Base Layer vs Leggings: Comparison

The major difference between base layer and leggings is the degree of warmth that one has over the other. Base layers are warmer than leggings.

And then, base layers are more relatable to men while leggings are relatable to women. So, when you mention leggings, it is likely that you will think of women. And then, when you mention base layers, men will likely come to your mind.

Also, base layers mostly come with long sleeve shirt with the pants, while leggings are majorly just pants and, for the ladies, they may need to wear a tank top on it.

First Glance At Base Layer

Just like I said earlier, base layers are mostly worn by men because they are made for men. So, you may probably check for them in the men’s category.

At first glance, you will notice the long pants and the long sleeve shirt of the base layer. The shirts are often round-neck.

The pant looks like a legging, but this time, they look like men’s leggings. There are not many designs on the base layers that you have to take special notice of.

You might as well notice the design of the crotch region with enough space for the crotch. Let’s check out these examples for more details.

Thermal Underwear For Men – 2-pack set

This is a base layer of underwear for men from the Thermal brand. The style is unique and they are available in many colors.

This actually comes 2 sets for the pack. It is actually very affordable and you can get it for $27 online. It has good moisture wicking and a lot of stretch.

This base layer, just like every other base layer, is suitable for colder temperatures. The material is soft and comfortable. You may do well to size up for a better fitting.

Dickies Men’s Base Underwear

This is another base layer from Dickies store and I’m sure you will love this as well. So, this comes in a long-sleeve pullover shirt and bottom pants.

The waistband is elastic and that assures a good fitting.

There is enough room for the crotch and the base layer has good moisture wicking. It is comfortable, soft, and silky. You can wear this under jeans during the cold weather.

The base layer is warm and it has a stretch-fit design. It is also lightweight and it is affordable.

First Glance At Leggings

Leggings are kind of familiar to me as a lady and to most people. The reason is that women wear leggings more for outings than men. Most men only wear base layers under clothes just to stay warm.

Most leggings have an inner pocket and some have side pockets that are noticeable. At first glance, you will notice the stitching design on most leggings according to the brand you buy from.

Some leggings are see-through and you have to avoid those ones, except that’s what you want. At first glance, you will also notice the waistband of the leggings; some may be elastic waistbands, and some may be rope waistbands.

Let’s check these examples for more details.

Ododos Women’s Cross Waist Yoga Leggings

Checking out this legging, I discovered that it is the favorite of many women in America and I couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

This legging comes with an inner pocket hidden in the elastic waistband. You can afford to keep your key or money inside there while running or exercising.

This legging also has moisture-wicking and it is stretchy as well. I recommend this to plus-size women because it is actually very fitting for plus-size women.

It is not actually a see-through legging, so you are properly covered. Also, it is lightweight and affordable. You can get it for $22 online.

Colorfulkoala Women’s High Waisted Yoga Pants

I actually love leggings from the Colorfulkoala brand. Their leggings are always buttery soft and comfortable. So, I selected this so you could just easily get this for yourself.

This legging has side pockets and I know that this is what most women prefer. You can keep your phone in the side pocket. The legging is very stretchy and it is not see-through.

It is very comfortable and it has a great fit on the body. And then, it is in high waist style which I love and it is affordable. You can get this for $25 online.

Base Layer vs Leggings: Head-to-Head Comparison

So, this comparison is to ascertain which one of these two is better for you to use. But, before we conclude on that, we are going to compare the construction, the quality, the comfort level, the size & fitting, the price, and the silhouette of base layers and leggings.

Base Layer vs Leggings: Construction

The construction of base layers and leggings are almost the same, just that base layers come with a long sleeve shirt and leggings do not. Most base layers are made in full up and bottom underwear and they are thicker than most leggings

Base layers are designed to keep warm and they are made with a lot of stretch. Most base layers are made of polyester and spandex, the same materials as most leggings. Base layers are designed with sufficient room for the crotch and they are designed to wick out moisture and keep warm.

Leggings, on the other hand, are designed for exercise, yoga, and sports. Most leggings are made with pockets for the storage of valuable items. Some leggings are high-waisted and some are mid-waisted.

Most leggings are made with polyester and spandex, some are made of polyamide and elastane. Most leggings are also designed to wick out moisture.

Leggings are really stretchy and they are more stretchy than base layers. Some leggings are see-through while others are not. Leggings are mostly designed for women.

Base Layer vs Leggings: Quality

The quality of either base layers or leggings will depend on the brand you buy from. It is advisable that you buy from brands that have a track record of producing good quality base layers or leggings.

Base layers are good quality when they can last long. If the base layer does not get loose easily, then that is likely a good quality one.

Also, if the base layer you purchase is able to function in the way it was made to function, then that is certainly a good quality base layer.

This also applies to leggings. If you are looking for good quality leggings, then get the ones I suggested above or you get the Lululemon leggings for a more expensive price.

Since women use leggings as regular wear, I think the ones that do not easily chafe are good quality ones. You need leggings that will last long without getting damaged.

At this point, I can’t really say which has the best quality, because base layers and leggings can be good quality depending on the brand you buy from.

Base Layer vs Leggings: Comfort Level

When it comes to leggings and underwear, comfort is vital. You shouldn’t give out comfort for anything, especially the men.

You need to stay comfortable under your base layer. Base layers are more comfortable for men than women. So, if women were to try out base layers, they won’t be as comfortable as they will be in leggings.

Here also, base layers are comfortable depending on the brand you buy from. Base layers basically provide warmth and moisture-wicking.

And, if they cannot provide that, then they are not comfortable enough.

Women feel more comfortable in leggings than base layers. Although some men can comfortably wear leggings, leggings are mainly made for women.

Most leggings are comfortable and you need to get yours from good brands. The stretch in leggings and the fabric contribute greatly to the comfort of the leggings.

By the time you order the right size, you are most likely to be comfortable. Also, leggings provide moisture-wicking and that helps to keep one comfortable.

Base Layer vs Leggings: Price

The pricing here varies with the brand. Base layers are actually more affordable than leggings. Even with the long sleeve pullover shirt plus the pant, they are still very affordable than leggings.

You can find a pair of base layers between $15 to $20. And some are in sets, just like the 2-pack set I mentioned above that is sold for $27. That’s quite affordable.

So, you shouldn’t bother about the money when you set out to buy base layers, you are likely to be able to afford them.

Leggings are more expensive than base layers. They are not that expensive, but some brands like Lululemon offer leggings for upto $100. That’s expensive I must say. But, there are other brands that sell leggings for a more affordable price.

You can find leggings for between $20 to $40. Some brands offer leggings much more expensive than that and you just have to purchase what you want and what you can afford.

Most of them are worth the expensive price and some are just good for the price. So, base layers are more affordable than leggings.

Base Layer vs Leggings: Size/Fitting

Sizing and fitting here are more dependent on the sex. Base layers will most likely fit men better than women.

For base layers, there is surely a size chart where you can select your size. I have checked some brands of base layers and men do complain about the sizing of some of them.

The size of some base layers may be just odd and you just have to find the right size for yourself. Some base layers are true to size and some are not. Base layers are also fitting.

Leggings are more fitting on women than on men. Leggings may be too tight on the crotch region for some men and that is because leggings were made for women. There is also a size chart available for leggings where you can check for your size and order.

Leggings are more true to size and they are fitting regardless of the brand. There are just a few sizing issues in leggings compared to base layers.

Generally, leggings have stretch and they tend to stretch to fit on the body. So, when it comes to size and fitting, leggings are better.

Base Layer vs Leggings: Silhouette

Base layers have the male silhouette. They are made of long sleeve shirts and bottoms. The chest region of the shirt is suitable for men and the pants are made with men in mind.

Although some base layers may not come with shirts, you will have to buy the shirt separately. Base layers are stylish for men and they only look cute for guys.

Most base layers are just plain in design and you may not want to wear them as regular wears.

Leggings are really cute and fashionable. I think this is why some men prefer wearing leggings themselves.

Leggings are generally made for women and they look cute on women.

Some leggings are butt lifting and that’s cute on women who want to achieve such an effect on their butts.

Leggings are available in many colors and designs and that gives you a lot of options to choose from. I think that leggings are more stylish and fashionable than base layers.

Final Verdict (Which Is Better?)

So now, which is better between these two? I am not sure I have to give a definite answer on this. The fact is that base layers are better for men and leggings are better for women.

You only really need to check which is better if you are deciding between brands. But, for now, I will say that any base layer you have with you as a man is better as long it provides the comfort, quality, and fit that I have mentioned above. The same thing applies to leggings.


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