Armani vs Armani Exchange Jeans: Comparison

Armani is the mother brand of many clothing lines and Armani Exchange is one of the clothing lines of Armani.

Giorgio Armani is the designer who started the Armani brand and he has since expanded the brand to about five subbrands. Another difference between Armani (Giorgio Armani) and Armani Exchange is the price range of their products.

Armani products are more expensive than Armani Exchange. In the line of Armani brand, Armani Exchange offers the cheapest products to customers. So, Armani Exchange is more for the regular people and Armani is more for the higher class of people.

In this article, we will consider the differences in the different subbrands of Armani and I will compare them side by side. 

What is Armani? 

Like I have said earlier, Armani is a brand of clothing and accessories started by Giorgio Armani. And so, the mother brand is named after him.

There are many characteristics of the Armani brand. Not long after its creation, Armani brand soon expanded into many other brands called sub-brands. Some of these subbrands are not directly controlled by Giorgio Armani.

The Armani brand sells more of accessories at a very expensive price. In the line of product of the Giorgio Armani brand, Armani products are the most expensive. So, if you are interested in getting premium wears and accessories from Armani brand, check for them here.

The major way of telling the difference between Armani brand and other sub-brands is the price. Armani products must be more expensive than others. I have an example of accessory from Armani brand. 

Giorgio Armani Acqua Digio Profumo

I am sure that you can get good perfumes from other brands at a much lesser and affordable price. I found this perfume for $106 on Amazon store and I’m sure it’s more than that price on the official Armani website.

This perfume is made for adults and the fragrance is more intense. The smell is so good as testified by some men who have used it. But, you can get good fragrance perfume that is not this expensive. So, why would you spend so much on this?

The Giorgio Armani brand is a powerful one and people do not mind paying more for what they offer. I recommend this perfume if you want to smell expensive. 


What Is Armani Exchange?

Armani Exchange is a sub brand of Armani. It is a brand for everybody. Armani Exchange is popular for selling the A|X jeans. Armani Exchange sell trendy and casual fashion.

They sell fasion clothing that is typical of the street style and they sell fast fashion. They target the masses and that has reflected in the prices of their products. Another thing about Armani Exchange brand is that, they target younger people in their style of clothing.

They are also popular for making chic clothes for the streets. Armani Exchange as a subbrand, started in 1991 and they have since grown large. You will most likely find products from Armani Exchange in other stores aside the Armani store.

Among the line of clothings of Armani, Armani Exchange is the least expensive when it comes to the product they offer. Check out this trendy jean from Armani Exchange that you might like. 

A|X Armani Exchange Straight Fit Denim Jean 

There are several A|X jeans on Amazon store to pick from. I am recommending this very one to men out there. This jean is made of cotton and elastane. It is stretchy and very comfortable.

The jean is well tailored and you don’t have to bother about odd stitching lines. The leg style is straight leg and the jean is a slim fit jean.

This jean is designed in the five pocket styling pattern. It is very affordable and Amazon sells it for just $59. You can find cheaper ones on Amazon store and you can still find more expensive ones. 

Armani Exchange do not only offer jeans, they sell other clothings also. The fact that Armani Exchange offer cheaper products does not mean that their quality is lower. The quality of their products is great and suit the price they are sold for. 

What Is Emporio Armani?

Emporio Armani is also a sub brand of Armani. It is a clothing line that is targeted at young people of 20 – 30 years.

Emporio Armani offers trendy wears and fashionable wears. The pricing of Emporio Armani clothes are less expensive than Giorgio Armani and more expensive than Armani Exchange.

It is the fashion line that stands between Giorgio Armani and Armani Exchange brands. They sell clothings for as high as $200. Emporio Armani sells denim jeans just as Armani Exchange, but at a more higher price.

If you want to look expensive without spending so much, then Emporio Armani is the brand to buy from. I should say that Emporio Armani is suitable for the middle class of people. Here is an example of jeans from Emporio Armani you should check out.

Emporio Armani Straight Leg Jean

This women’s jean is made of cotton and elastane materials. The denim is light and suitable for all outdoor activities. It is designed in the 5 pockets styling pattern and it is built to last.

The leg pattern is straight leg and the jean is fitting and true to size. Because it is Emporio Armani jean, it is very expensive. You can get this on Amazon between $139 to $186. I’m sure it’s higher on the Armani official website.

If you care to look expensive and unique, then you would want to spend your money on getting this jean. It is made for women and it is available in various sizes. You can find it in other colours also. 

Giorgio Armani vs Armani Exchange: Let’s compare

Having looked at what these brands are all about individually, let’s make a side by side comparison of these brands to decide which is better between them.

I will compare the construction, the quality, the comfort level, the pricing and the fitting of Armani Exchange and Giorgio Armani.


The design of Giorgio Armani jeans is far different from Armani Exchange. Giorgio Armani offers more of accessories and they are top notch in design and construction.

Since they offer ready-to-wear line, their clothings are well designed and new designs hardly stay for longer period. The designs are expensive and are targeted at 30+ years audience.

On the other hand, Armani Exchange clothings are well made also. Most of the clothings are made of cotton and elastane. They are designed in trendy and casual styles,. reason why they are not expensive. The designs of Armani Exchange clothings is primarily for young people.


Giorgio Armani and Armani Exchange are in the same brand and the quality of their products are related. But, one surely supercedes the other. Giorgio Armani are of a higher quality than Armani Exchange and they are more durable.

Whatever clothing or accessory you get from Giorgio Armani, you are sure to get very good quality of that. Armani Exchange clothings are also of good quality.

The quality of their products is in line with the price. They are also durable. But, when it comes to quality, Giorgio Armani is better than Armani Exchange.

Comfort Level

This majorly has to do with the clothing of Giorgio Armani and Armani Exchange. Obviously, Giorgio Armani offers more comfortable clothings.

Their clothings are very comfortable as time is taken to make them. Armani Exchange offers comfortable clothings as well. You might get clothes from Armani Exchange that are more comfortable than Giorgio Armani, but that’s hardly.

Armani Exchange are made of elastane and that gives the clothes stretch. The stretch in the jeans will add to the comfort of Armani Exchange jeans. Giorgio Armani wears are more comfortable. 


The difference here is very clear. Giorgio Armani products are more expensive than Armani Exchange products. The products of Giorgio Armani range from $100 to up to $300 and even more.

You can afford to buy them if you are a person of class and you love to look and smell expensive. Armani Exchange products are very much affordable by the mass audience.

You can get Armani Exchange products for as low as $30. You can even find something cheaper depending on what you are buying. It is scarcely for Armani Exchange products to be above a $100. So, Armani Exchange products are more affordable than Giorgio Armani.


This shouldn’t cause so much stir as they are both fitting. The clothing of Giorgio Armani can be fitting on you depending on if you ordered the right size.

Giorgio Armani clothings are true to size and they are fitting as well. Armani Exchange clothings are also true to size and fitting.

When you follow the size chart before ordering your size, you are likely to get the best fit for yourself. Both Giorgio Armani and Armani Exchange offer true to size and fitting clothings. 

Emporio Armani vs Armani Exchange

When it comes to buying jeans, which would you rather prefer? Emporio Armani or Armani Exchange? I’ll make a side by side comparison of these two sub brands and determine which is better. 


The construction and design of a jean are important and that will say much about the quality of that jean. Emporio Armani jeans are made of cotton and elastane.

There is more attention to details paid in the process of making Emporior Armani jeans. Emporio Armani jeans are made in trendy styles. On the other hand, Armani Exchange jeans are also made of cotton and elastane.

They are made like other regular jeans such as Levi’s. They are made in casual and street styles. Emporio Armani are of better designs than Armani Exchange. 


Quality is what determines if a jean is durable or not. Emporio Armani jeans are of high quality and the quality is higher compared to Armani Exchange jeans.

They are more durable. Although, both Emporio Armani jeans and Armani Exchange are made with the same materials, the making process is different. And, that is what creates the difference in the quality of these jeans.

Armani Exchange jeans are also of good quality but, not as high in quality as Emporio Armani. Comparing the quality of these two, Emporio Armani is better. 

Comfort Level

Comfort is essentially what everyone needs in jeans. Both Emporio Armani jeans and Armani Exchange are comfortable depending on the type and size you buy.

Emporio Armani jeans are made with stretch and that helps to enhance the comfort of their jeans. Armani Exchange jeans are also made with stretch and that makes them comfortable.

The fact is that, you will most likely feel more comfortable in Emporio Armani jeans than Armani Exchange jeans. I consider both jeans comfortable enough. 


This is where the difference is acute. Emporio Armani jeans are very much more expensive than Armani Exchange jeans.

You may not find Emporio Armani jeans for less than a hundred dollars. You can find Emporio Armani jeans from $120 to $250. They can even be more expensive than that.

Armani Exchange can be gotten at very affordable prices just like most regular jeans. You can get Armani Exchange jeans for as low as $30 and they are less than $100.

When it comes to price, Armani Exchange jeans are more affordable. 


The sizing and fitting of jeans are very important as well. Emporio Armani jeans are true to size and they are fitting. When you follow the size chart and instructions, you will get the right size for yourself. You are most likely to be comfortable in a well-fitting pair of jeans.

Armani Exchange jeans are also true to size and very fitting. By the time you order the right size, you will have less complaints about the fitting. There is a size chart where you can confirm your size before making your order. When it comes to size and fitting, both brands are true to size and they are fitting. 


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