Are True Religion Jeans Worth It? Here’s What We Know!

When True Religion started in 2002, they were worth the attention of popular celebrities. But, as of now, they are worth less as the day goes by.

But, if you dig deep, you will surely find good quality True Religion Jeans that you’ll love, just as the ones I’ll be sharing in this article. This is what happens to some companies, especially in fashion.

At first, there are good products that attract great attraction. Then after a few years, the quality changed and they still sell with the popularity they had gained over the years.

Although a lot of people believe that True Religion Jeans are not worth it, there are still many who love True Religion Jeans and think they are worth it.

I still think they are worth it, especially if you can find less expensive ones in other stores aside from the True Religion stores.

Some people think that True Religion is overly hyped because they produce less than what they say of them.

Well, I am sure that some of you reading this might have had your experiences with True Religion Jeans and they may be good or bad.

Why True Religion are worth it?

They are durable jeans. For jeans to last long is something that is becoming difficult to find. But, True Religion Jeans are long-lasting and until recently, they have kept to that.

For those who prefer low-rise jeans, I think you might love True Religion Jeans. They are a great fit on the waist and they are one of the best brands that make good low-rise jeans.

If you need good-fitting jeans, then you should have True Religion Jeans in your closet.

Now, here’s why True Religion may not be worth it

They are overpriced

So many people think that True Religion jeans are priced more than they are worth and I couldn’t agree less.

Getting a pair of jeans for $190 when there is nothing really special and different about it, not when you could get the same quality for as low as $40.

For all I know, True Religion could be another Levi’s, but they are overly priced. The good thing here is that you can get True Religion jeans for less expensive prices at some other stores like Amazon.

The tacky pocket design

This design seems to be the unique thing about True Religion jeans. And, sometimes, they are just too tacky. They kind of look flashy and cheap and that is not enough reason to price them so high.

On the other hand, there are people who still like the design that way. But, I think they are just too tacky. Maybe, that’s why pop stars like them because they are flashy.

Overdone washes

I think this also adds to the fact that True Religion jeans look tacky. The washes are made to look so flashy and that doesn’t sit well with many people.

Most of the denim are not raw denim. You only have to really dig deep to find the raw denim.

Low rise

While this is an advantage to many people, it is a disadvantage to others. The low rise may be too low that it’s not fitting for some people and that’s not great about the brand.

Also, there is a suspicion that since True Religion started producing in China, the quality has greatly reduced. I don’t know how true this is but, I think that there is a point here.

The major thing here is that True Religion jeans are priced more than they are worth. But, you can find affordable ones just like the ones I’ll be suggesting to you.

Do People Still Wear True Religion Jeans?

Of course, people still wear them and I believe that that is why you are trying to find out about them because you want to buy them.

Popular celebrities, for instance, still wear True Religion jeans.

That goes to show that they are good quality ones that you can find in the midst of trash.

I will advise that you get them from other stores if you want to buy them, because the customer service with True Religion may not be good.

And then, you might end up buying them expensive. Just like the ones I’ll be sharing in the next slide.

True Religion is still greatly in use today because they are durable jeans. When you find the good quality one, you will definitely love the jeans even if it means paying so much for a pair.

I know of people who really love the low rise because that’s just what they wanted. So, if you really need good-fitting low-rise jeans, check below for a few options.

You can join the thousands of people still wearing True Religion jeans today by getting one for yourself.

5 True Religion Jeans That Are Worth it

You can check through this collection of mine to get a pair of True Religion jeans for yourself, your spouse, family, or friend.

True Religion Women’s Stella Low Rise Skinny Fit Jean

This is one of the True Religion jeans that I love and I think you’ll love this too. Just like every True Religion jean, this comes with the signature horseshoe design on the two back pockets.

Aside from that, the other thing I like about these jeans is the low-rise style. It is best for short ladies. So, here is me telling you that this will be great for you if you are on the shorter side.

The jean is actually true to size and really fitting. It is skinny-fit jeans and that is just what it is, skinny fit.

If you are thinking of comfort, then think no more. This jean is comfortable and fitting. I said earlier that True Religion jeans are durable, but that does not exclude this very pair. It has a zipper and button closure.

This jean is made of cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex. That means it has stretch and that helps in the fitting of the jean.

True Religion Men’s Ricky Straight Leg Jean

This one is made for men and it is available in a few washes. This jean is designed in the classic 5 pocket styling pattern and it is also low rise just like other True Religion jeans.

This jean also comes with the signature horseshoe stitching on the back pockets of the jeans. I really recommend you get this as a man or you get this for your husband as a woman.

You can get this for your son as a parent, they’ll love you more after that. The fitting and sizing are right. It is in straight leg fit and it is true to size.

The jean is made of cotton, elastomultiester, and spandex. The jean has stretch and that is why the size may get big on you even if you order your real size.

I will advise that you size down when ordering in order to get the best size for yourself. This is not really expensive as you can get it for less than a hundred dollars.

True Religion Women’s Becca Mid Rise Bootcut Jean

Here is a True Religion jean that is not the typical low rise. This jean is in the mid-rise style and which is higher than the low-rise.

So, if you’re not cool with low-rise jeans, I think you should consider getting these mid-rise jeans.

This jean has a 5-pocket styling pattern and it is in beautiful washes. I find these jeans very fitting for tall women.

The first jean I mentioned for women was more fitting for short women, now here is one that is better fitting for tall women. This is mainly a result of the mid-rise.

This jean is good quality as it is made of cotton, rayon, polyester, and spandex. It is stretchy and comfortable. The design is made with a wider leg cut.

It also has the True Religion signature horseshoe stitching on the back pockets. The material of the jean is soft and thick. The jean has a nice cut.

True Religion Men’s Geno Slim Fit Jeans

This happens to be the most affordable jean in this True Religion jeans collection. The jean is also styled with the True Religion signature horseshoe stitching design. It is nice fitting and it is comfortable.

As a matter of fact, this jean can easily fall as the most fitting True Religion jean in this collection. The jean is long-lasting.

The jean is also designed in the 5-pocket styling pattern and it is straight-leg jeans. Although, some people find the leg wider for them.

This True Religion Geno jean is made of cotton, elasterell-p, and spandex. It has a lot of stretches and you have to be careful when ordering your size.

The jean is generally true to size and fitting. The jean is also comfortable to wear. It is very affordable. You can find this for as low as $51 online.

That is why I will recommend that you spend less to get this pair of True Religion jean. It is available in some washes and it is fashionable.

True Religion Men’s Ricky Big T Straight Leg Jean

And then, this is the most expensive in this collection. The flap pockets at the back are designed with the signature horseshoe stitching peculiar to True Religion.

It is also designed in the 5 pockets styling and it has a nice fit. The pattern of the jean is a straight fit and I think most men will like this. The length is long and it is best for tall men.

But then, this is the kind of jeans that pop stars or their followers wear and let the leg look so long and folded. If that’s your dress style, you can as well get this for yourself.

This jean is made of cotton, elastomultiester, and spandex. The jean has a nice fit, especially for tall men. It is a little expensive but, still affordable if this is the style you like.

You can get this online for $128. The jean is available in other washes and can check for them before ordering. Ensure you order the right size so it doesn’t get big on you.


While True Religion jeans may not worth it to some people. But, they are worth more to some other people. To me, True Religion jeans are worth it depending on the pair they offer.

There are some pairs that you shouldn’t even buy, especially when the price is just above the quality. But, of course, you might not know about the quality of a particular pair until you buy it.

And that’s one bad side to fashion. You might get a good pair the previous month, only to repurchase and get something bad.

True Religion jeans are cool if you can find affordable ones, just like the ones I have recommended above. Sometimes, buying expensive ones is worth it and you should try them someday.

I like True Religion jeans because of their unique consistency in producing low-rise jeans. There are a lot of people searching for low-rise jeans, and they are great for that.


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