Are Jeans Bad for Cold Weather?

Winter is here, and keeping warm is high on the list of things to do. The proper way to keep warm is to make sure you are well insulated in clothes that keep cold away.

I know jeans can be worn all year round, but questions arise if they are the best options during cold seasons.

Every season has a bit of wardrobe rearrangement, and if you are like me, if you are making new purchases, I’m sure you want to know If a pair of jeans are best for you.

Here, in this post, we are going to explore and decide if jeans are bad for cold weather.

Is wearing Jeans bad in the cold weather?

Yes, jeans are not good for cold weather because denim fabric isn’t efficient in repelling winds or wetness factors that are prevalent in cold weather.

During cold conditions, it’s important to wear functional clothing always. Avoid getting wet and don’t let your clothes fray in strong winds.

Nevertheless, jeans are made from cotton too, and can provide minimal insulation in mildly cold weather.

Though some jeans may be more acceptable in cold conditions than others, they have specific qualities that allow them to pass during cold weather.

What kind of Jeans can I wear in cold weather?

A lot of jeans variations exist, and not all of them are well suited for cold weather. Below, are my recommendations for knowing the kind of jeans that are best for cold weather;

Winter Jeans

An effective method, that ensures you stay warm in jeans is buying jeans created for cold seasons like winter or spring.

Winter jeans are designed with common cold-resistant properties, by adding a layer of extra lining to regular denim, making them better suited for cold.

I think flannel-lined jeans are timeless, especially those with rustic plaid lining. Many jeans brands use synthetic fleece fabrics, such as polar fleece or Sherpa lining beneath the fabric of denim.

This feature is particularly nice, because it adds a good layer of warmth plus extra insulation against cold, though it offers less protection from strong winds or water.

Jeans that sports flannel limning and other lined brands, are perfect for calm cold conditions or indoor environments with fewer winds.

Your home or office space is okay for this kind of jeans, but open spaces with lots of snow or wind aren’t ideal.

Keep in mind when buying winter jeans, that they are usually not designed to be fashionable but practical.

Many of them are straight-cut, with a wider base and high rises, and an absence of tapering. Its job is to keep you warm, and it does just that.

Eddie Bauer Boyfriend flannel–lined jeans is a lovely example of insulated jeans, I recommend them for protection against cold weather. Its design is snug and feels like a second skin.

Invest in heavier denim jeans

One additional thing you can do to keep yourself warm in jeans, while also appearing stylish is to buy jeans that are weightier.

It’s worth knowing that denim used to make jeans are measured in ounces for every yard. Leading jean brands do not have this information displayed on each piece of jeans, but on average a common blue jean, weighs between 12 to 16 ounces.

If denim weighs more, that means it’s thicker and more rigid. This adds protection from water as well as effective insulation. Cotton isn’t best for wet conditions, but denim with significant weight can stave off snow for longer periods.

I like being stylish with my clothing, and on this note, you should be aware that jean brands manufacture them with various weights. Select denim weight that is best for cold conditions.

Focus your attention on getting raw denim or independent producers, these folks are better opportune to give you a well-styled, cut, and heavy denim fabric for cold weather.

Wear Jeans with built-in thermals

Just like fleeced lined jeans, many jeans brands designed for cold have built-in insulators. Heavy cotton is usually sewn under the jeans to prevent the cold from getting to the skin.

An alternative to this is wearing jeans with thermals as an undergarment. I prefer slim long john or stretch yoga pants, these are layered well and don’t bunch up the fabric of my jeans with wrinkles.

You should know, that synthetic fabrics are effective for insulation and water-resistant. Select winter jeans with this feature, for warmth.

Wear Jeans without fray

More often people find frayed jeans very fashionable, but this doesn’t apply to cold weather. In extreme cold, frayed jeans would not offer adequate protection from the elements.

With frayed jeans, your skin has some level of exposure where distress is pronounced. This exposure would leave you uncomfortable and cold.

If you must insist on wearing distressed jeans, you can wear a weatherproof outer layer over your jeans, especially when out in the elements.

You can opt for insulated bib-style overalls, these feature a waterproof exterior, keeping you warm. They can be easily removed once you feel warm enough, to have your skin exposed.

It is best to always wear jeans without any frays or distress. Simple rain pants are also effective in keeping your jeans dry, and preventing cold. You should practice layering more in cold weather.

Wear Stretch Jeans

Cold weather isn’t fun when you catch a cold. So proper clothing is essential in these chilly seasons. When selecting a pair of jeans to rock in winter or cold, ensure that it has some stretchiness in them.

Without a close inspection, stretchy jeans look similar to ordinary jeans manufactured with denim. The differences between the two are evident due to slight differences in manufacturing fabrics.

Stretch jeans are softer than regular jeans, stretching more than traditional jeans. These jeans are snugly fitted, gluing to your skin and keeping you warm.

A jean that stretch is better than non-stretch jeans in keeping heat for long periods.

What is preferable over jeans in cold weather?

In cold weather, you should dress in layers. This is best for outdoor activities during cold conditions, as the weather turns cold, a wardrobe makeover is essential.

Apart from being functional, it is also a safety issue, functionality and warmth should be the two factors when selecting winter clothes. With layering, you enjoy more use, than other clothes that are not in season and are easily removed.

The most preferred clothing over jeans includes warm wool fabrics, wool blends, leather boots, and cashmere.

These fabrics are thicker and weigh more, making them highly effective in keeping you warm in cold conditions. Below, I have highlighted some preferred clothing in cold weather.

Winter coat

Are Jeans Bad for Cold Weather

Winter coats are essential in cold weather,  every wardrobe should have one. Many styles and designs exist, you can select which length suits your style the most.

When selecting a coat, ensure its works well to keep out the wind from your face, and is waterproof too. Extra length always had more warmth to your extremities, plus proper lining too.


Are Jeans Bad for Cold Weather

You always need a good boot on during cold weather. Regularly shoes wouldn’t cut when it comes to cold weather, you would have them wet, dirty, and can’t offer warmth.

Extreme cold can reach your toes if you leave them exposed. Proper boots are cold essentials, with ankle covering which is perfect for walking in snow or small puddles. You should ensure the boots you buy are water resistible.

Thermal bottoms

Are Jeans Bad for Cold Weather

Investing in thermal underwear is well best for cold conditions. Buy fleece-lined winter pants, this ensures you remain comfortable in the cold while allowing for free movement.


Are Jeans Bad for Cold Weather

A good sock is befitting prevention against cold. Wool winter socks are perfect for keeping your feet extra warm in cold weather, with many different winter designs and varying thicknesses. Longer ones can be worn over your bottom pants.

You can add up extra accessories, such as gloves, and hats too. Select tops that are thick and layered.

Begin layering with a thermal base, then the top with wool or silk tops.

A sweater can be used to add to the final layer. Gloves are also necessary, especially when you are visiting outdoor environments.

They keep your hands warm and also prevent frostbite from extreme cold conditions


I hope This article has enlightened your decision, in selecting jeans for cold conditions. Jeans are not the best choice for cold weather and should be avoided when necessary.

If you must wear a jean, ensure that it is winter jeans. Cold weather calls for proper attire, and dressing. Invest in clothing fabrics that are thick and well lined, this keeps warmth always within your confines.

Find long coats, sweaters, and socks to tightly secure you against the cold. Additional tips for cold weather attire are ensuring you are always prepared when traveling or going out, checking the forecast, and dressing accordingly.

Some colds may be mild, while others may come with strong wind and chill.

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