Are G-Star Jeans True to Size?

The G-star brand of premium jeans is, without a doubt, one of the best producers of quality jeans out there. They are largely acclaimed for their campaign of making raw types of denim in a way that has not been done before.

The G-star raw denim jeans is a household name when it comes to raw types of denim, having incorporated state-of-the-art designs and innovation into their production practices.

Founded in 1989 in Amsterdam, the brand is home to premium 3D and architectural design, which is the muse behind most of its recent products.

But with all these feats, comes the big flaw which has turned necks away from buying them oftentimes.

Their accomplishment in the denim production industry has been tainted severally by their unfitting jeans, and we are going to elaborate more on this subject.

Do not relent from reading through this article, you could find useful information on how to pick the right-sized G-star jeans.

Are G-Star Jeans True to Size

Are G-Star Jeans True to Size?

No, they are not true to size. The brand has a defect in producing jeans that mostly run small.

The jeans sold on the site of G-star or any other trusted retailer both online and physically have a possibility of being undersized.

This is because the company tends to cut the jeans small before sewing, and then end up labeling them in higher sizes.

The occurrence of buying jeans that do not fit has divulged the company’s inability to produce jeans with the correct measurements in mind.

Imagine ordering for 3jeans with size 36, and they finally arrive after the long wait of shipping you realize they are all 34.

You will not only feel disappointed, but you will also feel duped. So, G-star jeans are not true to size, and they have it as a flaw.

How Do G-Star Skinny Jeans Fit?

Although some of the G-star skinny jeans labeled skinny or slim-fit try to fit, most of them do not. The majority of these jeans are actually skin-tight, with no space, no freedom.

They fit snug on the body and are highly inconvenient to wear. The experiences of some customers and the data I collected suggest that the jeans tend to twist slightly on the legs and get real tight at the knee.

Are G-Star Jeans True to Size

This makes bending and squatting very difficult for whoever is wearing the jeans, thus making the person uncomfortable.

There have also been cases where the jean rips or tears from the knee region primarily due to excess clogging.

Also, the skinny jeans get tight around the waistband, through to the thighs, and down to the ankle.

It does not allow for other locomotive activities, even sitting down might be a problem because the calf is also too tight to aid the ease of sitting down.

How Do Men’s G-Star Jeans Fit?

G-star jeans do not fit well on most men, especially those with big laps or protruding knees. It does not fit into their exact size measurements, even if the measurement is conducted recently.

This has made most of them who are hell-bent on being fans of the brand, order up the size whenever they are getting new pants.

Let’s picture a scenario, where you normally wear size 28 or 29 in brands like True Religion or Rock & Republic, and you want to order for G-star raw types of denim.

The best advice and easiest route to get your right fitting is to order up, add two more inches and you’re good to go. This is because that’s definitely what should fit you as a man, without the rigors of purchasing undersized pants.

Is G-Star Denim Good Quality?

Yes, they are made with quality and an age-long tradition of denim for men. They are one of the celebrated denim brands, which is renowned for making quality and standard types of denim.

This is due to the use of raw, unwashed, and untreated denim. Jeans made with raw pieces of denim tend towards being durable because the material has not been manipulated in any way before its use in production.

Raw types of denim are any piece of denim which still in its original form, without being treated, washed, or blended with any synthetic material like spandex or polyester.

Are G-Star Jeans True to Size

Due to their rigid and firm textural feel and outlook, these jeans are liable to last longer, more than their contemporaries which are made with treated types of denim.

Furthermore, the cotton used in the production of most G-star jeans is 100%, making them resistant to factors like shrinkage or wear and tears. Thus, G-star denim is of good and high quality.

How Do I Know What Size I am In G-Star Jeans?

More often than usual, a lot of people find it difficult to ascertain their size in G-star jeans.

The majority of people who look at or try to read the size chart of G-star denim end up being puzzled at what or how they should order these jeans, to avoid regrets or having to talk to G-star’s inefficient customer care.

Well, you don’t need to keep staring at those charts for long, because I have a small and simplistic trick to show. These will help you know your size in G-star.

  • Know or Measure your Size.
  • Get a G-star size chart.
  • Compare
  • Order up in size.

Know or Measure Your Size

The first step in knowing your size in G-star is finding out your size. What size are you in other jeans? Is it 34 or 36, or less?

With your size intact, you can now have a key to knowing your size in G-star jeans.

Get A G-Star Size Chart

Then you need to find a G-star size chart, which is available online. But it doesn’t end with getting a G-star size chart, it entails finding a comprehensive size chart which is a trusted yardstick to measure your size.

This size chart below can be helpful.

Size chart for Men

G-star Size Waist Size [inch] Hip Size (inch)
24 25 2/8 30 ½
25 26 1/8 31 ½
26 27 1/8 32 ½
27 28 1/8 33 ½
28 29 1/8 34 ½
29 30 1/8 35 ½
30 31 1/8 36 ½
31 32 1/8 37 ½
32 33 1/8 38 5/8
33 34 39 5/8
34 35 40 4/8
35 36 41 4/8
36 37 42 4/8
37 39 1/8 44 4/8
38 41 3/8 46 4/8
39 43 4/8 48 4/8
40 45 5/8 50 3/8

Inseam Measurement

Length Inseam
26 26 in
28 28 in
30 30 in
32 32 in
34 34 in
36 36 in
38 38 in

Size chart for Women

Size Waist Size (inch) Hip Size
22 31 ¾
23 23 7/8 32 ¾
24 24 5/8 33 ¾
25 25 3/8 34 ¾
26 26 1/8 35 ¾
27 27 1/8 36 2/4
28 28 ¼ 37 2/4
29 29 ¼ 38 2/4
30 30 1/8 39 2/4
31 31 1/8 40 2/4
32 32 1/8 41 2/4
33 33 1/8 42 2/4

Inseam Measurement

G-Star Jeans Length Inseam
28 28
30 30
32 32
34 34
36 36



Even after you get a comprehensive G-star size chart, you don’t stop there. Because the G-star jeans are known for running small, therefore you have to compare your size and theirs and find out where you fall in.

Order Up in Size

Once your comparison is done, the next thing to do is to place an order. But in doing this, make sure you order a size or two sizes up.


The issue of wrong sizing in most G-star products has been lingering for quite some time now and is likely not going to stop soon.

But you can still purchase and wear your fitting G-star jeans if you can follow through with the tips highlighted in this article.

You have also discovered why your oversized G-star jeans have refused to shrink, despite all the hand-washing and machine washing.

Regardless of its shortcomings, G-star remains a brand name to reckon with in the business of denim production.


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