Ariat vs Wrangler Jeans: Which Is Better?

The main difference between Ariat Jeans and Wrangler Jeans is that Wrangler Jeans are designed for cowboys, ranch hands, and rodeo riders, while Ariat Jeans targets horse riders, and the work industry.

Interestingly, both companies produce durable workwear for males and females but what sets them apart is that most men who work, prefer buying Wrangler Jeans instead, probably to look classic while working. But that doesn’t mean that the Ariat Jeans don’t fit. Truth is, they fit more.

This article differentiates Ariat Jeans from Wrangler so that you can decide on which one to buy instead.

What Are Ariat Jeans?

Ariat was co-founded by Pam Parker and Beth Cross in 1993. It started out as an international footwear brand in America.

But in 2006, the brand ventured into producing western apparel such as high-quality clothing accessories for the work industry, outdoor enthusiasts, and equestrian sport lovers.

Ariat Jeans are so over-hyped these days, especially in the work industry because their jeans provide the right fit and superior stretch that responds to your ultimate performance during the day.

Not just that, their jeans are designed to last for longer, plus they are flame-resistant.

So, if you are looking for durable denim jeans for job sites, then Ariat Jeans are best for that lifestyle.

Another thing you will love about Ariat Jeans is that they come in plenty of style options to choose from, whether you want something classic or a bit trendy.


  • The expanded sizing features cater to all body sizes and ages
  • Jeans are designed to be long-lasting with high durability
  • Ariat jeans are weaved with thoughtful details
  • Their jeans are made with the highest quality material
  • Material is made from ring-spun denim which gives the maximum stretch or when necessary
  • The fabrics of Ariat jeans hold their shape and never sag
  • The jean has a quick-dry technology and breathability features that support the rigors of a working guru
  • Their denim is so versatile for all types of daily activities
  • Ariat jeans come in different washes, fits, and styles to suit your taste
  • They incorporate flame-resistant technology in the manufacturing of their jeans without compromising safety


  • They are made with top-notch materials making them quite expensive
  • Ariat Jeans have a gap in the waist-line and may not be loved by the non-belt folks
  • Blue stains come out while washing

What Are Wrangler Jeans?

Wrangler Jeans is a popular iconic American jean brand that categorically produces high-quality work jeans for cowboys. It was originally founded by Casey Jones in the mid-1940s but later acquired by the Blue Bell Overall Company.

The Wrangler Jeans is a brand known to be the best jeans for men that withstand the tests of time because they design with comfort and durability in mind.

Although their jeans are targeted at cowboy riders, ranch owners, and rodeo stars, they also offer an array of styles and fits that suit most lifestyles. That’s why shopping for Wrangler jeans means that you get nothing but the best.

Just like the Ariat, they are also unisex, and have a variety of finishes and wash for both men and women. Because of their popularity, and how widely available the jeans are, you can easily trust the brand for their name and products.

A particular jeans that continue to stand out for this brand is the- Super Big Ben Overalls, which is made with 100% Sanforized fabric. This reduces shrinkage to less than 1%, thus setting a new standard for the industry.


  • Their jeans are popularly known to be durable and authentic
  • Wrangler Jeans are the first to be officially endorsed by the Pro Rodeo Cowboy Association
  • One out of every four males in the U.S wears the Wrangler Jean
  • Their jean incorporates exclusive technology innovations that not only support performance, and comfort but also with high durability
  • The waistband of the jeans is made with a strip of elastic that prevents gapping
  • Their current lineup of jeans for men provides a variety of fits and finishes that matches any lifestyle at all
  • Wrangler Jeans offers a variety of men’s jeans for every body size


  • They are made with tough materials that might not be comfortable for a woman to work with
  • Might not give the right fit and stretch while at work
  • Wrangler jeans shrinks

What similarities do Ariat and Wrangler Jeans have?

Both Ariat and Wrangler Jeans have obvious differences when you look at them at first, but it’s quite interesting to note that they also have a bit of resemblance. And this boils down not only to their pricing but also to some other factors as well.

So, here’s a quick glance through their similarities:

  • Both jeans brands have great rises
  • Ariat and Wranglers have great design
  • Both brands produce Unisex quality jeans
  • Jeans from both brands are affordable
  • They both have reliable styles

Both jeans brands have great rises

To get the best fit, one of the things you will have to consider is the rise of the jeans you want to buy. Jeans rise simply means the length the jeans come up to your waist.

And this is important as some jeans are best for one activity than the other. A pair of jeans that offer great coverage while riding is said to be a good riding jeans. For example, both Ariat and Wrangler Mid-Rise Jeans offer great comfort while riding.

Ariat and Wranglers have great design

Since both jeans are designed in such a way to cater to the lifestyle of riders, they have unique and similar features. Both have enough belt loops around the waistline, just in case the jeans feel big.

Also, both jeans have not one but up to five good pocket sizes that can hold or carry extra accessories while you are far away from the stable.

Another example of design features that both jeans have is that they come in several washes to suit your taste.

Both brands produce Unisex quality jeans

Ariat and Wrangler Jeans are made from cotton, polyester, and spandex as raw materials,  which makes these jeans stay firm and rub against the skin causing irritation and rash while riding.

Not only that, they are very durable and won’t rip or tear so easily within your first time of wearing them. This factor continues to make both jeans popular as they are trusted and most loved by riders.

So, quality is a common and reliable factor between the two brands.

Jeans from both brands are affordable

A great quality jean always has reasonable pricing. And both Ariat And Wrangler jeans sell their jeans at a reduced cost so that they can be affordable to both avid and newbie riders.

For example, since jeans are the most affordable and comfortable riding pants, the majority of riders prefer splurging on them instead of buying other sets of pants like the jodhpurs.

So, both brands are good, that’s why they are actually selling well.

They both have reliable styles

In order to meet up with the rigors of a worker or a rider each day, both jeans brands have incorporated a range of jeans styles and cuts that can support each activity.

For example, Wrangler has boot-cut jeans that are designed to be as comfortable as ever and not too loose.

The implication here is to avoid any friction on you while moving up and down on your horse and at the same time protect your horse from injury due to the contact between your jeans and the riding gear.

Ariat denim jeans are manufactured to be both fire-resistant and durable as well. You don’t need to worry about working around wires and open circuits as these jeans don’t respond to sparks and flames.

Comparison between the two brands

First glance

Looking at the Ariat and Wrangler jean brands, at first glance you will observe that the Ariat jean brand looks better, despite being workwear because it is designed to be either classic or stylish than the Wrangler jeans.

In comparing the Ariat and Wrangler jeans based on first glance, I will choose the Ariat jeans because of the variety of wash and cut they offer.

Overall quality

Ariat and Wrangler jean brands are two competing brands that continue to provide unparalleled comfort with their high-quality raw jean materials.

However, after washing Wrangler jeans, sometimes it does shrink. But this doesn’t mean that Ariat jeans are better off in quality, as they give off blue stains after a wash. So, it is a tie between the two jeans brands.

Winner: Tie


Ariat and Wrangler jeans are both made from cotton. And cotton is a durable raw material, which means that your jeans will last long and remain super comfortable for you even while riding.

Since both brands use cotton in the production of their jeans, this is a tie between the two brands.

Winner: Tie


As for the design, the Wrangler Jeans take the lead. For example, the Wrangler Aura Jeans fit perfectly for the athletic figured working individual despite being riding jeans.

They also offer a range of washes, colors, and fits to match uniquely both riders and non-riders every day.

Ariat jeans are also better off in a way too, because, unlike Wrangler, they are not strictly boot-cuts but also have several fits ranging from the loose, relaxed, straight leg, and even boot-cut. So you are sure to find the perfect fit almost at once!

However, the Wrangler Jeans design is top-notch, since their jeans are not meant for only workers (probably whose main concern is not even on the style of their jeans but on their work!) but also for outdoor enthusiasts that may need to appear more stylish on the go.

So, Wrangler jeans actually have the win.

Winner: Wrangler Jeans


Good sizing, is one feature that captures a buying customer to any jean brand, especially when it’s true to size.

And Ariat Jeans are indeed true to size, making every pair fit and flatter your body. However, when it comes to Wrangler jeans, they usually run small.

This means that your favorite pair may be smaller than your actual size. And as a result, while shopping for Wrangler jeans, you may need to size up to get a true size. So, Ariat Jeans won under sizing.

Winner: Ariat Jeans

Price: Ariat jeans and Wrangler jeans are designed to be more durable and breathable than fashion jeans.

Because of the high-quality fabrics used in making these jeans, their jeans may look so overpriced. But, they are actually worth the price as you not only get long-lasting jeans but also save money buying a new pair every quarter of the year.

Winner: Tie

Final Verdict: Which is better?

With this long list of comparisons between Ariat Jeans and Wrangler Jeans, which includes their pros and cons, you have seen reasons to splurge on one instead of the other.

However, I would rather buy a new pair of Wrangler Jeans instead, because their jeans are true to size. Plus their jeans come in great colors and sub-styles even for the curvy and short body-sized non-riding individual.

And they offer so many washes that you can choose from to continue in the rigors of a hectic rider lifestyle. Not only that, Wrangler jeans can also come in handy as work jeans too, so it’s a win-win for you!

Ariat Jeans, on the other hand, cater majorly to work gurus who need jeans that can take in so much heat, sweat, wash, and daily.

So, they are made to be more durable with extra breathable materials to function that way.

So, in a nutshell, if you want a jean that doesn’t require you to use a belt on them, maybe you are a horse rider and all you want is your comfort then the Wrangler Jeans is the best jean for you.

They don’t gap at the waistline and they also offer great styling for different individual needs. However, if what you need is both durable and breathable work jeans, Ariat Jeans are designed specifically for that lifestyle.


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