Are Skinny Jeans Modest? Here’s What We Know!

Skinny jeans could be modest pants just like any other type of jeans only if they are styled and worn with the right type of tops.

These jeans actually give a nice and perfect finishing to any outfit at all and for jeans to be classified as modest jeans, it means that they should help you dress in such a way that you draw attention to your inner personality and not to your body structure, otherwise it is immodest.

However, the fact that skinny jeans are designed to hug your body in all the right places revealing your body shape and curves doesn’t make them immodest, because that’s why they are actually made for in the first instance.

Instead, you can still stylishly wear them in a way that too much of your body skin and inner wear is not so exposed.

What makes modest jeans? 

When it comes to what makes jeans modest and deciding how to dress modestly in jeans, then consider the following factors:

Proper Fitting

The jeans should offer your body that unique comfort and flexibility it needs to scale through your entire day.

If they are not properly fitting then you can opt for a better choice as too tight jeans will be so uncomfortable to walk in and feel confident in.

So, well-fitted jeans remain the key tip to stylishly dressing in a modest manner anywhere and anytime. Go for fitted pants that don’t cling so much to your body hindering movements in whatever style you choose to depict.

Does Not Reveal Your Undergarments

Another factor to decide if jeans are modest or not is to test them and bend over to see if your underwear is being exposed.

And this is the golden rule for dressing modestly in any kind of jeans. So, do a quick test in front of your mirror to decide and make the necessary adjustment.

But it is also good to note that, low rise jeans have a lower crotch, meaning that these jeans sit below your navel and they will certainly reveal your underwear.

So, to wear them modestly you need not wear them in public otherwise use the right undergarments so as not to draw unnecessary attention to yourself.

Modest Jeans Have Less Stretch

Unless you don’t want to have anything to do with form-fitting jeans, then stretch denim is not for you. And how do you know jeans with a significant amount of stretch while shopping?

The first thing to do is to check the label on the jeans and note the percentage of Spandex or Lycra used in making the fabrics of the jeans. If the percentage is more than 2% then the jeans will hug you tightly, which is what you don’t want.

However, if you are a fashion-loving and trend keeper who wants to also look modest even on skinny denim, then the 2% stretch may not be a problem. What you can do is to style these jeans in a less appealing way using multiple wears.

Modest Jeans Reaches Down To Your Knee

Jeans offer that effortless way to style different outfits and they reflect in the various fit it gives you.

However, jeans that are long enough to reach the tips of the feet look great with that extra length stacking on top of your shoes, unlike short enough jeans that may not be appropriate for certain occasions.

So, modest jeans have to be one that can adapt to your personal style and choices other than what the world wants and thinks. And one good thing is that you can always roll up your jeans to make them a bit shorter.

How can you be more modest in jeans?

The following style combinations can help you dress stylishly yet modest in jeans:

Layer up your tops

Are Skinny Jeans Modest Are Skinny Jeans Modest

For a modest look with cropped hoodie and tank tops, try wearing them in layers and it will look fashionably as well, especially throughout the seasons.

They are the perfect casual way to not only add a flair to your outfit but complement your modest look. This also makes the right outfit for warmer weather.

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Long boyfriend flannel shirts

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

This Flannel Plaid Shirt features enough button-up closure, to complement your body curves and it rests just above knee length, with a comfortable roll-up long sleeve, and two pockets.

They make the casual loose fit, for leisure, work, and daily wear.

Casual long sleeves

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Another way to dress modestly in jeans is to pair them with a casual long-sleeved top.

You can’t go wrong wearing this on any occasion at all. You can tuck in the hem of the top for a more smart look and confidence while going about your day.

Style with oversized sweats

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Oversized sweats go with almost anything, from skirts to baggy jeans, and leggings.

They are very versatile and you can style them in several combinations to look the way you want anytime and any day.

So, it’s a great way to rock your favorite pair of skinny jeans.

Wear a classic white button-down shirt

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

A white shirt is an absolute go-to top for styling jeans, and white button-down shirts do not absorb heat, making it perfect for summer as well.

While dressing for convenience, this classic shirt leaves you with that airy feeling while outdoors.

Make a statement with blazers

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Blazers are not only a must-have wardrobe staple but they are a great way to level up on wearing jeans day-to-day.

With a nice inner top to complement the color of the blazers, your outfit is perfect for work, and no iota of immodesty will spoil the flare of your outfit.

Utilize scarves as layers

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Scarves are a fantastic way for adding a bit of uniqueness to styling jeans in any season.

Even if you are wearing a sleeveless and don’t feel comfortable exposing your upper skin, with this scarf, you can conveniently cover up the area of skin surrounding your neck, chest, and shoulders.

So, a little warmth in the cooler seasons will help you look modest.

Wear fitted neutral-colored shoes to highlight the tapered cut

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Shoes generally can be very expressive as they either make or break your dress. Adding some bright or neutral colors to complement your modest outfit is a great way to try out new styles.

Colored shoes are a great way to add a touch of elegance without compromising your outfits. Whether boots, sandals, or sneakers, a pair of any of these shoes will convince you that jeans can be worn modestly and fashionably at the same time.

Accessorize with handbags

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Just as tops complement a nice pair of jeans, a well-designed lady’s handbag can give your entire signature look.

Bags like totes are a creative way to boost your outfit and look incredibly smart. And for that boss lady look, a nice leather tote bag worn with a blazer and jeans is the perfect work outfit.

Wear with loose-fitting tops (batwing)

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

You can look totally modest in summer by dressing conservatively in a bold and loose-fitting top like this batwing top.

The relaxed look of the V-neck is youthful, stylish, and modest, making them a great way to style for fun, and the casual vibe is a loose-fitted top.

With these, you will stay comfortable during the day in an effortlessly chic loose-fitted outfit.

Style with Kimono

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Make your outfits more unique and unpredictably fun with Kimonos assorted with various prints and floral design which radiate that feminine look.

In addition, as a way to also be modest at the beach, wearing a Kimono as an overall covering also makes a great idea. So, wear your kimono with any denim jeans and complement it with a cool bag to bring out that casual look.

Wear with Cropped jacket

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Cropped denim jackets are considered conservative outfits for all personalities. And if you are worried that your body curve is not showing, then wear a loose and fitting tank top underneath it to effortlessly accentuate your natural curves.

Short Sleeves Cotton Blouse

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Buying short sleeve blouses in different shades of color is a fantastic way to rock your favorite pair of jeans.

And for a stylish top like this, it matches any pair of jeans, especially the straight and skinny types. So, they make the best outfit for hot weather conditions.

Wear Oversized Tees

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Who says jeans can be modest? Then wait till you try out the combination of an oversized tee and ripped jeans.

As long as the jeans don’t flatter your curves too much and the tops don’t reveal your skin, they make the go-to outfit for transitioning through your day.

Try long sleeve blouse with statement sleeves

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Black long-sleeved shirts like this one cover you up nicely notwithstanding the weather condition. So, there is no need to be self-conscious and worried about exposing too much skin while gallantly looking stylish!

And the dark shade sparkles at every angle, making wearing a black blouse a must-have staple for jeans.

Pair with collar neck blouse

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Another modest-looking outfit you can get from wearing jeans is this impressive collar neck top which comes in several colors for every woman’s size.

They are also loose-fitting tops but offer a bit of formal attire for women who are fashion-inspired to look seamlessly gorgeous.

What other pants are considered modest? 

Here is the list of pants that are also considered to be modest:

Flare jeans

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Plus, you can wear your modest loose-fitting clothes for summer all year long without worrying about a complete wardrobe overhaul each time the season changes!

Plaid pants

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

The great thing about plaid pants is that it makes the easiest transition from work period to after hours.

And the only thing you have to do is to change the top and pair it with another. Wearing a long-sleeve white button-down shirt is great for the office, but for your casual hours, a little switch to a more casual-looking top will set the tone for you.

Wide Leg Jumpsuits

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Jumpsuits are more like pants with a top combined, so that you don’t stress yourself for the right combination.

And for a black flare outfit as jumpsuits, they make excellent modest wear that complements your confidence and love for good clothings.

Jumpsuits not only appear professional but stylish without requiring a lot to bring out the beauty in your outfit.

Wide Leg Distressed Baggy Jeans

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

No doubt baggy jeans are those pairs of jeans that would convince you to ditch your skinny jeans for good and trust me nothing fits and feels better than loose-fitting jeans.

This pair comes in a high waist, featuring a wide straight leg, 5 pocket styling, and a vintage loose trendy fashion streetwear.

Sweat pants

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Sweat pants are made with a unique tailoring and that perfectly loose fit to compensate for that little space that jeans offer.

And the nice vertical tailoring makes you look slim showing off your long legs. The jeans are modest because they are roomy throughout the thighs without revealing too much of your shapes and curves.

Paper bag pants

Are Skinny Jeans Modest

Paper bag pants create that super flattering silhouette making them comfortable as women’s work pants. The pants have a set of pockets for keeping your phone and keys safe without being conscious of misplacing them.

They offer that basic comfy fit, featuring an elastic waist that makes it easy to pull on, and they make such versatile legging pants that can be worn with multiple looks, keeping you stylish and modest all day long.


We have seen the various ways one can wear jeans and still look decent and modest. Gone are the days when ladies and even men feel bad about the way they dress because the key to dressing actually lies within us and how we depict the world.

So, there you have the awesome ways to look stylish and fashionable even on a pair of skinny jeans. Let us know in the comments box below what your thoughts about modest jeans are.


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