You can also get them in several desirable colorways, ornaments, and clean stitchings.

Their stylish looks keep you looking sophisticated. These taper high-rise jeans are built to balance properly on your waist.

Made with 73% of cotton, 25% of Polyester, and 2% of spandex, this makes them comfortable.

The cotton material feels soft and relaxed even after several washes, they do not shrink much or fade away.

They have a zipper closure, constructive pockets, and belt loops for a comfy fit. These high-rise jeans are versatile, they also have inner seam extension.

This blue color variety looks modern and striking as their styles hug your body leaving you with a flattering feeling.

You cannot ignore their pattern of construction and their rich blue tone which does not wipe away makes them one of a kind.

Levi 501 Original fit Jeans

These jeans are cool regular wear made to fit you precisely. Levi’s 501 has been in use for many years now and its quality has not declined one bit.

This variety is currently built with an elastic silhouette and premium denim. The non-stretch jeans are more popular and simpler to put on. These Original fits are made in a tapered silhouette and slender fit.

Constructed with 100% of cotton materials, they are designed to have functional pockets with straight legs. They have fly buttons as closures and loops for belts.

Their numerous size range and straight leg style make them fit a large number of people. They are made with extraordinary quality, they are not extremely costly, and do not fade away.

You can also trust their sturdy materials because they last for an extended period of time. They come in different washes which you can pick from, depending on your preference.

The 501 slim-taper has a taper from the knee level downwards. They stretch a little bit at the waist area for added comfort

Their front pockets are strengthened with brass rivets while the back pockets have pull tacks on them.

To make them more pleasing, the stitches on them are made with unique threads.

Democracy Straight legs Jeans

These jeans styles are simple and slender in the leg and thigh region. They are not really like pajamas, but sweatpants which are not so straightforward to put on. They fit like jeggings but are thinner and slightly thicker.

This makes them perfect wear for work and outings. These straight jeans feel relaxed and are accessible in a diverse range of sizes and patterns to fit different body types, yours included. Their slender styles make them unique.

They are made in actual fit and their lengths are just perfect. The waist, thighs, hips, and leg area of these jeans conform adequately to your body.

You can wash these jeans manually or using a laundry machine and be ascertained that their blue color will not wash away. Also, the polyester material will make the jeans stretch a little.

Kunmi Curvy Jeans

If you want to show off your curves, these is the best jean for you. They provide one of the most satisfactory fits for persons who have wide hips.

The elastic materials at the waist area and these materials do not fold up but remain relaxed and beautiful.

They are formulated with 90% cotton clothes, and 10% of polyester which is very adaptable and feels snugly on your skin.

These jeans are modeled after the Colombian skinny jeans for women who do a lot of work out and want to show off or women who want a rounder butt.

Their materials are breathable, stretchy, and comfy with outstanding quality, this is to ensure that the jeans are soft and they conform properly to your body’s shape. The fabrics are also sturdy and soft but don’t tear off when they stretch.

A Butt-Liftion innovation is added to enhance the jeans style. They have skinny legs which hug your legs and waist tightly. In so much as they are tight, they feel relaxed a can fit high shoes, sneaks, flats, and ankle boots.

They don’t itch nor do they fade off or shrink.


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