Are My Shorts Too Short? Here’s How To Know!

Wearing shorts on a hot summer afternoon could be the best treat you can give yourself. Because what more do you need at that moment than to feel the coastal air of the beach around your thighs, whenever you visit the beach.

Or you long for a heightened level of comfort while you take a walk outside probably in the recreational park, or just down the street.

Either way, all you are seeking is comfort and ease of movement and the best bet shorts are the best clothing for the job.

But there is indeed an exception to their level of operation, and that exception and limitation are what I am going to decipher in this article.

And that limitation to comfort is caused by your shorts getting short, sounds awkward right? But that’s the reality behind the veil, your shorts can get short and I am going to tell you how.

Are My Shorts Too Short

How Do I Know if My Shorts Are Getting Too Short?

Oftentimes after wearing a particular pair of shorts for a long time, they start seeming shorter than they were in the first two months of wearing them.

This is no abnormality as some people do not even notice this, which leads them to get tons of admonishments from people to change them. I know you’ve probably found yourself in this position where you will be asked, could you please wear something longer?

Even if you haven’t experienced that, I am going to set the record straight just so you know how to detect that your shorts are getting unusually short.

  • If they are fetching a lot of complaints.
  • If they are showing off your underwear.
  • If they are above mid-thigh.
  • If they are showing parts of your buttocks.
  • If they are becoming the same length as your underwear.
  • If they are too tight.

If They Are Fetching a Lot of Complaints

You know this is the first set to recognizing whether your shorts are getting shorter than usual.

I know a lot of people do not buy into the idea of seeking or adhering to the validation of people, but if you are a person who loves morality and would like to appear responsible you could use advice.

It is not entirely the best yardstick to ascertain if your shorts are getting shorter, but it will help you see yourself from the eyes of so many people.

You can draw a conclusion from whatever survey you’ve made from what people are commenting on your dressing, especially from your parents if you’re still staying with them.

If They Are Showing Off Your Underwear

It is usual for you to wear shorts that are a bit higher than the normal shorts length, who doesn’t look saucy? But it has got have a limitation, one that should be pronounced even without you looking harder.

Therefore, if you notice that shorts are slightly showing off your underwear, probably when you sit down or unconsciously spread your legs, then those pair of shorts are short.

You don’t need a soothsayer to inform you that they are short.

If They Are Above Mid-Thigh

Are My Shorts Too Short

There is a fingertip rule which guides the wearing of shorts, which applies mostly to students. But this rule can also imply here, thus if your shorts are way more above your fingertips and past your mid-thigh, then it s an indication that they are becoming short.

If They Are Showing Part of Your Buttocks

Another way to know if your shorts are getting short is by checking if they are exposing your butt cheeks.

If your once-ankle length or 4 inches inseam shorts as a woman are now showing off some parts of your buttocks when your bend over or stand over a mirror then something is wrong with you.

This issue is common among women, and what it means is that there’s a possibility that you are outgrowing them.

If They Are Becoming the Same Length as Your Underwear

As a man, if you have shorts that are now the same length as your boxers, you might add getting new ones in your next budget. Because this could cause is embarrassing, if you do not resolve it on time.

Are My Shorts Too Short

Wearing short-shorts due to the trend of fashion is not a bad idea, but it gets messy if the shorts are not an inch longer than your underwear. This is could the abrupt exposure of your genitals if the underwear is loose.

If They Are Too Tight

Are My Shorts Too Short

If you have shorts that are now tight when you put them, as against previous times of wearing them. Then you should run a quick review on them because they are probably getting short.

When shorts start getting short, they create an unease around your thighs hugging them tight than before. Thus, it can also be another way of knowing if your shorts are getting too short.

How Do You Make Shorts Longer?

You probably have those colorful pairs of shorts which you don’t want to lose, even though they are now shorter than usual.

And you think they are still too good to be handed over to charity thrift, but don’t know how to make them longer than they are. You’re in good hands because if have 4 creative and neat formulas to achieve this.

  • Unfold the hem.
  • Extend the cuffs.
  • Use of fabric strips.
  • By sewing in additional material.

 Unfold the Hem

This is practically the first thing that comes to mind when I want to extend the length of my pants, and I have also used the method to make my shorts longer. I think you should also incorporate the process to make yours longer.

This is just simple, use a seam picker or pin to remove the threads surrounding the hem of your shorts. After that, you unfold the hem and use a hot iron to straighten the lines of the hem.

Fold up 1 inch of the hem, and stitch using your sewing machine. Once that is done, you have the length of your shorts longer.

Extend the Cuffs

Are My Shorts Too Short

Most shorts come with cuffs which improve their style and design. But these cuffs can also be useful in making the length of your shorts longer.

All you have to do is to pick up your seam pin and pull the threads holding the cuffs up, and then extend the cuffs when you are done. Use a hot iron and make the cuffs relaxed and lengthy.

Use of Fabric Strips

You can use fabric strips to make your shorts longer, and it is not stressful. To get started:

  1. Get a matching fabric strip.
  2. An iron.
  3. Measuring tape.
  4. Sewing pins.
  5. A hand needle and making threads.

The procedure is simple, you have to turn over the shorts and unfold the hem of the shorts and iron it with a hot pressing iron.

Then measure the width of the shorts and cut out fabric strips of the same length. Use a gumming fabric to make the fabric strip stiffer, and use pins to hold the strips unto the hem of the shorts.

After doing all these, then use a hand needle to stitch the strips on the hems maintaining a close centimeter within each stitch.

Turn over the shorts when you are done and iron them flat, and you have longer shorts.

By Sewing in Additional Material

This process resembles that of the previous method but this is different because here you are not using fabric strips but matching clothing material.

In contrast, you use a machine to sew here instead of the hand needle. Nonetheless, the process remains the same and the end product is also making your shorts longer.

Why Do Shorts Ride up When Walking?

Most people find it puzzling how their shorts ride up when they walk, and they yet know why. Here is the teaser, I will let you into the reasons why your shorts ride up while you are walking.

  • Lack Fitting.
  • Type of material or fabric.
  • Mode of wearing.

Lack of Fitting

When you are wearing shorts that do not fit, then there’s a tendency that they will ride up as you walk.

Unfitting shorts would surely ride up, especially if their length is on the mid-thigh which is not an ideal fitting for wearing shorts.

Type of Material or fabric

Are My Shorts Too Short

The type of material used in the production of the shorts is also a determinant of if it will ride up.

Most thinner flowy materials like polyester and acrylic fabrics are prone to ride up if they are used in the production of shorts. This is because of their intense lightweight and floss nature.

Mode of Wearing

The way you wear your shorts is another factor or reason why it rides up while you walk. If you have the habit of wearing your shorts high, then you should overhaul your wearing pattern because it is causing the shorts to ride up as you walk.

How Long Should Running Shorts Be?

Good running shorts should be 4 inches long, anything more or less is inconvenient. There has been a debate on what inseam length should good running shorts be, and I think you should read this.

Good running shorts should be able to allow for ventilation and movement, while still affording you that comfort and ease that you require.

Are My Shorts Too Short

However, the decision of choosing the right short length is also a personal matter. This is because what suits a short person could be uncomfortable for a tall person and vice versa. But, I think 4 inches inseam shorts is the best for running.


We have come to the end of this instructive article which seeks to inform and also point you to the right way to think about your shorts.

This article has also established the different ways you can extend the length of your shorts if you so desire and a bunch of other interesting subjects.

Do not forget to get fitting shorts and also wear them morally.


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