Banana Republic Aiden vs Fulton: Which Is Better?

The major difference between Banana Republic Aiden vs Fulton is that the Fulton is Banana Republic skinny fit chinos designed to have a more tapered and slimmer look than the Aiden Chinos.

While the Aiden Chinos are Banana republic slim-fit chinos made with a looser calf, thinner fabrics, straight leg, and slightly tapered cut at the ankle. This set is more relaxed looking with added stretch to offer you more comfort.

Both cotton Chinos from Banana republic look very similar at first glance but they are quite different in terms of fit, cut, stretch, and a lot more which you are about to discover shortly in this post.

Why this comparison?

This comparison is a result of the variation in body sizes, as some guys have muscular thighs, and others have thinner legs.

While both Banana Republic Chinos are curated from similar fabrication, they fit in such a way that what you get is a set of Chinos that matches well and suits your different choice of styles.

So, ultimately the comparison is a guide for you to get better and proper fitting Chinos.

Banana Republic Aiden Review

Banana Republic Aiden vs Fulton

The Banana Republic Aiden Chinos started out as a way to supplement the needs of skinny guys who may find the Fulton Chinos a bit skinnier than they would prefer and they make the most stylish work pants.

They are tailored with soft, durable, and comfortable materials which are a combination of 97% Italian cotton and 3% spandex.

The spandex used makes the Aiden chinos stretchy which will help you move effortlessly without it feeling too constricting. Just like contemporary chinos, the cotton fabric makes them very breathable and convenient to wear for any season of the year.

The Aiden BR chinos are a classic slim fit, featuring all the qualities of a casual modern pant which includes a unique logo button closure with a zipper fly, sturdy belt loops, off-seam front pockets, and a single welt button through the back pocket.

This set of BR chinos is mostly loved by slim guys because of the slim leg opening, and how it sits perfectly at the waist, with the slim fit cut through the thigh and knees.

They are available in both regular and tall sizes, and they come in an array of vibrant colors like modern khaki, olive green, off-white, and navy blue to meet the demand of fashion and style.

Lastly, they are nicely stitched both on the inside and outside without sacrificing the stretch and the overall look of the chinos.

Banana Republic Fulton Review

Banana Republic Aiden vs Fulton

Inspired by the love of skinny jeans, the Banana Republic Fulton Chinos are great for folks with bigger legs, and thighs, who don’t need the baggy mason fit or calf implants whenever they wear Chinos.

So, even if you work out, what you get is a tapered cut that is tailored with enough stretchy fabrics that can compensate for whenever you go up in body size.

The stretch of these quintessential Chinos makes them a wardrobe staple for that skinny look as they sit low on the waist, and skinny through the thighs and knees.

They are available in both the regular and tall sizes, so you will find the perfect skinny stretch Chinos for any occasion.

Just like Aiden, they are specially designed with a super-deep pocket at the side with concealed zip that secures your most valuables in place.

Fulton Chinos are true skinny trousers and the only slimmest fit from the Banana Republic brand.

They are designed with the narrowest leg opening but perfected with an added stretch that gives much ease during movement and superior comfort all day long.

Also, the Chinos look very polished making them stylish when you wear them cuffed to create that sporty vibe.

Banana Republic Aiden vs Fulton: Comparison

 Features Aiden Chinos Fulton Chinos
Size Inconsistent sizing Inconsistent sizing
Style Has a looser calf with a wide leg opening Has a slightly more tapered leg opening
Denim Quality Looks impressive upon first sight Looks impressive upon first sight
Material Feels super light and breathable Feels super light and breathable
Fashion Quality Very versatile and available in an array of color options The Chinos are fashionable and look very stylish
Build Quality They don’t sag but fit well by staying relatively slim through the legs Offers the same natural skinny look even after a year of wearing and washing
Durability Made of tough organic cotton fabric are fabricated with enough stretch Made of tough organic cotton fabric are fabricated with enough stretch


When it comes to the sizing of both the Fulton and Aiden Chinos, the Banana Republic as a brand goes the extra mile in stocking large quantities of Chinos (including jeans) in several body sizes. And this is quite difficult for most luxurious brands to do.

Whether it’s the slim fit or the skinny fit, you will always find your size, especially in their stores. And this is one of the causes for their inconsistent sizing while shopping with Banana Republic because they are always extravagant when it comes to sizing.

So, when it comes to sizing both Fulton and Aiden Banana Republic Chinos have it. It’s a DRAW!


For the styling of Fulton Chinos, what you get is a more tapered leg that transitions smoothly from the thighs below the knee and along the legs making you taller and slimmer.

The Aiden Chinos are styled in an organic slim fit with a wide leg opening as it offers plenty of room for the guy with larger thighs and legs, but they still feature that modern and classic look.

Both Chinos are comfortably stylish, but the cuff opening in Aiden is a bit wider than you would prefer, as Fulton offers a more fitting cuff which is the stylish tapered look.

So, when it comes to styling, the Fulton Banana Republic Chinos have it.

Denim quality

The denim making of any Chinos is very crucial because they can wear and tear easily due to stress, either from wearing or washing.

Although no Chinos are entirely perfect, by looking at the two pairs side by side first, you will conclude that they are of the best value.

However, both Aiden and Fulton Chinos are quite more durable than most other Chinos because of the quality of fabrication used in making them. A pair of Banana Republic Chinos will last for more than a year of constant use.

Constructed from Italian cotton, they feel super light and breathable, which is an excellent choice even for fall. That’s why even if you look closely at the two Chinos, there’s no obvious difference in the denim quality.

So, it’s a DRAW.


Both Aiden and Fulton Chinos are tailored with 97% cotton and 3% spandex. The blend of fabrics offers that effortless look to the pants when you roll them up and combine them with your favorite shirt.

Now, if you are worried that the linen of these Chinos will lose its shape, it will surprise you that they have a solid amount of structure within.

So, despite being cotton, they seem to drape nicely across the hips, thighs, knees, and legs. And the quality of both fabrics is top-notch, meaning after several washes they still hold up.

When it comes to material, both Chinos have it. It’s a DRAW!

Fashion quality

If you compare the fashion quality of both Chinos, then you won’t really see any difference as they are versatile and available in an array of color options that stand the taste of trend.

For example, their indigo color which is available in the skinny and slim fit is deep and rich, allowing you to layer up, dress up with blazers or play casually with a crisp shirt.

Both Aiden and Fulton Chino carry a nice weight to them in addition to the sufficient thickness the pants already have. But this only makes them look classy, feel lightweight, and very flexible as comfortable pants.

So, don’t be surprised if any of these Chinos becomes one of your favorite pieces in the wardrobe as you will have to fight the urge of wearing them too often.

So, it’s a DRAW!

Build quality

Looking at both Chinos, the stitching alone are neatly tailored and runs smoothly across the soft fabric making them ideal as formal dress.

You are going to be happy with your choice as the seams are all flatlock, keeping the thread and stitch inside without catching any body hair.

While the Aiden Chinos don’t sag but fit well by staying relatively slim through the legs, the Fulton offers that same natural skinny look even after a year of wearing and washing.

Both Chinos feature two deep-set side pockets, and two hidden back pockets to keep your phone secure which always comes in handy when you least expect it.

So, when it comes to the build quality then, both Chinos have it. It’s a DRAW!


How long a pair of Chinos would last depends on its fabrication as this is the sustaining factor. And because Chinos are not only comfortable but also very stylish, one may feel tempted to keep wearing them without having a replacement that ends up tearing apart.

But this is not the case with Banana Republic Chinos, as someone who regularly wears Chinos, the tough organic cotton fabric is fabricated with enough stretch that can adapt to stress coming from constant wearing or washing.

Instead what you get is Chinos that extend to your right size without significantly becoming baggy or losing their shape.

Ultimately, the ideal Chinos from the Banana Republic offer great flex in the hips, thighs, and knees, and come with enough thickness so that it feels like you are wearing something substantial and durable.

SO, it’s a DRAW!

Final Verdict

After looking into Banana Republic Chinos, we have reflected on the features that both Aiden and Fulton fit to offer. Although, you can wear both, but this depends on the fit, style, and your body physic, i.e. how muscular you are.

So, if you are a guy with larger glutes, and thighs, going for a trouser with a narrow leg opening like the Fulton fit is better and stylish as too much room below your knees can make you look bottom-heavy.

Choose accordingly, so that you can find your best matching Chinos from the Banana Republic.

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