Banana Republic Jeans vs Levi’s: Comparison

The major difference between Banana Republic jeans and Levi’s jeans is very clear in the sense that Levi’s Jeans are made to be stronger, in essence, they last longer than the Banana republic jeans.

This feature can however be attached to the fact that Levi’s has been in the market and in the world of fashion in general for a long time compared to the banana Republic jeans.

I will however split these individual jeans and then compare both brands in an attempt to clarify and compare which one is better and also why that one is preferred by the mass.

Why this comparison?

This comparison is very important. It is a step taken due to the number of questions asked on the internet with regards to both brands and their products in general.

Even with the fact that we are going to be comparing jeans made by these brands, I will, however, take my time to give a brief history of both brands, this history will enlighten you on how these brands started, where they come from and how far they have come.

Considering the fact that we believe strong and quality jeans are those that do not shrink and stretch out of shape, I have decided to make these two features (Shrink and stretch) my area of concentration.

History of Banana Republic Jeans

The Banana republic jeans manufacturing company which came into existence since the year 1978 has been a brand loved by so many, especially for the kind of jeans they produce.

Apart from the manufacturing of jeans, the Banana republic company is known for the promotion of other American-made labels like jewelry, clothing, and American-made handbags.

This company has come a long way with its contribution to the world of fashion in the sense that they make products for both male and female jeans.

Their jeans are made in a unique pattern that actually follows the shape of your legs giving you an athletic kind of fitting.

The athletic kind of fitting is defined as the type which gives you just enough grip and not too much. What I mean is it follows the shape of your leg giving just enough space so that the material won’t cost any irritation as the case may be.

The jeans made by this company are of excellent quality and this is because they are made using quality materials which is a key factor in what makes their wear recommendable.

Even though the Banana republic jeans are classified as a high-end brand, they are considerably expensive and are very much affordable to the masses as the case of consideration will be.

History of Levi’s Jeans

This brand that is specialized in crafting beautiful land amazing denim jeans has been in existence since the year 1853, they (Levi Strauss and Jacob Davis) managed to create or rather turn a piece of fabric and metal into something awesome that we now see as the most popularly used and preferred apparel on earth.

Having known all this, it is only fair to acknowledge the fact whenever you come across anyone wearing denim jeans that this is only possible due to those two visionary immigrants that changed the look of things entirely to date.

I wish we can honor this brand more, they are not only responsible for most of the denim jeans today, but they are also responsible for most of the shirts, skirts, and hats. It is a long list in regards to their products.

Their jeans offer a perfect fit, they fit true to size. This is because of the fact that they use length and waist measurements instead of general sizing as most brands do.

This method might seem old skool to some people but it has however managed to make it easier when it comes to sizing and fitting for Levi’s jeans customers as they are mostly satisfied with the fitting.

Similarities between Banana Republic and Levi’s Jeans

Regardless of the fact that one is more iconic than the other, there are bound to be similarities that are most noticeable for products made by both brands.

Speaking of similarities, since we already know what makes great jeans, we will be working with these features which are most common and most regarded in the consideration of good and quality jeans.

I’d like to draw your attention to the fact that both jeans are quality and come highly recommended. It is as a result of how quality and well-made both are that we even managed to have similarities to compare them with in the first place.


With quality being the head of every product that is supposed to be loved and recommended by the masses, this is something both brands do not joke with.

It is a common trait they share, both brands make quality products and I believe this is something not arguable because I feel it is more of a factual similarity.


According to the history of both brands and also making special consideration to the reviews dropped on the jean made by individual brands, their sizing is unique and the fitting is befitting.

Even though both brands use different methods in sizing their products, the reviews, however, showed that both are doing a great job at it nevertheless.


Yes, both jeans are versatile. they are very functional and can serve under various weather conditions plus they have a soft texture which makes them convenient for casual purposes.

Comparison between the Banana Republic and Levi’s Jeans

Finally, we are at the part of the article where we will be making some rumble.

Here we will be defining some of the features that make up a Grade A jeans. Since denim jeans are most favorite these days to a whole lot of people, I have decided to make research with the intention of finding out some of the great qualities a good denim jean is supposed to have.

Please take note that this comparison is going to be made based on personal experience and also from reviews made by customers of both brands who have been faithful enough to be able to give credible feedback.

Let’s get down to comparison!!

Comparison between Banana Republic Jean & Levi’s Jean Banana Republic Jean Levi’s Jean
Stretchy Moderate Stretch Regular Stretch
Price More Expensive Less Expensive
Sizing/Fitting Regular Size Fits true to Size
Durability Less Durable More Durable


First Glance

Banana Republic Blue Wash Jeans

  • Button Closure
  • Perfect body hug through the thigh
  • Zip Fly and Button closure
  • Added Stretch
  • Extra Comfort

These and many others like the different patterns on the particular pairs of Banana Republic Jeans you are purchasing are what will meet your eyes.

The first thing you notice when you look up the Banana Republic Jean is the Button closure which ensures a perfect and firmer grip and fitting on their products and then the zip which is installed for easy on and off and then to assist with conveniences.

We will look up more of the Banana Republic features as the article progresses.

Levi’s 550 Jeans

  • 100% Cotton
  • Zip Fly, Straight leg
  • Sits at waist
  • Zipper Closure
  • Wash with Liquid Detergent

Making reference to one of the iconic jean made by Levi’s manufacturers, Levi’s 550 Straight fit jeans has one of the unique features that most people will like in jeans.

You can use liquid detergent to wash them and then the interesting part is that they do not react to the detergent at all.

As we have discussed briefly the sizing and fitting of the Levi’s jeans, this particular model stays at the waist.

They don’t drop down on you and then they come with a zipper closure to ensure an easy on and off too just like the Banana Republic jeans.

This is just what you will see when you look up Levi’s jeans.


Banana Republic Jeans

  • Moderate Stretch

Levi’s Jeans

  • Regular Stretch


The stretch level of individual jeans varies.

The Banana Republic jean has a moderate kind of stretchy feature which means that it stretches just as needed and then goes back to their form.

The Levi’s jean on the other hand has a regular type of stretchiness, which means that the stretch can be continuous as the case might be, and sometimes they might stretch out of shape as too much of everything is bad.

Please take note that this comparison is done based on singular products, the experience may vary on different models and from the point of view of different people.


Banana Republic Jeans

  • $ 70

Levi’s Jeans

  • $22


In this part of the article, we compared their individual prices to see which one is affordable and less expensive.

With the fact that this is a comparison done on selective products and not general products, Levi’s jeans are less expensive compared to the banana Republic jeans.

Both are however affordable as the case may be.


Banana Republic Jeans

  • Fits true to size
  • Button Closure
  • Zip Closure
  • Skinny leg
  • 38W & 32L

Levi’s Jeans

  • Fits True to size
  • Zipper Closure
  • They are Loose through the thigh
  • Zip Fly
  • Sits at waist
  • Regular fit


Mind you the sizing and fitting of both brands are totally different but regardless, they both give a true-to-size fitting.

However, the method of these brands use in ensuring this is truly incredible.

The Levi’s manufacturers use the waist and the length measurement in determining the size of their products which has proven credible.

The Banana Republic jeans, manufacturers on the other hand use the normal way of measurement.

This does not temper with the sizing nevertheless as both offer a good fitting

For more information on how both jeans fit you can check out their reviews on Amazon.


This is one of the first things most people who want to spend money on pants go for when purchasing most pants anywhere.

This is because you will want to know if what you are spending your money on is worth it or not.

With the Banana Republic jeans and Levi’s jeans as topics of discussion, these brands are known to make quality denim jeans however, in this part of the article Levi’s jeans have the upper hand as they last longer.

They are more durable when compared to the Banana Republic jeans because they can serve up to 3 years maintaining their initial form with just a little bit of wash.

Why buy Banana Republic jeans?

Here I will be giving you five reasons why you should buy the Banana Republic jeans and I promise you won’t regret your purchase.

  • They are strong
  • They have customized fittings feature
  • They are moderately stretchy
  • They come in different sizes with the same pattern so that everyone can own one
  • They are versatile

Who doesn’t want to have all these that I have just mentioned in a jean they own?

The question is, are you willing to have a long-lasting feeling of quality, or do you just want to keep spending money on denim that does not last.

I feel these are already enough reasons why you should own the Banana Republic jeans.

The fact is there are other jeans out there that offer things just like this, and this surfaces them all due to the fact that it is trendy.

Why buy Levi’s Jeans?

Just like we did with the Banana Republic jeans, I will be giving you five reasons why you should not hesitate to own a pair or even more of Levi’s jeans.

  • They are older than most denim jeans in the market, and with facts they are like ancestors when you talk of denim jeans
  • They are extremely durable; they are known to last a long time with regular usage when compared to most jeans
  • They make male and female jeans
  • They are extremely versatile too
  • They are not expensive as most of the jeans on the market today

The thing about the Levi’s jean that intrigues me the most is the fact that this company offers top-notch quality and durable denim jeans and they are not expensive at all.

This is more like they have the masses in heart and will like everyone to own a pair of their products.

That’s great if you ask me.



Selecting one out of the two brands reviewed here should not be hard for you to do anymore as you now have a better understanding of which one is which and also which one seems to be a better investment.

For me, however, if you are interested in my own opinion, I will go with Levi’s jeans and this is because they are affordable, long-lasting and of good quality plus I grew up knowing Levi’s jeans and I am proud to be part of the Levi’s Family.


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