Lululemon Base Pace vs Swift Speed: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Base Pace and Swift Speed Lululemon is that Swift Speed is one of Lulemon’s compression cross trainers/ running pants, designed with deep pockets that can carry your smartphone.

They are made with a Luxtreme fabric, a material that not only feels warm but also supports your muscles making them better suited for running on colder days.  

The Base Pace, on the other hand, is one of the newest addition to Lulemon’s legging collection but they don’t come with side pockets, instead, they are tailored with a small pocket located in the back of the waistband.

This set is better suited for ladies who prefer a less restrictive or compressive material than Swift Speed leggings for running and performing other minimal range of motion. 

Although both leggings are tailored with a continuous sturdy drawstring that won’t lose its shape after washing.

They are quite different in terms of build quality, sizing, and style, and we are going to compare each legging so that you choose which fit is best for your workout training.                                  

Why this Comparison?

Making comparisons between two closely related products from the same brand is necessary and a useful guide for clarifying doubts.

It is known that Lululemon produces over 20 different styles of leggings from the Align fit, to the Invigorate leggings, Fast and free, and the Wunder Trains leggings. All of which are created to suit the rigors of a particular exercise rather than the other. 

The best style either comes with side/ no pockets or is made with varying amounts of stretch fabrics, some of which could be very thick like the Swift Speed while others feel very lightweight like the Base Pace Leggings.

And this is a clear indication as to what makes one legging stand out, what you love about them, and why you should buy such.  

We try to compare the Base Pace Leggings and the Swift Speed Lululemon side by side so that you can easily select which pair is best for your fitness journey.

And this guide is an honest review of both leggings, in terms of the build quality, material, and style. You will discover their pros and cons and why one qualifies as your next new buy.   

History of Base Pace Leggings

Base Pace Leggings by Lululemon, are geared towards runners and athletes who traverse different treadmills to achieve their daily goals.

The best feature about these leggings, which seems like a disadvantage, is the no-side pocket design. And for someone who doesn’t like to carry a lot while running on the best treadmills, the Base Pace leggings are a great companion. 

However, they are made to be lightweight, without an inseam, without the leg pockets, and most importantly fashioned with the same sweat-wicking fabric just as their Fast and Free leggings, but the only difference is their slightly different cut.

You will love how effective the back phone pocket on these leggings is as they come in handy for hiding small items like your credit cards and keys.

They have proven to keep their shape and unique softness even after several washes. As a result, they are the best for starting out on treadmills, the high-quality weave of the fabric, and excellent look make them pair effortlessly with any tank top.

Some other great feature about these leggings is that they are available in an array of colors, and prints. The good news is, even if you are not motivated to jump into the tracks, these babies will carry you seamlessly from start to finish. 

So, the Base Pace Leggings are highly functional even without pockets as they are made to help you avoid any discomfort you feel while running with your phones on the leg pockets, and just like any other Lululemon Leggings, they are indeed durable and worth the spending. 

History of Swift Speed Lululemon Leggings

Swift Speed Lululemon Leggings are not the leggings to opt-in for if you are planning on wearing them all day, or just casually while running errands.

And the reason is that they are made of fabric that is designed to be slightly thicker, more compressive, and ideal for winter running.

These leggings feature drop-in phone pockets on the legs, which will come in handy for carrying your essentials while on the track and in the gym. Also, there is a zipped pocket on the back, which is an iconic curation that is handy for your keys. 

They come with reflective spots on them which is good if you run in low light or at night.

Alongside the excellent quality is backed by its affordability, no wonder they are mostly loved by early morning risers and night owls alike who will appreciate these leggings for their compressive fit.

Also, the seamless design helps in reducing friction generated between your legs and fabric while you walk or run.  

They are great for long or intense runs during the colder weather and are ideal if you want a more flexible, secure, and zip-up back pocket.

Swift Speed is slightly thicker, and with more supportive fabric, than the Fast and Free Lululemon tights. 

Lululemon Base Pace vs Swift Speed: Comparison

Features Base Pace Leggings Swift Speed Lululemon
Size Sizes range from 0 to 20 The leggings are true to size
Style They are the most flattering and fit comfortably well They come with a lot of functionality, and versatility
Waistband Quality They are high-waisted and stay in shape Has slimming panel for tummy control
Leggings Quality Enough opacity to   prevents underwear lines They are seamless and offer you unrestricted movement  
Material Made with Lululemons Nulux fabric, because of it’s quick-drying nature Made with Luxtreme fabrics which feels thicker, and great for running under cold weather conditions
Fashion Quality They are available in 13 modern colors and prints They are available in 12 different colors in both the full-length and cropped lengths style
Inseam Length The inseam length range from 17″, 21″, 23″, 25″, and 28″ The length range from 17″, 23″, 25″, 28″, and 31″
Build Quality The leggings nicely hug you in all the right places They come with triangular gussets, and flat seams
Longevity/Durability They are tear resistant and long-lasting They feel compressive yet lightweight to carry your legs


The sizing of Lululemon leggings ranges from 0 to 20 but if you’re in between sizes, it’s better to size up to get the correct fit. And you probably don’t want the pants to fit too snugly, and restrict your movements. 

All Lululemon Leggings fit true to size most of the time. However, if you are not sure as to what size of leggings you wear, Lululemon offers you a free virtual consultation which you can schedule and get clarification on your size issue.

Doing this will make it easier to shop for your exact pair while shopping in person and online. So, when it comes to sizing, both leggings have it. It’s a DRAW!                           


When it comes to Base Pace Leggings, which is Lulemon’s newest style tailored with the Nulux fabric, they come in several variations of length, rises, colors, and even prints for that personalized style and fit that suits your daily workouts.

They are the most flattering and fit comfortably well. 

However, the Swift Speed Lululemon Leggings are no different as they are the perfect curation of fashionable work pants that come with a lot of functionality, and versatility too. So, in terms of style, the Swift Speed Leggings have it.                                                       

Waistband Quality

Both leggings are high-waisted and stay in shape while training. They don’t gap or bunch at the waistline, instead, they hold your waist as tight as possible to avoid unnecessary discomfort. 

Another feature we love about the waistband is the slimming panel which is a great addition for tummy control. Base Pace and Swift Speed Leggings do come with a higher band of about 4 inches.

Both brands have it in terms of waistband quality. It’s a DRAW!

Leggings Quality

Lululemon trainers are made with premium fabrics that are quite different depending on the style of each legging.

Interestingly, the brands consult their tests and wear teams after each production to confirm the functionality of every pair before making it available for their customers. 

A clear indication of the quality of the leggings is seen in the stretch, sturdy waistband, opaque construction that prevents your underwear lines from showing, and the seamless movement which these trainers offer you.

Their different solid colors are another source of admiration making them a brand you can trust for quality leggings. Both leggings have it in terms of quality. It’s a DRAW!                                                         


While Swift Speed leggings use Luxtreme fabrics which feels thicker, more compressive, and great for running under cold weather condition.

Base Pace Leggings are made with Lululemons Nulux fabric, because of its lightweight fabric, high rise, quick-drying nature, and waistband pocket which is large enough for a phone. 

Both leggings are constructed with high-tech fabric capable of supporting minimal to tough workouts. They are the best for sweaty workouts and you’ll love the fast-drying system in these leggings. It’s a DRAW!                                                                 

Fashion Quality

The Swift Speed leggings are available in 12 different colors in both the full-length and cropped lengths style.

While the Base Pace Leggings are available in 13 modern colors and print an extra addition to the former.

And this feature seems to be a major buying decision amongst trainers as the color of these leggings can motivate one to start the day on the right foot.  

Aside from the colors the quality and performance make them stylish and trendy for any lifestyle. When it comes to fashion quality, both leggings have it.                      

Inseam Length

Swift Speed trainers are available both as cropped and ankle-length leggings, and the length range from 17″, 21″, 23″, 25″, and 28″.  

Base Pace leggings also come in five different lengths but lack the 21″ length, but range from 17″, 23″, 25″, 28″, and 31″. Luluemon’s full-length leggings end at the 28″ inseam length, but the 31″ length is an addition if you need the extra length.

This means Base Pace offers you that extra choice over Swift Speed leggings. 

So, when it comes to the inseam length, the Base Pace Leggings have it. 

Build Quality

The construction of these leggings supersedes any low-quality leggings by 100%. From the inner lining to the blend of fabrics, and perfect fit, you will love the final silhouette that these pants depict.

They are made to nicely hug you in all the right places while supporting your legs to transition smoothly. 

Lululemon Leggings welcomes your legs with the warm feeling that triggers you to kick start the journey ahead.

They come with triangular gussets, and flat seams and the opacity is tested using real lighting so that they are not a see-through material. All these measures the capabilities of these leggings in any occasion and season. Both leggings have it, in terms of build quality. It’s a DRAW! 


The true value of a trainer depends on the fabrication and how they hold their shape after multiple washes and wear.

Both Swift Speed and Base Pace Leggings are tailored with utility in mind so that what you get is a gear that follows you everywhere and supports what you do. 

No doubt the Luxtreme and Nulux fabrics used in both pants are very durable, tough yet lightweight to carry your legs.

They are tear resistant and will only become baggy after a very long time of rough handling. It’s a DRAW! Both leggings have it in terms of durability. 

Final Verdict 

Now that you have decided which Lululemon fabric and legging style is best for you, in terms of the height of the waistband, the length of the inseams, and the different modern colors and fun prints, it would be money well spent on either of the two leggings.

And as Lulemon would have it, both leggings are stylish and functional in their own unique way. 

But considering the need for roomy pockets, leggings with more reflective details, a compressive fit that complements my muscles, and a drawcord system that allows one to tighten the fit at the waist, I think I will splurge on a pair of Swift Speed Lululemon Leggings instead. 


While the Base Pace Leggings are ideal for that comfortable all-day wear and non-exhaustive activity, they offer great style, soothing colors, and high durability.

So, whichever of the leggings suit your daily workouts, splurge on it, as the final decision is yours to make, and you will thank me later. 


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