American Eagle vs Aeropostale Jeans: Which Is Better?

The main difference between American eagle jeans and Aeropostale jeans is that Aeropostale jeans target mainly teenagers and children within the age range 7-12 years old.

While American eagle jeans are a sub-brand of American Eagle Outfitters (AEO), which targets both high school and college-aged individuals.

Although both ventures are quite competitive, they have been successful in their quest of producing high-quality jeans for their target markets, but what distinguishes them is that most young adults love buying American Eagle Jeans.

But Aeropostale finds its fans amongst the younger folks. This article differentiates American Eagle Jeans from Aeropostale, making it a lot easier for you to decide on which one to splurge on instead.

What Are American Eagle Jeans?

American Eagle vs Aeropostale Jeans

American Eagle Jeans brand started out as part of a newly formed venture Inc. called the Silverman’s wear in 1980.

Interestingly, it became one of American Eagle Outfitters, (AEO) key sub-brands. With 77 kids and Aeria as the other two sub-brands from the company.

AEO was established in 1977 as a new clothing retailer store (mainly casuals and sportswear) originally by Jerry and Mark Silverman, in Twelve Oaks Mall, Novi, Michigan. But ownership was later transferred to Jay L. Schottenstein in 1990.

As a result, a lot of operations and things changed. But two major breakthrough moments for the brand is its connection with young shoppers and its online eCommerce store.

Since then, American Eagles Jeans (AE) have continued to experience massive growth, loyalty, and popularity amongst the masses. So, you can expect only the best while shopping for American Eagle Jeans.

The brand is so much valued today because they offer great discounts and continue to deliver new styles of denim jeans every year in such a way that it stays trendy and also affordable to all at the same time.


  • Their jeans are well priced
  • They cater to both teenagers, young men, and women
  • American Eagle Jeans, have in-house designers that work to help the company keep up with trends in the denim world
  • They offer reasonable discounts on spring sales
  • American Eagle Jeans are high-quality jeans
  • Apart from jeans, they also have a variety of private label clothes accessories
  • They are the most popular worn jeans in the digital age
  • American Eagle Jeans are the most loved trendy jeans amongst college students
  • They run an online store and app that makes it easier to shop for jeans


  • Their jeans are quite expensive
  • Poor sizing that can’t fit most individuals

What Are Aeropostale Jeans?

American Eagle vs Aeropostale Jeans

Aeropostale Jeans started as a company and a brand in 1987 by Bryan Alberto, in Thousand Oaks, California.

Their jeans are geared towards teenagers in the age range 14-17 years. But they also have a very popular sub-brand, P.S. from Aeropostale, which caters to children within the age range 4-12 years old.

Shortly after this brand became open to the public, they opened another store in Short Hills, New Jersey.

This actually helped the brand name to become established and now, there are over 1,008 stores across North America, Central America, and the Middle East.

Just like American Eagles, the Aeropostale Jeans brand took to the online industry in 2005, gaining more popularity and sales than ever before.

Interestingly, one of the reasons why people love their brand is because of its marketing and production system.

It is known that this company doesn’t outsource any component in the production down to the marketing of their jeans, instead, their in-house production and marketing team takes care of all that.

As a result, they are able to produce high-quality jeans that meet up with the taste of growing boys and girls.

Teenagers who love wearing Aeropostale jeans say that they like their array of fits and styles for both the boys and the girls. With these, they can stand out confidently at home and even outside school.


  • They produce high-quality jeans
  • They have international stores even around malls
  • Their jeans are not too pricey
  • Aeropostale jeans come in various styles that young boys and girls like
  • They offer special discounts on the sale of their jeans during spring
  • They have special in-house design teams that produce the jeans
  • Their jeans suit the taste of teenagers
  • Apart from jeans, they offer affordable designer clothes and accessories
  • They are the most in-demand jeans on the market


  • Their high-quality jeans make them expensive to buy
  • They don’t meet the needs of college-aged individuals

What similarities do American Eagle and Aeropostale Jeans have?

Despite the fact that both brands seem to focus on different target markets, there exist some similarities between them, which you are about to see shortly.

Here’s a quick glance through their similarities:

  • Both brands are quite competitive
  • Both brands produce quality jeans for male and female
  • Jeans from both brands are affordable
  • They both have so many stores worldwide

Both brands are quite competitive

In any competitive market, pricing is a major deciding factor for long-term success.

And in our society today, it is quite obvious that the majority would rather buy from a cheap but good quality store rather than an expensive store that offers more or less of the same product.

And since both brands have similar products they both offer incentives such as great discounts to their customers in the sale of their jeans. This way both brands thrive in most seasons of the year.

Both brands produce quality jeans for male and female

No doubt, jeans continue to remain one of the most purchased outfits amongst men and women of any age group today. Interestingly, both companies are supplying the ever-growing demand chain though not equally.

American Eagle Jeans caters primarily to both males and females between the ages of 15 and 24 years of age and toddlers between 0 and 24 months old.

The Aeropostale brand caters to children between 7 and 12 years and teenagers between 14 and 17 years of age.

Jeans from both brands are affordable

A strategy both companies are using is to sell their jeans at reduced cost and prices at their different stores. Doing this will not only attract more buying customers but also increase revenue in the long run for both companies.

And since, the majority of their markets are students and kids, this way it is easier for both the parents and the individuals to buy jeans of their choice without breaking the bank. And this is a good fit, since pricing most times do not affect the overall quality of the jean.

They both have so many stores worldwide

In order to increase their sales all year round, both companies have introduced a variety of sub-brands, as their major aim is to increase the way products are made available to customers.

As a result, both brands continue to remain well-known across the globe of the world. While American Eagles have about 1,086 stores available worldwide, Aeropostale also has about 1,008 stores spread across the Middle East, North America, and Central America.

This shows that both brands are truly fulfilling their goals in meeting the needs of younger folks in their denim journey.

American Eagle vs Aeropostale Jeans: Comparison

First glance

Looking at the American Eagle Jeans and Aeropostale jean brands, at first glance you will observe that the American Eagle Jeans look quite attractive, because it is actually designed to either be classic or trendy than the Aeropostale jeans.

In comparing the American Eagle Jeans and Aeropostale jeans based on first glance, I will choose the American Eagle Jeans because of the variety of styles, wash and cut they offer to young adults like me.

 Winner: American Eagle Jeans

Overall quality

American Eagle Jeans and Aeropostale jeans brands are both competing brands that undoubtedly offer maximum comfort. Not only that, both jeans can be transferred to younger siblings without looking already worn out.

And because of the high-quality raw materials used in making these jeans, they both pass the trial of great quality.

Also, both brands have in-house test and wear teams that make sure that the jeans stand the test of time, anytime and any day. So, it’s a major win for the two brands.

Winner: Tie


American Eagle Jeans and Aeropostale jeans are both made from cotton material. And since cotton is a durable raw material, this makes each jean last for longer.

Which is a quality that thrills all jean customers to not only trust a brand but also to continue buying. So, this is a tie between the two brands, as they both use cotton in the production of their durable jeans.

Winner: Tie


When it comes to the design of the jeans, both brands actually make jeans that stand out. What they do is that, each year they try to bring in a new set of jeans collection or upgrade their existing jeans, which keeps their jeans always in trend.

And they both feature a range of wash and fits to suit the taste of both teenagers, and kids. But American Eagle Jeans does it better for adult jeans though. In my opinion, both brands have great design options for each of their markets.

Winner: Tie


A jean has to be true to its size before a first-time buyer eventually becomes a raving and loyal customer of any jean brand.

And American Eagle Jeans are indeed true to size, making one flatter and amazed at every pair tried on at first due to their 1% elastane stretch.

However, when it comes to Wrangler jeans, they usually run small. That means, your favorite pair may be smaller than your actual size. So, while shopping for Wrangler jeans, you may need to size up to get a true size. So, American Eagle Jeans won under sizing.

Winner:  So, American Eagle Jeans


As much as American Eagle Jeans and Aeropostale Jeans are designed to be more durable with high-quality fabrics, both companies sell their jeans not so overpriced.

Which is actually the wise thing to do. And since they are a major competing brand, they tend to sell at the lowest price without compromising quality.

But, one good thing about these jeans is that they will last longer and you can leave them for your growing sibling to wear after you have outgrown them.

Winner: Both

Which is Better: Overall Verdict

You must have concluded in your heart that one brand is better than the other in some aspects after this long list of comparisons between American Eagle Jeans and Aeropostale Jeans.

And with the pros and cons of each brand, you have seen reasons to buy one instead of the other.

However, I would splurge on American Eagle Jeans instantly because of their trendy denim collection which uniquely caters to both high school and university-aged students.

This is obviously what all young dudes want, looking classic all the time. Aeropostale jeans cater majorly to kids and teenagers, in a more fashionable way than for young adults like myself. So, it is totally relatable.

If you are a college student and you want only the trendiest jean set, then American Eagle Jeans is the jean you should look up to while shopping for a new pair of jeans.

However, if what you need is a jean collection for your growing kids and teenagers then Aeropostale Jeans are totally worth the go.

Both jean brands are absolutely good and of great quality, however, it all boils down to the age range. What age range do you fall into? Are you a college student and you desire a jean that you can confidently wear anywhere, even on campus?

The American Eagle jeans are the staple your wardrobe needs, or do you need a fashionable jeans for your toddler and teens? The Aeropostale jeans are the jeans to splurge on.

Or, luckily for you if you are a teenager, you can actually splurge on either of both brands as they both cater to your age range as well before you can confidently determine which brand gives you what you want in terms of denim jeans.


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