Banana Republic Jeans vs American Eagle: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Banana Republic jeans and American Eagle jeans is that American Eagle jeans are known for being vibrant, fun, and tailored in a hip style. That’s why they are mostly loved by millennials and the Gen Z generation (teenagers).

Banana Republic jeans are timeless classics that reverberate tough and high-quality jeans that the young and old professionals can wear to create that personalized vintage vibe while at work.

Although they are a timeless fashion retail brand in America selling perfectly curated male and female jeans. They are quite different in terms of build quality, sizing, and style, which is what this post is all about.

So, are you ready to dive in?

Why this comparison?

When it comes to branding in general whether in the fashion or health industry, making comparisons is necessary and useful, especially for the consumer in differentiating the best brand from the rest.

With these, you can clearly see what makes one brand stand out, its culture, what you love about them, the style, and its target audience.

And it’s on this note that we try to compare side by side Banana Republic jeans and American Eagle jeans, with the aim of knowing which brand is best at producing work jeans, casual-chic jeans, or both.

And this is what this guide contains, so keep reading to find out where you will order your next brand-new jeans.

Banana Republic Jeans Review

Banana Republic Jeans vs American Eagle

Banana Republic Jeans was started as a company and a brand in 1978 by Mel and Patricia Ziegler in California.

Their jeans are geared towards travelers and professionals around the country. Although BR as a brand was acquired by Gap Inc, in 1983 and later became a luxurious retail store.

One of the reasons why people seem to rave about their brand is the safari vintage style of all their clothing items, including the denim. As a result, they tailor high-quality vintage jeans, including their khaki pants which match the modern style of wearing jeans to work.

Some other notable mention from the brand is its versatile collection of adventurous pieces like the ghurka shorts, paratrooper bag, and photojournalist’s vests.

However, BR jeans are highly demanded by both the white-collar professionals and the field workers who need durable and organic jeans that are not only functional but classic as well.

American Eagle Jeans Review

Banana Republic Jeans vs American Eagle

American Eagle jeans was founded in 1977 by brothers Jerry and Mark Silverman, it wasn’t until 1990 that the brand manufactured its first private label product. At first, it featured men’s bootcut and worker jeans but currently, it is an iconic curation of both male and female jeans.

Although the brand targets both college and high school students, they also produce mom and work jeans that are quite durable.

Alongside the excellent quality is backed by its affordability, no wonder the brand is so much valued not only in America but globally.

With over 40 years in the denim-making craft, the brand continues to be inspired to deliver new styles of denim each season of the year, this way they stay on top of trends to keep delivering nothing but the best modern styles of wearing jeans.

Some of their best buy almost every year include the non-stretch Tomgirl jeans that break in overtime to create that classic denim look.

So, whether you are looking for perfectly distressed, vibrant-colored jeans, a ripped pair, or classic black jeans, AE jeans are tailored to elevate your carefully curated outfit whenever you are on the go.

Banana Republic Jeans vs American Eagle: Head-to-Head Comparison

 Features Banana Republic Jeans AE Jeans
Size Jeans are inconsistent in sizing Jeans are true to sizing
Style Has a specific style geared at work outfits Has several modern styles that fit everyone
Denim Quality A perfect blend of denim makes jeans look timeless Is curated in an effortless style and made from a premium source
Material Have enough stretch and sit nicely across the hips, thighs, knees, and legs No sandblasting effect on the denim but still feels soft across the legs
Fashion Quality They are durable and stylish work pants Looks casual chic and perfect as an occasional outfit
Build Quality The jeans look vintage and are made from breathable materials Has a peculiar classic wash, the right amount of stretch, and nice stitching
Durability Made to withstand the common stress of frequent wearing and washing The tough organic cotton fabric is supported with enough stretch fabrics



Banana Republic jeans, sometimes are inconsistent with their sizing as a particular style could run small and run big on another.

But this is because the brand is known for stocking large in several size selections. Although it’s a good thing as most brands don’t do this, it would be very easy to find your exact pair when you shop in person rather than order online.

On the flip side, AE jeans are known to be true to size and this is credited to their strict sizing policy which their denim-making facilities adhere to.

American Eagle jeans have it.


When it comes to AE jeans, the brand’s most popular jeans styles at the moment range from flare to baggy, the classic high-waisted jeans, to curvy, there is just the right jeans type for every personal style.

They are the most flattering, and fit ridiculously well, aside from this they come in several stretch fabrics to provide maximum comfort.

However, BR jeans are no different but they are the perfect curation of fashionable work pants which don’t have a lot going on in the denim because of fit and comfort.

So, in terms of style, the American Eagle jeans have it.

Denim quality

Banana Republic jeans are made with premium fabrics just as AE jeans. Interestingly, both brands employ in-house tests and wear teams after each production before making it available for the public.

However, the denim quality of both brands is reflected in the effortless, perfect lift, and seamless movement which these jeans offer you. So, they are made to be functional and can withstand the test of time, while being tailored in all their different wash and colors.

Both brands have it in terms of denim quality. It’s a DRAW!


In 2011, American Eagle banned sandblasting in the production of their denim and other sandblasting equipment found in the factory because of its negative impact on the environment.

Similarly, Banana Republic jeans are made from cotton material because of their durability as a raw material.

Looking at the jeans from both brands, you will be thrilled by the quality. The fabrication (especially in AE jeans) is not left without a solid amount of stretch within, as they sit nicely across the hips, thighs, knees, and legs.

It’s a DRAW.

Fashion quality

This actually defines a brand and is very much connected to how long you wear it. The American Eagle jeans are highly rated because of the use of top-notch fabrics curated from among the best mills in the world, no wonder the brand ranked number 18 in the global top brands for the Gen Z population (15-22 years old).

The Banana Republic jeans are no different because they are targeted towards professionals, young and old alike who need durable and stylish work pants.

When it comes to fashion quality, both brands have it.

Build quality

Upon first sight, the American Eagle jeans are often tailored in a peculiar classic wash, with the right amount of stretch, and nice stitching that just represents the work of high-end fashion designers.

Selling at a reasonable price that is sometimes higher than the price of jeans from the Banana Republic.

However, with qualities similar to American Eagle denim, BR jeans offer a fabrication that welcomes your legs with the warm feeling of jeans made from breathable materials.

But the American Eagles jeans have it, in terms of build quality.


One is ever ready to splurge on a pair of jeans, only if the purchase will last long. And it invariably implies that the true value of a pair of jeans depends on the satisfaction you get after testing it.

Both brands are known for tailoring jeans that can withstand the common stress of frequent wearing and washing.

That’s why they have become inseparable as one of the best jeans to buy for a quick wardrobe makeover.

It’s a DRAW! Both jeans brands have it in terms of durability.

Final Verdict

For a closing remark, it would be money well spent on either of the two jeans-making companies because they are highly competitive.

And as fashion would have it, both brands are stylish and are unique everywhere both in the office and outdoors.

I will splurge on a pair of American Eagle jeans first before buying the Banana Republic jeans, as the former is geared at crafting casual-chic styles of jeans much better.

While the Banana Republic jeans connote imagination in style and durability, they make the best new pair of jeans for that upgrade your work outfit demands.

So, whichever of the brand suits your style of dressing, splurge on it but if you just want a good pair that can suffice for work, then go for the Banana Republic jeans, as the American Eagle jeans are a bit stylish and great for occasions.


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