Are Buffalo Jeans Good? Here’s What We Know

When it concerns the quality, Buffalo Jeans are not the best denim out there. The Buffalo Jeans are a clothing and denim line from the Big Bazaar brand.

There are quite a number of concerns with the jeans from this brand and the majority include the quality of the jeans. Reviews have cited tears, especially in stretchy areas and fading after a few washes.

There are also some factors that make these Jeans the number one denim choice for others and we will take a look at the pros, cons, and styles that the Buffalo line has to offer below.

Are Buffalo Jeans Really Good?

Buffalo Jeans are not a good brand of denim to shop for if you are planning to invest in long-lasting denim.

Buffalo Jeans is a clothing product from the Big Bazaar line and while they can boast of unique styles, colors, and affordable pricing, there are a few reasons why this brand is not recommended except if you are on a budget and are willing to compromise

One of these reasons includes the durability of the fabric. Despite its other qualities, the Jeans have an average life cycle of a few months before it rips apart, and choosing this particular denim means you will have to patch the holes in a few months or buy entirely new jeans, and this, in the long run, is not cost-effective.

Detailed below are some of the disadvantages of buying Buffalo Jeans which you should consider before making that purchase.

Low fabric quality

Despite being a big brand, the quality of denim used to make the Buffalo jeans are inferior and there are a lot of better options you should invest in if you are more concerned with the quality than the quantity.

The material used in the manufacture of these jeans is pretty fragile and there are likely to be rips and tears within the first year despite how carefully it is handled.

A good number of people also have complaints about the quality of the zipper after a few months.

It is also important to note that the quality of these differs with the location where it is bought.

Dye quality is low

Another feature of the Buffalo Jeans that are off-putting and serves as a major red flag to potential customers is the dye quality of the denim.

The color of this denim runs when washed and fades quickly due to the low quality of dye used during production or the process with which the denim was dyed.

If the dye doesn’t penetrate the core of the fabric, then there is a chance that the material will fade with each wash and wear.

So, if you do not mind rocking faded jeans, then this is a reason to have a rethink before choosing this brand.

Inconsistency of products

From some of the reviews, customers have confirmed receiving different colors and sizes from the descriptions on the online stores.

This is especially the case with the slim boot king which is supposedly bigger and not as slim as is described online.

Smaller pocket sizes

One of the most defining features of denim wear is the pockets. Originally made as work wear, the pockets in denim serve a practical function and should be easily accessible and sturdy.

The Buffalo Jeans come with small pocket sizes which are only deep enough to fit in a few items unlike other Jeans from different brands with deeper pockets that fit in personal items like wallets, keys, and gadgets deeper.

Features that make the Buffalo a decent brand

Despite the drawbacks, there are a lot of features that make the Buffalo Jeans the preferred denim choice for some people and its affordability and fit are only a few features that make it.

You will find out what the best features of this brand are when planning to shop for either men’s or women’s Jeans.

They are available at affordable prices

Wearing particular denim regularly is not recommended since it reduces the life cycle. Unlike other luxury brands, Buffalo jeans are quite affordable which makes it easy to get a few pairs that will last for some time and allow you to diversify your style.

They offer classy and unique styles at an affordable price range with great discounts from time to time.

Though the price of these Jeans varies depending on the size, fit and color, the Buffalo Jean is not high-end denim wear.

Fit and sizing

While shopping for jeans, it is important to get something that suits and accentuates your figure and there are so many different fits available to customers ranging from skinny to relaxed and slim-fit.

The Buffalo jeans run true to size and the stretchy quality also makes them easier to fit across the waistline, thighs, and legs.

These Jeans are originally designed to give a fitted look and it is recommended to choose a larger size if you are in-between sizes or layering.

However, if there are any mistakes with the sizing or the jeans do not fit properly, it is possible to make a return or exchange them with your preferred size. The cost of the shipping would be footed by the brand.

Unique styles

The way your jeans look is one of the most important factors to look out for when shopping for denim. Buffalo Jeans can boast of a wide variety of denim styles that fit whatever the demand is.

Their wide collection of denim designs gives one different variety to make a choice from. Their designs range from the straight to slim-fit and the relaxed cut and are available in different colors and hues including black, blue, and white.

Comfortable and light

The material that is used to make Buffalo jeans is soft and allows for easy body movement unlike other stiffer jeans from other brands.

The lightness of this fabric also makes washing easier since it is lightweight and makes it suitable for wear in any weather condition.

The blend of cotton and elastane used to make the jeans gives the denim a stretchy quality that makes it very comfortable and flexible.

Buffalo Jeans you should have in your closet?

Buffalo Jeans come in a multiplicity of styles and colors. The choice of jeans you should make depends on two major factors.

The fabric type and the fit which is dependent on your body type, height, and build. There are different fits for the different body shapes and they include the skinny, straight-six, boot cut, straight driven, and relaxed.

Different fabric types and colors are used to make the jeans and are categorized into three groups which include the authentic models, black denim, and the freedom series.

The Buffalo David Bitton Straight Six Jeans

This denim style works best for guys with a slim and medium body build. It is a more relaxed and looser fit than skinny jeans and allows for easier styling with different tops and shoes.

The material is medium weight and a blend of cotton, elastane, and polyester. It pairs well with hoodies, t-shirts, and dress shirts and is available in different shades and colors. It stretches well and offers comfort.

Buffalo David Bitton Slim Ash Jeans

The slim ash jeans feature a normal-rise waistline and slim-fitted legs. It also fits comfortably at the thigh while narrowing slightly at the ankles to sit comfortably above your shoes.

This Jeans are available in indigo shades or the premium black washes with the company’s logo designing the back pocket in tan and red colors.

Buffalo David Bitton Straight Driven Jeans

The Buffalo Straight Driven Jeans are perfect for different body types and height. It has a relaxed and straight fit, low waistline, fits at the thigh comfortably, and does not narrow at the ankle.

The fabric used for this style is a blend of cotton, polyester, and spandex.

It is perfect if you plan to rock the smart-casual style.

Buffalo David Bitton Boot King Jeans

The Buffalo Boot King Jeans is a classic Jean design that never goes out of style. This is made from cotton, lyocell, polyester, and spandex fabric blend.

The feature that differentiates this style from the others is the much looser ankles. It has a slim silhouette and fits from the waist and thighs till it gets to the knees where it opens up in a flare.

The hem is wide and can be worn comfortably over boots.

Buffalo David Bitton Skinny Max Jeans

They are perfect for men with lean or medium body build who prefer the skinny fit. It sits a little below the waistline and hugs the legs perfectly with narrow openings at the ankles that allow for comfort and easy movement.

The Max Super Skinny Jeans are available in different shades of indigo and washes and are made with stretchy denim, making them the ideal choice for men with the above-described body shape.

Buffalo David Bitton Relaxed Ben

It is one of the newest designs in the Buffalo Jean collection. This Jean is made with ample thigh space that allows for free movement and a low-rise waistline.

The calf and ankles narrow slightly and makes it perfect for athletic activities. Like the other models, the materials used for this denim are cotton and elastane.

Buffalo David Bitton Mid Rise jeans

The waistline of this jeans like the name suggests is mid-rise and fits around the belly button. It is snug around the legs and tapers down at the ankles.

Like most of the jeans from this brand, it has a good stretch and is available in different colors

Buffalo David Bitton High Rise Skinny Jeans

This women’s denim is made from cotton material with some added lycra to give it that stretch that makes wear more comfortable and durable in case of frequent wash.

It is available in a variety of shades and sits a little above the natural waistline, near the navel.

The high-rise skinny Jeans is suitable for different body types including skinny, curvy, and athletic since it snatches the waist, and hide bulges to give you a flattering and balanced appearance.

Buffalo David Bitton High-Rise Straight Jayden

The Straight Jayden Buffalo Jeans is a high-rise jeans for women. It fits high and snugly around the waist and transitions into wider, straight-cut legs which are slimmer around the thigh area and straight opening at the ankles.

It is available in faded blue colors and has other features like the wide loops for belts, and a six-pocket pattern with a cotton blend.

This Jeans are also not as stretchy as the other models as it is made with a higher percentage of cotton.

Just like other high-waisted jeans, it gives the illusion of a slimmer waistline.

Buffalo David Button Relaxed Boyfriend Madison

This Jeans fit into the high-rise category but it has a relaxed fit around the waistline and is cut loosely allowing for greater comfort and mobility. It gives you the perfect slouchy and laid-back appearance.

Buffalo David Button Margot High-Rise Mom Jeans

These medium-weight jeans from the Buffalo brand are not the typical mom jeans. With the high-rise waistband and loose thigh fit, it tapers at the ankle to give you a flattering look.


Quality is one of the factors that is not assured with this brand. If you are fine with their styles, colors, and fades, then you can check out the link below to shop for your preferred denim choice.


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