Are Tapered Jeans Good for Big Thighs?

Tapered jeans look great and attractive, especially on people with athletic body shapes and big thighs. These jeans are made to be more fitting, seamlessly hugging your body shape and curve in all the right places.

Unlike baggy jeans, tapered jeans offer that natural looking tapered appearance of your legs leaving you at your best without making you feel too big or short.

Another feature you will like about tapered jeans is that you can actually pair them with T-shirts, sneakers, and other everyday casuals. And most importantly tapered jeans come in different styling that suits the needs of most muscular men.

What qualities make Tapered Jeans suitable for big thighs


The best denim jean material for men with big thighs is stretch denim (mostly spandex). This makes tapered jeans to be more flexible while wearing, which means your muscular thigh can move freely and comfortably squat without tearing the fabric.

So, the material used makes these jeans not too tight-fitting.


Tapered jeans don’t look the same from up to down instead they get narrower at the ankle from the knee down, giving you that small leg opening, and less bagginess at the bottom.

These jeans follow the natural line of your legs (tapered shape), as the cut narrows down from your thigh to the ankle giving your legs that slim fit, without feeling too constricting on you.


Tapered jeans are designed with finer details and stitching making these jeans look attractive and fashion worthy. Most tapered jeans have five-pocket styling, nice front zippers, and a well-tailored ankle leg opening.

All these qualities though seem little but are what makes these jeans incredibly stand out on any body shape at all.


Another important quality that makes tapered jeans good for big thighs is that they are very affordable. As opposed to regular jeans which are quite expensive, tapered jeans are reasonably priced from $30 to $100 online.

Depending on the brand though, some tapered jeans don’t last long, which means you might be getting a new pair later on.


Muscular guys that regularly go to the gym will not find slim tapered jeans comfortable. Instead, the athletic tapered jeans fit better, since the jeans are made to complement the shape of the legs right from the waist and down to the ankle.

But taper jeans actually go well with almost any casual outfit combination and styling.


Tapered jeans come in several types and designs. For example, the loose tapered jeans go well on sneakers, the relaxed taper leaves you with the exact shape of your foot, the slim taper works almost like skinny jeans, and the basic taper fit goes almost with anything.

Leg Opening

Jeans that tapers have smaller leg openings than your regular or relaxed-fit jeans. So, you will observe that the leg opening is not the same as the width of the thigh (as seen in baggy jeans).

For the best-tapered jeans, look for jeans with a leg opening that is smaller than the measurement of your thigh.

Examples of Brand with tapered jeans suitable for big thighs

Lee’s Men Performance

These jeans feature a relaxed and snug fit up to the ankle from your waist, Lee’s men’s tapered jeans are comfy, well-stitched pants with five-pocket styling.

These jeans are stretchy and come in different washes making it a great pair for your big thighs.

Key Features:

  • A very relaxed tapered jeans
  • 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex


  • Brand: Lee
  • Model: 2015035
  • Weight: 1.19 Pounds


  • They look nice and better than the old baggy jeans in style
  • The jeans are stretchy and would not fit tight on muscular men


  • Quite expensive jeans

Levi’s Men Tapered Jeans

Levi’s men is another jeans brand that offers the perfect solution to baggy jeans, so you don’t need to loathe over bootcut jeans and other cuts that flare out and become baggy around your ankle and calf.

And you are going to love the extra room around the hips and thighs.  

Key Features:

  • A very relaxed tapered jeans
  • 97% Cotton, 3% Spandex


  • Brand: Levi
  • Model: 29507-1260
  • Weight: 1.17 Pounds


  • The jeans have a good amount of stretch in them
  • They are available in different sizes


  • Poor sizing jeans

Carhartt Men’s Jeans

It is a relaxed fit pants featuring five-pocket styling that is reinforced with tough back pockets. Carhartt men’s tapered jean is a regular-rise jean, which is designed to be casual, lightweight, and comfortable.

One amazing feature that makes them super reliable jeans for big thighs is that they are made with 100% cotton making them more durable.

Key Features:

  • Have a leg opening of 15.25″
  • Made from 100% cotton denim


  • Brand: Carhartt
  • Model: 101505-DST
  • Weight: 15 ounce


  • The jeans have a five-pocket styling
  • They are sewn-on-seam belt loops


  • They tear easily at the rear pockets

Amazon Essential Athletic Fit

These tapered jeans fit really well, and the 2% spandex used makes the jeans stretch and feel more comfortable for you to move around in.

Basically, they taper at the ankle leaving you with a fitted look, as opposed to that baggy look. Amazon Essential jeans are designed with sufficiently deep pockets which also make them a great work outfit.   

Key Features:

  • Have a leg opening of 15″
  • Made from 100% cotton denim


  • Brand: Amazon essential
  • Model: MAE55015FL18
  • Weight: Nill


  • The jeans have a decent stitching
  • They don’t have a low crotch and low waist


  • The jeans offers less room in the thighs

4 ways to style your Tapered Jeans (with images)

Wear with your favorite shirt

One of the best men’s shirts to wear with jeans that taper is short or long sleeves whether it’s a t-shirt or polo.

They are always a good start to styling tapered jeans, as they compliment your muscular body form with a more relaxed look. And you can’t achieve this with baggy or loose-cut jeans.

Pair with denim jackets

Apart from the common regular fit shirts that most athletic men wear on tapered jeans as outdoor or gym outfits, another great style option is to wear a denim jacket for that signature look.

Also, you can also style with a short sleeve jacket to completely rock these jeans as casual wear and not the opposite.

Style with Chelsea boots

Are Tapered Jeans Good for Big Thighs
Image credit: Amazon

Don’t underestimate the effect of Chelsea boots as they are the perfect transition between a formal and a casual look.

The best boots in the world are the ones that fit you perfectly, so it would be a great style to combine your favorite Chelsea boot with the classic-looking tapered jeans.

Pair with sneakers

Are Tapered Jeans Good for Big Thighs
Image credit: Amazon

To make your footwear stand out while wearing tapered jean, ditch formal shoes and rock your favorite sneakers for a more casual and relaxing look during the day.

And since you have big muscular thighs, something simple with a low profile like sporty sneakers will elevate your entire outfit and overall look.

Are Tapered Jeans still in style?

Yes, tapered jeans are still in style and they continue to remain one of those jeans that command attention. Because of how they are tailored, they give you that stylish look that flatters your muscular body shape.

Even if you love to transition between a slim cut and a straight cut, there are tapered jeans that can suit your tastes.

Also, tapered jeans come in a ripped design that runs with any recent fashion trend, as they are manufactured by top-notch brands which make these jeans eco-friendly and durable as well.

These jeans feature zippers and are nice stitched belt loops for a more bold look.

So, tapered jeans are still in style.

Are Tapered jeans flattering? 

The fact that there are different shapes and sizes of jeans makes it true to say that there is one ideal pair of jeans for everyone. But jeans that flatter are probably the ones that you will feel more comfortable in.

For muscular men, tapered jeans are the best option that gives that nice athletic fit despite the chubbiness and heaviness around the thigh.

So, men with big thighs will find them really comfortable to walk in and style without looking outdated or too big.

Another feature that makes tapered jeans flatter is that they come in several dark-washed, they are mostly stretch denim, come with tonal stitching, and the jeans have a well structured back pocket size that just makes all the placement ideal looking.

Are Tapered Jeans shorter?

Tapered jeans are not shorter. Instead, these jeans tend to sit around your waist making them not look too long or too short on you.

Gents who are not only muscular but stout may find tapered jeans longer on them and taller muscular guys may find these jeans shorter.

But one quick way to observe the shortness of tapered jeans, whether you are a tall or short muscular guy, is to observe the fit the jeans offer you in the seat, crotch, and thighs.

Also, the rise (this is the distance between the top of your waistband and the bottom of the crotch) of the jeans should be comfortable, so that the jeans don’t feel and look short on you.


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